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I use to have a really long and detailed profile written but i recently edited it and removed about half of it.I get a few messages a week but none of them seem interested in me or we are so extremely different it would never work.Yeah i know some people may say "how do you know it wont work out if you dont try?!" Well for starters the average person does not interest me at all.I have aspergers and find it very hard to connect with people that don't share similar interests as me.I don't want to sound like a picky ***hole and give the wrong impression .I have met a few people who are really awesome and have made it worth the effort of making this.I find it hard to build longer lasting relationships with women now a days.I am not mad at that, i know that if a person feels they are connected more with another person than there is nothing wrong with that.It's a part of growth.I could use some pointers on how better express this.Usually when i try to i ramble on and on (like above paragraph) and the message just gets lost.I do not have a lot of pictures, i know thats a lame excuse and i should have way more but really...i don't take pictures hardly ever.I don't know what else to really say besides thank you for your time :)
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ISO female profile review. pls & ty
Posted: 10/29/2014 2:24:10 PM
Don't you have another profile review thread? You need to bump that up. And you can't choose what gender reviews you.
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