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Joined: 4/12/2013
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I over picked an acne on my face (above my left cheek) on Thursday and the day after it was so noticeable and inflammed that I skipped school on Friday.

The following weekend, I stayed at home and took care of the scab by keeping it moist.

I was hoping it would heal enough that it would still be noticeable, but not pinkish like it is now.

Needless to say on Monday morning (today) it did not heal to the point that was to my satisfaction.

I feel like crap, and so regretful because I skipped school for this and I got a huge test tomorrow and I need to be there, but I just feel like I can't pull myself together to build up the courage to go.

It's hard to talk about this with family and friends so I figure the anonymity of the internet is a good idea.

Any advice for someone in my situation?

Joined: 7/26/2007
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Need Advice
Posted: 9/29/2014 12:23:33 PM
Invest in some flesh colored band aids
Joined: 9/15/2014
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Need Advice
Posted: 9/29/2014 12:23:33 PM
Yeah. Put that neutrogena 8 hour thingie, overnight. It's not white , kinda like a gel so it fuses well with the skin. Really works fast. And then in the morning, wash your face and put concealer on.
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Need Advice
Posted: 9/29/2014 4:52:43 PM

Any advice for someone in my situation?

Well, if your "looks" are keeping you from going out in public, do what I do, don't look in the mirror in the morning. There are mornings that I end up going to grocery store looking like, well, someone that doesn't care what he looks like. And get this, sometimes I wear my crocs out in public too!!! I got a pair of bright yellow ones that get all kinds of people turning their heads. I'm sure they've never seen anything like them before,,,,, or after.
Joined: 5/13/2014
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Need Advice
Posted: 9/29/2014 5:46:21 PM
Stop masturbating so much. Choking the Chicken causes Zits.

Never wear Crocs in public. LOL
Joined: 7/28/2008
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Need Advice
Posted: 10/13/2014 3:55:11 PM
look up Clinical Formula in California. go to the actual site (not one that sells their products).

They have an amazing product. they will talk to you. the 8oz container will last a year or two.

I have used this for over 30 years. Developed by an dr when he got out of med school. better than pro---act...v.

call them. I don't sell it or have any interest except that its amazing.
Joined: 12/7/2011
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Need Advice
Posted: 10/13/2014 8:42:35 PM

I over picked an acne on my face

more often than not, picking at your pimples will only make things worse.

but I just feel like I can't pull myself together to build up the courage to go.

quit being too self conscious
on a big test day, do you really think most pple are gonna give a shit about a pimple on your face?

Any advice for someone in my situation?

I have to agree with poster #6
If you "beat-off" too much then it causes high spikes of testosterone
which promotes oil production in the skin that can make acne worse.
Acne can also be made worse by eating citrus fruits.
Joined: 11/3/2009
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Need Advice
Posted: 10/13/2014 8:55:35 PM
Visit your dermatologist if there is infection.
You don't wish to have scars on your face.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Need Advice
Posted: 10/14/2014 3:06:36 AM
@rftv....& Walt....

Don't dis the Crocs,man...I wear mine all the time...Does that mean I've "given up"????? LOL

That WOULD explain a LOT!!!

As for the acne, it can be awful for those suffering with it, try straight alcohol to dry it out and then a moisturizer to stop it from producing oil, make sure the moisturizer has aloe in it...
But as for your test, I think like someone else said,nobody is going to be interested in what you look like when there;s a test....
Joined: 4/23/2009
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Need Advice
Posted: 10/15/2014 2:47:14 PM
You list your personality as "Free Thinker" on your profile, yet you are in prison over acne. Your profile says you are 22 which means you are in college (or really really dumb LOL), which means you are paying dearly for that education. If I was paying that much for an education, I would be there witha Third eyeball and two heads if need be. LOL

Sound like you need a Pyschologist not a Dermatologist (Just kidding, Seriously) LOL

When I first read the thread, I though it teenaged girl (No offense meant). This is not an issue commonly heard from young mean to this extent. A .10 cent band aid is you solution!!

I am predicting a very difficult future for you if you cannot negotiate the minute things life throws at capacity over acne. I hate to see what happens when a REAL crisis falls upon you.

If this is a Troll thread, get a life

If not a Troll, learn about things that matter in life, a it is definitely not acne.
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