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Joined: 7/20/2014
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?Page 1 of 1    
I'm not into beards at all, yet many women adore them. Your photos would be confusing to someone who may have a strong preference. Which is current?

You can remove Friends, Family from the Interests field. Those fall under The Obvious Clause. You have both Cinema and Theatre - do you mean Live Theatre? (words are similar meaning here)

If you think it may be the messages, perhaps you could give a non-identifying example of a typical message?
Joined: 8/25/2011
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/10/2015 6:46:31 PM
Photos form 2009-2012 are out of date and should be removed. All photos should be current. Which is highlighted by the fact you now have a beard. Any photo of you without a beard is pretty much irrelevant. Women want to see what you look like NOW not what you used to look like.

Photo with a drink in your main makes your look alcoholic. The very very first impression a woman has of you is with a pint in your hand. Is that the best first impression you could give? Your main photo should be you AT YOUR VERY BEST!

Your text is quite nice, but there is one thing missing from your DATING profile......


Talk about what attributes you find attractive in a woman.
How romantic are you and what makes you romantic?
What is it like to date you? What can women expect when you take them out?
Why should a woman date you over every other guy on this site?

Try and use "we" "us" and "you" language as much as "I" or "me" type language. This helps put the idea of being with you in the readers head.

Mind if I ask what kind of messages you are sending out? Are you selective in who you send them two?

For me in the last 2 weeks I have had a response rate of 75%. How did I do this? I only actually messaged women I was very very sure I would get on well with. I very carefully read profiles and not only think "do I like her?" but also "would she like me?". This means I am very selective over who I message, so I only sent out 4 messages. 3 replied, and 2 have arranged dates already. One even pointed out that my message really stood out because it was so personal and I had clearly taken the time to read her profile and respond to it. Just some food for thought.
Joined: 3/7/2014
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/10/2015 9:28:54 PM

2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?

Well, the 2 and 1/2 years you have been here have been the toughest 2 and 1/2 years overall for online dating-for men- so your results are pretty common.
The best advice I can give a guy for online dating is to use as much clean humor as possible in profile and messages, and hang in there and hope it starts to get appreciated again soon, like it used to be.

Re the beard:
To the best of my knowledge, beards are not permanent and can be shaved off at any time, so I would suggest that if you have a beard on and off, a selection of photos both bearded and clean shaven would cover all the bases.
Joined: 9/7/2011
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/26/2016 2:17:14 PM
** BUMP **

You seem photogenic in your pictures,
that is good! That said, two photos
I suggest you remove.

1. The scuba photo. No man ever looks
good sucking (air) through a big, black, . . . tube.
Sure, it's how you survive underwater,
but is is a good look? I think not.

2. The sucking through a straw photo.
Looks like this time you have a "little"
schvantz in your mouth, again.
Not the look most guys are going for.

So, those two pictures should go away.
Anytime you remove a picture,
please replace it with two new,
fresh and current photos with cool
backgrounds! If you're going
to use pictures,
use really good ones.
Good luck.!
Joined: 7/20/2014
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/26/2016 6:48:47 PM
So, apparently, beard it is. Ok then!

The biggest reason not to take you seriously?

HaveYouMetMike86 wants to date but nothing serious.

At 30, surely you must have some clue if you are ready for a relationship with the right person. If not, don't lie and change it, but be aware most women in your general age range aren't going to waste time on someone who doesn't know what they want. Just another perspective.
Joined: 12/30/2014
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/27/2016 2:15:15 PM
Hi Mike,

Great write up!

I agree with Forums on the "wants to date but nothing serious.
It's going to send them away.
Is your end goal a relationship or casual dating?

Work on the pics--very handsome man who can do much better.
You remind me of my son, especially with the difficult to tame mane.
Joined: 3/22/2015
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2+ years on POF... Any profile advice?
Posted: 4/28/2016 12:52:44 AM
scootersb has found the magic formula!! All you presentable guys who are not having any luck, follow his advice, it may just work. so many hit on the hot looking chick and barely take the time to really assess a profile for possible compatibility.
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