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Joined: 4/25/2012
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Hi, you have selected "Dating, nothing serious" in what you are seeking as opposed to "relationship", and your photos point to the same thing.
There's nothing wrong with that, and maybe that's what you really want at this time.
Joined: 8/25/2011
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Profile advice please
Posted: 1/31/2015 9:29:32 AM
'Dating, nothing serious' seems to be a stark contradiction to 'Hopeless romantic'.

"Hey, I'm a hopeless romantic who's looking for love with that special someone. So lets hang out, maybe go ona date or too, but I don't want a relationship."

Doesn't make sense, change one or both to the reality of your situation.

Never have imagined I'd be on one of these sites!
To be fair I'm mainly on it to have a nosey so I won't be online much but thought it's worth looking! If you can't be fussy when you're dating when can you!?

The needs to go. The equates too...
"Hey, this site is benieth me. I'm far too good looking and a great guy to be on a site for losers like this. All you desperate loser women are so lucky I'm here. I don't really want a relationship, or even to date, I just want to perv over your photos. But hey, if your good looking enough, congratioaltions, you will be one of the incredibly lucky few who will get a message from me, well done you!"

Basically it's patronising and insulting to the users of this site. Remove it.

Most of what you talk about is what your looking for, and what your NOT like. Why should a woman date you? What reasons do you give a woman for dating you? Read over your text and think what would make a woman say "wow he sounds amazing I need to message him".

Basically all the reader knows about you is:
You are from wales
You have a job in a pharmacy
You arn't that fat
You like "banter"

Form an orderly queue ladies.

What are you passionate about?
What makes you special and unique?
Why should a woman date you over the millions of other guys on this site?
What does romance mean to you?
What is it like to date you?

Try answering these in your text
Joined: 12/1/2013
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Profile advice please
Posted: 1/31/2015 10:02:37 AM
Sorry you have too much going against you for a woman to contact you. Most women on here are hoping to find someone to have a committed relationship with. You aren't looking for anything serious, code on POF for looking for fvck buddies. You'll have better luck finding women also interested in casual sex at your local pub or other pick up joints.

Your profession is a head dispenser. Women tend to look for men who have real occupations that they know pretty much what it is when they read that. A woman will decide if a man's occupation is compatible. For example a vegetarian wouldn't want to hook up with a butcher. Also a man's occupation gives a woman a sense of his approximate salary. And yes that's important for a woman to know if he can afford to go on dates.

You don't have a car and no explanation in your About Me what's up with that, how you get around, or how you plan to pick up your date. When a woman sees no car she usually thinks the worst, the man can't afford one or he did something bad like got caught drunk driving. Whether or not that's true, with no explanation a woman thinks the worst. No car is a deal breaker.
Joined: 6/11/2014
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Profile advice please
Posted: 1/31/2015 12:17:29 PM
Hi Gareth
Bit of a word salad hmm.. you repeat yourself in the text and waste space with fluff and filler
Header - I like it. User name.. not keen.
Dee he is in the UK, car not a deal breaker and he works at Boots :/
Photos - oh I dislike wifebeaters and you have 2 up. wth is going on in that second - is it someone elses hand?
Keeping up??? no.. don't insult your viewing audience
Interests - come on - 3?? Sleeping
You get out what you put in, you threw this together as a lark and are shocked the hotties are not raining down from the Sky.
But hey you are seldom going to be on anyhow hmm? So no worries
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