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If my life would just slow down
Exhale apart from the smoke
Into a mist that escapes my eyes
I breathed again without a thought
Wishing to find you again
Are you here again?

Is this something greater than me?
Am I just a tool for you
Someone to use
To write your message

I say. I am here again.

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Here Again
Posted: 3/1/2015 7:51:23 PM
And in the wind and in the rain I saw you
I remember you tapping on the pane
The wind gently whispered to me
you were there
sitting there.

I wrote your name upon my soul
I read the aura around you
and spoke your name forever more
forever more

you were sitting there.

Surrounded by the sunlight.
I remember your smile
and my devotion

when you were still sitting. Sitting there.

I love you.

Mary Mizzoni 3/1/15
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Ode to Sammy
Posted: 6/29/2015 5:52:37 PM
Read them and weep
Your dealt another hand
There lies the truth
You've lost again
and your trifling banter
it just distracts you
You have no poker face
When your gunning and running
and you live to go at that pace
You're leaving that baby
and forgetting his smile
You just want to win big
and escape for awhile
You're depressed and your angry
You don't like to sleep
And the prescriptions they give you
Is all you will keep
When your gunning and running to
go at that pace

When you come home
You have no poker face
You feel like a loser and
Ask for some grace

You know that you did it
you did it again
and you know that your sorry
but acting chagrin

You know your the loser
because the thing that you lost
Is so precious and timeless it
has no real cost

You missed the moments first cried out
Daddy's name
and winning at poker
you lost those fleeting frames
of the picture of life you just
pretend to forget
when your gunning and running
to go place your bets.
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Posted: 9/26/2015 10:47:56 AM
We became drones
when we hid under the desk
The cold war pronounced
It was teaching at risk

We advance past the text
To create brand new words
but...We failed the test
They created our world

I ruled out calculus
We were born with a boom
We forget to protest
Ushered in our own doom

And lying there still
I imagine in death
I will be herded out
With the humbling rest

I see the distractions
Called what they will
and I can't defend
My hands are held still

I am a drone
Processed and pressed
I've followed the crowd
and forgot I was blessed.
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Posted: 11/9/2015 2:05:50 PM
It's not hard to see
What witches are in the clique
They're overweight and boring
and starving for some dyck

It's not hard to find
Trolls who talk about trolls
They stick out their behinds
and tuck in all their rolls

But the double chins get's them
Unless they hide it with their hand
Or some other gesture
To make themselves look thin

It's not hard to figure
That they don't get hard at all...
It doesn't matter how many head shots
You put up on your wall

And yes you are athletic
When the donut shop is closing
Better run to the door
Or at midnight you'll be jonesing.

The forums help for awhile
You can spew out your advice
Make a lot of horny men
Think you are so nice...

But if you were so smart and all
About men and how to date
Why have you been here so long
and your dried up like a grape?

Men don't contact you
And your sure it's not your fault
but your fading away
and there is nothing in the vault.

I bet you straddle on that bed post
Late at night alone
and wish that someone would call you
So you won't have to fark your phone

Just keep your sex on vibrate
Tell yourself the truth
Until you lay off Fudge Cake
No one is gonna wanna fark you.

So take it out on others
Behind your little screen
But don't blame all the fine ladies
When your turning green

Look again in the mirror
and see your own train wreck
and feel sorry for your pitiful self
Cause you can't get a deck.
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Posted: 11/10/2015 4:20:34 PM
This is awesome :)
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Act 1 Scene 54
Posted: 11/11/2015 12:48:21 AM
Your duplicity ruins you
It trains your own thought
and your category for women
Is rude and distraught

You insinuate with timing
You are cunning and cruel
You back off the weapons
and then eat what you spew

Your afraid to fight fair
because your afraid of your truth
But now that you've shook me
I've got nothing left to do

Your making me confess
I'm gonna tell them everything
I'm gonna write it again
and I don't have to remember a thing

I've been silent but True
My story never changes
The dates and the times
Will belie all your stages

And the actor will fail
I will bet my last wages
The Actor will die
And awake with a stranger

You lie about me
Like you lied to me about her
You say the same things
When that doubles come forward.

You disgust me with lies
and it's not cause I am vain
It's what I will have to compromise
Because you are completely insane.

You better bring the ****ing truth
I have it all written down
That's why you can not breathe out
Cause your still sucking your thumb

**** you and your alias
You miserable fool
Your own word will take you
Show you;re bitter and cruel.

Thats your number one fault
Your consumed with you
To the point that you think
Every lie you say is true.

BUT you need to wake up
It's been a long time
and my wounds haven't healed
My injuries are still mine.

**** let enough be alone
Your going to suffer the truth
Because you buried your bone
In your primordial soup
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Tell her
Posted: 11/13/2015 6:57:53 PM
You kept telling me you were going to tell her
You told me she knew
You kept telling me lies about her
You lied about me too

How can you hold your head up high
Why did you raise your hand to testify
Why did you bring me on that long tired road?

How can you look in the mirror
How can you look back and remember
Why did you lie about me over and over

You kept telling me you were going to tell her
You lied about her to me
You lied about me to her
Why trap me in your fantasy?

I saw you waving your hand
Making gestures that were grand
Locking eyes with that sterile smile
It got me choked up for awhile

And then again there is a rainbow
Your true colors come out glaring
All that practice and self control
You hate when some one is staring

You kept telling me you were going to tell her
I told you I wouldn't try
You said she knew it all
That you had your last good by

It was all a lie

It makes me want to find her and tell her
It makes me want to make you pay
I know because I love you
I will just have to walk away.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Coming Out
Posted: 11/13/2015 7:44:57 PM
I'm not afraid now
I'm not coming unglued
I'm not taking the blame
for what you chose to do
The lie is dead
There is nothing you can do
You silenced a voice
but it was all in your head
So cry to me now
Tell me your tales of woe
How your straddled and strapped
and there's no place to go
So act out again and then
Blame it on me
Because that is your rant
the way you'd like things to be
But this time I know
I'm coming out strong
I'm not afraid
Of what you want to prolong
Because this time I'm clear
You didn't break me
Your stylized little dance
Didn't scathe my beauty
I'm coming out real
and you don't have a chance
You think your smarter than me
and you just might be
but the truth is the truth
Maybe that's your cry for help
Your so full of lies
and so full of yourself

Well God bless you now
but do not ask me for grace
When youre lying about me
To save your own face

Because I'm coming out
I'm going to be there
with God at my side
and the wind in my hair.
Joined: 11/2/2015
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Coming Out
Posted: 11/14/2015 2:58:27 PM
Thank you Penny. I'm a fan.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Coming Out
Posted: 11/14/2015 7:14:00 PM
Thank you Cat

I have other pages here that are old one is "words without songs"
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Devil's Cuff
Posted: 11/14/2015 7:24:14 PM
Yeah. I gave it to you on the cuff
You were all anticipating
And watched you borrow all that time
While writhing and berating

We stood in line our backs straight
Rulers tamed our toddling feet
But we were not administered faith
That would abolish out defeat
Instead they gave us spoon fed fear
and medicine in the water
That may have cost our very souls
The innocent red slaughter

They did not know the power there
When they turned on their device
They thought they were being entertained
and we all tossed the dice

He gave it to you on the cuff
Your promised American dream
Tripped and tied to a picket fence
with toppings and whipped cream
and all the while you bought the stuff
I gave it to you on the cuff

We stood in awe and watched the world
As the towers fell
and all the men in power
stood to manipulate us well

We bought the charts the animated war
We borrowed our futures soul
and brought them out of poverty
to create ultimate mind control

You asked for it your plastic face
Your vehicles your glorified asses
And don't teach the young about disgrace
You Doctored up the classes
and rewrote the book itself to create
your hero classics

But now we see it's history that repeats itself again
and given falsehood to the truth we will not see the plan begin
But the drones have come with fancy phones and they are
waiting to get it in.

We'll take back now
What we lent you
You bought it on the cuff
and you won't want to see the end
because the start will be too much.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Frozen Hell
Posted: 11/15/2015 10:52:03 PM
When all hell freezes over is a popular phrase
It's more than sublime when it get's in your face
It's ridiculed once and over again
When you lie about your life and you take the stage
But it's not me
I'm not cold
I am old and adored
You are wrong
Hell it's right
That you don't carry on

When the walls all cave in
I've heard it said once or twice
In your lowly kingdom you rule
Here's the lot of your vices

Yes, your wicked and cruel
and your running on empty
But you'll find more fuel
When your agonies inflicted

Well Hell will freeze over
The sea will rise up
and the burning forest will
empty your cup
The chill in the winter
Will enter your bones
and your lies and outwitting
Will leave you all alone.

Ha ha You created
your own devious hell
You lined up your women
Put the men on your shelf
You picked and you choosed
The lot you would use
and you carried on speed dial
The ones who admire your shoes
But your baffled and dead
Inside your heart aches for more
and your ****ed in the head

Wait.. there is more in store

Cause hell can be frozen
and Ultimate death
where men seek out freedom
but can't melt their debt
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Posted: 11/15/2015 11:36:40 PM
n Limbo you perhaps should not be searching. We go to Limbo for a reason and we don't get out until that's resolved. Our hearts and minds will just recreate the trip back to Limbo and you will have to try to learn it again and again. Don't feel sorry for yourself just face your Limbo.

Oh no.. I am in Limbo
It's starting over again
God brings me back here
I'm not listening
I got my back to the wall
My lips are numb
I'm not sleeping tonight
I'm not with any one
I'm alone.. and it's a long long road to Limbo

Oh no. I am in Limbo again
Just past heavens gate
I'm lost in the wind
Oh ho no. It's to late
I've got to get on the ride
and there is no end

It's a long long hike seems uphill all the time
Oh no. I am in Limbo again
I'm just gonna wait
I'm lost in the wind
Oh no no don't hesitate
I'm on your merry go round
and it's you I hate
and I am your friend.

Oh no. I am in Limbo
It's starting over again
God bring me back home.
I'm in Limbo
Lost and alone.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Just Go
Posted: 11/16/2015 3:14:54 PM
Oh low what if I stayed instead of go?
What if I go?
Will you call back after me?
or just set me free?
Oh bow like a red light we stop
What if we kiss?
Will you fall in love with me
Or just let it be?
Oh no.. No don't walk away
What if we say if?
Will you forgive
or hold onto your hate?
Would you say forever
or is it too late?

I'm mixed my heart broken
It's fixed and we're apart
Your hexed and controlling
I am without words
I'm miffed my spirit awoken
It's fixed youre here to stay
Your lies are so deceptive
I'll just walk away

Oh bro what if I stayed instead of go?
What if I go?
Will you remember me
Or just set me free?

Oh Set me free
Love set me free
and I'll just go
let me go
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Apathy for Today
Posted: 11/17/2015 12:57:18 PM
Don't take away my arms tell me to stand still
The refuges are coming and we can't guess their will
So invite me to a forum where words are just said
Will there be action before 100's more are dead
They stood in the street and riots ensued
Pilfered through the lot that was gone
They left them with bones to die on their lawns
Water spoiled boils appear on their skin
Crying and mourning they can not breathe in
This sewerage rises the waves out of control
They turn the next page the prophet said all
Ah ha we awaken by the skin of out teeth
Yet all is in motion before we can speak
Calling for freedom we all create false hope
We are drones all in line holding onto one rope
We call forth for an end to corrupted wars
But distracted by egos who get the applause
Put in power and power is lost
Because of a system with price tags and cost
Ah ha we awaken only to fall back to sleep
To forget all the promises they were to keep
Ah ha we all die under the same thumb
While they convince us to beat our own drum
It's not happening now and perhaps never will
The Army is lined up and given their drills
They all want to escape from impoverished lives
So men will create their appropriate lies
Mother's mourning are lighting candles bright
yet here comes the darkness falling at night
and here comes the speeches and all sympathy
yet I am still silenced in total apathy
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Boy Toy
Posted: 11/17/2015 4:14:17 PM
Your confounded utterances yet the speech keeps you
In contorted view of what could have been real
It matters not much what oath you take
Your narcissist world holds the wheel
It's all about you now isn't it
What makes you afraid in the night
It's all about you in the mirror
Where you have the most arduous fight
You're kidding me aren't you
This isn't just a ploy
This is what makes you
Consumed with joy
As twisted and ruined your thought process is
When you whittle at me your possessiveness
Consumed with your toy
You just cast away
Crossed off the list
Telling yourself lies
so in your mind
I won't exist.
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Posted: 11/18/2015 6:34:25 PM
Oh Daddy, Can I call you that again
Can I reach down deep within
and feel your arms around me
Nested in thoughts are the
Dreams you gave to me
Cuddled you groomed me everyday
Coddled you thought I was ignorant
You were hoping I wouldn't get in your way
You were promising me tomorrow
we know tomorrow never comes
I hate that my gut was wrenching
Thinking you were the one
But that was all just a sweet distraction
That was just a strange addiction
That was just a book of fiction
You spoon fed me every word
Well I'll give you something
but not too much
You were grand in your entrances
and exited out of luck
Can I call you Daddy, Daddy again
I see in hindsight
The plot thickens in the light
The shadows no longer hide
Your actions so purely snide
I would say the last laugh was on me
But I know it's not over
Your wandering eyes may see
That there is no four leaf clover
Then you're gonna want your baby girl
You're going to be angst again by time
You let me fall though the cracks
That led to a much longer journey
an enormous task
You reared me up a prodigy
Tagged me with labels to get sympathy
You were really signing me away
You'd like to throw away the key
Oh Daddy I hear your box clanging
The knocker is slammed from the door
Change is yielding your hammer
A new blue print for the floor
You think I don't know you were plotting
It's intuitive instinctual and grown
It doesn't just happen with perfect timing
You make each minute your own
That when I knew of youd duplicity
That when the prayer for truth was rash
I could have taken your hard labor
And thrown your life in the trash
But save me all with good graces
I thought of your two young sons
I thought about what I had asked for
When the fantasy fashioned scene one
But may I still call you Daddy
The man with the blue suit on
Would you let me just crawl in your lap now
and then we can carry on.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Old Soul
Posted: 11/19/2015 12:29:38 PM
I know a soul is old when I find one
I would give up a life time for you
I know what true love is
It's not something you say
It's what you do .

And an old soul did captivate me
Although she didn't keep me prisoner
for long
She held my thoughts with brevity
But just long enough to write this song

You see she wants me to sing it to
young ones
The only future we have lies in them
It's a never ending song of fruition
Where discouraging souls first begin

The road can be long and lonely
The struggle perpetually real
The load could be so unbearable
Words can't describe what you feel

So babies the song has a melody
That I hope will grab your heart
It's uplifting for those who are lonely
When deaths distance tears at them apart

It's babies marching in unison
The colorful procession begins
We've buried your mother's son
To a cause we can not fully fathom

The media stretches it's platform
Under a dictated voice
Evoking you in fear to conform
Yet giving you freedom of choice

Along came an old soul to remember
Points out history repeats itself
Claiming your bibles are all sitting
On unfortunate dusty shelves.

The old soul has given up hope
She no longer needs to be heard
She no longer professes a warning
Because no one is hearing a word

The soul knows what she is reaping
Is from fathers fathers before
Not what her hand indeed did
None the less one wants to
evens the score

So here just in prose there's no lyric
The song is just a whispering tune
The state of affairs just continues
No one knows if it's too late or too soon.
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Pity Pot
Posted: 11/19/2015 6:02:56 PM
Boom boom. clang clang
That squeaky wheel get's the oil
Half smirked you hang your face
Assuming sympathy is real
That pity pot is pissing still
Your cardboard flakes spoil
You hesitate and reflect again

What did you say?
You don't remember
but you can't forget
You toss and turn
In angry regret
And you know they are all gonna tell you
You made your bed

Clang Clang, boom boom
Gets you the attention you need
Half****d you call on fate
Assuming empathetic appeal
That pity pot is pissing still
Your empty dreams revoked
You stop yourself just in time

What did you say?
You won't remember
You are full of regret
You toss and turn
You're a train wreck
And you know they are all gonna tell you
You made your bed

Boom Boom Clang clan
You can go off and lick your tail
Ass up face down your still cold
Projecting images of you
That pity pot is still pissing
Your mistress regresses too
You see yourself finally

What did you say?
You won't remember
You're amongst genius
I guess.
Joined: 11/9/2014
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Cracker Jack Prizes
Posted: 11/21/2015 4:16:00 PM
I remember walking home
Listening to the leaves rustle
under my feet
The scent was sweet
Papa's cigar
He stood at the door
Momma wouldn't let him in
Back of the closet I hid
The tiny prizes I found
Cracker Jack boxes
All stacked in a row
Daddy would bring them
His lunch pail empty
But a box for me
and I saved them
When he didn't come home
any more
I remember walking
The bubble gum in my pocket
I got a dime this time
For being good
I stood at the door
Watched him close the trunk
In the back of the closet
His shoes were gone
Empty brown boxes
Their marriage packed away
I remember that day
The sun never did shine
The same again
Cracker Jack prizes and
Snow covered stairs
Never the same again.
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Posted: 11/24/2015 8:17:28 PM

I didn't write again
After the barrage
you left me salted
I didn't look for you
after that

I didn't smile again
When I heard your voice
you left me lying
I didn't think of you
after that

I didn't ache again
Your breath on my skin
you left me jaded
I didn't cry over you
after that

Helpless hopeless you toss the dice
Your public profile stating your so nice
You line them up on Monday **** til noon
You pit stop up the pike and feed your ego
Helpless hopeless you call her bluff
You present yourself with piss and fluff
Hurting you lost her and your self respect
She read my emails but you hurt her best
Helpless and hopeless I still pity you
Your ego is too big for your spoon
You line them up on Friday **** til noon
You only know how to use yourself
Helpless and hopless you think your using them
You're falling into darkness makes you sick again
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Posted: 11/26/2015 6:04:38 PM
So sorry. I have to say good bye
There is no reason for words now
We said enough You were rough
Caught up in being someone your not

I'm not sad any more or repenting
I learned my lesson and learned it well
You can not twist words up from the bible
and there is no evil spell

You just shake it off now girly girl
You still got all you need and what you got
You don't have to worry about a thing
You've got those you love with all your heart

Maybe the nights sometimes seem long
When you can only remember the verse from one song
Playing it over and over in your head
Maybe you'll wake up and forget

You've lost a lot of moments in the drama
It's like a dream land you create just a fantasy
You gave up your kids to their mother
Now you forget with a deck and some whiskey

It all can come back to me even though
My hands are as cold as ice now
I remember my grandmother at the couch
Reading "from the sweat of their brow"

I was a child then and humbly listened
It was something I thought I already knew
I did not know the rapture when I was reading
Not until the day I met you.
Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 24
Sorry For Me
Posted: 11/28/2015 7:28:41 AM
Sorry for Me

I don't like sympathy
I never did
You can't feel sorry
When I win
You can't feel anything
If you drink enough booze
But don't be feeling pity
When I walk into the room

I don't like sorry stories
Though I have some to tell
I don't wallow in sorrow
It won't make me well
You can't feel anything
If you swallow enough pills
But don't be feeling sorry for me
When I'm hanging from a noose

I never did you wrong
I never did you right
I never want to see you again
I've lost the fight

I don't like being the victim
Is not a glamorous thing
You can not feel pity
When I love what Daddy brings
You can't feel anything if
You smoke enough weed
But don't be feeling lonely for me
When I'm moving on with him

I never did you wrong
I never said no to you
I never want to see you again
I give up.. I'm through.

I don't like sympathy
I never did
You can't feel sorry for me
When I win
You can't feel anything
If you drink enough booze
But Please don't be feeling pity
When I walk out of the room.
Joined: 11/9/2014
Msg: 25
Posted: 12/1/2015 4:52:56 PM
I wrote this song yesterday. I had a heart attack in 2008 and this poem is about what happened to me.


If the spirit moves me it whispers in my ear
Never comes clammering
Never comes assaulting
He is still. I know he is there

that this is the autumn of my life
And I fell into the darkness for
but a second and forever it
Swept over me. It was gold but
It was black, dark and nothingness
It was a sea, it was a sky, it was a forest
I was everything
In those brief moments
Or was that an eternity?

There I stood and knew my maker
He was benevolent as he promised
He my strength and all my energies
It was a rapture like I had never known

I knew I was drifting away from my body
I knew the thoughts of everyone in the room
I faded like a long ballad about love
I faded like a rose in full bloom

It was there that I realized I was gifted
Beyond anything that I knew here on Earth
I knew His abundance was mine
I knew that that was my self worth

As it flashed there before me
The future he held dear
I realize that it is me alone
Who needs to concur what is fear

I loved the place. I was there
It forever will be in my memory
Although there are no real words
There was nothing and there was

And we all become transparent
We can not hide or deeds from their eyes
But we know it is purely forgiveness
And we get to look at our Saviors prize

There was never a time in my life
That I had known such humbling grace
I asked him please let me fix it
There in their hearts and save face

Let me go back and I will repent
And he told me the choice was mine
He said Go child and do what you need to do there

I see your heart clearly my daughter
Now go and do what you should

So I told him I was sorry and he said I know it
He said your beauty is there on your cloak
And I thanked him and asked him to remind me
Of every word that he spoke

So he touched me and all was brilliant
I was glowing in an amazing light
and I cried to him don;t let me see her
The love of my life was inside

And I told him the love loss had hurt me
and that was why I was so cold
I knew what were my most grevious duties
To return and undo my wrongs

So I have been here striving
Inspite of my pain and injuries
I have succumbed to my God and that vision
And God is my only jury. .
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