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hi red,

Your profile is the first thing people see, and can often be the decider as to whether or not to click on your profile. As it stand your is a small child (I am assuming you when you were younger). Anyone who finds a picture of a small child attractive basically needs to be locked up. This also breaks site rules, as all pictures need to be recent.

You profile pic needs to be a clear and simple head shot to give people a nice view of your before getting into the profile. Of your current pics you in the car is probably the most suitable. Remove the picture of you with your arms around 2 women it makes you look like a player.

As for the text, most of it is fine.

Remove the part about sports, if you dont like sports fine, don't mention it. Personally I don't like the taste of red wine, but I don't write a paragraph about why don't like it but also that I have nothing against people that do, it's not relevant.

Add a paragraph describing the type of person you are looking for (personality not looks). What excited you about starting a new relationship? Try and use 'we' 'you' and 'us' language.
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let's here it! profile review request
Posted: 4/3/2014 5:35:29 AM
Yes, fill out the Interests section.

Keep the multiple photos with dogs, including the indoor one, until you get ones where you think you look better than in the existing ones.

Pets will be a dealbreaker to some. Motorcycles will be a dealbreaker to many. It helps compatibility if these are obvious in your profile.

From the phone app, having more than 7 photos doesn't look strange. They all scroll horizontally from the app.

You have a lot of company in Americans who identify themselves as Italian or Irish. In my searches, more users say they're one of those two than all other nationalities combined! Many gals might relate to at least half of that sentence.

I believe most of us get messaged by people to whom we are not attracted, no matter what we put in our profiles.

Am not a fan of saying "update:" in profiles.
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