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Joined: 10/20/2009
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Curious on what im doing wrong.Page 1 of 1    
Hi Levi, the text is useless, and the pictures are not much better.

You should have 3 solid paragraphs, read the profile tips at the top of the page in green, write a profile, then post back to THIS thread and someone will help you tweak it.

Joined: 7/20/2014
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Curious on what im doing wrong.
Posted: 10/6/2014 7:02:03 AM
You need a big smile in your main photo. It looks like all the current photos were taken on the same day - that's just a bit odd. A little more variety is needed.

Correct the spelling of Psychology. (although someone else spelled it wrong the same way, which is kind of funny...)

You moved there from where? It would help to get that out in the open so you don't have to explain future spelling mistakes or language errors.

What are some things you enjoy doing? What kind of music? what kind of weekend activities? what kind of food or cuisine? When you are editing, make little paragraphs like I've done here. You won't be able to see it on a little cellphone app, you'll probably need to use a laptop.
Joined: 9/7/2011
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Curious on what im doing wrong.
Posted: 10/6/2014 7:02:16 AM
Can a lady please give me tips on what I can do to increse my chances? Besides plastic surgery.

I'm no lady.
Still, I can give you a profile tip.

OK, so you're taking plastic surgery out of the equation.
This is gonna be tougher.

First thing, remove everything before.....
I finished art school so I love to draw and paint.
Secondly, e x p a n d upon what you have written after that.

What do you draw and paint?

And so on.....

You have a nice foundation to build upon.
Use it,
or lose it.
Joined: 10/9/2013
Msg: 5
Curious on what im doing wrong.
Posted: 10/6/2014 7:40:43 AM
New photos. I agree that all of your photos look like they were taken on the same day/trip. And you look displeased in 2 of your photos. Smiling makes you look friendly. And women tend to favor friendly men.

Don't be afraid of sharing a few details in the text. Like, maybe mention where you moved from or what 2 other languages you speak or your favorite kind of art.

I finished art school
Your profile says "some university" and that you work in transport. So is art a hobby? Maybe clarify this part a tad. "I work in transport to pay the bills, but my true passion is art. Art can be found in everything; an afternoon walk around my home can inspire me to paint and draw for hours."
Joined: 6/13/2013
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Curious on what im doing wrong.
Posted: 10/6/2014 3:04:50 PM
I agree with all the advice above.

Please have some more photos wearing colours other than black and with a smile.
(Unless you are a goth and then wearing black and your place of birth are could be goth nirvana)

Please SMILE!!!!¬

Perhaps a couple of photos with you beside your art or being creative.

Good luck.
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