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Joined: 6/27/2013
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Hair brown? Many women probably appreciate real men who go with their natural grey / silver / mixed instead of using dye, so have your current natural color as the setting.

Take your profile out of hiding. Being hidden almost guarantees crickets.
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Could Use a Review
Posted: 4/20/2014 3:19:49 PM
I will NEVER understand the mentality of having a profile picture with more than one person in it.

The focus should be on YOU and only you.

The last picture you have would make a great profile pic.

I would say lose this part

Through the years, I've met some interesting people. I was working a consulting gig in New Jersey once. I was in a box truck with a guy from another part of the company that I'd just met. It was a long drive - we were configuring/installing networking equipment all over the state - and we were getting a little tired/loopy. Out of the blue, he looks over at me and says "So, you like movies about gladiators?" So I just responded with "You ever seen a grown man naked?", figuring he was riffing off Airplane, and he was. We became good friends, and I called him Spartacus from that day forward. So that should give you a little taste of where my sense of humor lies.

It is quite long winded, and if the reader hasnt seen, or remembers that part of Airplane it's pretty random.

The next paragraph is just a long list on bands and movies etc. Maybe break them up into mini paragraphs so it becomes more readable. Also rather than just list why not say WHY those things are important to you.

I would rather you talk in detail about 3 things you are PASSIONATE about than a long list of things you like.
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