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This reads like the sort of thing where there's a difference between how UKers use the words, and we do. Nevertheless, I will give my view, just in case it helps.

First of all, Americans don't "go on Holiday." We TAKE holidays, we HAVE holidays. We do "go on vacation," which I expect is closer to your side of things.

The main difference here between "traveling" and "going on vacation," though it's foggy and mixed up, would be that people "on vacation" tend to go from where they usually are, to some other specific place, and then hang around until it's time to come home.

People who "go traveling," don't have a specific destination. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that they have a number of "stops" they want to make, with the ultimate destination being to arrive back home, having seen sites or experienced the travel itself. Often, when people aren't on a tight schedule, such as retired people, the reason they say "traveling," is that they may or may not come back at any particular time.

Sometimes the mode of transportation is as important as the actual getting somewhere is when one is "traveling." Taking a cruise ship to get to Egypt, as opposed to flying there. That sort of thing.

Hope that helps.
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Travelling vs. holidays??
Posted: 9/23/2013 5:00:57 AM

what's the difference between travelling and going on a holiday?

I don't understand the question. please rephrase the bloody question.

Is it pretentious or not?

if you think it's pretentious, then it will seem pretentious.
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Travelling vs. holidays??
Posted: 9/23/2013 5:28:42 AM
I was asking if this is an example people trying to make themselves sound more interesting than they are through wording it this way,

alrighty, i see. well there's certainly no shortage of people trying VERY HARD to be interesting here so that other people will be interested, is there? there must be two different versions of that, at least. [1] travel or [2] cleavage. or possibly, [3] cleavage while traveling.

the other question I see a lot is, "how do people have all this time and money to travel?" or, "where is everyone going?" or more nefariously, "do they expect me to help pay for it?"

we are all taking our cues from the advertisers. it's sorta like the glistening promise of a Royale with Cheese versus the real life experience of what you actually get when you show up at the drive-thru window, one pickle and a squished bun. (this is why I wear a ratty sweatshirt, "keeping it real", which isn't working for me either.)

not me though, i'm very unpretentious and I only drive to the next town for a good plate of oysters every once in a while, and I hope you're not going too (more for me).

"going on a holiday" is not something we say @ this side of the pond. but I am planning a trip to Scotland, so thank you for pointing this out. I will now know to *not* say "traveling" but instead "on a holiday" so as not to offend the haggis munchers.
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