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Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?Page 1 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Andy Murray the greatest Brit looks to be up for a Knighthood

Kate is due to drop this month

And Zara and Mike have been doing naughties too.

Can it get any better?
Joined: 2/3/2013
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/8/2013 7:08:06 AM

Millions of people in the world are starving to death (including babies).
Millions of others are experiencing crippling financial difficulties (leading to suicide in some cases).
Hundreds of thousands in the world are killed in warfare (much courtesy of the USA and UK)
Many governments throughout the world are filthy to the core and completely and absolutely corrupt.
Members of the establishment are becoming obscenely rich at our expense

Precisely the reason that we should be happy with our lot and celebrate the minutae in life.
Who are you to say that Dave should not be happy about things he's posted about?
I'm not a royalist either but I'm not going to rain on the parade of someone who is.

We live, we die, best find what happiness and joy we can, we owe it to the people who are not so fortunate, don't you think Peter?
Joined: 3/26/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/8/2013 8:01:13 AM

Whereas a game of tennis, football or whatever may be enjoyable and exciting to watch, it distracts us (I believe deliberately) from our looking at the bigger picture

I don't think that just because we (some of us) are happy to be happy for other people's achievements it means that we don't care about the bigger things in life. I love the fact that these things can take our minds off the crap that happens here, there and everywhere in the world.
It's nice to be distracted once in a while, to be excited and happy for the small things in life.

What would it be like to only concentrate on all of the doom and gloom in the world?

I'm not really a big tennis fan, I have to ask my son how the scoring works (it's not footie you see, I know where I am with that) but I loved watching the game yesterday.

Good for Andy I say, a well deserved win.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/8/2013 11:20:08 AM
To answer the OP directly; YES, I believe it could get very much better.

People have been paying thousands of pounds, just to see this man perform this totally useless "skill".

Tennis is probably the most 'bourgeoisie' of sports, very much an 'aspirational' spectator sport, with their silly pringle jumpers, eating (expensive) strawberries and cream, and drinking champagne.
Murray, (funny how he's "Brithish" now, but while he was losing, "A Scot"..?) has won £1.6 Million for this one tournament, more than 99% of people in this country, will be able to earn, during their entire lifetimes.

He'll also get much more in 'sponsorship' deals, with various manufacturers prepared to offer millions, for a few hours of "posing". -It's well worth it, to them, because the gullible who walk amongst us, will buy almost anything with almost any 'celebrity's' endorsement.

Such adulation is vicarious and deluded. (IMO)
"We" haven't achieved anything, just him, and basically that means lots of money,
which "we'll" all pay for, if we buy the products those companies produce.
In some cases, we have no choice in the matter. (Utilities, and fuel costs)
"They" decide that these people should become millionaires, for simply posing for a picture, and "they" decide that "we" should pay for that, whether "we" like it, or not...
Capitalism is so fundamentally undemocratic.

As for the royal scrounging, parasites, they are giving a "commemorative" silver penny, to every child born on the same day, "For Luck". Woohoo....
Though clearly, none of the recipients will be quite so "lucky" as the generous givers [/sarcasm].
I think it's an insult myself.
"Here's a penny, it's roughly what your life is worth.
Whereas I own the country,
now please get back to work, so that I can continue to live in the opulence, which I feel I'm perfectly entitled to".

Things will be so much better, if we all start to question things, and stop accepting the rabble-rousing drivel we're indoctrinated with.

We're very-much NOT "All in this together".
If we were, people who are unfortunate enough to have just lost their jobs, wouldn't be told they can't 'sign-on' for the first week, while others have £25 Grand spare, to watch a meaningless, invented game.

Soo, in conclusion....
Bollux to tennis, bollux to Murray, and bollux to all "celebrity endorsements", and 'sponsorships', and bollux to the royal parasites.
 vlad dracul
Joined: 4/30/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/9/2013 11:04:17 AM
Well although not a tennis fan i wanted murray to win firstly because
he supports the same football team as me, that being Hibernian F.C. secondly because hopefully
the dunblane massacre will be in folks focus again because andy murray
was in the school that day and the powers that be are hiding something
as there is a 100 year blackout on some files.
Thirdly he is scottish.

But and i have to agree with linda on this about the royalty and i am also
disappointed that he may accept a knighthood.
Not as pissed off as i was when alex ferguson accepted his but close.

But fair play to the laddie hope he enjoys his time at the top.
Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/9/2013 12:28:19 PM
Wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting. My naivety shows out despite having reached the grand old age of Statesman.

Therefore I shall just set this up for a quick nod in - all yours Chuzz
Joined: 3/26/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/9/2013 12:58:29 PM
Thanks Dave, I'm happy to run with the ball for a while and although unlike Polly I'm happy to don a pair of shorts, I simply refuse to run in a pair of Lighty's welligogs. How am I supposed to score wearing anything like that, unless they come with 5 inch heels. :)

Not OT but I love tea cakes. :)) Or is it on topic? I forget what the topic was.

:) x


And she scored on top of page two. Yay :))

The topic is Chuzz, could it get any better?

It doesn't get any better than scoring mely :)) I hope our chairman noticed, I don't want to be transferred.
Sponge me down with your chamois will you mely. ;)
Joined: 5/10/2013
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/11/2013 1:50:37 PM
Whats with this "Brit" nonsense. Andy Murray is Scottish, I'm Scottish, Tim Henham is English still liked him though lol) .Personally I dont give a flying about anything "British" - couldnt care less. Sooner we get Independence then officially then Mr Murray will have to be regarded as a Scot - then you can have your Southern Brits.
Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/23/2013 2:04:24 AM
Well she's popped gawd bless yer ma'am.

England and Wales are thrashing the Aussies -
England have now won the last four Ashes Tests, and five of the last six.

The Open is over - who won? who cares?

Joined: 2/3/2013
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/23/2013 9:52:56 AM
I have a raspberry crabbies in the fridge. I'm happy. It doesn't take much.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/23/2013 12:39:37 PM

lightshiftSo it's all over bar the bell ringing and the obligatory self-styled civic dignitaries making prats of themselves erecting plaques & planting tree avenues to 'celebrate'(at our expense).
I'm happy all seems to have gone well, but I really do have issues over getting excited about the 'one day he's going to be king' gush -
I, and most on here will be very dead (or at least geriatric) by that time.
It's even less relevant than HS2 or the third runway debacle to me personally.
So yes, it could get better, someone could sort out the housing crisis, do something positive about the economy, and stop using carefully managed media events to paste over the divisive stuff (start off with lobbying and work outwards from there?)

I agree with every word!
This is nothing but distraction, and any dissenting from the 'correct, orchestrated' "I'm very happy for them" response, is viewed as "mean-spirited".
Strange how, despite there being a great many people who aren't at all interested in the least, and who, like me, consider the monarchy, and the extended feudal 'aristocracy' to be a very expensive waste of space, there hasn't been a single voice of republican opposition in the very many hours of TV. coverage.

There are about 7 billion people in the world, we all got here the same way, one more is 'neither here nor there'. (Leaving aside his privileged position, which will cost us all far more than any "immigrant", or "unemployed scrounger")

It's funny how Mr Cameraman and his cronies like to use 'soundbites' like "Entitlement culture", to stir up the masses into agreeing to the decimation of the benefits system, when surely, this massively 'extended family' is the very epitome, nay "apex" of "Entitlement culture"...? [Rhetorical question]
As is "Baronet"Gideon Osborne.

Oluben:Lastly, I would like to ask the people who don't believe in Capitalism what would they replace it with if they got the chance? Genuine question, not seeking to flame anyone.

A system which rewards people for the genuine 'value' to society, of whatever their contribution is.
A system which enables people to realise that by not-contributing, (or at least trying to,) they are directly hindering this, and future generations' quality of life.

I don't claim to have all of " the answers", but the current system has 'evolved' into something truly horrific, IMO.
I'm sure you don't need my examples of this.
There surely has to be a better way...?
I am not afraid of change.
Joined: 10/18/2012
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/23/2013 1:04:23 PM

There are about 7 billion people in the world, we all got here the same way, one more is 'neither here nor there'

The Parisian males are conceived via anal sex, apparently.
Joined: 3/29/2013
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/23/2013 4:09:50 PM
Yes we find out Martina Navratilova, Jesse Owens and Seve Ballesteros were all British along with Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.
Plus the Tykes(Barnsley) will life the Chanpions League .. ever
Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/24/2013 8:47:22 AM
Now that's interesting.

I wonder who else we would like to be British and who we would rather were something else.

I'd like to claim Mohammed Ali because he was true to himself. I doubt I would have the same courage.
Joined: 8/9/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/24/2013 1:09:53 PM
As it happens...Muhammed Ali, not just a fantastic athlete but a man who could deliver verbal punches very well too is Irish, or to be more precise Irish/African-American. His mother's grandfather, Abe Grady left Ireland during the wonder he had such a talent for both words and fighting then.

I'm sure life couldn't have got any better for him when he discovered his true origins later in life.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/24/2013 2:54:44 PM

"Genuine value to society" is subjective surely?

Up to a point, yes, there will be varying opinions, but surely we could agree, by consensus, that for example, nurses should be paid enough to be able to afford to pay their rent and bills, and be able to afford to eat etc.
The same with teachers, doctors, etc.
I think there's a shocking disparity between what many people who provide essential services, are able to earn, and what celebrities and 'sports stars' are able to 'earn'. Eg various footballers can earn more in a week, than a bin-man or sewage worker can earn in 10 or 20 years. If there was a vote, I don't think many people would think the current system was 'fair' in any way.
The salaries of sports stars are determined by the advertisers, in a completely undemocratic way.

Not only that, the big question we have to answer is "are people inherently greedy?" And if the answer is yes, then the next question is "Is it possible to change this?"

It could also be argued that people (or at least a proportion of them) are also violent, dishonest, lazy, etc etc.
We learn to curb our base insticts. Our morality is fluid and ever changing.
Which brings me to:

I don't doubt you're not afraid of change but getting people to change is a scarey prospect.....

There is always a "status quo bias", people are reluctant to change. But just in my lifetime, we have seen massive changes, in many areas.
I remember this country still having an "Apartheid" Colony, in "Rhodesia", (Named after one of it's 'Founding 'Fathers', Rhodes). Racism is now a criminal offence here.

Until 1991, a woman could not bring rape charges against her husband, it was considered to be a man's "right" to demand sex, and to use force if there was no ready compliance. That is now a crime.

Similarly, the death penalty has been abolished, and other forms of 'corporal punishment' outlawed.
People used to beat their children, (as instructed by the bible, and other religious texts). That is now 'assault'.

It was illegal for two men to have consensual sex.
-They can now get married.

There have been many changes, all opposed by various factions, but none-the -less, changes did still happen.
Things change, until we die.

People change, when those around them change.
There have been various experiments, which show that even when a person is correct, they will change their answer, if the majority give a different answer.
People don't like to feel isolated.

I remain optimistic in the eventual emergence of truth, and common sense.

I often get accused of "being an idealist", but even though we may never actually 'get there', at least, by having having ideals, we can start moving in the right direction.
Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/25/2013 1:41:16 AM
Oi! Go and hijack your own thread you miserable lot. Read my first post. It was obviously a mickey-take ne c'est pas?

Boy George. By George!

Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/25/2013 1:24:43 PM
Oooh ta - sponge would be nice but to be totally honest I'm holding out for Chuzz in her bikini and high heels to give me a back massage.

Back on topic - GDP grew by nought point whatsits in the last two quarters so we are nearly halfway back to where we were before.

And that is actually Good News because I really am after nearly five years of this blooming recession seeing more people come through the door. (I design, build and sell kitchens which has not been a growth market recently) No sign of actual money yet but I think it's positive, well positively better possibly maybe than last year.
Joined: 3/26/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/25/2013 2:17:45 PM
As this is your thread Dave, I feel I can strut up in teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini with baby oil in hand, give your pain in the neck a gentle rub. :)

I'm glad things are getting better for you in your business. x

Couldn't you dye the pink booties blue?

Said in best Papa Lazarou accent " It's our thread now, Dave" :-)

I had to google this Papa fella. I was a bit worried that Billy had signed some Brazilian fella and I was going to be sold off. :(

Joined: 4/23/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/26/2013 4:37:32 AM
^^^ not just you mels, it would seem its aimed at anyone who tries to have fun on here, well be damned if i`ll apologise for having a laugh just to appease some doddering old fart.
Joined: 11/2/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/26/2013 6:01:14 AM
For the most part Oldbill your comments have been treated with respect. That they are interspersed with what you call silly comments is neither here nor there, they were not aimed at you.

I didn't understand your previous but one post except to see it as one more attempt to tell us how to behave. I didn't see it as being pointed at anyone in particular but clearly from your response it was and that is bang out of order.

I have enjoyed reading most of your posts and you do often bring a different perspective but that doesn't mean to say you are right nor have the last say in manners.

I fully hope and expect melymorg to stay here and continue to amuse and enlighten us.

To avoid the possibility of bruising your fragile ego I shall no longer bother to respond to anything you may post.
Joined: 3/26/2011
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/26/2013 6:14:11 AM
Perhaps the middle aged? No.........they apologise and then you find that that apology lacks sincerity and wasn't properly meant, hardly a good example to the young and impressionable, especially when all they want to do is have fun in life and do not know when that is appropriate or how to create the fun in their life by doing something positive about it.

I did apologise for my behaviour on the serious threads and it was meant in all sincerity to you and anyone else that was upset by it, and so far, I have kept to that. However,as Daver started this thread as I believe to be a tongue in cheek thread, I really didn't think you or anyone would object. How wrong was I?

Mely, I do hope you stick around. x

wow Old Bill but of a low blow to mely dont you think?

Very low.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/26/2013 1:12:53 PM
Nope. If you can draw a crowd that is willing to pay to see you do what you're good at, you will always be able to earn more than those that don't.

-You should be careful with that word, it's an 'absolute'..
I disagree.
There was quite a crowd at the London Marathon.

I'm old enough to remember all Olympians being "amateurs"..
-You were banned if you got money for it.
It still drew a crowd, and they were still good at it.

The same with cricketers, before Kerry Packer cashed-in.
And Rugby...

People have always been competitive.
Winning used to be enough "reward".

I think it was "better" then..
There was a nobility about sportsmen, which (IMO) has become 'prostituted' by advertising, and sponsors.

Not all change is for the better though.
I don't think having McDonalds and Barclays sponsoring the Olympics is a move in the right direction.
Nor ATOS, the company telling people they're fit for work, and cutting their benefits, sponsoring the Paralympics.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/26/2013 1:44:08 PM

Not quite sure what you are getting at here, Jo, but Mo Farrar received a reported £450,000 for just running half a marathon at the last London marathon. How much the other elite runners received for taking part I do not know. True, the 35000 amateurs running for themselves and sponsorship received a lot more than those who did not run.

people raced, people watched,
no-one, (AFAIK) paid to watch it.
Ps. It's called 'Snickers' now...
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Could it get any better?
Posted: 7/27/2013 6:53:33 AM

Also the true cost of money was artificially held low so everyone could get into debt and believe
that money was free and that the providers of that money, savers wanted you to invest their money
in lap dancing establishments and pay you further, admittingly involuntarily, for the trouble they
put you to with their money.

Structured Investment Vehicles (SIV's) and Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO's) - essentially 'bundled' packages of what we now call "Sub-Prime" mortgages,mixed with a few good ones, were given "AAA" Ratings by the "Credit Ratings Agencies", and were yielding upwards of 13% returns, -which is why all our banks poured so much (of our ) money into them, but interest rates weren't particularly low in general.

The real problem (IMO) was that people like Lehman Bros were giving 125% mortgages to 'self-certified' "trailer trash", on the basis that house prices were rising at about 15% pA, so "you couldn't lose".

This govt. is repeating that mistake, with their "loans guarantee schemes", which is currently re-inflating the housing bubble, and providing the illusion of "growth".
Still, I suspect it's what Phillip Hammond's wife wants, as she now "owns" his property business.

The authorities did the correct thing in 2008 they had to replace the destroyed capital with QE or
risk melt down. Then restructure the economy . The latter did not happen. Gordon
Brown then had a impending general election to fight just as the coalition now does.

To be fair, Brown was in talks with Obama to legislate something like the "Glass Steagall" (sp?) back into place, immediately before the election, and during the campaign, all against the wishes of the financial sector, who fund the tories.
Sadly, the tories managed to perpetuate the myth that it had all been Labour's fault, when in reality, it had all been the fault of the financial sector.

Yes, it could all get better,
but we need to get rid of this government, who are funded by the very people who caused the crash, first.
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