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Joined: 3/7/2014
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Guys and Girls advice greatly appreciated!Page 1 of 1    

Any advice on how to attract more respectable, mature, attractive men would be great!

I suggest that you list some interests.

Your profile says that you "do not drink", don't go to bars and don't party.
And then it says you have children. And no other interests listed.
So someone your age reading your profile might think you are very attractive, but just a "boring" young mom whose life revolves around her child/children and nothing else.

my pictures are trashy,

I think you meant your pictures are NOT trashy. :)
Joined: 10/15/2007
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Guys and Girls advice greatly appreciated!
Posted: 4/30/2014 7:05:59 AM

I don't know what I'm doing wrong on my profile!?

Oh, yes, you do.

The only guys that seem interested in me are the ones that just got out of prison or are extremely trashy!

Boys will be boys. This is extreme and over the top, judgmental, and immature to say. But you're very perceptive, since your profile is so thin.

There are quite a few that view my profile but none ever message me.

You have a very cute face. Guys can't help themselves. They are built to investigate cute.

I'm not at all conceited in any way! I don't ramble on my profile,

You are absolutely right. You and your child are a package of prime commitment material for the right man.

my pictures are trashy,

This is my opinion. Opinions vary. You have a gorgeous face and I don't think it's cute as a button, because I am trying hard to not view you as my lovely daughter, but rather as I would have at 24, when it was a bigger, stranger world out there and only little babies were cute as a button, and most all women were part of the big jungle out there as they dealt with life too; I was on my own and life was amazing as it was complicated as I figured out what to do with myself. Shoot me, but I don't want to see pic of purple lace - like dress. It portrays you too strategically. Also, I don't like pursed lip sexy smile to the side picture with 'isla' blouse, because it went against the feel of the profile for me. Others will disagree.

The pictures, of course aren't trashy, but you can't fool me.

I'm honest and real (which on here is a rare thing),

Are you really, now? Plus, it's not so rare as you think, don't underestimate the competition - that's never a good idea. Keep it real.

and am not on here to look for a multiple guys.

I'm so with you on this one. I believe you are a beautiful person. I’m not coddling you, I’m telling you what it is. What's more I believe you are sensitive and delightfully respectful of others in person. I'm guessing from my gut that you truly have a great heart, and it's natural that you wonder what's going on. But I also think you are being insecure about yourself, we all are to an extent ... and that's why you'd insult the guys about prison and being "trashy". Lose that trashy thought. It's a subjective term. Keep your respectful demeanor. Look deeply into what is offensive that you don't like and find a way to express it in your profile using the sugar coating technique.

Any advice on how to attract more respectable, mature, attractive men would be great!

I see a profile with awesome pictures. You're not new to this; I've never seen anybody put up such fantastic pictures on the first go-round. If I had to guess, you had a pleasingly plump picture up before, and you found many guys having immature and rotten comments, if they bothered to comment at all. If it's any consolation, look at the real world. It isn't any different.

Put back some of the pictures you took down. You don't look like Violet Beauregarde. Change it to "a few extra pounds" from "average". Be proud of whom you are; of what you've done; and how strong you've shown you can be to pull this all together. Raising a kid, working around the clock no doubt, and missing out on all the asinine things less responsible 23 year olds get away with doing. (Happy Birthday, Aries sweet 24). Consider restricting the age of the men to whatever the upper end is that you can comfortably see yourself with. Is it 30 or even 32 or is that going extreme? You want mature, that's where you're going to find it.

The redo the profile, just a little bit longer please. All positive… Tell me about prince charming but keep it real. You are an amazing woman. Find a way to show the woman you've become, and I'm not talking about putting on a lace dress. Now that’s we’re real, you’ll need to demonstrate maturity yourself and flirt that cute as a button image away…

You’re in the Bible belt – are you religious ("Christian -other")? If so, don’t miss the sermon on the golden rule. Look up James 4:11-12 and take it to heart. If not, just apply common sense in a mature way. Don't judge others as trashy or you will be judged as something yourself. Don't be impatient with POF. Prince charming is out there, we just don't know when he'll chance by and what package he'll come in. Patience is a mature attribute. Keep that in mind, you've been on the site less than a month. Best of luck
Joined: 9/7/2011
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Guys and Girls advice greatly appreciated!
Posted: 4/30/2014 11:03:38 AM

Any advice on how to attract more respectable, mature, attractive men ...

I believe respectable, mature, and yes even attractive men, appreciate profiles that are longer than five sentences.

I don't go out to bars or party. Since I don't do any of that, it makes it rather difficult to meet new people!

Only rather difficult to meet " new " alcoholics, barflies, and partygoers.
If you're looking for "respectable" and "mature," they aren't usually closing down the bars.
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