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Joined: 12/29/2013
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Review would be appreciatedPage 1 of 1    
Hi, I would like someone to comment on the content of my profile. Is it below standard? How can I improve?

Haven't messaged anyone because I'm not sure I can actually be competitive in this online dating environment.
 You go first
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Review would be appreciated
Posted: 1/1/2014 6:53:56 PM
I was going to ask if "Hygiene" was really such a keen Interest that you had to have it in your Interests field, then I noticed both your photos are taken in your bathroom (nice shower). Seriously!?!?

Sweetie, you're cute. Lose those tacky photos. Pass the camera to someone else - ANYONE else - and smile. Get a shoulders-up closeup and a few casual full length. Keep the shirt on.

Lose "Interests" that are not activities or things. (ie: Hygiene) Go with things you can share, like an activity, such as Working out, a favourite author, a favourite food or cuisine, TV show you never miss, comedian who cracks you up eery time.. Your viewer wants to get a sense of your personality and humour.

Instead of a dry engineer's list of random stuff, why not delete the numbers and just turn those lines into little paragraphs? Expand a bit on the ideas to show personality and humour.

With online dating, a girl is going to see your photo first. Assume she is not shopping for a new cellphone/camera so nobody wants to see that. If she likes your face, she'll probably click on your profile next. If she 'approves' the Stats, she'll skim the Interests. If she can find things in common or if there is something there that piques her curiosity, she'll read the profile. If that keeps her attention, she'll probably read your message.

First contact messages should never be just "Hi", "Hey" or "Hello" followed by "How are you", "I read your profile", "Would you like to chat". Just no. Pick a specific topic from her profile, mention it, relate to it, ask a question about it. No more than that or you'll lose her attention. Sign only your first name. If she's interested, she'll respond and you can carry on from there.

Is there some particular reason you feel you can't "actually be competitive in this online dating environment"?
Joined: 12/29/2013
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Review would be appreciated
Posted: 1/1/2014 7:28:22 PM
Thank you for putting so much effort in your comment; you were incredibly helpful. I used the list because I thought it would be quicker to read and "scim" friendly, almost like selling yourself on a resume. I'll definitely put on some better pictures in the next few days.
Joined: 6/30/2010
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Review would be appreciated
Posted: 1/1/2014 7:32:02 PM

Haven't messaged anyone because I'm not sure I can actually be competitive in this online dating environment.

Forget the profile review for now. Focus more on having the nuts/confidence to message women. Online dating is inadvertently competitive, not directly competitive. It's not like the Discovery Channel where two big ass, slobbering male Bisons fight it out over a female.

One woman might have an inbox constantly full whereas another woman may not get very messages at all (surprisingly, this is true regardless of looks). So when you break it down like that, sometimes getting a response is as easy as messaging someone who's actually available to respond.

You would be surprised at just how ahead you can be just by NOT doing all the dumb shit tons of guys do. Haven't you seen it for yourself? Haven't you seen these woman literally coach men in their profiles like "Don't send me ____", "I won't respond to _____" or "If you _______, then go kick rocks"? It should be self-explanatory how to not suck at sending messages, right? Well, no. The guys in question have ALL bought "How To Suck At Messaging Women" in Hardcover on for $14.95. Some of them even have the goddamn Kindle and PDF versions!

So no, don't be them. If you come across someone that you know you can hit it off with, then it should (in theory) come naturally what to send.
Joined: 11/30/2012
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Review would be appreciated
Posted: 1/1/2014 9:33:36 PM
You have 8 seconds to make a good impression. Women will see your main photo as a tiny pic the size of a saltine cracker on their cell phone screens. If your main photo is not clear, bright and attractive, they move on. A genuine smile is inviting, warm and attractive. Women want to see your eyes and smile.

Please get new photos taken outdoors for better lighting, and with a quality digital camera, not a fuzzy cell phone. Your main photo should be a head-and-shoulder shot, showing you SMILING and looking at the camera. You also need one full body shot, again taken outdoors and smiling.

Other pictures should show you outdoors, doing activities you enjoy. No hats, sunglasses, alcohol or stupid poses. You must be in every picture. Ask a friend to take 24 pictures of you outdoors with a digital camera, wearing different clothes in various locations. Upload the best 8. Caption and date each photo-giving the location and year- to make the photos more interesting and clear.
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