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Joined: 7/31/2009
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I am confused and not sure what to doPage 1 of 1    
I have been using this site for a couple of months now. Have changed up the profile a few times tried different pictures. I go through profiles of just about anyone and if I find things on there profiles I like as well I try to message them and start up a conversation. I have had no responses yet and I would love to hear if maybe there is something wrong with my profile. This is the third iteration of it so I am kind of just stabbing in the dark with this one. you can be blunt I don't mind I can take it.
Joined: 12/1/2013
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I am confused and not sure what to do
Posted: 8/9/2015 6:29:19 PM
Yikes! Whenever someone says be blunt, tell the truth, I can't take it - they usually strike back! I guess we'll wait & see.

First off you haven't been on this site for a couple of months. We can all see you signed up 6 years ago. Look under your profile pic on this thread & it shows the date you joined. So you know one of those hyphenated points where you say "- is not a liar", that kind of tosses up a red flag. Oh well. It's just a little white lie. Some people don't realize how time flies. I swear there's some things I was doing 3 years ago and it only seems like a week or 2 ago.

The things you can't change just means you're fishing out of a smaller pond. You're a smoker, so hopefully that means you're only messaging women who also smoke. Your response rate from non-smokers is probably not going to be too good.

Your photos show no facial hair to full facial hair and everything inbetween. Make sure all your photos are current.

You have a good set of interests.

Your About Me is mostly bullet form and that can be hit and miss. Personally it doesn't bother me as part of the About Me but not as the entire About Me. If you had a few paragraphs above all those bullet points it would be a lot cleaner to read. You want to talk about your goals, places you'd like to travel to, what you do for adventure, what it's like to date you, and what you're looking for in a woman. Right now there's no personality in your profile. You have to write it to make a woman go wow so she'll message you. Do you have any humorous stories about your work or a home improvement project or something that happened on vacation? Something to draw out your personality. Then you can leave all those bullet points in if you want. If you like them, it's your profile and you can do what you want. I'd recommend deleting the point about cuddling - creepy factor.

You skipped over the First Date section altogether so go back and add something in there.

Delete the restrictions you have set up so POF can block who can and can not mail you. A 40 year old woman is going to think you're really looking for a 20 year old and vice versa and neither will message you so all those blockers do is backfire on you.

Good luck.
Joined: 7/31/2009
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I am confused and not sure what to do
Posted: 8/9/2015 6:43:54 PM
alright yeah I have been on the site for a few years but I haven't actually been using it till recently so i guess i should've elaborated about that I'm sorry about that fact. I shall take your advice and try to come up with a much more detailed profile. I was thinking that maybe if i kept it simple it would be quicker and easier to read. Didn't want to put to much stuff in there since I notice that a lot of people don't like to read a book when they are looking at profiles. I was going for my pics that i thought looked the best and I never even thought about keeping it consistent with the facial hair since that is how I look currently sigh I gotta get some more pics of me recently. Thanks for the blunt advice.
Joined: 5/31/2015
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I am confused and not sure what to do
Posted: 8/9/2015 7:00:24 PM

You have a lovely smile and great eyes.

Fabulous start.

I agree with what has already been stated.
Please remove all negativity - please start with choosing a new headline.
Rather than insult duck faces.
Try something like. 'Teddy Bear.'
Some ladies like beards, some don't.
Please ensure all you photos have only you. No other people.
And at least one full body shot.
Not so many pictures with hats.

Remove the old photos - ensure they are dates and preferably within the last 6 months.

Remove your email restrictions.

Who are you messaging?
Women within a few years of your age, BBW, tall and regular smokers?

Good luck.
Joined: 7/31/2009
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I am confused and not sure what to do
Posted: 8/9/2015 7:29:57 PM
Yeah I am trying to keep it within my age range don't want to be robbing the cradle or dating someone who could be old enough to be my grandma ya know :D trying to keep it within 5 years +/- my own age. I don't really have a problem with BBW because I am a pretty big guy myself. I haven't really kept an eye out for smokers because I don't really have a preference (i understand they might and that could be a deal breaker that is why I put it on there don't wanna get someone all interested only to find out that I smoke and totally turn them off that would be rude). I have been messaging a lot of the girls that are recommended and I really have just been reading profiles seeing if we have anything in common and trying to strike a conversation with them and see where it goes ya know? I'm not that picky. I have to work on my pics I thought a pic showing me with my family would show people that I have a nice family. I will take it down though to see how that works. Never even crossed my mind that one. thanks
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I am confused and not sure what to do
Posted: 8/10/2015 8:31:14 AM
Have a photo of you with your own cats. How many cats do you have?

Your main photo has an untrimmed beard. If you currently have a beard, ok, but it should be neatly trimmed. I'm not sure of this, but you might do better to go with no beard and a nice mustache, so consider that option.

Ditch the photo of you climbing out of the trap door, or crop it to show just your head and shoulders. It makes me think of all those cases where women were held captive, LOL.

The red t-shirt and shorts look sloppy, awful. You do need to show a full body shot, but do it in neat clothing.

You may not have a smoking preference, but non smokers definitely do. Write to other smokers. Or quit smoking to increase your options.
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