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Joined: 3/15/2011
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The photos may be recent but they are still not great. Main is blurry and you have a hat. #3 looks like a lager lout. #4 not flattering. #6 not flattering. #7 against POF rules (no bare chests allowed even "in context"). #8 and #9 not flattering, unsmiling. All in all not a great selection although some of the rest might be OK.

Headline yes there is. This sounds desperate/lonely.

Prefer not to say if you want kids, why the big secret?

No need to repeat your name or profession.
"alot" is not a word (google it).
Don't they teach you to spell in the British Army? "im" is not a word either.
Get rid of the negativity about high maintenance and hassle.

You need to write more, and more interesting things. You obviously have a lot of excitement in your life and a lot to share. But you need to get it out here. This is your chance to write about yourself. They will not "just ask" before you tell them about yourself. What do you think they are going to ask?

Fill in your interests and first date section.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Please review
Posted: 9/9/2014 7:55:06 AM
It's a really big improvement :)

However you need some smiles in your photos. In the first 5, you have the same grimace on your face. Women want to see that you are a happy guy who they will have a great fun time with!
Joined: 7/22/2014
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Please review
Posted: 9/9/2014 6:44:48 PM
the current pic you have isn't going to have people clicking on it to view. For a main pic we need to see a big close up of your face. I personally think you look the best in the one with you in the uniform, despite the look you have (I am guessing the sun is in your eyes?) It is clear and not blurry, you look handsome, you are in uniform, so it shows up front what you do.

That being said, you skip over what you do, in a way, in your profile. You say what you want to do in the future, and that you plan to do what you are currently doing. It sounds like you travel quite a bit with your military job - be up front about that. You know as a miliary man that being deployed takes a special kind of woman. So don't brush over the fact that it is a big part of your life.
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