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Joined: 6/9/2015
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Hi, I'm relatively new at this, and I'd like to get some outside opinions on my profile. Let me know what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, helpful advice, etc. I have the feeling my profile could be much improved, I just don't know how.
Joined: 8/1/2013
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Profile Pointers Appreciated
Posted: 11/9/2015 5:20:42 PM
The pictures are nice but women might want to know if you still have the full beard or are clean shaven. You should add a bit to whether you are actively pursuing the license to be an electrician or not. Also, you mention that you like to travel. Talk about where you have traveled to ( not just where you want to go) since places you have already visited will be a conversation starter.
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Profile Pointers Appreciated
Posted: 11/10/2015 1:49:02 AM
It's a bad choice for a main photo. Dark, mirrored, hat, looks like a parents basement dweller. The second photo is bad quality. The rest are better but you need to lose the hat and shades.

How is "whole foods" a profession? What do you do? Delivery driver, farmer, secretary, salesman, CEO??

Lose the first sentence, it's duplication of "About MAtthew". If you want to be called Matt then change your name in the first name box to Matt.

All of your sentences start "I". It just reads as I like X, I like Y. Quite a boring format for a profile. She will have read a million just like it this morning already.

You need to stand out form the crowd! What are you passionate about? What makes you excited?
Joined: 3/22/2015
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Profile Pointers Appreciated
Posted: 11/10/2015 4:00:09 PM
I would get rid of any shots that are not clear. You look handsome so get some in good lighting and closer up, without sunglasses or hat.

You are an apprentice electrician right now I guess? It is your job, not an interest. You need to say something humourous or fun to make your profile stand out a bit from the thousands of others.

I guess the gals are looking for guys that are already earning the money. I don't know who you are contacting but the sexy looking hotties are often fakes or flakes.

Men typically do not fare well on dating sites these days it seems. Just use it as an option for real life connections. Keep your expectations low and you wont be disappointed.

Joined: 9/7/2011
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Profile Pointers Appreciated
Posted: 11/10/2015 4:28:49 PM

I have the feeling my profile could be much improved, I just don't know how.

If you were give the "secret" to a good profile,
would you use that information for good or evil?

I have three helpful ideas
to make your profile improved.

1. The "hat".
Your comfortable yet ugly green hat is in every photograph,
except one. "That" should be the other way around.

2. You wrote. . . .

I can get excited from time to time about particular subjects.

That's good to know. But don't stop there, if you have something
buried inside you, that makes your heart sing. . . let it out!

S-can all that other filler, that everybody writes about.
Write about the exciting stuff! The subjects that excite you!
(Keep it clean.)

3. The big finish.
You complete the masterpiece with this sentence. . . .

Go ahead and ask me about anything.

** Yawn **
If you have to ask them,
to ask you.
You didn't do it right.

Do it right, the first time.
Now is your chance to jiggle it around.
Change it up, spill your guts, sing
like a canary. Take fresh pictures.
You can do it if you want to!
There is no try. Only do, or do not.
Good luck!
Joined: 11/3/2009
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Profile Pointers Appreciated
Posted: 11/10/2015 4:44:41 PM
TheCelt990...welcome to the Profile Reviews forum.
You have featured the great Iron Maiden in two of your photographs.

With that being the case, I would remove "music" as an interest and insert "Iron Maiden" instead.
Everyone likes music. If a terrific woman had wonderful things going for her AND was an Iron Maiden fan, you would wish to enable her to search on that kind of specific feature. \m/\m/

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