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Joined: 7/2/2013
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Hi Everyone,

Bracing myself for some (hopefully constructive!) criticism.

Please take a look at my profile. I'm just not having any luck connecting with anyone; I've had a few views, and have messaged some people, but I'm not getting any responses. I know they have looked at my profile; so I'm wondering, is it my profile? Do they not find me attractive (which is fair, I've ignored a few messages from people I didn't find attractive)? What is it?

I'm open to any feed back you can provide. Thanks!
Joined: 6/20/2012
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 8:37:36 AM
My suggestions and observations:
1)Its very generic and too much like everyone elses. You can't get away with that unless you're a 9 or a 10.
2)Add something that makes it look like you didn't only use the sites suggestions and guidelines.
3)Lose all mention of the "I never thought I'd date again" kind of stuff, no one wants to be measured against anyone else.
4) You mention punk and tattoos as interests, yet your photos make you look like wimpy programmer. Not saying thats what you are, but the photos you picked give off that impression.
5)Even though you have sunglasses on, id use the bike one as your main (crop out the kid) until you get a better one. Thats your best photo.
5) Your first date section is needy. Take charge, pick one thing and go with it.

Hope some of this helps, good luck!
Joined: 12/9/2012
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 8:42:44 AM
Your Main photo features a baby. Why? It is yours? But the bigger Q, why?
You are still married, red flag. And just recently have you separated - now there is a sea of red flags.
No woman wants to be your rebound.
Few want to get involved in the drama that's about to unfold for you
The baby makes it appear you are looking for an Insta Mommy to help child mind.
I agree totally with the above poster :/
JMO good luck
Joined: 7/2/2013
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 12:30:41 PM
I appreciate the feedback, and have made some tweaks.
Joined: 12/9/2012
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 1:08:36 PM
Better but - put down what you do for work, have one sounds snotty and no one wants to play guess that job
your intent - not seeking any commitment k, that screams looking for a hook up only. you are shooting yourself in the foot with that and then the being separated. At least you removed the recent bit, good
I like the cupcake baking :)
Like the main better, get some of you minus Sunnies ( and children) :/
Repo Man. It was just on again awhile ago. :)
 Irish Eyez
Joined: 12/30/2008
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 1:32:27 PM
Oujia has it covered when it comes to tips RE: your written profile.

What you have now as a primary pic, is very poor. Besides, you're wearing sunglasses and that's against the POF rules when it comes to a main pic. Your face must be visible and recognizable. Women want to see YOU, your face and eyes clearly, sans all helmets, sunglasses, hats, caps, kiddies, friends, hoodies, booze, etc.,
Joined: 1/27/2009
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 2:58:19 PM
Use your second photo but you probably won't have much luck here until you get divorced. Most of us have been there, dated that and don't want to go through it again.
Joined: 11/3/2009
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 7:18:35 PM've been here ever since July 2, 2013 and still don't have a committed girlfriend yet?
That is almost an entire week at this point. What do these ridiculous women expect, anyway?
She should arrive on your doorstep as if ordered via Amaz0n for crying out loud! Jeez!

Back to should prepare yourself to send HUNDREDS of messages with a handful of replies.
Each woman will have individual interests and points that might make you compelling to the ball is in your court. Additionally, you have listed restrictions for a woman ONLY between the ages of 32-40 to contact you. A far more reasonable span would be 34-46 with your age squarely in the middle...since you're a 40 y.o. guy.
Joined: 5/6/2013
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Not having any luck
Posted: 7/7/2013 11:00:27 PM
Honestly the fact you are separated and not even divorced is a turn off for many women. Nobody wants to be a rebound or date someone who only recently just split from his wife.

Also you want to date but nothing serious.

There is absolutely nothing special about you or your profile that would make me want to date you.
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