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Joined: 12/22/2014
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Since SOME "women" troll online using copied pics of much younger Hair models as their main pic, and set their dating profile age as 10 years or so less that it actually is, then their ACTUAL dating age criteria ought to be +25-5.
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 2/17/2015 8:24:14 AM
I figure that plus or minus 5 years is fine by me, but due to so much complete inability to follow accepted chronological measurement standards, I devised my own way to tell a woman's "true" age.
I go for a short walk when we meet for our first meeting, even out to the parking lot is far enough to tell. If they keep up with me then they are good, if they can't keep up then they are too old.
No scolding is necessary, no accusations of telling fibs on profiles. I just say "Thank you, it was nice to meet you", and never call them again.
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 3/20/2015 3:06:46 AM
We can do that too!

Green, maybe it is not the age...they're just out of shape!
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 5/3/2015 8:38:41 PM
there is no age criteria for woman , you can date who you want as long as they age legal
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 7/20/2015 12:51:05 AM
Including prior to my second husband, I have had one long term boyfriend before marriage and three after divorce. All were between 4-6 years younger. I am comfortable with that range. If I were much younger, maybe I would consider much younger men, but even in mid thirties when I dated a mid twenties guy, "something" was missing having to do with experience and wisdom. At this age, I believe the 60's have new challenges, that even I would not have thought about in my 50's.
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 7/20/2015 8:05:29 AM

if they can't keep up then they are too old.

Soooo... what happens if you've already found out thru conversation that they're "too old" but *you* can't keep up with *THEM*?
And by the way, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with your test for checking compatibility, but it's completely unreliable for checking age. Anyhow, I think the emphasis on when someone is born is off base. People either match up or they don't. So if a happily matched couple finds out, after marriage, that their ages don't fit a predetermined range, are they supposed to immediately get a divorce?? Just askin'....
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 8/25/2015 7:43:16 AM
Green, I wouldn't be able to keep up. Both of my legs were broken and I was in a wheelchair for five years. Can I walk? Yes. Can I run? Not yet but I'm working on it.
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Age Criteria for Women
Posted: 10/22/2015 3:13:19 AM
I personally would say around 20 yrs of difference, and that is to say that this woman maintained herself. Actually, it doesn't matter . So long as they took care of themselves. I'm pretty there's a 65 year-old cougar out there with a tight figure that rivals that of a girl in her late 20's or even better.
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