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Joined: 4/26/2014
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Waiting for a reply? Don't hold your breath. I've had 2 from over 30 messages. I doubt the authenticity of 90% of the profiles and the intentions of the other 10%.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Any Advice?
Posted: 5/29/2014 3:14:23 AM
^ Don't listen to the jaded, bitter people who have failed on here and are just bashing the site. There are many genuine people on here.

Meet me, favourites, winks, nudges whatever... forget them all. Messages is all that matters.

Your pics are better than most we see on here but could use a little improvement. Nice bright main, keep it. The 2nd one you look miserable. 3rd, err not so good. 4th love the caption.... 5th so blurry it's useless. So I would keep 1, 4, 6, 7, 8.

I would lose the bullet point format, makes it kinda like a powerpoint presentation.
It's pretty factual, more like a resume. I'd recommend using more feelings and emotions. Rather than "I like X, I like Y, I do Z", try to mention why you like them and what motivates you.

Get rid of the negativity from the last paragraph, and generally better to talk to your reader as an individual rather than in the 3rd person. Lose the last sentence, they know what to do.

Get rid of the age restriction ASAP! This will put off women even if they are close to your own age. A 26 year old will see that and think "oh he is looking for a 21 year old".
Joined: 11/7/2012
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Any Advice?
Posted: 5/29/2014 7:39:48 AM
I thought the profile was good. I don't mind the bullet points.

It covered everything needed, it had very specific and memorable stuff, such was the love of horror genre.

It described the type of girl you are looking for.

I would suggest re-wording the part about "catching your eye" - strikes me as egocentric.

The pics are ok, but are not doing you any favors. You have a pic holding raw meet, standing in front of a scary cave, and a big rusty ship. Maybe more appealing backgrounds would be much better. Pics in a warm friendly setting would help.
Joined: 4/25/2012
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Any Advice?
Posted: 5/29/2014 10:03:10 PM
Your main photo is a perfect example of how not to take pictures, it looks like you are wearing that building.
You must really like black, perhaps an occasional color would brighten up your look.
Joined: 4/25/2012
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Any Advice?
Posted: 6/7/2014 8:15:38 PM
Try using your #6 as the main image.
Your current main has an extra head in it, which confuses the viewer, especially with no caption.
Practice "smiling" for photos, it's a good thing !
Joined: 10/15/2007
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Any Advice?
Posted: 6/7/2014 9:09:35 PM
Hey Algol,

I see how you are an enthusiast of the macabre. But really, do you consider yourself such a ghoul-type that you want this to be what a girl takes away from your profile about the sum total of your personality? The old prune-like mummified Cryptkeeper that you are embracing doesn't exactly do much except filter all girls out that don't have that particular horror fetish. If you liked hunting, do you think it would be cool to put a picture of you with the dead animal looking beyond dead? I mean ... for the profile. No doubt you've already been through this, but you are soliciting opinions and I need to add mine.

Also Algol, I'm really not a fan of your username. Pick something human, masculine and less ugly. Remember, in your chats girls will see this constantly and you really want it to be warmer and kinder - something they have fun replying to. Almost all the mythological names are a little too much of $10 words, unless they happen to be little fuzzy puppies, too ;-) There is Jupiter which is a nice & memorable name IMO. Sometimes we have hobbies and we end up pigeonholing ourselves into them, which can be a dark & dense filter to get girls to crawl through.

My two denarii
Joined: 3/30/2012
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Any Advice?
Posted: 6/8/2014 3:41:46 AM
Your robot and tower pic are the best. Keep them.
Get some color in a few pics or out door shots showing your entire body, no friends in pics..sorry.( esp if they are cute.
This is about YOU.
Green and Haily have great points on your pics

The main should have your face with a nice background, solid primary color or just white collared shirt, and just look at the camera like you would a woman. Yours has an expression thats a bit less than fetching.Background like a passport pic.
Look a bit..Hmm.., whats he thinking?

No red flags that "scream run" to me.
It's actually pretty good in the read about you section.

Pics are essential to be interesting looking and flattering to you.
You hear the "smile thing" a lot.
I hate smiling myself, just for the sake of a pic, but I'll eventually get one if I decide to date from here again.
Seems we have to prove we aren't toothless to many when over 45.
You have to be comfortable with it, but a smile can help you seem approachable.

Messages should not be a lot of random stuff you could say to anyone such as,

I like your profile ( really, just what about it?)
Heres my number, call me if interested..(They won't).

Mention a specific in her profile even if its just getting manicures..Doesn't mean you SHARE the interest, but maybe you like pretty hands/nails.

Take off the mileage restriction.
What if she is 82 miles a way and just right for you?

Good luck..and be patient.
Joined: 1/27/2009
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Any Advice?
Posted: 6/8/2014 12:31:47 PM
I like the Westminster Abbey shot the best because you look best in that one. For the thumbnail, crop it closer to your head and shoulders. The other photos are a nice selection too.
Joined: 3/30/2012
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Any Advice?
Posted: 6/8/2014 1:36:44 PM
I agree on thumbnail, the Abbey shot is best for a main for now.
Lose the crypt keeper and the main altogether and take a few more pics.

I had surgery when I was younger and one side of my jaw is slightly weaker than the other. It isn't very noticeable in person, but it makes static pictures awkwardly lopsided more often than not.. the good ones are few and far between.

You are saying that to someone who lost half her left facial, neck and shoulder skin along with a chunk of face/forehead meat and some bone including teeth, first hitting then sliding face first on a gravel and tar road at 14 from a bike accident, that you aren't perfect?
I am not forcing that issue. It will make you more approachable though.

One reason I still wear bangs and always felt awkward forcing a smile.
We keep our hangups as long as we can as some odd security blanket it seems, when others don't care or could actually start a conversation over our imperfections or not so really noticeable imperfections and scars.

You are good looking, don't let it bother you as long as I let mine bother me..
Good luck.
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