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Joined: 3/15/2011
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Be nice

OK Brad... it doesn't come naturally to me but I'll try!

You might want to consider a new main photo. Selfies in mirrors are not the most popular of picture types on dating sites. The other pics aren't bad, but you need a strong main, and none of these are really suitable.

Your interests list is rather limited. Motorbikes and fitness, that's all you do?

No need to say hi or repeat your name, it already says "About Brad".

This profile sounds like you're trying to get a new best mate, not a woman. You need to put in a whole lot more effort. Sorry that's the nicest way I can say it :)

Remove your message filters, they do absolutely nothing for you. Having filters doesn't mean you get more messages, it means you get less.
Joined: 5/19/2014
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/4/2014 11:29:50 PM
I agree that you need to change your headline. It's boring.

Use the motorbike pic as your main - it will probably draw more attention.

Try to come up with a few more interests - I'm sure you can think of at least 3 more if not 6. Keep it in multiples of 3 (3/6/9/12) as it looks neater.

We know you're Brad - it's in your user name and on your profile, so leave that part out.

You're ambitious b/c you sit in front of a computer all day? Huh?
Okay, so you're honest, you stick your foot in your mouth, you're a bad drunk (bad choice of words by the way), and ... nothing else. Is that really the impression you want someone to have of you? Plus, you're looking for an honest bad drunk to date?

I guess since you want the first date to be at the pub, you might be looking for that bad drunk who will go to sleep in the dog's bed.

It just needs to all be redone.
Joined: 8/25/2011
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 1:59:26 AM
I agree with the above posts, lots of work to be done.

You are probably a great guy, but all your profile says is you ride a motor bike, work on computers and you are a bad drunk. I would hope there is much much more to you than just these things.

Whate are you passionate about?
Try and use words like adventure, excitement, romance and passion in your profile.

If you are bad when you are drunk, then why mention it? I doubt there are many girls saying "I'm really looking for a guy who will get waisted and fall asleep in the dogs bed." It doesn't make you sound charming or like a 'lad' it makes you sound immature. Remove this section entirely.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 3:02:18 AM
This pic is no good as a main. POF rules state that your face must be clearly visible in the main.

It's very much "I like X, I like Y"... no personality at all.

Sorry - I think being helpful is better than nice :) It needs a complete rewrite, this time put some creativity, interest and excitement into your writing. This kind of profile is never going to make a woman think "wow I have to get to know this guy like RIGHT NOW he sounds awesome". More likely they are going to think "oh another one of those, let me roll a die to decide which of these 20 guys I will respond to".

Because most of the profiles on this site SUCK, it's really not difficult to get into the top 10% or even 1%. You just need to learn the ropes, and put in some effort and creativity. You've been given a big blank canvas in which to express yourself however you see fit - use it well!
Joined: 5/19/2014
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 3:03:03 AM
It's definitely better than before - you can try it for a bit and see if it improves your results if you want. I'd actually recommend putting a little more substance into it as the above poster mentioned.

You do need to adjust your mail restrictions. Screen the messages as they come into your mailbox (age-wise) and get rid of the filter. You can keep the within 75 mile one and the must have a picture, but I'd say get rid of the UK one (covered by the 75 mile one already I think) and get rid of the age one.

Good luck.
Joined: 5/19/2014
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 3:22:00 AM
Most guys don't get a lot of messages from women, so there isn't any reason to restrict the age of those who message you. Some see the restrictions as a 'flag' of sorts. Guys can usually screen things in their inbox pretty quickly. If you want the mail restrictions, then that's fine. You might want to drop the lower number and move the upper number to 29 if you keep them. It's completely up to you .... just a common recommendation given here.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 3:51:43 AM
Well put it like this.

If you have a lower age limit of 18, then a 23 year old who sees it may think "he's looking for a younger woman".
Whereas if you have a lower limit of 22 then you won't be able to get messages from 21 year olds.
And if you change the upper limit to 29 then any 23 year olds seeing it will think "he's looking for an older woman"......

A lot of people seem to think that putting an age restriction on will INCREASE messages from people within that range... I'm not sure how they reach that conclusion! How will a restriction lead to MORE messages? "I wasn't going to message this guy but oh look he wants someone between 21 and 26 and I am 24... maybe I will message him after all"... I don't think that's very likely do you?

Same for the other restrictions too, unless you're being spammed with hundreds of messages from pictureless foreigners or girls who live in Penzance or Bognor... what do they achieve? The only reason I have "female" on mine is because I used to get quite a few messages from gay guys (no idea why...).
Joined: 10/15/2007
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 7:09:21 AM
Need to burn off all those calories from sitting in front of my desk.

Weird sentence ... a bump in the read … Looks to me like you haven't put much thought into this. First, most of us sit behind our desks, from the perspective of someone talking to us. Is there something you are doing differently (back room computer repair shop with desks butted against the wall)? If you want to change it up, you can always sit on your desk, or sleep under it (George Constanza at work). Second, "calories from sitting" ... sitting is not a source of “all those calories”, as a matter of fact you are burning calories even when sedentary by just breathing and using your brain to think.

It is another thing to exercise to burn more calories. If you don't have a weight reduction programme, the reason to go to the gym is to sculpt your muscles and keep your body flexible; exercise is required to keep from atrophying and getting disease. Oh sure, you burn extra calories from eating all that junk/high calorie food, too.

The writing style is jerky, like a ride on the Tube, make your new profile headline – “Take with 100mg of Dramamine” so they don’t get seasick (not for an adrenal jaunt). One sentence has nothing to do with another and there is space between each one (the previous ^^^ reviewer mentioned this, too). It is really just a random list of you - too lazy. Spot the girl at the profile gym and work out her bum little more. Not many people are drawn in by sedentary profiles.

Good Luck!
Joined: 8/17/2009
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 7:10:06 AM
I'm not an expert but one thing that I noticed is your picture has a bright light behind you. I don't know how anyone else will see it but that light is where my eyes went rather than to you. Can you reshoot a picture like that but with different lighting?
Joined: 10/15/2007
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Review my Profile? :)
Posted: 6/5/2014 8:02:08 AM
I don't get the username either. Ghost? It didn't have any zing to it, might as well have been BradDrab. Get something more alive, like BootDiskBrad LOL
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