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Joined: 5/24/2014
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As soon as they read profile, they stop talking.Page 1 of 1    
Can you look at my profile and tell me why? lol
Not sure if this links works for other users:

I know it's not exactly a show-stopper, but it shouldn't be a conversation-stopper either. What the h*** am I doing wrong? lol
Joined: 1/27/2009
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As soon as they read profile, they stop talking.
Posted: 6/8/2014 12:46:37 PM
You need the main photo to be more sharp and clear than any of the current ones you have. Then go outside and take a few doing something, even if it's just standing near something interesting. The drawing is good but I think they have to all be actual photos.

They written part is short but nothing jumped out at me as being bad and I think perhaps women your age don't really enjoy reading long profiles. We don't really know because women your age tend to be out meeting people in person rather than hanging out online.
Joined: 4/25/2011
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As soon as they read profile, they stop talking.
Posted: 6/8/2014 3:51:58 PM
About Me
It's called the About Me section, so following up with a "Me" heading is a little irritating to the reader. If you must have the headings, ditch "Me" and change "You" to "About You".

I'm a generally happy, calm person.
As ae 99% of people - or they should be.

I'm intelligent and creative and maybe a little weird lol.
You don't need to describe yourself as intelligent, let your writing show that for you. Adjectives such as "creative" and "weird" mean nothing - you need to describe how you are these things. For example, "I'm intelligent and creative - I love to carve wooden toys/paint landscapes/make jewellery/sculpt busts". Instead of "I'm weird" try "I can be a little weird at times - one time I xxxxxxxx/I've been known to xxxxxxxxx".

I think everything else is pretty much on this profile already.
Really? You think you've summed up you in a couple of very short paragraphs?

Your profile is meant to paint a picture of you and how you live your life. Women in your age demographic might not need more details, but it can't hurt to have them. You don't need a long or carefully structured profile, but a little more info wouldn't hurt.

For example, what's your idea of a great weekend? What do you do when you hang out with friends?

First Date
Just a walk around my neighborhood or yours. We can talk and get to know each other, show each other what we do in our hoods lol, where we hang out. Maybe even meet each other's friends. I'll cook something (or try to) if it's at my place. That doesn't mean I'm too cheap to take you out to eat if that's your thing, I just think it's more comfortable being in your own space.
First meets are awkward enough. I can't imagine it being anything less than painful to have a group of friends to interact with as well. Any sensible woman will not go to your place on a first.. or second..or even third date. I know younger people jump into sex quickly, but it's not smart to be inviting strangers into your house, and not smart for her to go there either. Try a couple of dates before expecting sex (yes, I know, you weren't expecting sex just because you offered to cook for her - but that's what it will look like).

The drawing of you is against site rules and your other photos are basically all the same shot. Better photos. Some outdoors, in different outfits, different settings and one with a nice big smile.
Joined: 5/24/2014
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As soon as they read profile, they stop talking.
Posted: 6/8/2014 4:20:10 PM
I no longer care lol. So you can stop giving me advice.
Joined: 5/24/2014
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As soon as they read profile, they stop talking.
Posted: 6/8/2014 5:52:56 PM
They literally have no attention span so you have to keep it really short.
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