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Joined: 5/7/2007
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Group Mottorcycle Ride-Ladies Don't be shy Page 1 of 1    
Sunday June 1 2014

There are a lot of motorcycle enthusiaists on this site, but we don't know each other and riding is always a good thing if you own a bike. The weather is supposed to be great for riding let's get a group ride going!

Was thinking it would be a nice day to ride out to Drumheller, taking some back roads out and back, stop out there at the Timmies and then go and check out how much the HooDoos have shrunk since the last time you were there.

Meet @ 11:30 a.m. at the McDonald's on 17th Ave. S.E., in Calgary, have a quick bite (cheap breakfast) and be on the road no later than 12:30

Don't have a bike....we might have some that would take on a passenger
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Joined: 5/16/2014
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Group Mottorcycle Ride
Posted: 5/27/2014 5:00:04 PM
Wish it were closer, I would be all over this one! have a great ride
Joined: 1/5/2014
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Group Mottorcycle Ride
Posted: 5/27/2014 5:42:04 PM
Have fun Duff... I'll already be in Drumheller on a girls' weekend. I'll wave to you if I see you :)
Joined: 5/9/2014
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Group Mottorcycle Ride
Posted: 5/27/2014 7:55:59 PM
Do you really think there are any guys out there, that are willing to have a complete stranger wrap their legs around them, hug them, hold them tight around the waist... (give or take a few inches), let alone...... umm... you know!... rub their chest into the back of the guy as he tours her around.... let alone...

the "Code"....Duff!...The "Code"... wink wink!....

ot:... can't say yah or nah, yet!....Duff
I don't plan... just wing it! mostly... you never know what might walk thru the door... I'll be putting in a few hard miles for sure...
Joined: 5/7/2007
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Group Mottorcycle Ride
Posted: 5/27/2014 10:55:56 PM
Can't speak for all, but with my ride there is no need to "clutch" the cycle operator in the fashion described above! As for having a stranger ride with me, it wouldn't be the first time. Perception of how a rider sits on the "spare" part of the saddle is as varied as there are riders.

Just want to have a good ride and not count anyone out.....some would rather be passenger to enjoy the scenery.
Joined: 5/7/2007
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Group Mottorcycle Ride
Posted: 6/1/2014 11:46:14 AM
I waited for 3/4 of an hour (til 12:15) and no one showed so took off on my own.....
Will set something up for in July with a bit more advance planning time!

Shiny side up and wind in your face!
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