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Joined: 6/27/2013
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Your "POF by the numbers" is awful. Girls might rate you a 6 or higher, but that other stuff is nonsense.

The 10:1 male to female ratio is usually a myth. Campfires has refuted it many times.

50% of men ruin things for the rest of us? I'm certain the % of ruiners is much lower.

The "we men are idiots, you women are so smart" is bad and probably won't work. The first and only time I viewed the sticky thread, there was a long post like that; he also mentioned oral multiple times. What a tool!

Real fishing is a lot less than 80% luck and is still under 20% bait / lure selection.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Posted: 4/3/2014 2:06:58 AM
2nd pic, despite poor quality, is a nice shot, I'd use this as a main. the white shirt one is good too. The others... delete. Get more pics, better quality, preferably outdoors.

Your interests make you sound completely boring. Work, sleep, eat, repeat really, you think this will attract women?

It's a loooooong profile so if you want them to read it you need to grab their attention right from the start. Do you know how much scrolling they would have to do if they are reading it on a mobile device (which many, many women do)? Put it this way, their finger would be bleeding by the end.

The WTS/WTT bit is too long, repetitive, disjointed. It doesn't flow. Try reading it out loud and see how far you get before you fall asleep. I doubt any more than the 2nd line.

It's very very long, you really need to trim it down to size. For a start, delete everything from POF by the numbers ot the end. That is going to do NOTHING for you. no woman is going to read all of that and then decide that you're a great, happy and exciting guy to be around. They will think you're jaded, moody, unapproachable and opinionated.
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