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Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 2
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It is so horribly negative I am not at all surprised you are frustrated.
BTW, did you think POF OWED you dates?
At your age few women want to date class clowns
You get what you put in, your profile is a pity party of one guised as attacking others.
Good luck
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 4
Posted: 9/16/2014 3:08:52 PM
Of course it was constructive - you are blaming the nail because it won't sink when you hit it with a tomato.
You want to date, right? You'd be happier if when you sent out msgs you got replies. K, POF leads with a Header.. and yours is, well neg and snotty. You have some errors that EB White would be on but..
Next are the pictures. Not pictures you have had kicking around, lingering on facebook but pictures that show you ( and should be only you) best light.
Don't waste time and space saying what you don't want - use that energy to say what you DO want
Bring some spark.. get her happy that you msged her.
So now you can do #32923572358 :p
Joined: 12/1/2013
Msg: 6
Posted: 9/16/2014 3:21:33 PM
Well whether your header is negative and snotty is a matter of opinion. You're British and the sense of humor is different. I wouldn't click on a profile where the header is "Zzzzz". Sounds like whatever I read is going to put me to sleep.

You have no interests listed. People do interest searches to find someone with the same interest. You should put something in there. Nothing interests you? Movies? Reading? Soccer? Travelling? Dogs? Sheep? Hiking?

You don't have a car. That's a deal breaker for most women.

You need to write more about yourself. What you like to do for adventure. Authors and movies you like. Foods you like. How do you get around without a car? Bike?

You have nothing down for a first date. Put something in like meet for coffee. Or maybe that would be tea.

So yeah, right now I'd say your header sums up your profile - Zzzzz

There's a thread at the top in green with profile writing tips. Check it out and come back with a revisions.
Joined: 7/20/2014
Msg: 7
Posted: 9/16/2014 6:20:45 PM
You're jaded after joining 2 whole weeks ago, eh? Wow, you must also stand in front of the microwave and yell HURRYUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!! Faster is not always better, honey. Yes, I meant that.

Besides that....

"Wants to date but nothing serious" generally tells young women you are looking for a drive-by girlfriend. You don't by any means have to propose on the first date, but if you truly aren't ultimately looking for one great girl, leave it this way so the girls who ARE looking for someone more serious can avoid you. No offense, just don't waste their time.

You've been given great suggestions already on the rest of it. If you can find some patience in there somewhere, you may eventually meet some great girls. I don't see that happening if you are ready to ditch the whole process in 15 days.

As suggested, do read the profile writing tips in green lettering at the top of this forum page. There are also hints in there about how not to write a douchey first message, too.
Joined: 3/15/2011
Msg: 8
Posted: 9/17/2014 1:56:11 AM
The 3 things that POF leads with: username, header and main photo. The username is OK but the header would make anyone pass, and the main pic well it's blurry, bad quality, and you have a boob each side of you.

The next thing they see is the other pics. Numbers 2, 4 and 5 are complete waste of space, can't see your face. 3 is terrible quality and again has a mystery boob. The last one is pretty bad quality too. Really, you need a whole new set of pictures. NONE of these are any good for a dating site.

After the pics they see the drop-down information. Wants to date but nothing serious... translates to looking for FWB. If you're actually looking for a relationship then upgrade this.

Your about me doesn't even exist. Write something proper in here, post again and we'll review it properly. You have to put in some effort. You can't just put up some terrible pics, write 2 lines and expect the hot chick fairy to bless you. I dread to think what the first 32923572356 versions were like...
Joined: 9/7/2011
Msg: 9
Posted: 9/17/2014 8:12:09 AM

Is it any better?

I can foresee the future......
You need to work on your profile draft # 32923572359

If you speak another language I'll let you teach me.

How wonderful of you. Not.

I believe it would be an arduous and daunting task to teach someone a foreign language.
Dating should embrace plenty of fun, not be frustrating. Can you change that sentence?
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 11
Posted: 9/17/2014 1:59:16 PM
Great Main
Not a great Header
Hmm, 12 I's and I didn't count the I'ms. Yet you wish to be a writer. Many of the sentences can be restructured.
Using the opening line will lose some people ( who if they haven't been catfished have met people far different that their profile photo)
Now, when you read it out loud to yourself Zach does it really rep you?
Everyone talks about the movies they like, the music they listen to - why not try a different approach
You are handsome, well spoken here on the thread, sense of humor - lets bring some of that to the profile shall we?
But you are trying and accepting our suggestions. We really do have your best interest at heart.. we want you to have fun ( and good luck) here on POF.
Header ideas .. Radiohead can be a downer, but something cheery ? IDK
"The beat goes round and round"
then perhaps instead of that damn " catfish" bit you could say you've been a fan since you were 15, if you saw them in concert, blah blah
So then you msg her, she's a huge RH fan too.. see where I am trying to go with this?
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