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I know this is a sensitive theory but would really like to know peoples thoughts behind this .

I have no thoughts right now in taken my own life or from that matter asking for any assistants...

But would be interested in those who see this as a political fight for freedom ,or a illegal means of man slaughter ...

I myself am neutral ..In this debate....
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Doctor Philip Nitschke -The Right to Die
Posted: 8/1/2014 9:38:53 AM
Growing up on a farm we always chose to put animals down if they were suffering and no recovery was possible so in some ways I am sympathetic to the idea of allowing humans the same escape, however it comes back to what you consider the purpose of life is. When my mother was dying of motor neurone disease she came to realise that there are some people, like herself, who need help and many others who find satisfaction in helping. This was quite a foreign concept to her as she had always been immensely capable, energetically tackling tasks that needed doing and quite appalled and constantly critical of those who weren't doing the same thing. Throughout her life she was a difficult person to please and all her family found her critical attitude hard to live up to. As her disease progressed our relationship was improved by the learning opportunity she had to live through. The point being that life isn't over and the journey isn't done just because you are terminally ill.

Over the years in palliative care medical professionals, who are the most qualified to know, have had to make decisions about how much pain relief to administer and use their experience and knowledge to care for people who are dying so that the process is the best it can be. I am not convinced that an ordinary lay person can make better decisions.
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Doctor Philip Nitschke -The Right to Die
Posted: 9/18/2014 7:43:35 AM
I will look at that small glimmer of hope and go for it but that is me.

However is it humane to dope someone up on painkillers to the point that they have no idea of what is going on around them?

We hear so much about life qualitity but at what point do we also say that's it?

I believe that this question will be debated by people for a long time to come with no real definitive answer becoming clear because on this topic it is debated mainly on religious dogma rather than on rationality, I am not saying that I believe one way or the other because everyone who has a terminal illness will make their own minds up.

With this question I believe it should be decided by the individual on a case by case basis and I also believe that doctors should be able to inform the person with words that are in plain language that is understandable by the individual at a time when the individual has full faculities.
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Doctor Philip Nitschke -The Right to Die
Posted: 9/22/2014 6:23:56 AM
I have watched several people die slowly and horribly from cancer, etc.

For myself, it's a is the INDIVIDUALS' decision, as it is THEIR LIFE.
If someone wants to take it to the "bitter end", that is their right, as I see it, too.
Here in Canada there is a LOT if debate about this subject, because Dr.'s don't want to be responsible for making that call...I don't understand it myself, as I don't feel that it's the DOCTOR'S place to BE making the call. It is the person who has the illness that should be doing that..
If you are incapable for some reason, ie, comatose, unable to speak, well then you should be able to make your wishes known before that point and know they will be carried out.
I have told ALL of my family members my wishes and should I be diagnosed with a terminal illness I will be VERY clear about those wishes, at least to the point of having a DNR,which is all the law legally allows here.
I already decided a long time ago that if that should happen, depending on the illness, I will take MYSELF out before I end up at the mercy of ANY doctor,so it's a moot point for me...
I believe that there's NO point in needless suffering and that my life personally would NOT be worth living should it involve being kept alive for the sake of BEING alive...Life holds no value imo, if all it IS is physical suffering, pain and agony...We do it for our pets and even go so far as to shame those who keep an old pet ALIVE past the point that there's NO quality of life left to them, so I fail to see the difference, except THAT makes it seem that we treat our PETS more humanely than people.
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Doctor Philip Nitschke -The Right to Die
Posted: 12/11/2014 2:18:15 AM
Do try to see the doco by author Terry Pratchett. One unexpected finding was how many people who register for assisted death do not go through with it. Having the right to choose when to die obviously helps people to choose to live.
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