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Joined: 10/9/2014
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Hello everyone,
I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me about my profile.
I'm not sure what's working and what's not.
I receive a lot of views. I receive first messages, but not very many from women that are my type.

Thanks for your help!
Joined: 11/3/2009
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Profile Review Please
Posted: 10/31/2014 3:14:43 PM
RomeoInPlaid...welcome to the Profile Reviews forum.
In the Josh Thompson group photo you are technically on the far left in the dark shirt and green hat.
Joined: 10/9/2014
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Profile Review Please
Posted: 10/31/2014 3:30:05 PM
Thank you and you are correct. I am on the far left.... I fixed the incorrect caption.
Joined: 8/23/2013
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Profile Review Please
Posted: 11/2/2014 5:44:25 PM
Hi Dayton,

What does the online dating comment mean?
Describe yourself without using a list of meaningless adjectives.
Please don't say "friends describe me as...".

Sorry, but 2 of your photos remind me of PeeWee Herman hair.

Take out the "non interest" interests such as family and friends, laughter, sarcasm. You have plenty of real ones listed.

Put in a 1st date idea.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Profile Review Please
Posted: 11/2/2014 7:46:38 PM
The opening line was a chuckle. Those that get it will smile.

You can lose everything else until "Being a driven person". The rest is actually well written and eloquent, but other than her capacity for being warm, I really found nothing specific about who you'd like to meet, so really, unless you're targeting the psychics, a few more clues would be appreciated.

All women believe they are fun, spontaneous, down to earth, and all those other clich├ęs. What specifically do you find attractive? I personally had no problem with someone saying they were looking for short brunettes with glasses. Or tall Nordic Barbie dolls. It saves an awful lot of time. However, most women mess with their hair and body types do change, so be careful if you have a specific physical preference that it's not something that is subject to change.

I was pleased to see you are receiving first contact messages. Those women are pretty confident. Are you sure they are not your 'type'??
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