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Southern Alberta daytrip September 29, 2013Page 1 of 1    
Summer's coming to a close so let’s try for a final roundup day trip to “Writing on a Stone”, on Sunday September 29th. Enjoy the fall scenery for the 1 ½ hour drive out. Writing on a Stone is located just East on Highway 501 from Milk River. Google "Writing On A Stone" for map details.

My co-host it’s-j-me, and I would like to encourage all those out there to come and join us for a picnic type lunch in. For this event there is a $5 charge to cover expenses for the meal.

So mark your calendars and join us for adventure of unusual landscape and a newly developed visitor centre sharing heritage and inspiring pieces of work. There are tours available for $12/person if you are interested in seeing some petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock paintings) from the First Nation people, please email to let me know you’re interested and if there is enough then I will book.

We will meet at McDonald’s (Fairmount location) at 9:00 am to get acquainted over a cup of coffee before we head out around 9:45.

If you sign up and then can’t make it, please remove yourself from the list. We don’t want to be waiting for someone that isn’t going to show.

It can also get quite warm at the park so sunscreen a hat and good walking shoes would be advised. The weather has surprised me on more than one occasion so if it’s looking rainy it’s still a go!!!!
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Southern Alberta daytrip September 29, 2013
Posted: 9/10/2013 12:15:37 PM
It's the best! You kind of drive along in what seems like no man's land and then you go down into a valley. Hoodoo's for miles. Hope to see you.
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Southern Alberta daytrip September 29, 2013
Posted: 9/24/2013 9:47:42 PM
Actually it's in Lethbridge 2.5 hours from sw or se lol. Head south on AB 2. Once you arrive take scenic drive to the south side. Everybody can meet and greet for 45 minutes . Then it's another drive for 2 hrs. There are a few signed up from Calgary. Could try and car pool or just arrive by yourself.
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Southern Alberta daytrip September 29, 2013
Posted: 9/26/2013 9:22:11 PM
Sounds fun! I will not be able to Sunday however, I will look forward to further postings.
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Southern Alberta daytrip September 29, 2013
Posted: 9/27/2013 6:16:20 PM
We are leaving around 10:00, so we should be there around 12:00 - 12:30. Look in the general picnic area with a table that has a scarecrow table cloth. See you there!
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