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Joined: 8/26/2014
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I think it would be nice to share stories of guys/gals that are truly players. It would save us a lot of time and heart ache. Of course, you can't say their name, but probably a description to look out for.
Joined: 8/26/2014
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Posted: 9/24/2014 3:32:06 PM
I'll start with one. Is from ZigZag/Woodland WA and sounds great in his profile, but is a serial dater. Once he gets what he wants from you, he will slowly disappear. He is always looking and is on other dating sites as well. Don't let the smile or St. Bernard fool you.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 11/16/2014 8:24:38 PM
OMG I just went thru this. I met a guy, he pretended to be totally into me, saying I love you, this that, the other thing. This, I have learned is a player sign for sure. He threw the nicest compliments ever at me. I am his dream come true, I was so beautiful. I didnt even like the guy but I bought his b.s. Thought he was ugly, yet he used charm to make himself more attractive. Yet every stinking time we were together his phone was blowing up. I told him it was over because he said "it was too soon for me to ask for an explanation", I couldnt take it. (It wasnt too soon for I Love You though???? Lmao. Yes, he got what he wanted and now all I hear about is how nasty I am because I was pissed I got NO explanation. Yet hes not a total jerk off for not giving me one. Funny how that works. Anyway, he did me a favor, I met someone much better.
Beware of the guys that want to talk dirty all the time, say things that are too good to be true, and turn their phone on vibrate when you are together. Bad, bad, bad.
By the way, I found out hes been living with someone for years and years. Poor girl, I feel bad for her, shes the one really getting played.
Joined: 5/16/2016
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Posted: 9/4/2017 11:40:49 PM
I find it fascinating, men you meet from online dating. I hear guys complain that all girls are looking for on POF is hook ups (sex), and they are so tired of it. Not sure if they are telling me that to seem more appealing, but when I'm clearly not a hook up...they fade away quickly. I really believe that the quality guys looking for a relationship are not involved in online dating. The only way to meet those men are in the grocery store, Starbucks, dog park, etc.

I've been on and off online dating here for years. I even found a husband from here, but divorced because he wasn't really husband material, if you know what I mean. If a woman just wants different sexual partners, I think she'll have success, as that's what guys are looking for, too. But when it comes to emotional intimacy from guys here, it's like winning the lotto...I wish you all good luck! :)
Joined: 9/13/2017
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Posted: 9/18/2017 4:31:10 AM
Let’s be clear Ladies, I think all women on here can be construed as being players (and or playing games) as a fair majority of you have done nothing but waste my time while talking with me/getting to know each other. Although I think that it’s definitely a RED FLAG when someone gives you their phone number and while they’re supposedly at work (they are always logged in on here.) However, to me, it’s about mutual RESPECT, as from my experience it’s always been one-sided especially with all the one-liners short and sweet messages, constant sarcasm from the women solely based on their past prior negative experiences, I mean get over it. As if you can’t allow yourself to be loved and love another human being then why are you even on here???
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