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You know what I hate?

When you decide to dance naked in front of your PitBulls
and then suddenly
you realize

... you're in someone else's house..
and you don't have pet dogs.

I hate it when that happens.

and it looks like I am done here.

Welcome to Plentyoffish Sucks!
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I created this blog because of disappointment with the online dating site I’m looking for comments from other users who have had negative Plenty of Fish experiences. That said, I’m seeking only the following types of comments:

1. Comments about the arbitrary and heavy-handed way in which moderators delete threads or ban users.

2. Comments about negative dating experiences which have resulted from using plentyoffish.

3. Comments about the success (or lack of it) you experienced at

NOTE: All comments are moderated. Comment spam (i.e. trying to promote another online dating site, or some other site) will get trashed immediately. Comments that discuss online dating sites other than POF will also get tossed. Comments that attempt to portray POF in a positive light? Well, you don’t really need to ask for the answer to that one, do you?

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214 Responses to Welcome to Plentyoffish Sucks!
aj says:
April 22, 2008 at 9:13 am
PoF is the worst dating site ever..

2 years and I met 2 people.

one tried to rip me fof $500 the other got me jumped by 3 guys.

I am a good looking guy and had a good profile… yet NO ONE would EVER msg back, or talk.. in 2 years I met 2 people!!!!

Got banned from forums till 2011 for being honest and defending myself.

Everyone there loves to judge people.. is so sickining..

like in the forums everyone was all dissing me saying im creepy, scary, a loser, I lie about myself to look cool, my job is fake, ect ect

Then I say “U have people have never met me.. how can u judge me so harshly?

You people are all so judgemental holy cow..”

That got me banned for 3 years… how about the people dissing me? they get anything?


BadBoyNiceGuy says:
May 8, 2008 at 1:29 pm
Yes, it certainly does suck!!!

I met with one girl there in about a year. She was meeting with any and every guy it seemed like. Only to get free movies, dinner, etc.

I set up my regular profile, almost no responses. I set up some profiles with pictures of guys rated 9+ on hot or not… BAM!! tons of women contacting me first. I would then send message from my real profile and read/deleted. I would then log into the 9+ hot or not profiles and return their messages with some “kind” words! It was fun and eye opening.

Tell more about the $500 and 3 guys jumping you.

jrobert says:
August 1, 2008 at 9:05 pm
I completely with agree the other posts on here.Plentyoffish definitely sucks!I always thought that there were some rather attractive ladies on the site that I wouldn`t mind meeting.But everytime I would register and post a profile my profile would be deleted for no apparent reason immdeiately afterwards .
Or other times my password would be deemed ”invalid” for no logical reason and I would be told to register again.I would do so and again found myself achieving the same dismal results.Many times when I would e-mail people I would get the response that I had to register with Plentyoffish in order to e-mail people.I.
And this would be after I had just registered with Plentyoffish! I`d had enough of Plentyoffish and it`s arrogant blowhard owner bragging about how he runs Plentyoffish out of his apartment and earns millions per year from advertsing and yet the site still descinds into the banal type of popularity-contests you would expect in high school.It`s true, some of the women on there are indeed snooty and self-obsessed who lap up attention and act as if only they have the power to decide if someone isn`t good enough for them.What I decide they`re not good enough for me?It`s funny how this never occurs to any of those aforementioned snooty women on Plentyoffish.The site is a haven for snobs and egomaniacs.Trying to post a profile on there is a exercise in futility.
Just because something is free doesn`t always mean it`s worth it.The site lets people stay on that it feels are worthy enough and they`re free to be as vulgar,sexually suggestive and as profane as they want but other people who don`t fit into the category of what Plentyoffish finds acceptable are immediately given the boot(many times this is unbeknownst to the person in question being given the boot).Personally I`m done with Plentyoffish.There are plenty of good women out there that aren`t on that conniving site and I`ll find them.

Kevin says:
September 15, 2008 at 12:19 am
I could not agree with the title of your blog more. POF is a joke and a disgrace. Being a very busy business man and traveling extensively I figured I would give POF a try. I figured I could perhaps meet some woman or just make some friends in the areas I would be traveling to.

I set up my profile, wrote a witty/humorous monologue about myself and hoped for the best. After being on the site for about a month I didn’t get a SINGLE message. I know it’s not because I am a bad looking guy. My picture on hotornot is about a 9.9 and I’m an amateur Body builder (not trying to brag) but I was just kind of dumbfounded. I would send messages to woman just a simple hello and asking if they wanted to chat but as everyone else experienced it was read..then deleted. No Response.

What was even more confusing was that LOADS of attractive woman would look at my profile. There is the “Viewed me” feature which allows you to view members who have recently viewed your profile. It was pages and pages long of attractive woman who were looking at my profile. One very attractive woman in my area was basically stalking me! In a three day period she had looked at my profile about 10 times but yet NONE would ever send you a message. I sent a message to my stalker woman asking “are you going to actually talk to me or just keep stalking me and looking at my profile?” of course this was read..then deleted as if anything you say is relevant to these woman.

I’ve reached one conclusions about this site and online dating in general. If you’re a woman online dating is a gift from God, if you’re a guy..then it sucks..big time. For everyone one woman on a dating site I would bet there are at least 20 guys. So how can you standout when a woman is being bombarded with 50 messages a day? I can almost guarantee that on the big “dating” sites it’s even higher. So woman can be extremely picky. A very large majority of woman especially the very attractive woman whom you look at their profile and ask yourself “why in the hell is she on a dating site?” are ONLY there for attention. They LOVE posting pictures of their ass in a thong and then logging in and having hundreds of messages in their mail box. So even if you were the perfect match for each other these woman simply would not and never meet you in person. They just love the ego boost.

In conclusion, don’t ever do online dating as a male. I would rather be alone and date the old fashioned way then the constant frustration you encounter with online dating especially POF.

Brandon says:
October 10, 2008 at 10:16 pm
POF started out great… I signed up and within 24 hours I had about 10 responses. I signed in the next day and MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED!! I followed all their stupid rules and low and behold, I was deleted anyway.

As pissed as I was, I set off to recreate my profile. I get through the “successful” registration and go to log in and my account was gone again.


Jen says:
November 5, 2008 at 7:58 pm
I am so glad I started Googling POF and stopped wasting my time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with my profile and futily trying to recreate over and over. The fact that they have no criteria for deleting the profile aside the obvious (which I didn’t come close to) and then no matter what the heck you do, you can’t recreate one ????

It sucks because I had made some nice connections and now they will never know what happened or I them. I sent emails to try to get a response and of course, nothing. I think people could pay $5 a month and with all those users make enough money to get some cust. service but maybe they like it this way.

Oh well, for meI’ll just keep looking. I don’t want an eharmony thing, tho, just some dating and playing. For my first o/l experience, POF sucks!

Jason says:
November 7, 2008 at 3:02 pm
As for people not responding to your profiles or having fake profiles there isn’t really much that can be done about that. Its kind of one of the problems inherent with dating in general. That being said, the way that this website is handled when it comes to profiles and deleting/banning profile is pretty poor. Anyone’s profile can be deleted for any reason and in fact I’ve had it happen to me on more than one occasion. The only thing I can assume is that another pof user may have complained about my profile or I may have messaged someone who thought I was harassing them? I have to preface this by saying that I’ve met PLENTY of people off of this website before and can speak for me as being a respectable person. But someone who does not even know me and wants to complain about me can get me banned without question?

da says:
November 13, 2008 at 8:12 pm
My profile was deleted for no reason, tried to set up a new profile but that was gone within few hours as well. I have never been rude to anybody and had normal pictures.

Sam says:
November 14, 2008 at 3:02 am
I agree with you 500%, plentyoffish SUCKS. Few woman who are cyber rat are permanent Rats on Plentyoffish. Plentyoffish or similar sites are nothing but scam. This site was created by to sell other site and pocketing money using pay/per click.
I had a friend of mine going online at age 46 looking for old fart ladies on their 40’s and basically they all rejected him. Because there are so many loosers asking these ladies out. What my friend did was, he went to Philipine and married a 28 year old lady who wheighs 105lb, they now have two kids and live very happy. We go to disco one night, me, my frioend and his wife from Philipine, we just ask her to go and sit by herself and see how many men will ask her out, we were surprised to see how many men asked her for her phone number, basically all men and she keep giving them wrong phone number and we were laughing so loud. Now, if my friend wanted to even dance with an old fart 40 something year old woman in the same disco, he would have be rejected. Waht does that tell you about our society. And I believe, woman are smarter than men in science if given opportunity, but they are inferior to men of the same age when it comes to biology, reproduction ability etc..

Benignbullet says:
November 24, 2008 at 10:38 am
“Plenty of Carp” is more like it (lazy, attention-whore, entitlement princesses looking for that “romance novel” or $loaded man, apparently).
Two years, my profile’s up (ALL logical, friendly, accomodating script by me) = ZERO replies.
The Illuminati-led feminazi movement has severely screwed-up American whimmin.
Thank you, and good night!

DOUG says:
December 1, 2008 at 12:30 am

Justin says:
December 2, 2008 at 12:02 am
I agree completely, for the most part POF sucks a firm one. I have been using it on and off for the past 6 months and it has had mixed results. I met about 5 or 6 girls off of it but none of them were dating material. One had serious mental problems and the others were just good to get drunk with and you know what I mean lol. All of the good looking girls on there are just shallow attention fiends. I have even messaged girls with illegitimate children (probably to 3 different dads haha) and still got the old read deleted. I mean c mon, who do these used up pigs think they are. If you do however want it to work the strategy that has worked best for me is to type out a nice friendly greeting and send it to as many profiles as you can and only talk to what comes back. This way you don’t waste your time reading about girls who are just going to be dead ends. I would send out 20 of these greeting messages and i was very lucky if 2 or 3 came back. So that just shows how much the odds aren’t in out favor. Then again, what do you expect for a free dating site. I think our best bet guys is to stick to the more traditional bar scene approach hahha. I have met girls at a pool table who were a lot cooler and much better looking than anything I ever met on plenty of cows. Good luck everyone.

TonyD says:
December 2, 2008 at 9:40 pm
Plenty of idiots is what this site is. Do not lower yourself to boosting the egos of this selfish, stuck-ups excuses for women that will if not already have a false sense of their worth and beauty. This is all thanks to the hundreds of men that they now have power to discard and treat like a disposable commodity. I think i’m better looking than average, well educated, polite and was raised to be a gentleman. Out of 50 or so emails, i have received maybe a few responses. These type of women are complaining on a daily basis why there’s no good men yet deleting every option that doesnt’ have some movie-star looking guy on the other end.

JohnL says:
December 9, 2008 at 4:46 am
I only signed up at plenty of fish because a friend of mine wanted me to look at the profiles, but I had to sign up first to continue viewing. I tried to delete my account shortly thereafter. Only problem is, it won’t let me delete it. I’ve contacted POF with several e-mails explaining to take me off of their site. It won’t do it. I have deleted, or try to delete my account over 10 times now over several months. I continually get their e-mails as well, of which I do not want, and have to explain to my gf. There is no phone number to call. Either the software is screwed up, or it is purposely set up like this. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Since they won’t delete my account, I decided to voice my concerns on my profile that it won’t delete it. See for yourself. :) On a search engine look for: ifyoufindme

DougA says:
December 11, 2008 at 6:41 am
I don’t feel so bad now that I read all these posts about being rejected with the good old read/deleted or even unread/deleted. I really feel like sending them an email when the heading saying “I guess your shit don’t stink eh lady?” When you send out a completely polite e-mail and not even two words “thank you” are returned it can really burn you up! I guess you just have to learn to ignore it. I’m not saying this has happened every time, some ladies have at least returned a thank you. I’m thinking of changing the heading on my profile to Hi my name is … read deleted!

Glad this forum is here!

Tigger says:
December 16, 2008 at 10:16 am
I wonder if you get yourself banned on
purpose, if the emails will stop?

Ustinov says:
December 19, 2008 at 7:52 pm
I’ve done pretty well with online dating including Plenty of Fish. But my attitude is different. I approach the women on PoF only as fuck and chuck material. As an aside, online dating websites where the women actually have to pay have more women who are actually serious about dating and relationships. eHarmony has the most active women because the cost is relatively high compared to sites like 80% of PoF women are just attention whores with no intention of actually going out with a man unless he is 100% perfect.

The remaining 20% are nicely desperate and some reasonably attractive ones can be found. I look for the 35-45 year old range because of my age. Obviously, to use PoF successfully, the profile, photo, and title must be damned good.

The photo – have an EXCELLENT photo as your primary profile image. A head and shoulders shot is the best. Alter it somewhat if necessary because once you hook them with words, the photo becomes less important and the typical dame just doesn’t have the attention span to remember the photo after the first three emails and a phone call. Do consider a professional portrait photo. Some candid photos are very necessary. If your body isn’t perfect, just make sure the imperfect parts are not seen in any photo. Oh, and hit the gym, tubby. Think about a haircut, too.

The title – Have a strong title for your profile. Don’t put in some romantic bullshit or a comment about how you’re looking for love. The title describes you and not your search for Ms Right. I’ve had excellent results with “Refined BadBoy”. Women always always ALWAYS want BadBoys, not matter what they say. If you prefer, pick a synonym for BadBoy – rogue, rascal, scoundrel, whatever. Don’t worry about what a woman says in her profile because she’s usually lying. Women love players and BadBoys. In fact, if she says “no players” or “no games” that simply means she’s actually attracted to players and guys who play games.

The Profile – Never, ever put “Nice Guy” or any of the standard bullshit that women SAY they want. They are lying. The same goes for “sweet”, “pleasant”, “good” or any other wussy boy adjective. You’re not a nice guy. You’re a cad and a player. Write a strong profile with a confident, masculine attitude. Lead off with a clear, declarative sentence, for example “I like being a man and being able to take charge of things.” Do not read womens’ profiles and try to alter your profile to fit their needs. Women lie on their profiles routinely and habitually. Your profile describes you and what a confident man you are. You don’t feel confident? Tough shit. Fake it if you have to. Women adore confident men.

Don’t write too much – four paragraphs should be the absolute maximum. You want to develop some mystery about you. Oh, no spelling or grammar mistakes. Don’t mention your kids but describe how you find your job exciting and rewarding and has the excellent potential for your continued career success. Allude to wanting a long term relationship but don’t be too direct about that. Talk about your rather risky outside activities (a motorcycle is a serious bonus) and that you are usually busy, but not too busy for a wonderful woman who deserves your affection.

Be direct about your distaste for chick flicks, shopping, spas, and other feminine activities. Women have girlfriends, gay friends and guys in the FriendZone for that shit. You’re there as a potential lover, not a “friend”.

Be sure to describe something classy you enjoy – classical music, literature, intellectual pursuits, etc. Make sure you communicate that you have an “edge” and won’t back down when confronted with adversity. You’re trying to position yourself as a guy who wouldn’t mind getting a scar in a bar fight but who can also show himself to have at least some sophistication.

You’re a man. Women want men. They do not want NiceGuys, doormats, mama’s boys, and losers. Never, ever have a woman review your profile. Her suggestions will guarantee that you will never succeed in the wacky world of online dating.

Here’s another tip – before a woman has sex with you, she is looking for ANY reason to reject you, this is especially true of women under 30 (unless they are single moms). This is life, don’t question or attempt to change it. So, you will be playing a huge numbers game.

If you’re playing the PoF crowd, just surf photos and scan the profiles quickly so you don’t waste time. PoF really doesn’t have relationship material, just some weekend fun. Single mothers are excellent targets! Just remember about PoF (and many other sites), when a woman describes herself as “average” regarding her body, she actually means “fat”. There are no exceptions to this rule because the average size of the typical American woman is now “fucking huge”.

When you send out emails, have some standard text and then add some text that addresses a specific part of a woman’s profile. In this way, you have proven that you have read her profile and are actually interested in her as an individual, the real truth notwithstanding. Don’t spend too much crafting an elaborate email. She will look at your photo, scan your profile, and then make an instant decision if she will respond. Invite her to read your profile. If she doesn’t respond or deletes your email, MOVE ON! Women are shallow and inconsistent so don’t get all hung up on a particular profile.

If you do get a response, exchange fairly brief emails before moving on to the phone or online chat. You must suggest moving to phone or online chat, that shows confidence. When such direct communication occurs, the standard man-rules apply: keep it short and only ask questions about her, volunteer little information about yourself. Maintain a mysterious allure. One of the greatest compliments a man can ever receive from a woman is “you’re a challenge to figure out”.

When you propose actually meeting for ask, never ask, TELL her you want to go out. “We’re going out on Saturday afternoon. I know a great place.” If she hesitates or refuses without giving a definate counter offer, MOVE ON because she’s likely just an online attention whore.

Generally speaking, if you give a woman an opportunity to say no, she will usually take it. If you are wishy-washy at all, a woman will sense this immediately. Women love it when a man takes charge. Sure, they may whine and stamp their little feet about being “strong and independent” but that’s just bullshit. Those “strong and independent” women are the ones who most desire a man to take charge.

As for the actual date, PUA and other seduction communities has some excellent, in-depth advice. However, here are some pointers –

Yes, you will get stood up from time to time. Again, this is life. Women are usually flakes and they also have a wildly overinflated view of themselves so flaking on a date means nothing to them.

There are hard and fast rules regarding when to bail on the date.

1. If she is more than 30 minutes late without a phone call, bail and go drinking with your guy friends. Never communicate with her again.

2. If she takes more than one cell phone call (the first is usually a call she has pre-arranged so she can have an excuse to bail), get up and walk away without looking back. This includes text messages. Then go drinking with your friends. Never communicate with her again.

3. She has seriously misrepresented herself in her online photos. “You’re not the person I saw in the profile” is the only thing you need to say as you get up to leave. Never communicate with her again. Go drinking with your guy friends.

4. Other weirdness – bringing her friends, kids, or pets, only talking about her friends, kids, or pets (not about herself), being too drunk or too high, being too distracted, etc. This kind of stuff is usually the sign of a woman who is batshit insane. A shocking number of American women are indeed batshit insane and on all sorts of medications. This is especially true for the over-35 crowd. However, if she is direct that you two will be having wild sex later, put up with the insanity, double check your condom supply (prepare to wear two), and have fun. Then never communicate with her again.

When you’re on the date, pay close attention to her body language and other non-verbal communication. If she crosses her arms and leans back, that’s a defensive, non-receptive posture. If she leans in towards you and fidgets with her hair, that’s generally a sign of attraction. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her and ask lots and lots of questions about her. Women are entirely self-obsessed and love talking about themselves. When you have the chance, be witty, entertaining, and charming. The very instant a woman feels bored, you have lost and there will be no sex with her, ever.

Here’s a tricky little tip – Leave your phone on vibrate and make sure it rings at least three times during the date and that she can hear it. Obviously, don’t answer the phone. This shows you are in demand and this will make you more attractive in her eyes. By not interrupting your date by answering the phone, you’re showing that she is important to you. Two birds, one stone.

Many of the standard PUA guidelines apply to the date (in no particular order) – venue change, kino, escalation, indications of interest, closing, etc. It’s worth learning those techniques, even if you decide not to use them. PUA and other Seduction Community information about women is extremely useful.

Online dating can indeed be successful for many men. Sadly, it just an extension of the incredible and thoroughly wicked games that women naturally play in the overall dating dance. Once you have the online dating figured out, exploit it ruthlessly. Online dating can become an interesting form of online gaming.

Superbad says:
December 20, 2008 at 12:46 am
POF is full of narcissistic women who join for the attention of hordes of PC azz-kissers. i got banned for two years for being honest. many American “women” on POF are old, fat, lazy, smoking, entitlement-mentality, ex-whores with kids… who want to meet prince charming LOL. clearly they do NOT live in REALITY. if you want a real woman go Asian or Latina.

John says:
December 29, 2008 at 3:59 am
I have just deleted my profile from pof for the fourth and last time. I have had the same experiences as everyone else on this forum. I got to the point of saying why send a woman a message they won’t respond. Let me tell you I am an average looking guy, with a very good attitude, always treat women well. Some of the women who viewed me were ugly as sin, and they didn’t respond to me, what’s that all about? I should make up a profile with my own picture and say that I have my own business, university educated, and travel the world. Would I get more responses, who cares? Is that the only thing that counts? What B.S.

strangerwillmeetmarkus says:
January 6, 2009 at 2:26 am
I wont give up, it is good to know that so many people got their account deleted.
It happened to me too and I was like what the heck is wrong with this site.

I even did a scientific study, created account just sat there and poof it gets deleted.

Interesting, I wonder if you open a chic account would that get deleted too? Let me check that theory out.

raoul says:
January 6, 2009 at 12:56 pm
I found my current g.f on there,but i musy have been extremely lucky,because this site is just basically a communist regime.One of the mods has even said in the forums `Nobody said this site is a democracy`.

Read the forum rules,it takes ten minutes alone to read each heading for each `violation`I would say it would take at least 2 – 3 hours to read the rules completely.

Go to this link for a TASTE of the rules,trust me this is just for one topic

Reading through the rules are laughable.As for the dating itself,im amazed that sometimes when im bored and want to look at profile pics to kill time,the same women are on no matter what time i am there.Yet back in the day i remember messaging some of these women and never getting a response,yet they sit on the forums sticking thier noses in at every chance.I have posted a few things and there are always people who turn what you are talking about on you,if you talk about an ex bashing you with a baseball bat,there will be someone,without fail, who will say in their holier-than-thou way”Have you ever thought it was your fault and this poor girl blah blah…” It really happens.

Heres a message for you Marcus – Im not on your site here,and with all your millions you brag about,there is nothing you can do about what your members say here,Your site may have communist ideals, but luckily its sites like this that promote freedom of speech and honesty.Im gonna stay on your site but it sucks ass because you and your who`res(Volunteer mods) are on a power trip.

Anyone here who cant delete their profile on POF or is having trouble doing so,Then i suggest you copy and paste the following into a forum,you will be deleted quick smart.

~ These forums are terrible,iAll my posts get deleted and the mods are useless,This site sucks,i`d rather be on Matchmaker or friendfinder than this.Its so unfair~

You will be gone in minutes…God forbid you speak your mind.

Nate says:
January 6, 2009 at 10:19 pm
Ive been on Pof for almost a year now. and we honest guys have to suffer.If a girl looks halfway decent I found out they will read and delete and sometimes unread delete. why because they get tons of emails.Then theey get on there with their ego trips and asking where the real men are. I said hello to to 1 of the women who looks at my pics or profile a thousand times a day,she never responded.I tried an experiment and told 1 girl she wasnt all that.oh yea she replied then cursing like a sailor.then I had a girl that I used to talk to posted 2 fake profiles 1 after the other to try to talk to me,I knw its her because she doest want to talk on the phone.Pof is a bad experience But I just look and read and delete now.

Nate says:
January 6, 2009 at 10:23 pm
Dont forget about the favorite lists that boasts these women egos on there thats a another story.

Gregg.. Aiken,SC says:
January 11, 2009 at 7:56 pm
I too got kicked off Plentyoffish, I uploaded some new photos by a pro photographer and started getting writes and compliments,then my profile has been deleted ever since. The site will not reply,and it is bias. A woman can do anything,or have a guy kicked out,but the guy can not do anything. The site is all about what the women want,so that`s why its still on the net to attract guys and make money.The other guy is right about it being full of out of shape fat women. I workout almost everyday and the people on there slam you for being in great shape. Attention hogs…

Paul says:
January 14, 2009 at 4:34 pm
I agree with all the above, especially the part where my account was deleted numerous times. That website is definitely a scam, I’m glad I stuck to plain old fashinoned dating. I’m sure most of the girls on there are whores who have slept with half the fuckers near their city.

Mike says:
January 14, 2009 at 8:03 pm
One thing about as with all other dating sites, for me anyway, it’s not the sites themselves that are evil (excluding any deception from the site like using bait and switch, etc), it’s the women that are evil. Most of them. I have been on some dates from Of course, I sent out alot of emails to get get a small percentage of repsonses, plus, I re-email women who had interest but then I stopped hearing from them. I have NEVER gotten past a first date with any girl on this site. It seems to me, that almost every date seems more like a job interview! Some girls even told me that they had a nice time but they’ve been dating SOMEONE ELSE, for a month or two and they’re going to “go with them”. Huh, it sounds like their picking a cell phone service rather than finding someone they want to be with. In the end, I’ve learned my lesson. I have been using this (and other sites) off and on for 6 years. I keep thinking with a few months off, the women will change when I try again. WRONG! I have deleted my profile.

Michael says:
January 27, 2009 at 12:40 am
Yes I know I have only been a member for 2 or 3 days but half of my messages to girls I was interested in chatting to were read or just read and deleted but not replied to. Nearly 10 people and probably more have viewed my profile, but none have said a word.

Again as others have done I’m going to ‘brag’. I’m pretty intellegent perhaps not in an academic sense but I’m very aware of others needs, socially aware and morally sound, all in all I consider myself a nice guy, and I guess I’m a bit better then average looking (from what I’m told alone!) I write music, I’ve dabbled in photography – compared to many guys there who would list ‘drinking and going out clubbing’ as pretty much their only hobby I thought I could maybe stand out. I will give it more time but I can already tell the females tend to have it too good, and because of that they become incredibly picky and judgemental.

it’s kind of innevitable.. if the tables were turned guys.. would we be the same? I’d at least try to reply however, even if I’m not interested, show a little thoughtfulness that they took the time to message, especially if it’s more then 3 or 4 paragraphs with some well thought out questions. I am on the site because I suffer from social anxiety (which clears up quickly when I know I can relate to someone or trust them) I feel like an object on that site, and I feel 99% of the issue is my appearance, even though certainly not bad.

Even if you get 100 men messageing you… if you give 5 or 10 minutes to each, isn’t that better then sitting watching tv for hours on end or surfing for the fittest guys? Hmm..

Colin Hogg says:
January 29, 2009 at 5:41 pm
Im so glad i discovered this site, time to off-load. I was on POF for about 12 months. The first thing i began to notice was that i was just not getting very many replies to my emails. Over the course of 12 months i was on average lucky if i got one reply to every 15 emails i sent; talk about disheartening. Im a reasonably good-looking guy, certainly not ugly, ive got personality and my sense of humour really shone in the very well written profile i posted there. I just couldnt understand why i wasnt getting the responses. So i joined the forums, only to discover that they were full of narcissistic megalomaniacs; people who were just there on a huge ego-trip. When i stood up to a lot of them, one of the “moderators” stepped in and began to lecture me in a patronising and intimidating sort of way; trouble was he looked like a nerd/geek so i just ignored him. I discovered that there were “rules” for these forums, rules which i had not read. I had put my profile up for review to see if anyone could tell me what was wrong with it, as my emails were just being ignored. I replied to some peoples criticisms of my profile with criticisms of my own, and was then told that under “forum rules” i wasnt allowed to do that. The people who run POF had drawn up their own set of arbitrary rules, and imposed one set of rules on one forum and a completely different set of rules on another forum. You were supposed to read and digest these petty, arbitrary rules before participating in a forum discussion. I told one forum poster that i had not read their petty, arbitrary rules and had no intention of doing so. Either she or someone else informed a moderator and without warning i was kicked off the forums and banned until 2022, i kid you not. I was totally shocked, what a punishment for simply stating i hadnt read a silly set of rules. They didnt even give me a warning, which they should have done.

It seems to me that POF is controlled by control-freak geeks who take great pleasure in abusing their position of power and authority. They are essentially fascist nerds who like to bully and intimidate people who are independent-minded and who exercise freedom of speech by voicing their personal opinions. They create unnecessary rules for all to adhere to as it gives them a sense of self-importance and puts them in a position of power and control. Fascism is still alive and well, its on POF and its being implemented by authoritarian nerds.

As for the women on POF. They are all a complete waste of time. I conducted a little experiment before i left by creating a false profile and putting a photo of a very handsome professional model on it. Within ten minutes i had received more first contact emails than i had in 6 months with my real profile. I noticed how women were very nice to this model guy, they wrote long introductory emails, were very sweet and respectful, and their personalities really shone, they really came out of themselves, they wanted him bad!! I had a bit of fun.

Conclusion; the women on that site simply dont want to know you if you are an average guy. They only go for men in the super-model status category. If your average you are ignored and generally treated like shit whenever you do manage to get one of them chatting. That false profile gave me the opportunity to reject many of the ignorant women who had rejected me, and although im not the vengeful type, i thought that it would be good to just let them experience a bit of their own treatment. In 12 months all i got was READ-DELETE, READ (NO REPLY), READ-DELETE……..

POF sucks big time. The selfish, pompous, snobbish women and the control-freak geeks and nerds who run the site make it suck. Its not the site to be on if you really want to meet someone for a relationship. In 12 months i met 2 women in person off that site and they were both clinically obese!! I wish i was kidding. You’ll attract the desperado’s and thats about it.

Fuck Plenty of Fish and all who sail in her. Theres better ways of wasting your time.

raoul says:
January 29, 2009 at 8:13 pm
Its quite simple,the girls on there are interested in you until someone more interesting comes along then they just ignore you,i dont even add to the forums anymore,because eveything you write is inundated with `Have you ever thought its YOUR fault?` or `Maybe you are the problem`Some people on there just write that shit all day and night with no actual decent contributions.POF sucks.The women there suck.Markus sucks.

Nick says:
January 29, 2009 at 11:39 pm
I’m a 27 year old guy with a decent profile. I’m used to girls eyeing me up on the street, but thanks to the fact I’m shy I can’t chat anyone up until I’ve got to know them. So, I tried to use Plentyoffish. Despite having a profile that is good and photos that do me justice, the sky-high standards women have left me with next to no messages. If you try it, leave a post wherever you can telling other guys how crappy it is.

JohnnyBats says:
February 3, 2009 at 7:59 pm
Looks like POF is really just a new way (in addition to Craigslist) for hookers to make a living. I met 3 women in 3 weeks and after dinner, they put their proposition on the table. I threatened to call the cops on the last one because I was so pissed off. Anyway, kept my chin up, then POF goes and deletes my account for reasons unknown. Whatever, I’m done.

RandomVeteran says:
February 4, 2009 at 2:34 pm
Noone knows more about the shit on there than me. After being on there for 5 years allup, I did not recieve any interest at all. I sent over 50,000 messages and uploaded various pics, did EVERYthing, and was bypassed, yeah, the same old “Read Delete” over and over again..

DatingSitesAreAJoke says:
February 5, 2009 at 4:01 am
POF is a joke of a dating site. Actually, they all are in some way. I never get any interaction from anyone except from scammers. I have sent out lots of polite messages only to see them read and deleted. The site specifically groups by a strict age range. It also promotes “popularity contests” in how many people have you on their friend’s list. If you are new to their website and don’t look like a movie star, forget it. Sometimes I wonder if these people are nothing more than picture collectors or time wasters. Do women there want to meet anyone or not? Are they expecting every man to be a guy from a chick flick movie? Brad Pitt? Come on…

Secret Agent says:
February 7, 2009 at 1:53 am
Plenty of Fish is the most eleborate dating scam that uses fake dating profiles of men and women along with a “software programmed AI” system that automatically does the following: (1) generates fake “profile views” to your profile so when you “log in” it will show you some “women” or “men” that “viewed your profile recently”. #2 When you email one of the fake profiles, ie, to some “woman” you’ll notice your email is “read” or “deleted” or “read/deleted” within a few minutes of your sending it even if it is 3:00 am in the morning (the software automatically generates the “read/deleted” etc randomly to seem like a real person) is reading the message but it is not. It is just setting flags in a database – this explains why you email dozens of people yet get no “response” when you should be a perfect match for the women/man. #3 They used an automated method to “generate” fake profiles by “scraping” data from other dating sites, e.g. a computer program runs and hits specific dating sites, reads the profiles and adds the “member” to the POF database. #4 You’ll notice that most women that email you are the ugly ones (the real members) #5 The big question for Markus Frind is (if his site is not fake) … “Markus, please tell us how you went from 1 member to 10 Million members in a span of a few years with no investor money?”

DKonly says:
February 8, 2009 at 3:02 pm
Notice how whenever there are many bad testimonials in a row, a couple good ones “appear on chorus” and all say the same thing?

“Don’t give up..this site works”.

Now, message any woman saying that you are going to give up, and see how many reply with “don’t give up”. They’d probably be abusive..that’s if they do reply…

DannyE says:
February 8, 2009 at 4:38 pm
POF is a bad website because.

1.) IT DOES NOT KNOW WHAT A DATING SITE IS. IT cators to women.What is talk-email/hangout/friends? DO you know what the definition of a DATING SITE IS MARKUS?To actually date and meet people.Not to waste time.

2.)Free=Cheap=Weirdos. Lowest turn out rate ever. I date a lot and am more picky and notice a lot of girls even though they have looks aren’t worth any of our guys times.Wouldn’t waste 2 bucks on coffee for any of these women.

3.)Too many Registration and log in problems.I guess this is the reason why its free.And when you do figure out why your profile keeps getting deleted and finally get set up after a month of searching on the forumns and helps/suggestions, your messages don’t get read .Beware of whats free

So thats pretty much it.Guys i feel your frutstration.if you meet any girl from online,go for the cheap coffee date and see where theyre coming from.Most of them have a skeleton in the closet and you have to be extremly reserved and keeps your cards close to you.

Any suggestions feel free to add.

POF_Loser_13579 says:
February 9, 2009 at 3:10 am
With a lot of effort, since searching on POF is time consuming, I was able to meet a few really decent women. Unfortunately, they all ended up being short term relationships, it happens.

Regarding POF:

Free dating sites, including POF all have 2 things in common:

1. A large percentage of women who have their expectations set a little high, trying to date “UP”
2. A large percentage of men willing to date “DOWN” until they find something more compatible.

POF isn’t a site where men typically go looking for long term relationships, primarily because of those 2 factors above. The forums on POF are littered with posts of women being played. 20-30% of the men there are dating 70% of the women. Why would any guy consider long term with those women?

There are indeed some nice women on POF but I agree with the others posted here, they are really hard to find.

I’m a POF_Loser. I have 2 degrees (one PHD), successful consulting practice, I am exceptionally fit/muscular (but didn’t post that picture) and still coach in my sport (wrestling), well traveled, etc. BUT I AM only about a 7 looks (in the face).

Lets put this in perspective. In my area there are about 3500 female profiles within my age range within 75 miles. In the 3 months my profile was NOT hidden only 10/3500 initiated contact. ALL of those 10 where older than me and overweight.

To actually get women to contact me, I had to really push the money angle. Then my email lit up. For kicks I also tried the other way … say nothing about money or career, but just post the beach photos and act a little “stupid” in my profile. Again email lit up.

This tells me most women on POF are chasing vanity and searching for external validation.

Except for the few women I put in the effort to locate at the beginning (hidden profile), NONE of the women that I met came close to living up to their glorified self descriptions. They believed it certainly, but others would not view them that way. They were nice enough, but a little deluded.

BUT lets be fair here. There is a indeed a $hitload of guys on POF simply looking for sex. There is really no reason or purpose for many really decent women to bother with the site. The biggest users of POF are by far women with children. They’re there mostly because for them, time constraints makes putting up with the barrage of guys looking for sex acceptable.

My opinion, POF is exceptionally ineffective and frustrating if you’re seriously considering long term thru POF. If you’re just “dating” around, it can be fun, BUT better bring your A game. Most guys that date a lot from POF are indeed dating down. If you’re considering long term from POF, I suggest you spent 50% of your effort dating down just for the confidence boost and to keep your game sharp. Sometimes when dating down, you might find a winner as well.

Personally though, I think POF is a waste of time for most guys. If you’re not near the top of the wish list or the opposite, below average, you’ll have a rough time. That is, if you’re average, like most people are, finding an equal there for long term probably ain’t gonna happen.

But the funniest thing is, most women who are decent can easily solve there problems simply by initiating contact. But they usually won’t risk it, unless the guy is clearly above average and about them is at least a couple of areas.

The funniest wish list I saw on POF … One woman had, looking for a man that expresses his emotions openly and has no facial OR body hair. WTF. Lady you’re looking for a women.

Jim says:
August 6, 2011 at 9:19 pm
Funniest wish list I ever saw. Was posted by an 5' 1? average build, divorced, 42yr old woman, with 4 grown kids and two grandkids. And she claimed to have a Graduate degree.
She was requiring a white male, 45yrs old or less, at least 5' 11?, Bachelors degree, no kids at home, athletic, no facial hair anf good looking.
She even later posted in her profile. That all these men need to STOP contacting her, if they DO NOT meet her criteria.
I wrote her and told her I did a search for guys, 3-45 using ALL her criteria. And found 5 total within 50miles of Tucson AZ. So I asked her WHY was she on POF for over 6 months? When she should have been able to meet all those guys, that MET HER DEMANDS, in one weekend. And if none of them were good enough, then delete her account. Because they were the ONLY ones that met her demands. So why continue to be online?
Yes, I was deleted for that little practical application exercise and e-mail.

vpower says:
February 10, 2009 at 7:36 am
What a relief to finally understand what a piece of shit POF site is. Had been on this site for few years and always wondered why my messages was either read n deleted without a reply or just unread. I was beginning to feel that there were something wrong with me.
Thanks for POF sucks site as I had it with POF.

Gabriel says:
February 10, 2009 at 8:43 am
Amen! POF does indeed suck. I’ve been on the site for many months now, and I am a 27 year old guy, in decent shape, with decent good looks. I wrote a good profile and uploaded a few good pictures. I would message someone and I notice I almost never would get a reply, then I messaged more women to see what happened, out of 20 messages, I would get one reply or none at all.

I first I felt like something was wrong with my profile or my pictures, but then I did a search on “plentyoffish sucks” and I found out that many guys reported the same problem > Read, Delete or Unread, Deleted.

It is true, many of the women have an ego trip on this site and are attention whores, time wasters, or shallow snobs, who are seeking “Daddy” to give her a free ride in life.

Many women seem very cold, rude by some of the stuff they put on their profiles.

Also I noticed, there’s not many intelligent women on there, most of them seem pretty dumb just from reading their profiles. A lot of the profiles sound like carbon copys of each other: “I’m outgoing, fun etc, etc… I want a guy who’s outgoing, ambitious, has a car, etc, etc. It seems like no one has a real personality on there!

It seems POF is a site mainly designed around chronic rebounders & people who constantly have relationship problems and break up, Immature attention whores, Snobby women with delusions of meeting a story book Daddy, with a mansion.

Also, I cannot delete my profile, and I think the site was designed this way, to make the website seem popular.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, try a full pay membership website (one with no free accounts at all, which would not allow anyone to contact anyone for free. For example AVOID SINGLESNET, IT SUCKS TOO!)

On a full pay membership website, you will most like find people who are serious about dating.

LondonGuy says:
February 12, 2009 at 12:33 am
I too joined PoF at the suggestion of a female friend. (said girl used to live in Parry Sound) I had the same thing as everyone else. Read, deleted.

I did make contact with a few. One, a fat bloated out of shape 19 year old girl from London just like me. Just out of the blue she stopped returning my messages. The other, we made contact on PoF back and forth but she never did respond to my IM’s on MSN.

I sent off a few more to girls that looked like they were the more down to earth type. You know the kind, like when they were in high school they pretty much just kept to themselves or their circle of friends and pretty much went unnoticed because they weren’t “cool”. Those were the kind of girls that I was into.

And what was the result, yeah, you guessed it. No replies. I pretty much just gave up on it because I realized it’s just like MySpace.

Even CampusKiss was better than that crap, and CK was more of a MySpace for us Canucks, mainly Southern Ontario area. I’d still be on there, but it went pay, I left and never looked back.

John says:
February 16, 2009 at 7:03 am
I concur wholeheartedly that POF, its asshole moderators, Marcus, AND the pathetic excuses for women that use that accursed website suck gigantic donkey dicks. I state this despite having actually fucked thirteen women on that website (in the approximately one and a half years that I have used that website). POF women are indeed nothing but fuck fodder, at best. I greatly enjoyed reading these remarks, which ring so true. If more men would read these remarks, and not play these women’s stupid games, then perhaps matters would improve for all of us. Perhaps one of you gentlemen can tell me how you know that your profile has been browsed multiple times. It seems to me that, no matter how many times a woman browses a man’s profile, only the initial browse is displayed.

LondonGuy says:
February 21, 2009 at 5:22 am
So I went back to PoF to conduct an experiment. I posted a fake profile, using a friend’s picture and you guessed it, all the messages were “read, deleted”. I was totally respectful in all my messages, and not a single reply. The friend’s pic I’m using, he’s considered “hot and good looking” to a majority of girls.

The London Ontario area women that use it aren’t even afraid to admit that they’re gold digging whores. Take this excerpt from one of their profiles.

“im fun,loving,and caring. i love my friends ands and family so if you wanna b with me you have to be welcomed by my friends and family. im looking for a man to except me for me no bullshitting around, and i man with a job….car helps too lol”

Not only is she a gold digging whore, she’s also a god damn retard.

I wish the group Anonymous would attack that horrible site, and bring it down. Maybe then Markus, the power hungry moderators and the attention seeking whores on that site will have to find something better to do with their time.

LondonGuy says:
February 22, 2009 at 12:44 am
So I’m still trolling around on the site and came across this. It has motivated me to kill my fake profile because I just cannot believe people are this fucking retarded, and seeing this pretty much assures us all that PoF is a giant wasteland.

I shit you not, this came from an actual profile on PoF. Whether she’s a complete retard or an underage user, she doesn’t belong on the site at all.

” hello my likes are eazy i like, (1)nice boy,(2)not prverted,(3)not liars,(4)showers regular(not covered in dirt)*eww* (5)vegitarean(i know thats hard to find in a boy caz there big time meat eaters well not a content meat eater)(6)i hate SPAMERS(seriusly you being called spam. Spam are: chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrite to help keep its color. do youreally wana be called that)*eww* INPORTENT—>(7)pepole that hat hidro and cars are much as i do(caz cars kill more animals than guns it is sickening and hydro worlds dedlyest wepon with all are heaters and air condishoners, light bulbuds, hydro whyers.dont you think all this heat is going to caz a mazif tornado,huracan, it is a tornado you will get wipped with thowes whyers stabed with thows light bubs.)*oww*”

Mike says:
February 23, 2009 at 5:11 am
So I just did my own little experiment – I put up this fake profile with this super hot dude and bam – every woman is messaging me like crazy. What gets me is that I get messages from these deluded pigs who think they can get someone that hot. I then try and message them from my regular profile just to see and they just ignore it. For extra kicks, I even reply back from the fake one and ask them why they are ignoring my “friend”. They tell me that the profile didn’t catch their eye and they they are not into the same things but I made damn sure that the profiles were practically identicle and that we had the same stats job wise, etc. I called them on it but they insisted it was the written description. What shit.

Basically, women there are all after Brad Pitt. What they need to grasp is that Brad Pitt dates Angelina Jolie not Rosie O’Donnell.

jjowhite says:
February 23, 2009 at 4:27 pm
i agree with the above statement!…women on that pof think they are going to find brad pitt with a 7 digit income..come on!!!!how stupid could they be!…he is not on a dating site!!..

Doug A says:
February 25, 2009 at 5:55 pm
Is there a problem with my posts to this site? I notice they never get approved anymore. If there is just let me know so I don’t waste my time or yours.



GGrant says:
March 1, 2009 at 2:41 pm
POF HA. Mostly what you have there is a bunch of woman looking to be entertained. A lot are just farming out their profile, to see what they can get. Their living out some fantasy of being in high demand. most are simply looking for validation. As in how great a guy they can capture.

All you need to do to be successful on POF is provide that external validation. Whether it’s BS or reality makes no difference. They just need to see it.

While I’m sure there are some decent women on POF, if you dig hard enough, but most have pretty serious issues, you won’t discover until a little later. Not really a suitable place if actually looking for long term.

Look, most guys just use POF to date women as more of a hobby than anything else. They know they are NOT going to find “the one” there. Whatever women you meet there, you know, they most likely already dated a bunch of these guys already.

POF is OK, if you’re just looking to date around and are comfortable meeting women doing the same. There is no need to be a bastard about it, but at the same time if you’re not selling validation you won’t be successful. If you’re using POF for long term … well, you’re a little nuts.

truthseaker says:
March 1, 2009 at 11:12 pm
In a nut shell what the post above says is ( POF is simply women looking for a free night on the town )

POF Woman says:
March 5, 2009 at 7:43 am
Awwww. Did the boys get their feelings hurt?

You should see it from our side.

I’m one of the attractive women on POF–at least I was, until I hid my profile–and I was deluged with mail every single day from men who liked my picture but didn’t read anything in my profile.

I stopped sending courteous little notes saying ‘thanks but I don’t think we’re right for each other’ because half of them were answered with another e-mail requiring another courteous little note, and the other half were answered with hostile notes demanding to know how I knew we weren’t right for each other when we hadn’t even met yet.

Here’s a tip, guys: hostility isn’t your best strategy when you’re trying to persuade a woman to meet you. None of us are looking to end up in a police report.

I’m not denying that a lot of women on POF just waste your time, but if it makes you feel any better, women have to contend with gay men who are in the closet and want to get married, married men who are cheating, players who lie about everything and leave hurt feelings in their wake, and hundreds and hundreds of men who look at a woman and see a target, not a human being.

In other words, it’s no picnic for us, either.

I wish you all good luck in your search for fun weekends and true love. Better luck than I’m having!

the liberated mind says:
August 9, 2011 at 11:26 pm
Here’s what happened the other day between a female and me (male) on an online dating site: Female chats up male online. Male takes female out for dinner at a nice restaurant. SMS exchange the next morning – enjoy:

Female: Thanks for a lovely evening! I made it home safe.
Male: I got a feeling you were a bit disappointed.
Female: Not at all. We talked so long I got a lil tired is all.
Male: Well, let’s do something fun in Boulder this weekend.
Female: As luck would have it … my ex boyfried contacted me Sunday and wants to work something out. I did have a grand time and thank you so much.
Male: Whoa, THAT was unexpected. I guess my gut feeling got it right after all. Glad I’m off the hook.

Cap285 says:
September 13, 2011 at 6:24 pm
Take your condescending shit and shove it. You have it bad? The pick of whoever you want. Never having to pick up a bar tab or a meal on week-ends. Free coffee and lunches. Then tell the guy you’re not interested (which none of you do because you don’t have the cojones) you just vanish and/or lie. Yeah, you got it real bad.

Walk a mile in our shoes ‘princess’.

Fed up with pof says:
September 22, 2011 at 4:52 pm
It always amazes me when women complain about getting loads of emails.

Firstly, at least it gives you choices. I’m sure out of this deluge of messages you can always find at least a few guys you’d be happy to meet. When I send 100 emails and get ZERO response, how much choice do I have? ZERO.

Secondly, since women expect men to do all the work, if a woman looks at my profile and doesn’t mail me, how am I supposed to know if she’s interested or not? We HAVE to send emails to find out. Trust me, I don’t want to be sending 100 ignored emails any more than you want to be receiving them, but what else can we do? If women would take the initiative a bit more, wink at us, say hi, do SOMETHING, then men would send fewer emails. If you were in a bar, and didn’t at least smile at guys you were interested in, what would the guys do? They’d have to talk to you at least a little bit just to find out if you’re interested at all. And then you’d get pissed off at all the guys pestering you. Well DOH!

And thirdly, we all have our standards, and I wouldn’t be interested in a woman that weighs more than my fridge so likewise I don’t expect women to reply eagerly to a guy who looks like a tramp, but honestly, when women tell me I’m cute and handsome and I have nice hair and nice eyes and a nice smile, but then I’ve had 2131 profile views on and gotten a total of 3 dates out of it, that means less than 1 in 700 women will actually give me a chance, and that’s just a joke.

Scott says:
September 23, 2011 at 11:43 am
As much as POF women deny it, and will say anything, they do judge by the photos/looks. Now, if girls want to come to this page and abuse me for saying so…I have vast experience here.

An example is: some friends and I all made profiles without pics. My friends (not me though) did recieve replies, of course asking “can I see a photo”. As soon as any friend would show her a photo….bang. Gone/blocked. Over and over again. I had a photo up for 5 years and NEVER had any messages/replies in that 5 years. NEVER fall for “oh I want to see who I am talking to”. That’s a line. What if the photo isn’t you? DO they see who they are talking to? ;)

Fat girls will ask for “no fat guys”. Couch potatoes will ask for professionally employed guys.

Being on that site on/off for coubtless years…(7) I finally decided to do some research.

gman says:
March 9, 2009 at 10:58 pm
LISTEN UP!..i see that to be a paid member you have to pay one lump sum in advance…what a scam!..after one month of being a paid member and the man sees that he is getting nothing for his money he has already paid for a whole year or six months up front!..saddly there will be many who will fall for this..

Stevie Wonder says:
March 11, 2009 at 3:16 pm
The owner of the site is giving the premium memberships free to a few members for up to a year. They don’t have the choice to say no. Some people don’t want it. Some people are questioning why they should pay when it was given free to a few people.

Curiepoint says:
April 2, 2009 at 3:11 am
POF Woman conveniently ignores one singular point: All the terrible nefarious deeds she puts forth as being within the province of men…the cheaters, the gay guys, etc…are all firmly within the realm of women too. Most of them are on there to give themselves a little ego boost and are not at all serious in their implied intentions by being there. Using people is wrong, no matter the gender of the person doing the manipulation.

Hostility might not be the best way to meet people, but neither is kissing their ass. It’s high time men start taking stock in themselves and stop grovelling before women. Finding one isn’t all that hard; but one has to wonder if it’s at all worth the hassle in doing so, especially on a piece of crap site like POF.

LOL@YOU says:
April 8, 2009 at 1:15 pm
POF is a scam. From put your credit card away to charging for “serioius member” If you get banned even if you paid for a serious membership too bad!

POF people have a lot of issues. I just crack up laughing my head off reading the threads. My life is a lot better compared to these people. I seriously think most of POF members are either plain stupid or mentally insane.

There is one pic of a woman that looks like she’s offering a blow job. Most women want free paid meals, they are not serious for a relationship.

The fat and/or ugly women think they are god gift’s to men and that us men should worship them. Seriously I went there for the forums but it’s just too much eventually. Anyone that is remotely sane would stop visiting the forums regularly.

Mike says:
April 14, 2009 at 5:01 pm
POF woman if you’re so great why are you on a dating site? Are you scared of the real world?
Our feelings aren’t hurt really. Most people in the forums are screwed up in the head. Most women are pretending to want a relationship when they want a free meal to feed their fat butts.
I went there and this wacky woman got all mad at me and kept on reporting my picks to get deleted when it wasn’t even breaking the rules.
so I make a new profile with some of the same pics and it never gets deleted. Just love the angry crazy people on POF. LOL

Bob says:
April 22, 2009 at 2:31 pm
POF is a joke. The women are all desperate mommies, washed up old cougars, drunks or other riff raff. The good looking ones are just killing time on the net while bored at work. They get their ego stroked then go home to their henpecked hubby and tell them “Lots of men are interested in me.” I screw with POF, i put up a profile that paints me as super rich, and just wanting to meet someone to travel to Europe and go on cruises with. Boy, my mailbox filled up after that. Im not bad looking and used an actual pic. Before that, when i had the standard “nice guy seeks nice girl” profile i got ZERO responses, except from a few aforementioned desperate mommies. Now i am reverse playing with the gold diggers on there, all that site is good for.

Midwesterner says:
April 27, 2009 at 3:29 am
I agree with most other comments on here. Plenty of fish should be renamed to Piece of s#*t. I consider myself to be a decent looking guy and I’ve had a profile on there a few times (with decent pictures). I would send what I thought were unique and pertinent messages to women only to never receive any replies. It was always the same; read/deleted or just read. I finally got fed up with it and canceled my profile and subscription.

The problem with POF and most of the online dating sites is the fact that there is a largely uneven male to female ratio, 10-1 ratio at least. Furthermore, a lot of women on those sites have extensive laundry lists of criteria and expectations in a match that are unrealistic and that few if any men could match.

RagingGuppy says:
May 9, 2009 at 10:52 pm
I went on to POF to see if I could meet someone nice. Boy was I wrong. I started emailing women on the site. I expected to at least talk to a couple. Nope. None of the women that I contacted even bothered to reply. It was somewhere along the lines of 75 of them that I contacted. Whats the point in putting yourself out there if you don’t get a response. Even if its a no not interested. Thats still better then silence. After confronting some of those women with an email I get kicked off the site. No thank you. Never again. The website owner of plenty of fish can stick it. I’m going to do everything in my power that this site loses its male customers.

Anonymous says:
May 10, 2009 at 10:36 pm
I can’t say that I have the credentials the rest of you have, considering some of you have been on there for many months or a few years, but… here goes. I’ve been on there for a week, and so far not one, not one single solitary female there of interest. “My Matches” is about the smallest percentage of females you’ll ever get. If this site is so good, where’s the so called “sea of people” you’ll find? The diversity is about as good as a blank sheet of paper there. I can’t believe that under “My Matches”, there’s supposedly that small of a percentage of people from that site. They do a pretty bad job of sizing up who you’d take an interest in.

But, lets face it, you get what you pay for, and we payed nothing lol. But, then again, most online dating sucks anyway.

Bill says:
May 25, 2009 at 4:46 am
POF keeps deleting my profile for no reason. It seems to me POF is racist toward male members. If there are enough people complaining there is a good case for suing the site.

Watch out markus frind!!! You might get sued.

Dan says:
June 8, 2009 at 6:37 pm
I complained to POF, because they insisted on sending me supposed matches, based on the state I live in. I live in michigan, and the matches they sent me, were always from mainland michigan, whereas I live in the UP of michigan. Mainland michigan, and the UP, are not at all close to each other, so the connections sent me were useless. When I complained and told them that…they simply deleted my profile. It solved their issue…certainly not mine though. How heavy handed is that? I hate POF!!!

Beenthere2 says:
June 10, 2009 at 3:22 pm
Plenty Of Fish should be called plenty of B.S….
The profiles are probably fake anyway,and the E-Mails are just BOTS.

pof more like wtf says:
June 11, 2009 at 1:22 am
Ok this site realy does suck i have a rating of 9.1 on hotornot and no one messages me on pof i have recently change my profile to state that the site sucks for guys. 2 days ago and its some what weird becuase i get more views in a day then i did with my other description still no messages back though, this is what i wrote

It seems that this site is directed towards girls and there is no hope for most guys on this site unless you are realy good looking or have a pile of money i have also found that most girls will not even responed to a message that someone has sent to them they say that they get 400 messages in a day well i do have too say that seems impossible considering that someone in the right mind would not message anyone over 50km from them If they where looking for a relationship with someone. But as you can see i am still on this site hoping one girl that is not in this for sport or just seeing how many guys veiwed her in one day will message me. Ok enough of that as you can see my hopes and most other guys on this site are not great for getting a date. But i do like meeting new people and this is one way to do that

I have always found it funny how you can degrade someone and they end up talking to you or liking you great bar trick I am waiting to get kicked off. also The owner of the site brags about what he makes in a yaer and now is geting gready by getting people to buy these so called serious members bullshit i feel sory for anyone that has bought on why be so stupid just leave your shell and meet people its that easy.

P_o_F_is_C_R_A_P says:
June 16, 2009 at 1:12 am
Wow, and I thought I was the ONLY one who hated PoF! It sounds like I have a lot in common with people posting on here!

I have been on PoF 2 years. My first issue is that if you’re a single, good-looking guy (9.1 on HotorNot) with no baggage, the only women who contact you are either unbelievably trashy or they’re good-looking, got their life together … but they have kids, are going through a messy divorce, etc.

I’ve met up one woman off of PoF who was stellar — unfortunately, I live in Canada and I met up with her while visiting friends when I was in the UK!

The bottom line is that the fault with PoF is that it’s free. I’ve had better luck on pay sites. A the end of the day, PoF costs nothing and, like with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Red says:
July 2, 2009 at 8:45 am
It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who had a bad experience with that website. Plentyoffish left me feeling angry, confused and after 3 weeks I felt too embarrassed to keep my profile on their site. I felt embarrassed because after emailing 30+ women I was getting no where. In my emails I would always try to mention something from their profiles and keep it light and joke around. I got 5 responses. It didn’t make any sense. I’m a good-looking guy, educated, I work out.

One who responded to me was a woman who had a son my age(I’m in my 20’s). All of her messages to me had a condescending tone. She would use large words but then misspell the small ones which made me think she was using a Thesaurus and trying to be something she wasn’t. She would go on and on about all the young men who emailed her and how she wouldn’t give most of them a second look. She also said with so many men to choose from on the site she’s never going to be with just one. It seemed that the point of our email conversations was to try to make me feel stupid and insignificant while boosting her ego.

Another woman simply responded with “I have a boyfriend.”, yet she continued to log into her profile daily. If she had a boyfriend why even have a profile? If she was just lying and trying to be “nice” why not say something that made sense or just say she’s not interested?

There was one who would only respond with 3 to 4 words. I tried but conversation with her was impossible. I once asked her “Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?”. All I got back from her was “WARK AT BAR”. I asked her if she could write a little more in her messages because I’d like to get to know her better. To this she answered “WHAT U WANNA KNO”. Soon after that message, I couldn’t find her profile.

Another one clearly had her myspace page address written on her profile so I thought I’d try contacting her that way. In response to my myspace message she sent a friend request. After approving her friend request, I saw her profile was full of pictures of her kissing males and females in bars and behaving like a porn star. She never ever wrote me a message although she continued to log into her myspace and plentyoffish daily, so I deleted her as a friend. The only thing she cared about was increasing the number of myspace friends she has.

There was a single mother of 4 kids all under the age of 13. It started off well enough. It wasn’t until I asked her about how men have introduced themselves to her on the website that she began ranting-practically screaming at her computer screen about her distrust of men and a lecturing on how women “deserve” to be treated. After a total of two messages she just stopped emailing me. She never bothered to get to know me. She just wanted someone to scream at and punish for what other men had done to her.

I’m just a normal guy tired of the bars and clubs that thought Plentyoffish would be better, only to find out it’s much worse-full of women lacking any class, wit or intelligence.

jasee says:
July 3, 2009 at 2:13 am
my god man i think in your last paragraph above you learned what american women are anyway..lacking of class,wit,and intelligence

Jeff says:
July 16, 2009 at 2:49 pm
I agree with everything above except the comments that only a man who looks like a movie star and/or rich gets a lot of emails from My profile had a beautiful picture of me. I’m not deluded-I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I look like a Ken doll, that I’m really handsome, beautiful, whatever. I’ve been told that I look like various movie stars. Women, hot or not, look at me.I showed my profile picture to friends, and they said it was awesome. I trust them.
While my profile was on, I had my picture rated. On a scale of 1-10, I got a lot of tens,nines,some sevens. But then I started to get ones. It was like somebody or something was deliberately trying to make sure I didn’t make the 500 Hottest People list. A lot of the guys who got 9 or over were not even that good looking,some universally ugly(like women can judge other women, we can judge other men whether we want to admit it or not). I changed my profile picture, and my “Fans”(people who gave me a ten) were the same “people” as before, like these people spend their whole day rating pictures!Then the ones came again. They were frauds.
Like other people’s experiences, I got some responses initially, but after that none. The closest that I came to getting a date was when one woman said that we could meet that weekend. After I asked her where, she stopped replying. I started to think that there was something wrong with me. My profile description was decent and respectful. I said that I was an engineer too.
We all should trust our gut feelings and instincts,and mine tell me that there’s something ripe about My instincts tell me that good ol’ Marcus really has people working for him that like to fuck with people to make them feel bad, so that they think that they need to spend money to meet someone. Then these unfortunate men buy his bogus Serious Member subscription.
They are a lot of inconsistencies on Why would a woman who looks like a model be on plentyofbullshit? I think that those profiles are frauds. A master computer runs If you didn’t consider this before, then really had you.
In conclusion, the “people” on plentyofbullshit just like to fuck with other people and make them feel bad about themselves, no matter what they look like. And I think that the other “people” on Plentyofbullshit aren’t real, if you know what I mean. wants people to feel bad about themselves as compared to other members.
I deleted my profile for the second and last time, never to return. POF has really wasted my time, even the time spent writing this comment to tell it to kiss my ass goodbye.

tim says:
August 7, 2009 at 7:16 am
i a logged on as a nice guy and hounded the girls and got kick off but if you log on as a bad boy them girls love it go figure yea it sucks

Joe says:
December 4, 2009 at 12:51 am
Just for information, Ive seen TWO hookers that advertise on that site regularly with a view to snare men, I dont know about you but I feel for the poor guys that end up with these women.

Joe says:
December 6, 2009 at 7:38 am
Like they say, you get what you pay for. POF is full of attention seeking flakes. No one ever gets off that site. It’s all about their egos.

I got a nasty email from a half dressed whore, and replied that she should put some clothes on in her pic, and asked her “isn’t it cold in that trailer?” After which I blocked her.

Because of that, my account was deleted by the moderator with no explanation. They didn’t even bother looking at the email that this piece of trash sent me, only my reply.

It’s a joke, if they keep deleting profiles, sooner or later it will bite them in the butt, and they can kiss their millions goodbye.

John Michels says:
December 6, 2009 at 10:52 pm
Guys, strangely enough I had much better luck on a telephone dating system. No pictures obviously, just a self-description mail box. This system was ‘Quest’, back when it was very cheap to swap messages back/forth. It helped to hear the sound of their voices, many times you can determine if they are a ‘large-marge’ by the sound of her voice. was a massive waste of time. I did score some booty but the effort exerted far exceeded my rewards. For every decent looking chickita there, there are a dozen f’ugly women with a bone to pick. Even average or slighty better than average looking women have unrealistic profiles. Many of these women need a reality check to realize they aren’t hot cakes. Some of the women that are hot cakes are there for ratings or self-esteem boosting, or just amusement after a hard day. I also found the response rate to emails sent was abysmal, likely due to the sheer competition. On the whole, great site for women who like window shopping, bad for men.

mark says:
December 7, 2009 at 3:08 am
The girls on there are only after your wallet. Trust me. Tried em all, nothing but single moms looking for a father, and fatsos as big as a house.

mark says:
December 7, 2009 at 3:18 am
I’m not one of those guys looking to bang 10 chicks in 1 week either. I’m not even looking for sex. I’m just looking for a normal, down to earth, slim, cute girl who knows what real love is and wants to have a real lasting relationship and honestly, I can say you will not find that on POF, OKcupid, or any of these other dating websites that claim to be “the best”.

Michael says:
December 8, 2009 at 4:21 am
This week, I made and deleted my pof profile for the final time. I have no problem getting replies from women on the site; I managed to get around a 75% response rate. The problem I did have was that the girls would always quit messaging me out of nowhere.

There was one who I exchanged around 10 messages with in a single day. Before going to bed, I sent one saying “I enjoyed the conversation. Let’s talk again later.” For some reason, she never replied after I said that. After several similar events, I just gave up on the BS.

Slyone says:
December 14, 2009 at 5:23 am
Nothing but problems too.

I have had the best success with women in chatrooms . if you can get them talking in real time you have at least half a chance and then they can see how you are when you don’t have time to retract things you say and either you read them correctly or you don’t .

If we look at things from the woman’s side then suppose they are getting lots of email all the time and yes it is swelling their heads . It’s sending them a message ” why should I worry I can get a date and laid anytime I want”
To get anywhere you have to convey the idea that you got money and ” power” which is the one thing they want more than anything. Put up a pic of yourself sitting in a really expensive hotel lounge or an airport terminal and list yourself as an entrepreneur in your profession.
Find a way to convey a fantasy to them that an outing with you could be a lear jet bound for the south of France but never let on anything about who you really are …
Drive em fucking nuts!!!

Moe Howard says:
December 16, 2009 at 11:26 am
I tried POF, and Yahoo Personals for about one month. I am a pretty good looking, intelligent guy, yet I received not one response to any of the emails I sent. You might be lucky enough to meet a good woman on one of these dating sites, but you have about as good a chance of doing that as you do of hitting the million dollar lottery. Most of the women on those sites are feminazi control freaks, airheads, gold diggers, nut cases, etc. Not recommended.

Eric Ruly says:
December 17, 2009 at 6:31 am
I will also vent on here too. My response rate is low as well – about 20%. I’ve scored some ass of the site, but it does take abit of work and to be truthful the girls I bagged would not exactly be on the front cover of Cosmo. The low response rate isn’t frustrating as much as girls disappearing after 2 or 3 replies. Clearly, they have other better options, so my advice is to MOVE FAST once you get a response, don’t let a tonne of time go in responding back to her. After a few back and forths ask to talk over the phone.

Try to avoid MSN as in my experience those bitches love to “talk” on MSN for hours to “get to know you”. Fawk that….talk on the phone…if they are not willing to meet you for a drink for 1 hour, then clearly they are not serious in meeting or waiting for “the perfect guy”.

The latest bitch I talked to was on MSN. We talked for about 30 minutes and I asked her to meet over dinner. She replied back that she doesn’t meet over food as “I don’t like talking with my mouth full.” Fine, let’s meet for a drink. “I don’t drink and drive” was her response. OK, I asked her to meet for coffee in the next sentence. “I don’t drink coffee”. My next reply was – “If you are serious in meeting, email me, if not, have a nice night” and shut down my MSN….LOL. She sent me a response about how rude I was and that she would have met me for a tea….yea right bitch.

Another pet peeve are the profiles of these women. They’ll either be 2 sentences or lengthy diatribes. The lengthy ones might be 6 paragraphs, with 5 of those paragraphs describing the type of man they don’t want and talking about all the “losers” on the site. As others have said, for the most part it’s full of stuck up bitches. Use the site for what it’s worth….invest little time and try to score some pu###, but that’s about it.

bruce says:
December 31, 2009 at 12:42 am
i have to agree with most of these comments,been on pof for just about 6months now,at first i only used it about once a week sending a few emails with no luck at all,i could not figure this out,was somthing wrong with my profile??decided to put a bit more time into emailing woman to try and get at least some kinda luck.finally got a few responses and all started to look a bit promising..but i was so… wrong…after chatting to a few woman for a few weeks a talking about meeting up and stuff,all looked good,they stop chatting out of the blue??and this is about a day before you`ve planned to meet up for a drink..this was very confusing at the time,was it somthing i said??this did`nt happen once but on a few times which was more confusing??

and as far as the read/deletes and unread deletes go, ive have my fare share of those very good way to make one feel very degraded..

as far as i can see..POF was just a complete waste of my time.

G Brand says:
January 1, 2010 at 6:57 pm
The newest mod on that site is a jerk.
‘Cowboy’ obviously plays favorites–what are the requirements for becoming a mod? Have to have a computer…and…?

Billy says:
January 22, 2010 at 11:39 pm
All of the good threads, 70-80% of the post, get deleted. So POF forums are for the most part dead. They are a waste of time just like the women on there. Lets face the truth guys, you are wasting your time there. Reality check, the women on there are there for a reason, they can’t find dates any other way. This means they are unattractive, often fat, they put up out of date photos or photos at bizarre angels. If they are attractive they have serious mental problems. Another thing that is common for most western women is they have grossly unrealistic expectations. An selfish narcissistic entitlement complex is an apt description. Go overseas and find a 100 times better woman. Be successful guys. Cut off the industries you think you are required to spend money on (wedding, diamond, real estate, divorce attorney).
Marriage is no good for men in America. Seek the better alternatives that are well withing your reach.

beN says:
January 25, 2010 at 11:56 am
The woman on PoF are a indeed a joke. All they are there for is to have their ego boosted. What’s interesting is that some are not even all that. And yet they take the luxury of not replying to your messages.

Samuel Gibbons says:
February 24, 2010 at 6:14 pm
The forums are amusing. Here you’ll find a plethora of under achieving women looking for someone along the lines of doctor phil to offer dating advice. This 1 thread posted by a desperado is replied to over/over/over…you get the point. There could be 6 pages, each page containing 10-12 responses essentially giving the same ‘advice’ or comments.

An accurate analogy would be beating a dead horse for 1/2 hour, just to make sure he was dead. Then coming back the next day, weeks, months following just to double check and beat that dead horse 1 more time.
There are many closet psychologists on Pof, unfortunately many of these lonely sad fat slob women them seriously.

Then there’s the forum moderators, i.e. trappedonbaystreet. An arrogant prick that deletes threads/your email at will. He’s an embarrassment to fellow Canadians and should be tossed back into the dungeon from where he came. He’s there simply because he has zero, nadda, zilch life. Now that speaks volumes. You can look at his history of threads, he’s been there since the birth of Pof. He’s not unlike other moderators and/or users who’s life contains a large portion of Pof time. That would be embarrassing and certainly not worthy of putting on your resume.

Rob says:
March 1, 2010 at 6:31 pm
I just checked my area code on POF and found that the female:male ratio was 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. I’m hanging up my hat on it now. If I went to a club or a bar and seen 3 or 4 guys chasing after 1 girl I wouldn’t bother there either. Think about it. If I had 3 or 4 women chasing after me I’d become overly picky, egotistical and vain too. I could afford it. Add to that the fact that I’m separated and not yet divorced and add to that the fact that I’m a single father of 3 kids and add to that the fact my pics need improving. It all amounts to a lost cause. I guess I’ll have to stick with what works. I met my ex on the street one day and said hi. 20 years and 3 kids later it ended. A much better success rate. I’ll still fish but I’ll cast my line in different waters. Bye pof!

CT says:
March 2, 2010 at 9:14 pm
Meh, online dating does not work very well in general for the men.

More men than women (5:1 or more) brings poor odds.

Females can be much pickier than would be in real life and can filter out even the most slightly not wanted feature and still have many to choose from that may not be such a deal breaker in the real world.

Many use sites like okcupid, PoF, etc as a social experiment, anyways or ways to get more IMs.

Scammers and fake profiles are known common practice
in this business.

Much better to expand social circle and work on self than to waste time. Or just not worry about it.

Good ol' J.R says:
May 1, 2010 at 9:16 pm
As I write this, it is May 1st 2010. I have just deleted my plenty of fish profile. There are a LOT of problems with this website. I like to begin with a few things :

1) For anyone one reading this who has been on Plenty of Fish (POF) and has felt depressed, hurt, and their self esteem destroyed, let me say this :


The website just flat out sucks and people who wouldn’t have a problem meeting someone in real life will have a HORRIBLE time meeting someone on POF. so if you sent out 100 messages and you got NOTHING back (except for a bunch of “read deleted”, “unread deleted”, and “read” with no response) it’s NOT your fault. The majority of the people on this site have some SERIOUS issues. Whether it’s mental problems, druggies, inflatted ego’s, etc. POF seems to attract teh worst people possible. Are there some really good people on that site? Yes. Unfortunately, they are EXTREMELY outnumbered by all the crap on that website.
But anyway, if anyone is feeling like crap because of their experience on POF, just remember that you are NOT to blame.

2) I just wanted to say that since I noticed that whenever someone would write for HELP (asking for freaking HELP) on the plenty of fish forums, they would get TORN APART, RIPPED APART, and STOMPED on by the “regulars” of those forums in the most obscene ways possible.
Constructive critisism is one thing and is acceptable, but most of the forum members were NOT being constructive, they were being out right assholes.

To give a quick example, I remember this one guy making a topic in the “broken hearts” section of POF’s forum. He was just asking for help in a very nice way and most of the people on there responded to him by saying :
“Grow a spine you little sissy ! Grow some balls ! You arent strong enough to be on this website, so why don’t you just do all of us a favor a delete your profile and cry in your mommy’s lap !”

Now, you figure with a response like that, the moderators would come and delete a post like that. Well, NOPE, it wasn’t deleted. On ANY other webite, if you type something like that, you would get suspended for trolling. But NOT at Plenty of Fish. Strangely enough, if YOU get attacked by SEVERAL of the regulars on the forums and you defend yourself, YOU might get moderated, NOT them.

Now are ALL of the forum posters a bunch of butt monkys? No, there are a few regular forum members who are actually really nice, but 90% of them are just assholes.

On a side note : about three weeks ago, the website REMOVED the forums button on the top of the page. The forums STILL exist, but you have to go through google to get to them. Looks like they are killing of the forums. GOOD !!! I can only hope. However, it wouldn’t suprise me if they add back the “forums” buton back to te main page soon.

3) Some of the latest features on the website are LAME. There is a new link that says “Users most likely to respond”. Well, I clicked on one of the girls on that link and her profile says :

“I have a boyfriend. You can send me as many e-mails as you want, but honestly, I won’t read or respond to any of them”

Seriously, I’m NOT making this up. I WISH I were. One might think she found her boyfriend on Plenty of fish and probably doesn’t know how to delete her profile and just posted that message on her profile.
NOT the case. Since the day she joined (THREE MONTHS AGO) she has had her profile stating that she has a boyfriend and probably won’t respond to anyone. She logs in almost EVERYday (she kept coming up in my local search results).
What in hell’s name is she doing on this website ?!? I don’t know. But it’s TRULY an intense brain twister if you try to figure it out, so just don’t. LOL !!

Anyway, the other girls on the “users most likley to respond” section changes EVERYday, it’s NOT consistent, and there is a good chance that if you try to message them, almost all will NOT e-mail you back. Weird, I know.

4) This one bugs the hell out of me. Let’s say you e-mailed everyone in your area and you are out of options (which can happen VERY VERY quickly since there is NOT much of a good selection to begin with). well, let’s say you are bored and decide to write to anyone who has “intimate encounters” in their profile. Guess what? Once you message anyone with those descriptions on their profile (“Intimate encounters” which is one night stands, short term flings, etc) the website brands you as a SEX ADDICT. Seriously.

At this point, any of the others females who have that “must not have messaged anyone looking for intimate encounters” restriction on their profile will automatically BLOCK your messages from coming in. Since 70% of females have that restriction, you are now screwed and have to delete your profile and start over again.

I know some people will say something like : “well , messaging a girl who is looking for intimate encounters means you are just interested in ONLY sex, so you shoudn’t be allowed to message any of the other women”.
Well, I’m sorry, but if you have GOOD intentions and are looking for a long term relationship on POF and are messaging 100 women who are allegedly looking for a long term relationship or dating that will lead to a long term relationship and NO ONE is writing back to you, it’s depressing.
at that point, most guys WILL message a girl looking for “intimate encounters” since they are out of options and they are just VERY curious as to whether ANYONE will respond to them.

Just because you message some girl looking for intimate encounters does NOT mean you are interested in ONLY sex. Most guys who do are actually looking for a LONG TERM relationship but can’t get one because all they get is “read deleted”, “unread deleted”, etc. NO ONE IS WRITING BACK TO THEM !! After 100 or so of “read deleted” remarks showing up in your sent folders message, you are going to look around for someone who WILL give you attention (which might happen to be a female looking for intimate encounters) UNTIL a girl who actually wants to give you a LONG TERM relationship comes along and actually RESPONDS to your damn e-mails.

POINT I”M TRYING TO MAKE HERE : the website should NOT restrict who you can and cannot talk to just because you messaged someone looking for intimate encounters (one night stand or short term stuff).
NOTE : I’ve heard that messaging a girl looking for “other relationship” also triggers the SEX ADDICT thing on that website. This is even dumber since “other relationship” girls are looking for VARIOUS things (like friendship or whatever).

4) Girls who come to a dating website who ALREADY have boyfriends and are just looking for FRIENDS. Plautonic frends, as in NO sex, and they ALREADY have BOYFIRENDS.
What in the hell is that ?!?!?
Who the hell signs up for dating site if you already have a boyfriend and are looking for just friends ?!?
It’s a DATING site….
What te hell ?!?!?

5) Too many guys thatoutnumber girls is NOT a good thing. Like SEVERAL men said before, a girl can pick as many guys as she wants. For the guys, it’s quite the opposte. Again, “read deleted”, “read deleted”, read deleted” is all most guys get,etc.
6) I have meet two girls off this site. However, this was two girls out of maybe 300 I messaged. That’s insane. Plus, I’ve read stories on OTHER websites about guys being on POF for five years and NEVER metting ANYONE. Of the two girls I meet, they were very pretty (beautiful faces, very nice thin bodies, etc) and very sweet talkers. However, LOTS of personal problems. The first one, who was looking for a long term relationship, was addicted to mushrooms AND had a criminal record for a few things like “drunk and disorderly conduct, a DUI, public drunkeness, etc). NONE of this was listed in her profile and I didn’t find out until later on. The relatiosnhip ended when her ex-boyfriend was released from jail and she went back to him. Incase you are wondering, this “long term” relationship lasted two months. that’s all.

The OTHER girl had the “intimate encounter” listing in her profile. Strangely enough, I ended up seeing her for FOUR months straight. Figure that one out. LOL ! However, the minute she graduated from college, POF, she disapeared. I called and e-mailed her a few times, but I got no response back, so that was the end of that. Granted, I was expecting that eventually, and was shocked that I even saw her for FOUR months straight.

In conclusion, I would NOT recommend plenty of fish to anyone. The website sucks. Pure and simple. Yes, I meet two girls of that website, but I was on tht website for FOUR years (FOUR YEARS. Granted, I deleted my profile and stayed away from the site for the two months I was with the first girl and also stayed away from the website during the four months I was with the second girl, so I guess THREE AND A HALF YEARS of ACTIVE particapation) and messaged HUNDREDS of women who did NOT respond back to me. WheN I say I messaged HUNDREDS of women, I am NOT exagerating. I think the exact number was about 241. And of the two women I meet, while did have success with them, it did NOT get what I really wanted, which was a LONG TERM relationship.
On a final note….

MOST of the ads on Plenty of Fish are ads for OTHER dating sites. But most of those other dating sites are SCAMS (ex : Russian bride order, are whatever it’s called (I forget the exact name), advirtises on Plenty of Fish and after checking around, there have been TONs of reports of people getting scamed on that site. That’s just ONE example).
Kinda makes you wonder why Plenty of Fish is letting all these scam dating sites advirtise on their website.

a good chunk of the plenty of fish profiles are fake. NOT all, but some. Makes you wonder how many of the e-mails that people send out are to real people or to fake profiles.
And just remember….

If you hav been on POF and feel worse about yourself after encountering massive B.S from everyone there, just remember….It’s NOT your fault. If you have good intentions, it’s NOT your fault.

James says:
May 22, 2010 at 8:26 pm
Wow…I actually feel better now. I have to say J.R. hits the nail on the head for me. I thank you.

My experience…..

Joined in 2003 and I meet a girl right away. It turned into a 3.5 yr relationship and we were actually engaged. I was looking like one of those success stories. Bah…I just took a long time for her true colours the shine through and she took off for a guy twice her age with lots of money. Since I refused to spend anymore.

Signed up a few months after that….few months of read deleted, dropped conversations out of the blue, and then I meet someone again. 4 months later it was a disaster….she had issues.

Signed up again….a year later meet someone I thought was the best thing since sliced bread. It was going awesome. Until she found someone else online. She had issues….if I hear one more “Daddy didn’t love me.” story I think I’ll shoot myself…lol…

Signed up again…ya I know, I gotta stop sticking my finger in the light socket….a year later (current) I met someone…..this time I want to be friends first. After our first time out together I ask her if she want to go out again…..she asks me if I’m attracted to her and why I didn’t try to kiss her??????? She had said we were just going to be friends….so I start to show her some real attention trying to get to know her and she hardly responds anymore….she blew a lot of smoke up my ass to get me hooked. She even stood me up twice (ya I know).

POF is just another example of what wrong with society in general. There is no more personal contact….or little of it. It’s all about texts, email, and msn. What happened to good old courtship. I am the type of guy who brings flowers on a date and lets a girl know that I am interested. This seems to throw women off, they want the hard to get guys…..who, in turn uses them and tosses them out. I don’t like to play the cold shoulder, who calls first, hard to get games…’s pointless when looking for a relationship..and a huge waste of time.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where “I” was going wrong here….if you want to find someone who is seriously looking for long term, it’s a lottery in the world of online dating. There is always Joe, “Grass is Greener” emailing her 5 minutes after you did.

I am an attractive man with a lot going for me and my online experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and even has changed my personality. Jaded wouldn’t be the right word, but close. I do find myself getting angry with women off that site. I quit POF and will not try looking for a relationship online again….maybe buddy was right….go looking for ass and that’s it.

Martha says:
May 28, 2010 at 11:17 pm
POF is a disaster. I’ve been on for almost 2 years now. Not only do they ALLOW porn pix for your profile (which is supposed to be MONITORED..yea right)..but the “sole” owner of POF leaves for vacation or whatever and noone is monitoring the website. I would love to make $100,000 a month doing nothing.

A man, a career and a life says:
June 2, 2010 at 2:52 pm
So far, disappointing. Just signed up a few days ago.
Profiles sound the same “great family, friends, great career, love to travel” (Ok I get that but seriously, if these women are all great. why are they having so much trouble meeting professional men?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation is atrocious. For some of these women who claim they have university degrees, it become obvious that these women did not pass basic writing 101. When they write to me, this is one example “Hi, u r sexy do you want 2 chat”. I’m sorry I am not a Blackberry. The way I see it, if they communicate in a juvenile manner, how do they communicate in the real world.

Physical appearence…was this Plenty of Fish or World Wild Life Save the Whales foundation.

I will continue to be on that site. I have to be vigilant about screening female candidates…..

A man, a career and a life says:
June 3, 2010 at 10:48 pm
Telling a woman, politely and professional that I am not interested in them, this is what I got, a message that read “hahaha, your funny” (from a woman who was upset that a pro hockey player doesn’t give her the time of day..neither would I she’s fat). Good thing, I am going to the gym this evening, hopefully after working out, I will come to my senses and quash my experience on POF. POF is good if your forte is “divorced divas who think they are all that,b ut they aren’t”, “instant families”. Otherwise, I start to think POF is atrocious

Michael Stevens says:
June 4, 2010 at 12:06 pm
I’m a UK user of the plenty of fish website and let me tell you that website is absolutely horrendous, the women from this country are very stuck up and arrogant without common sense or even an ounce of decency.

The women on there have a large list of requirements, what makes it worse and laughable, most of the women who want the perfect man are usually the slags who have multiple children to different men, very obese or just damn ugly women who need a quick ego boost.

Judging by the other comments on here, it is the standard for western women to be horrible people on-line, whilst foreign women (non Western based) have decency and honour that myself will look to foreign women for love.

Netgeek says:
June 11, 2010 at 8:31 am
both of which Had a lot of issues with both profile restrictions and forum policies (which got worse over time) ignored or dismissed anytime mentioned on the forums. A three day ban for pointing out that someone was lying in their profile (forum post contradicted profile) proved the last straw. So deleted my profile and hadnt been back since.

Ive never figured out how that came up with the “our members go on X millin dates each year” stuff ? Unless they assume messanging someone automatically leads to a date.

For all their petty and pointless profile restrictions the amount of bad profiles (Not filled out/Badly written/inactive for years/Obviously fake/riddled with clichés, TXT SPK, random characters and other nonsense or just downright terrible) is unbelievable.

AnotherUnsatisfiedCustomer says:
July 12, 2010 at 2:09 am
Ditto to damn near everything above. My profile is hidden in an effort to control the situation but I have received NO responses after about 12 months of active usage.

I am convinced of 1 thing: women on this site are incredibly stupid!!! If for nothing else but gold-digging, I can’t believe I have ZERO interest from ANY of them.


Steve says:
July 25, 2010 at 3:07 pm
Been on plenty of fish for nearly a year and had no luck because the site is full of time wasters, what makes it worse the worst time wasters are the ones with genuine looking profiles and profiles that say they are not looking for time wasters.

English women on that site are low life trash and that’s a fact, I’ve never come across women in one place that behave like their so high and mighty, the two Chinese women I met from there was lovely and it really says how Western women are the lowest of the low.

Steve (younglookingat30 on pof)

Mr.Hell says:
August 6, 2010 at 3:29 am
the following is what a girl on Plenty of Fish actually wrote on the FORUMS over there :

Just to set up the following, she is looking for just friends (on a…… DATING….. website) but it gets a LOT more complicated than that, as you will soon see.

It’s starts off normal and actually sounds VERY logical at first, but just gets more and more absurd as it goes along.
Please reading what she wrote. Afterwards, I’ll throw in my own comments regarding the following :

Let’s start :
(she writes )

“So i put up my profile as “looking for friends” That does NOT mean casual sex.”

“It just means that the friendship is more important than romance.. and that i want someone to gain my trust first.. go slow with no expectations.”

“So Ive Met a few men.. and each time.. i hear this on a first meet:
If this works out.. we can do this.. and that.. and this and that..”

“I dont want someone i do not know mapping out “OUR” future plans.”

“As soon as i hear any plans being made.. i just CHOKE!! I feel physically sick.”

“i was chatting with a man about meeting to chit chat.. and get to know each other. And he started talking Dinner Plans.. and Dating.. So..of course.. i just CHOKE… and told him to skip me”

“He then wrote me and told me he felt sad.. which felt like emotional blackmail.. and i was DONE!!”

“So.. sigh.. here i sit with my internet to warm me at night.. how lovely”

Okay, so that was just the FIRST post she wrote.
Now, here are MY thoughts on this :

Maybe I’m being negative, but what the hell is up with wanting to be friends in order to start the foundation of a relationship, BUT the minute the guy mentions anything about dating, he gets eliminated ?!?!?

WHAT ?!?!?

I’m sorry, but how the hell does she expect to build a relationship from a strict FRIENDLY relationship if she will eliminate the guy at the SLIGHTEST mention of the guy saying he wants to start dating ?!?

From the OTHER posts she has made, she has eliminated MULTIPLE guys. Plus, she has a TON of male friends that I guess she is “testing” from the plenty of fish site.

If they mention they want to start dating, they fail her test.
If they mention ANYTHING regarding future plans, they fail her test.

According to her other posts, the guy has to become “best friends” with her for a LENGTHY period of time before she will ever consider something more.
NOT a lot of fun to be a guy in this situation when there are OTHER guys all competing to be the best friend.

NOT boyfriend. NOT sex partner. Just friends.
I don’t think I want to even imagine her “tests” for an actual boyfriend.

I’m sorry, but I find this just plain stupid. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.
anyway, another reason why the Plenty of fish website is just freaking annoying.

Blackhawk down says:
August 8, 2010 at 12:43 am
I agree with you. Looks to me like the woman you described has not mastered the basics of proper spelling and grammar.

POF sucks!

NoTime4Games says:
August 13, 2010 at 3:51 pm
You can add me to the seemingly never ending list of people who was less than satsified with his POF experience. In many ways I seemed to have it better than most guys because I would have a decent amount of women initiate the contact with me and probably received replies from just about 20 percent of the women to whom I wrote first. However, when the smoke cleared, I was really no better off than anyone else. A lot of the women who wrote to me were “one hit wonders” – i.e. they wrote once and then disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa or we communicated back and forth a couple of times before they decided they didn’t want to be bothered anymore. I really don’t get too upset about that sort of thing anymore, but there were other occurences which completely rubbed me the wrong way.

In my latest “stint” on this site which lasted from January through late March 2010, I had eight women volunteer their telephone numbers to me and encourage me to call them so that we could chat “live” and make plans to get together. Of these 9 women, I only actually met one of them because 5 never answered the phone or called me back (a problem which extends well beyond the confines of the online dating scene, but seems to be somewhat more pronounced there), another one spoke to me once and was probably turned off because I wasn’t the abusive, alcoholic bad boy she desired, another kept bombarding me with text messages containing moronic excuses why she was not able to call me back right away (I eventually told her to forget it and moved on) and the other wasted several hours of my time on the phone, claimed that she was “really looking forward to meeting me” and the proceeded to completely ignore me when I followed up with her to confirm our tentative plans. I really hope that these jerks gained something from behaving in this manner because I certainly did not. I am a grown man dealing with a bunch of perpetual adolescents who have nothing better to do than waste everyone’s time including their own.

I pretty much agree with all of the previous assessments about the women on that site (stuck up, looking to boost their ego, WAY too picky, etc.) and, for those of us like myself who live in the greater NYC area the problem seems to be magnified tenfold although I was shocked how many men from the midwest, Europe, Australia and all over the world reported the same frustrations. I also found it maddening that very few women put any thought or effort into their profiles especially considering that mine was quite lengthy and required a great amount of time and many revisions before I was happy with it. It was absolutely sickening how many times I read something like this:

“Hey guys! One of my friends told me about his site so I figured I would give it a try. I’m a fun, sweet, caring girl from [insert location here] looking to meet people and just see what happens. If you want to know anything else about me, just ask!”

And the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to…

Vincent says:
August 31, 2010 at 8:38 pm
I tried POF for almost 3 years and I have to agree 100% that it sucks. Not getting responses is probably the best thing that happens to me on there. I can’t tell you how many women would try to start fights with me, lead me on, or make plans and cancel at the last minute. The IM is a joke too. Usually it never works and if it does, the women don’t want to use it anyway. If they actually do open their IM box, they usually close it. They take one look at my picture and/or profile and decide that I’m not GQ material, so I don’t stand a chance. Not only am I through with POF, but I’m through with all forms of online dating. Other sites are bad too. However, POF would have to be the worst.

Jeff says:
December 31, 2010 at 5:41 pm
OMG….I had that exact same thing. I’ve had quite a few women lead me on, then pull the carpet out. Make plans with me, and then literally call me the same night 1 hour ahead of time to cancel. Online dating just breaks the laws of nature. Once a girl realizes right away that she’s going to get email after email day after day, she knows she has a gravy train of dates. Back in the pre-internet era, all we had were land line telephones. So it was hard for women to meet men and they had to do it traditionally. Therefore, the thought of having to wait to maybe even get to meet another guy made her cherish and not take for granted the guy she did meet. So fast forward to internet era online dating, that gets taken away. Women that are above average in looks know they now have a gravy train of dates for a lifetime so they have no problem pissing good guy after good guy off. They enjoy it and they don’t have a care in the world. Because their inbox will have 25 more emails in it tomorrow of guys begging to go out.

Chloe says:
September 6, 2010 at 6:05 pm

The POF forums are moderated by a freaking dictatorship!!!

If you DARE to say anything outside the norm, for example something against big pharma or the government/corporations etc, some real uptight, brainwashed imbeciles will report YOU for speaking your mind.

Even if the post was not offensive or attacking anyone in any way, these jerks will report you to the moderators and your post or even the entire thread will be deleted. It’s like a police-state in there!

Now, if other members reported you and the moderators ignored the stupid reports, that would be fine. BUT, the moderators have FAVORITES…and whenever one of their “favorites” DOES NOT AGREE with things you’ve posted, the favored person gets their way.

The moderators give PERSONAL responses to their favorites on the “reporting” page, but ignore everyone else.

For example: One time, one of the moderator’s little pets made a report, but forgot to include a link.
The moderator replied: “I’d REALLY love to help you out, but I cannot do anything since you’ve not posted a link – you tied my hands. Try ignoring them, since what’s the point in arguing with trolls?”

WOW….not only taking this person’s side, but insulting whoever she disagrees with, without bothering to NOTICE that the other person said NOTHING wrong or offensive.

So, they were very directly letting their pet know that if they would JUST re-do the report correctly, she’d get whatever she wanted!!! Of course, she re-posted, included the missing link, and got her way for the 1000th time!

Anyone who thinks outside the box is labeled a conspiracy theorist, or told to wear a tin hat…they say the SAME stupid crap over and over. It’s like discussing issues with ZOMBIES.

ARE we allowed to mention *WHO* the moderator favorites are and WHO most of the trouble-makers are?

If so, I’ll happily throw them under the bus — but I don’t want to break any of your rules if that’s not okay.

THANKS for letting me vent…those forums SUCK SUCK SUCK !!!

Rick Rude says:
September 8, 2010 at 12:49 pm
Damn you guys said it. I’m an average looking man and in my profile I very specificly state that I’m a good catch and have a boat load of money.

I email these girls with a polite “hey how are you. what did you do this weekend?” And no response from these girls that are way out of my league.

Whatever POF American women suck!

Thag Jones says:
September 24, 2010 at 1:06 pm
I got a lifetime ban for making a few jokes in some threads one night when I was feeling silly – it was pretty innocuous, just making myself laugh really. Some pansy-ass men on there took offence and said something like, “are you calling me stupid?” To which I replied, “Yes.” Then they went running to the mods and when I pointed out to the mod who emailed me that he was being an ass (I said it better than that, but this was a while back), he banned me for life! As if I couldn’t just make another account!

There’s a reason I call it “Plenty Offish.”

brad says:
September 26, 2010 at 12:26 am
from a white guys view of pof..despite there being a HUGE amount of different races of women in the USA..pof seems to be full!..i would say %95 white women!..could it be that with thier narcistic personality disorders/ big bodies/ and entitlment attitudes that they are no longer in demand by any man with anything going for himself!..they have to trol the internet!

ronniegarfield says:
September 26, 2010 at 8:27 am
yo,, you hit it on the head. perfect. fat tattooed, women . think they are the shit all with kids by this point, and i hate the headlines (my kids are everything and MAKE me laugh.. )) bad stuff. i’d rather be single.

ronniegarfield says:
September 26, 2010 at 8:28 am
good one. so true…

dessertcook says:
September 27, 2010 at 12:36 am
All I get in this web site is deleted, read unread deleted, in 200 emails got one meeting.

Guess these girls want to be single and its their fault.

thank god i dont pay

Danny says:
September 28, 2010 at 12:13 am
That last paragraph says it perfectly.. I don’t understand this either, and said it in one of my previous posts.

Girls complain that they get sooo much inbox volume from a countless number of guys.. but they’re still single!
So, even if that were true, you mean to tell me that you didn’t get “ONE” god-forsaken date from ANY of those guys? Give me a fucking break! All that shows is you’re a total screening bitch who keeps screening for that “perfect, fantasy tale, Brad-Pitt looking, charming, luxurious boyfriend that you’re NEVER going to find.

david says:
September 28, 2010 at 6:37 am
someone needs to hack that site and fuck it up to the point it wont be bothering anyone, in fact to any hacker willing to solve this problem hack all these bullshit date sites

Ryan says:
October 14, 2010 at 3:46 pm
The underlaying censorship problems lays with Canadian owner Markus Frind. Markus is the typical Canadian liberal who subscribes to the anti-freedom of speech movement in his home country. I created a profile with humorous reflections of myself, not someone else. Markus uses a software program to delete profiles that contain “keywords” which he and other liberals in Canada consider offensive. My profile was deleted several times until I figured out his agenda. For reference, I suggest people read up on Canada’s Human Rights Commission which prosecutes anyone who criticizes others. One victim was Conservative commentator Mark Steyn. Mr Steyn published an article titled “The Future Belongs to Islam” in McClean magazine. It was critical of Islamic culture abuses to women and children. The Islamists in Canada filed complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. They claimed Mr Steyn violated their rights by mere words of criticism. He was prosecuted for over a year before it was dropped after hundreds of thousands of written and vocal protests from Americans and others around the world. Members of the Commission consider The Bible to be offensive! Markus Frind is no friend of open freedom of speech. I hope another free personals website is created which allows our God given right to communicate and express opinions without immediate censorship. There are ways to incorporate blocking mechanisms to prevent anyone from viewing material they would consider offensive, while leaving it open for others to view. In regards to other issues with his personals website, I have two female friends who use it. They receive HUNDREDS of emails. Yes, men outnumber women in the personals industry by a huge margin. Most of these guys have lied to them about their employment, marital status, education, etc. You can easily lie about your life. Sexual predators and murders roam Plentyoffish, yet Markus is unable to stop the predation of women. But he stops people from writing humorous accounts of themselves because they use non-swear words which could be considered offensive? It’s convenient for people like Markus Frind to delete anyone not within his political sphere of influence. I have read some very raunchy, vulgar and racy FEMALE profiles which are still publicly viewable. The double standards says a lot about the fascist owner of Plentyoffish.

CJ says:
December 24, 2010 at 11:26 pm
I signed up for POF at the beginning of the year and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who had the same problems. I first looked at paid websites like e harmony and Mate1 since I hadn’t heard of POF at the time. Man, what a bunch of bullshit. When you first sign up they make it look as if you’re getting at least some limited service for free. Of course they don’t tell you until after you spend like half an hour (or more) punching in all the compatibility bullshit that you have to pay a monthly fee (unless you only want to receive mail or send smiley faces). So I googled free internet dating and eventually stumbled across Plenty of Fish, the free dating site. I tell ya, boy was I glad I hadn’t paid for that shit when I did my first local search. Nothing but fat-ass cows with children (and attitudes) and princesses that either want some drug dealer boyfriend or a perfect clone Brad Pitt. They seem to think that by saying what they want on their profile that this “perfect guy” is just going to magically appear. Anyway, I decided not give up hope and searched my way through the bullshit and finally found someone that caught my eye. She wasn’t perfect, but she was kind or cute in her photos at least and shared some of the same interests as me. She had a motorcycle and I take an interest in bikes myself so I opened up the conversation by asking what type of bike she had. She responded the next day by saying “2000 Honda Magna”. Okay, not quite the long winded conversation I was hoping for but a short response is better than none. I followed up immediately by introducing myself and telling her about myself and interest in bikes, blah, blah, blah (I can’t quite remember what i said.) Guess happened? read/deleted no response. Now isn’t that rude? It’s not like I asked her to come over and suck my cock, I was just making friendly conversation, (in retrospect a brick wall would have been a better choice.) she could have at least given me another 3 word response. So, the months past and I sent messages here and there only to have either no response or 1 word responses. I did meet the odd person that was nice to talk to, but they always seemed to disappear after a while, or just stopped talking for no apparent reason. None of them seemed terribly interested in dating at all, just conversation that seemed to go nowhere. I gave up for a while, then I decided to go for a “shotgun” approach by sending a shitload of random messages. Needless to say, It didn’t work, but one thing really pissed me off; one of the women I messaged decided to respond by insulting me for no apparent reason. I can’t remember the exact wording, but I believe the word “looser” was the one that really got me. Why am I a looser? because I’m using a dating site? You’re on here too, bitch, you ain’t any better than me. Even if you’re on here just to insult people, you clearly don’t have much of a life so you’re an even bigger looser in that situation. Enough was enough, I deleted or falsified all my information, changed my name “Im_done_withthis” changed my description to “Fuck it I’m done here” changed my ideal first date to “fuck off and die” then I sent a final message to tell that arrogant cunt to go fuck herself, signed out and never went back. Good riddance.

Danny says:
December 26, 2010 at 1:30 am
Dude, I would date you just after reading what you wrote here. hahah

That really is rude about the chick with the motorcycle deleting your messages.
The same kind of thing happened with me and some other chick. I actually initialized the conversation by playfully teasing something in her profile, like a badboy would do. She responded with a bubbly, seemingly outgoing answer. And then she asked me “so what’s up and how are you?” I responded back to her message saying that i wasn’t doing all too well, because my father recently passed away. What do I get? READ/DELETED!!!
The jokng badboy side of me got the girl, yet teh kind/sensitive guy got kicked to the curb. I really don’t understand this. If you don’t want to deal with the emotional part of a relationship, then what are your intentions being on a dating site? Simple answer.. tehy want guys to stroke their fucking egos.

It really doesn’t matter how nice of a guy you are. Women will preach in their profiles about how they are tired of boring guys who don’t write anything interesting in their initial messages. I avoid these particular women right off the bat, because they expect something magical that may or may not happen. And even if the message gets the job done, it doesn’t really matter what you wrote if your looks aren’t up to par with what she would like in a badboy Brad Pitt.

There are seriously girls on there who write virtually NOTHING in their profiles, and have pics of them half-naked with obvious cleavage showing, but put up a disclaimer that they want guys to message them for their minds, not their breasts!
ARE YOU ALL FUCKING HEADCASES!!!? Either that’s a guy making a fake account just to laugh at guys who message the “fake” girl, or this is actually how a woman acts. Seeing as how it’s 99.9% of women on there who dothings like that, I tink it’s the latter… which is scary. VERY scary.

Immediate turn-offs to me that girls write in their profiles:

– “I am not like most girls”
If you have to actually “say” this in your profile, you stick out like a sore thumb. Prove to me that you’re different, don’t just say it you dumb bitch.

– “Can you keep up?”
If your life is one unending schedule of events that keep you busy, how the fuck do you not have a boyfriend? Admittedly, I am on a dating site because I suffer from social anxiety, and it’s hard for me to meet girls face to face. If you’re a girl who is sooo busy, outgoing, and attractive, there’s something REALLY wrong with you if you have’t found a decent relationship… and it goes beyond being able to “keep up”

– “Any nice guys out there?”
Again, you stick out liek a sore thumb. When women write this, it’s almost as if they’re hoping in their little fantasy-land heads that the guy (or guys) who caused them to feel this way about the male population as a whole, will run into her profile and realize that he hurt her, so that he will care and somehow flock back to her. You dumb cunts bring this on yourselves.

Justin says:
December 27, 2010 at 3:35 am
yep plentyfish sucks alright. I had 10 women add me to this plentyfish meet me list. which means just that the list is for people who wanan meet you.

10 girls added me. I talked to 6 of the 10 who added me to the ” I want to meet you list” and none of them would even give me their phone number to call or txt.
how the hell am I supposed to meet them if they dont want me having their number ?? The people on plentyoffish are just retarded I swear.

I had one girl who was a pentecostal who proclaimed on her profile she was 100% christian and down with the lord message me. she messaged me on the instant messenger on POF. she told me she had a nice ghetto booty and a marshmellow p*ssy. I don’t even know what the hell marshmallow p*ssy even means. she also started telling me how hot she was for me. and how she wanted to meet me some time. by the way when I asked her for her number to txt her,she flat out refused and called me a pervert and ended the conversation. ( go figure )
had one lady message who was a police officer going on and on about wanting to see all men suffer in jail. and talking about how men are nothing more than scum and drug addicts. her profile headline was
” looking for a guy without a record”
one girl whom I met off of the site whom seemed nice …. and stated on her profile does not have children , does not smoke, does not drink . … and would like to have children some day …. turned out to be 6 months pregnant and smelled like whiskey and cigarettes (go figure)
the other 1 girl I met off their wasn’t much better. she used me for a one night stand. Turns out apparently her and her sister who is married, were actually having one night stands with men they were meeting off of plentyoffish (go figure)
welcome to full of all the crazed psychotic women you could ever meet. my friend jessica met a guy off of their named Eddie me and jessicas brotehr john nicknamed him meschede eddie. the guy looked like he could have been a cast from the devils reject. scared her to death.

plentyfish sucks yes indeed

POF is for cunt says:
December 28, 2010 at 4:57 am
POF is a piece of crap site. Most women on there have NO intention to meet anyone except a “knight in shining” armour of their twisted little heads.

Don’t waste your time guys.
I’ve met girls in person many times but not a single woman gave me even a phone number on my few months of visiting that worthless site.
You wont ever know someone by shooting text messages back and forth on a stupid site, the only way to know if there is a match is to meet in person, but that’s where the problem lies, the bitches dont want to meet.

All that site does is empower the egotistical cunts and there is a lot of dumb guys who don’t know better.

POF SUCKS. I will rejoice the day it closes down.

Alan says:
December 28, 2010 at 8:58 pm
I posted earlier but I`ll sum up my experience in a nice list to warm fellow men.

Women on POF do not like or want a man who is family orientated, they’ll say otherwise but women on that site do not like or want anything to do with a man who is close to his family or anyone else.

Women on POF are judgemental to the point of it becoming ridiculous and pathetic, like a couple of women had an issue with me because I drive an old car…..HELLO?, its my choice to what car I drive, not yours and I like my old Ford.

Women on POF are in 100% fault finding mode, just looking for an excuse to ditch you and move on to another man. Think I’m kidding? If a woman vanishes on you, its something you said in a message so insignificant but its given the woman the perfect excuse to do a vanishing act (I’ve see it a few times and the last time was when I asked to meet her).

Women on POF have requirements that the majority of men couldn’t even match, some even have requirements like “you must not have children” which wouldn’t be so bad but women themselves have multiple children (no doubt to different men) but want a guy with no kids? ……This is the type of hypocritical women you deal with on POF.

Women on POF are usually overweight, have loads of children, entitlement issues, princess syndrome, mental issues or just on that site for a laugh to time waste and get ego boosted by men. Which I give credit to Markus though, as his site is a magnet for all the vile female dating scum on his dating site – I’ve never seen that much female trash on one website before POF.

Avoid POF like the plague as its not very welcoming if you’re a man actually looking for happiness, it can be the opposite and make you feel bad about yourself, like you’re doing something wrong when its not your fault.


scott says:
December 28, 2010 at 9:31 pm
POF sucks is an understatment. I changed my profile to say your single cause you wnat to be and its your fault

Brian says:
February 7, 2011 at 1:55 am
I tested out plenty of fish, should be renamed to gold digger central, or plenty of tuna fish. What a joke, that place is horrible, but sadly, a reflection of our society. I ran my main profile for a week, just to see if I would get any responses. I’m the overachiever type, artist, musician, business owner, etc. and not at all bad in the looks department., I’ve been told that by women in person regularly outside of the place.

What I get were women, all sorts of them, good looking to fugly, looking at my profile, and not a single response.

I ran another test, this time, only my pic, and I lied as to my occupation, being in the medical field and that I collect classic cars and am into watching sports….really boring, in my book, and basically the premise, being. They want a guy that’s dumn, makes a lot of money, with no personality so that they can dominate the relationship, spend his money, and juggle several of us at once. Incidentally, I received responses in less then 24 hours of the profile change. I also upped my income level to 150k a year, and even the search results changed, showing mostly good looking women….Sad, really sad when it comes down to it.

This is the place for women to get their ego’s stroked, to see how many guys they can juggle and put up with their crap, and in the end, if you breath wrong, that’s it, they have hundreds of others waiting in line.

There is a good reason they have to resort to some dating web site, it allows them to hide behind the computer screen, use the crap out of any guy that approaches them and toss them away once they are finished. They also always lie as to what they want, the reality, they want money and more money, if you don’t have it, don’t waste their time, is their mentality. No knight in shining armor is going to come to their rescue because they are tramps and none would lower himself to their level…Good men do NOT get anything but heartache from that site, don’t bother guys.

I do plan upon some day creating a new dating site, one that manually matches people up, eliminating the games and players, and it’s about time this happens. All online dating sites are about making money, nothing more then just that, and that alone….

ronniegarfield says:
February 7, 2011 at 3:01 am
don’t forget the hundred tattoos too!!

ronniegarfield says:
February 7, 2011 at 3:10 am
dude, its all about money , money. money.. i gave up. and its so much work and time and effort that i dont have anymore…

Jeff says:
February 13, 2011 at 6:08 pm
I have a good friend of mine that, as a guy, really is a perfect 10 in the looks department. No I’m not gay, but whenever we had gone out to bars/clubs, he’d have women coming out of the woodwork to come over and introduce themselves to him. Even when he dresses like crap and wears t-shirts with a baseball cap on women would walk right passed me and my other buddies straight over to him to tell him how good looking he was. Women don’t hit on guys, but they will if a guy is outrageously good looking rather than just good looking. So anyhow, I had him put his pic on POF to see what would happen. We emailed all the girls that I had emailed before and never got a response from.

Results: He got 9 out of 10 responses!!! And the emails we sent to them were just stupid ones like “hey” or “you cute”. We put N/A for his occupation.

The thing is, there are no perfect 10 women on POF at all. The hottest ones are maybe 8’s. These girls on POF that are 5,6,7, and 8’s are looking for perfect 10 men. They won’t date their equivalent. Girls that are average looking get floods of emails every day, and they develop a false confidence that they are in high demand. They actually start to believe in their own screwed up minds that they are perfect 10s themselves. So they set the bar so high that they end up being on POF for years because they actually think “Mr. Perfect Looks Millionaire Doctor Funny Guy Perfect Personality Life of the Party Guy That Likes To Travel” is going to email them eventually.

Online dating would work if the ratio wasn’t 1000 to 1-guys to girls. If 1000s more women signed up for each city to match the number of guys, and if the women were realistic in the types of guys they are equally matched with instead of shopping out of their league, then online dating would be fun and would work. The one thing that boggles my mind, is that the census records say that there are more females than men in the population. But why in the hell is it that internet dating sites have literally thousands of guys, but so few women?? I understand the reasons why some women don’t like online dating, but I would expect to see much more women on those sites since women supposedly outnumber men in the population. So I can see men outnumbering women 2 to 1 on dating sites, but not 1000 to 1. Makes no sense. More single women need to be advertised to in the population to join online dating sites.

ronniegarfield says:
February 27, 2011 at 1:40 am
Hey guys? any luck in a supermarket? or store? me not, girls are so stuck up. if you smile at them they look like your crazy..

davey says:
March 20, 2011 at 1:20 am
I met 3 people on plenty of bullshit. The first had major issues depression suicidal drug abuse. The second just wanted sex and stole my laptop also admitted stabbing her ex. The third iv been with for 3 months now an things seem to be ok. What i noticed was all 3 who i met gave their phone number straight away when they dont iv talked to some for a week for them to suddenly stop replying wtf!!! Most of the time i got read without a reply or read deleted or most ignorant of all unread deleted. I stated on my profile that i would reply to all emails and i did. Most women on there are fat scruffy ugly slags who use it as an ego boost and to see what they can get out of a lonely man. Another thing that pissed me off was people putting pictures of their kids on their profiles i saw 1 went to reported to find out pictures of children or animals is not a violation. Shows how irresponsible the site and the people on it are are they not smart enough to realise pedofiles could copy paste and save those? The site is free but its just about making money through advertising at the end of the day. The owner marcus and his moderating scum are no better than nazis!

Romana says:
March 24, 2011 at 3:11 pm
There is a feminazi that keeps getting me booted off POF. “You don’t belong here.” I even dared her to meet me face-to-face. It takes me three minutes to register again. At least, I take up some of their time.
I realize I am different. I am a heterosexual male transwoman, but I say so. I even post pictures of me dressed both ways. There may have been a woman expressing legitimate interest two days ago, but how can anyone tell? I have to discuss this with some of my friends. If I sign back on, I could slip the woman a hotmail address.
In the meantime, I can harass the POF staff. I have been booted off at least 12 times. Maybe I can set the record.

April 9, 2011 at 7:28 pm
How to be successful on POF A GUIDE FOR MEN:
After spending time on POF I thought I would post some suggestions on how best to use the site.
Overview of POF:
1. The guy who owns the site is called Markus. When using his site keep in mind this guy makes millions of dollars off POF and barely works ten hours a week. He runs the site from his computer in an apt in Canada. He has a couple of computer servers somewhere. He has the system set up so it’s highly automated. There are a few volunteers who moderate the site. He has it set up so other member’s police photos. Anyone can get a photo removed if they report the photo. Even if the photo meets the sites guidelines and rules. However the site will go after the guys not the gals. Especially considering the guys to gal’s ratio on the site. He makes his money off of ad revenues. I give the guy credit for being so successful however I think it’s mostly because he is lucky. Considering the sites bias against its male population I think Markus is Pond Scum.
2. When creating your profile, do not cut and paste any text into your profile, their computer system will delete you faster than you can say POF SUCKS! Also do not use numbers in your text. Use one instead of 1 etc. do not use words like Nigeria scam spam etc. anything that might trigger their computers to delete your profile. Their system is highly automated.
3. When putting pictures on your profile: make sure your main picture is a close-up of your face. Make sure you have a shirt on. Also the shirt must not have any logos or text showing. Keep in mind if any women report your photo it will be deleted whether you follow the site rules or not. Ask me how I know lol. Again the site moderators and system favors the women 100 percent.
4. When you’re new on their system: be careful Their computer system is set to look for scams and spammers. When sending out emails at first do not include email addresses/ IM handles or links to other sites. There is a way around this… instead of write your address like this: johnb1 at y a h o o dot com. Using the words yahoo aol or Google or anything signaling a possible email or IM handle will trigger their system to delete you. This will get your account deleted and your IP address banned (you will not be able to create a new profile)
5. Most important rule: POF has a ratio of twenty or more men for every woman on the site. Their moderators know this and since their system is highly automated if you report anyone or complain in any manner about anything whether you are right or wrong their moderators or automated system will delete your profile, they do not care either! Do not report anyone for any reason; also do not harass the women. All they have to do is report you and you’re gone. The same goes for your photos. Even if your pictures follow all their rules all a woman has to do is report it and your picture will be removed and you will be given a warning or deleted without notice. For the same reasons above do not post in the forums for any reason whatsoever.

6. You must learn to develop a thick skin when using this site. If you’re an average looking guy and you make average money and you’re a genuine nice guy your chances of meeting anyone is slim to none. Since it’s free very few women take it seriously. I have found a lot of women are looking for the bad boy types. They love guys who own and ride Harleys and are thrill seekers. Most women get a lot of crude emails … also most women on here are not desirable for anything other than a fuck and chuck. Most women just use the site as a distraction or to feel good about themselves. They get lots of compliments which over boosts their ego. Be prepared for a lot of nasty responses too. It amazes me how many seriously overweight women will tell me I’m a fatty and need to join a gym. They can do this without any repercussion because the moderators only cater to the women. You will find a lot of women who are separated, obese, have multiple children from multiple relationships. If you email someone or IM them and they do not respond do not contact them again. Keep in mind they can and will disappear at any time without any reason. It is called the better deal. Most women are juggling a bunch of guys on here. I guarantee you if they find a better deal they will move on without saying anything. Just move on and don’t let it get to you. If you find a profile that has paragraph after paragraph describing what they are not looking for. I can’t emphasize this enough… run away as fast as you can. These women have been with a lot of guys and have been raked over the coals. If you manage to hook up with them use protection the chances they have an STD is high. Also when it comes time to meet someone emphasize to them politely that any first meeting must be Dutch. A lot of women on here are playing guys just to get free meals. You will weed out the women looking for a sugar daddy this way I guarantee it.
7. Email rules: you used to be able to check the status of your sent messages. This has changed now you have to pay money if you want to see the status of sent messages. Don’t spend this money ever. Most of your mails that get sent out I promise you will get deleted without even being read. Women get tons of mails from lots of guys all the time. When they look through their mail the first thing they look at is your picture. If they don’t like it they won’t bother reading your message. If they like your pictures they may look at your profile and what you wrote but the chances are still high they won’t respond. Especially if they find something they don’t like. If you email someone and they do not respond don’t email or contact them again ever! Also if a woman does send you a message do not delete it until you know for sure you’re not going to talk to them again. Reason 1 is it pisses them off. Reason 2 is if you need to block someone you can only do it from within an email message. I recommend blocking anyone you know you are not going to talk to or won’t talk to. A lot of times also if a woman reads your message and doesn’t like your profile she will block you just for shits and giggles. (Honestly I do the same thing too so its fair game) since most messages don’t get read, do not write lengthy initial emails. Its time wasted on your part.
8. IM rules: the site does have instant messaging however you will find it is mediocre at best. A lot of women do not want you to IM them first thing. Keep in mind a lot of women probably get bombarded by IM’s when they are online. It’s better to email them first. Give them a short polite brief email that you would like to get to know them. If they respond to the email then it’s OK to IM them. If you IM someone and they don’t respond after 5 minutes they either aren’t paying attention or are no longer online. It takes the system about 30 minutes after you exit off the site.. Especially if you don’t log off. If a woman receives an IM from you the first thing she will do is look at your pictures. If she doesn’t like what she sees she won’t even read your profile. Nor will she respond. Also the better deal applies here too if you’re talking to a woman keep in mind she is probably talking to someone else too. She can disappear at any time.
9. Go after the older women… I am 45 and I get a lot of dates with women 50-65 in age. They are much more settled. They are usually not looking for a sugar daddy or a bad boy. They just want to be treated nice and are thrilled with the aspect of being with a much younger guy. They also have not had sex in a long time either
10. Best way to hook up with a woman on POF: this is for you dirty rotten scoundrels like me who are pigs and just looking to dip your wick in ink. (Always be safe and bring a condom). Get online on the site on a Saturday or Sunday morning from 12am to 3 am. There are a lot of women who get online after being at the bar all night. They are inebriated and very horny. Now when you IM or email them be polite and don’t go right to asking their boob size etc… just converse with them as long as you can.. They are drunk and their walls have come down. Ask them if they went out tonight or did anything exciting. … If they said yes ask them where they went… if they mention a bar or club ask them if they had fun. Try to determine their level of inebriation and also determine whether or not they are still drinking. The best ones to talk to are the ones who are substantially inebriated but not plastered. Mention to them after talking to them for a while that you think they are a sweetheart etc. Then ask them to talk on the phone. Tell them you would love to meet them. .make absolute sure they are alone. You would be surprised at how many women will agree to meet you somewhere and or let you come to their house. Use extreme caution when doing this and do it at your own risk!!!!!!!!

ronniegarfield says:
April 9, 2011 at 10:35 pm
its really like this on the streets too, not just this site. Women are so much work and trouble that its not even worth the effort. To me, its really all about mmoney and free food. Life is a bunch of strange luck, i hear of dudes with good jobs. their own place, and cant get laid . then you hear of dudes who dont have their own place. no jobs or drivers lisense, and get more ass than brad pitt and motley crue …

ronniegarfield says:
April 10, 2011 at 3:26 am
what is it about guys with no car or no job getting more ass than charlie sheen?? I know this girl who turned down a guy that makes 45.000$ a yr, nice place and new car. for a dude that is 41 plays drums in some dopey bar band, no car. long hair. and she supports this guy and loves him to death.. I hear lots of stories like this. what is this shit?

Jeff says:
April 10, 2011 at 4:07 pm
I’ve studied that phenomenon for years because I had seen it so often. I’ve also have talk with other women in the past and they 100% agreed with my theories.

When it comes to choosing guys, women either go with what they know (they choose guys that reflect the backgrounds they came from), or they will go with what they think society values.

So if you see a hot girl with a long haired white trash freak that plays drums, you will either find that this guy is a clone of her father and reflects her background (her father might be white trash) or she is modeling her idea of what society values after what she sees in the mainstream media and pop culture society (so if she sees Britney Spears with white trash Kevin Fed. on MTV, then she will think that this is cool and the fun type of guy to be with).

But yea, remember, girls very commonly will model guys after their fathers. Assuming they still know their father or the father was around during their childhood. There are lots of perfect hot blonde looking girls that have fathers that are downright hardcore white trash. Do you think she is going to pick a clean cut good guy with a job to bring home to meet dad? Hell no. She’s going to bring another piece of white trash home because that’s what dad will get along with and that’s what she is use to being around herself.

Lastly, we know that women tend to abandon any idea of what they find attractive in a guy for a guy that has money/status/wealth. If she can’t find that, then she also might be willing to get with a guy that somehow convinces her that he will have that. Otherwise know as a guy with “potential”. Therefore, the long haired white trash drummer guy that lives off the girl for free might very well be filling her stupid shallow walnut sized brain with BS garbage such as “I’m a drummer for a band that’s going to make it big one day”, “In a few years our band is going to cut a record deal”, etc. So a lot of guys completely lie about who they are or will be, and that lie is always a lie about obtaining high status/wealth.

lincoln says:
December 28, 2011 at 3:36 pm
I think that this is very true about how women pick guys. Well said.

Leon Jones says:
April 10, 2011 at 8:50 pm
If you’re looking for a serious relationship, plentyoffish and datehookup aren’t the sites relationship minded people. A percentage of women have relationship problems, emotional and psychological disorders, and they have nothing to offer a man. If you look at their profiles, they tell you how strong and independent they are but, they don’t initiate any contact; futhermore, you can exchange phone numbers but, they want to text or talk on the site. Also, their photos are cropped, taken with groups, children, ex’s, family members, at bars etc. This is supposed to be a dating site not facebook or myspace. Along those lines most of the women spell out in their profiles that they’re are family oriented and want a man to be that way also, they say my children are my life, my world, and everything to me. Other items that are added is I am out going, ambitious, loving, and affectionate. What I have just explained is these women are confused little girls who don’t know what they want. They don’t understand responsibility and many of them are either unemployed, disabled, or just plain lazy. Moving on, some of women get so many emails from guy who aren’t respectful themselves; these women have been taken advantage of by so many guys causing them to have unstable personalities and committment/identity issues; to help their false worth and self of steam some of these women enjoy rejecting guys; these sites don’t screen members. I have run across women who say I don’t a guy who is separated then, when you look at their profile they are separated. It’s the enormous double standards by society that hold no accountability to women that causes these bahaviors From my prospective if you stay with these free sites just be prepared for a lot of time wasted. If you’re looking for something serious relationship, register for a paysite or look for a potential mate the good old fashioned way.

asiavis says:
April 10, 2011 at 11:15 pm
i would like to think that a crapy site like POF is slowly going out of business do to the the number of people comming to terms with what type of people are on the site!..BUT!,,,i think that POF will sadly always be around do to the fact that for every 1 person who has the money and looks to get a life out in the real world there are 100 people who dont!..and pof is the last chance saloon!!!

Jeff says:
April 12, 2011 at 12:02 am
Well this pretty much sums it up for POF. My profile has been hidden for quite a while because I know it’s pointless to bother to email anyone. But I logged into my account a few minutes ago to see if there were any new faces and saw some girl’s profile that started out as:

“POF’s Instant message does NOT always work so please drop me a line…
DO NOT CONTACT ME LOOKING FOR SEX!!! I am really just looking to kick it and chill. Live every second to the fullest, laughing much along the way…no time for negative, petty, pessimistic bull.”

This girl is 33, fat and pale and below average looking in the face. EVEN SHE is getting bombarded with emails from guys for sex. I don’t think she put that into her profile to try and make herself look desirable. I think she really is getting emails and IM’s for sex.

Even women who are at the bottom of the totem pole on POF get emails and requests for sex. In my opinion, I do not think that the men outnumber the women on there 5 to 1, or 10 to 1, or even 20 to 1. But maybe more like 100 to 1, seriously. As an experiment sometime back, I did a search on guys just within a small age group that were just “average” or “athletic” build, ages 27 to 35, and came up with the maximum amount of pages…35. 35 pages of active profiles, but it was maxed out. Even when I reduced the age group, the pages still maxed out. So there was obviously many many more pages beyond 35 of active profiles of guys. For women, I did a search of similar characteristics, and came up with 8 pages of active profiles. Of those 8 pages, I could maybe find 8 or 9 girls that I thought were above average looking.

So given the population size of most major metro areas and the fact that every guy I know has tried online dating at one time or another, I think the reality is that the male members subscribed to that site within a decent sized metro area might be into the 10’s of thousands, even exceeding 100,000. And the total number of females, even including single moms, pf a decent sized metro area is well under a 1000 total subscribed active members. For ever 1 female, there very well might be about 100 guys. That ratio gets more absurd being that there are only a handful of above average looking women for a given age range. So even fat nasty girls get attention. Must be easy to even be a fat pale girl these days.

POF and even paid sites are for guys who want to date women below their league, assuming they can even get a female to talk to them. I thought that by this day and age where online dating has been around for at least a decade now, that it would be more realistic with more even numbers, but it’s only gotten worse from what I see.

ronniegarfield says:
April 12, 2011 at 12:35 am
btw, where would girls be without their cell phones.. so annoying, you go to the bar. soon as a girl comes in and sits down, shes right on the frigging phone… why bother going out..

fitzrite says:
April 22, 2011 at 9:41 pm
Don’t sign up for PoF unless you are a masochist who likes being kicked around by angry women. There are a few serious ones on there, but they are few and far between.

scott says:
April 23, 2011 at 11:27 am
Here is my profile message:

Disgrutled and disappointed mostly because this site doesnt work. You women can prove me wrong. But if you dont want to get to know someone dont complain that your are single

You people on this site are single and you deserve to be. You dont give a person a chance (one meeting is not a chance). I would suggest that you look at yourself and take your midol

Fed up with pof says:
April 23, 2011 at 2:03 pm
I’ve been on plentyoffish for nearly a year. In that time I’ve probably had 800 profile views, emailed 100s of women and managed to get a grand total of 4 dates. And I think those 4 were pure luck. I actually found I had more success with the more attractive women, for some reason the average looking girls just don’t want to know. I would rate myself as a 7, but if I email women 5-8 it’s usually the 7s and 8s that reply. Or maybe they’re all just scammers!

Anyway all 4 of my dates were perfectly respectable attractive women, 2 of them I would happily have dated again to see what happened but they didn’t want to know. They know they can go back on pof and get 10 more dates every day. From her own mouth one of them told me that she gets 1 or 2 messages every day, she’d been on there for 2 years so let’s average it out and say she’s had 1000 messages. She’d had 2 dates, me being the second.

Sorry girls, but you’re only willing to actually go on a real date with 1 in 500 men? That’s pathetic. You deserve to be single. This is probably an extreme case but I’ve read on other forums that women will get 100 messages and only find 1 or 2 attractive. It’s a joke.

And people wonder why society is falling apart!

Mike Jewett says:
April 29, 2011 at 8:26 pm
Like one of the above posters had to say,you either have to be at the very top of the food chain or the very bottom to get a response,the women don’t seem to want anything in the middle.

London Guy says:
May 26, 2011 at 7:37 pm
Have you seen PoF lately? Now you have to PAY to see if these skanks have “read/deleted” your messages. So now you have to cough up real money to see if they’ve even read your message now.

Just give it another year at most, it will end up like all the others, where you have to pay just to send or even read a message. – Need I bring up CampusKiss ?

Dr. X says:
July 13, 2011 at 11:20 am
Several years ago I spent a year of my life seeking love online. I put my profile on several well-known sites. While all the sites have serious problems, PoF is absolutely the worst for men. The women are the fattest, ugliest, least educated, most entitled, rudest, least accomplished, and meanest.

There is an insidious process at work. An accomplished, well educated, physically fit, financially secure, and genuinely nice man goes on PoF, and almost immediately he bings to lower his standards. He begins to think, “This is the best I can do. This is all that’s all there. My options are limited.” He sends messages to women he would have never dreamed of (or had nightmares about) meeting before going of PoF. They are beneath his level by ever objective measure. Then he gets rejected. Sometimes he receives insulting replies. A few examples will suffice.

I began a correspondence with a woman who lived close and shared some similar interest. I thought that, at the least, we come spend some time doing things we both enjoyed. After several pleasant exchanges, I proposed that we meet. I received the meanest, nastiest and most insulting message I have ever read. I should have printed out so I could quote it verbatim.

She said we had nothing in common because she had ONE interest that I did not share. She also wondered how someone like me who has never fathered a child could possibly understand a mother (all her children are over 18 and do not live at home). She also concluded that the only reason I had written to her was because of her “sexy photos.” I had never referenced her photos. I guess that the “sexy” photo to which she alluded was the obligatory cleveage photo which, in her case, revealed serious sun damage.

This woman has never gone beyond high school. I have three graduate degrees from prestigious universities. This woman is slightly overweight. I am athletic and work out five days per week. This woman has a menial job. I am a professional who makes more than 100k per annum. I have traveled the world. This woman has never been out of the US. I could go on. She should have been flattered that I even gave her the time of day.

I sent another woman an introductory message discussing our mutual interest in physically fitness. This woman replied with “RUDE” in the subject line because I did not give my real name (only my screen name) in my message. She then blasted me for not being a gentleman because I did not give my name in my first message.

I had another woman (smoker, high school graduate, hairdresser, but cute and nice) who started sending IMs to me everytime I logged on. I would engage in an hour or two exchange. I could never get her to go deep. I asked her to meet a few times but she wanted to talk more. Finally I demanded to know what she was doing on PoF. In a rare moment of candor, she gave a one-word reply: entertainment.

Another very attractive women had photos of herself in obscure places in major European cities — places where I have lived and know well. I casually inquired about the location of these photos, and she misidentified the locations as places in small town in the US. Fake profile.

PoF is toxic for men. Stay away. It will depress you and lower your expectations. For loser women, it is a place where they can get an ego boost. Wise men avoid Western women. Wiser men never marry. The wisest men avoid women. Google the “Don’t Marry” essay and the MGTOW forum.

Rahul says:
July 15, 2011 at 9:42 pm
I’m also on POF but I never take it – or any other dating site – seriously. I’ve been on POF for ~ 3 years and log in ~ once a month. I haven’t found anyone worthwhile; if I meet someone that’s great else I really don’t care. If I do get serious about marriage, I’ll get a nice down-to-earth bride from my country of origin (India). There is no way in hell I’m marrying an American woman – irrespective of race or religion – that’re all immature, attention seeking, gold-digging, drama queens.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 23, 2011 at 10:20 pm
American women are the worst pieces of sh*t on this planet!! your better off commiting suicide then marrying one of these shallow money hungry whores!! All Men should think about finding a bride over seas that can treat you like a man should be treated! they cook, they clean they stay home and take care of the children, things that are not done in this country anymore!! American women are pieces of sh*t!!!

Rahul says:
October 9, 2011 at 3:05 am
You’re absolutely right, bro. In the words of Homer Simpson,

“American cars are just like American marriages: they only last for 5 years.”

I feel sad for American men. I know of extremely intelligent nice American guys who are simply going to waste.

Al says:
July 25, 2011 at 6:57 am
I join you now my brothers as a man who loathes PoF. I had tried the site years ago but deleted my profile (should’ve stayed that way). I decided to give it another try being in a new city and looking for new experiences. I got some decent pictures, wrote a good profile, and sent out around 50-60 messages in the 3 months. End result: 1 reply. 1 one word reply…the hell? Deleted that profile a week ago and glad to be rid of it.

The women on the site have the worst cases of princess syndrome I have ever witnessed. Someone needs to call a doctor about it. They want a nice guy but ignore 99% of emails. They have in their profile how guys always send them lame emails like “Hi” or “Sup?” but if you send them a unique email they delete it just as fast. If you don’t look like a movie star or talk about your income (better be over $100,000 by the way) in the subject line you’re toast.

I’m a decent looking guy, have a job, getting a college degree, workout twice a day, but still not good enough for the harpies. Seriously women on that site should stop complaining about the lack of “nice guys” if they turn away 98% of messages. Frustrating but good to know I am not alone as a person scorned by their unrealistic expectations. Starting to think about doing that fake profile trick though which might be a good laugh.

NJGuy08840 says:
August 10, 2011 at 12:02 pm
Yeah, that sounds about right…don’t you just love how they go from telling you what a great time they had to completely insulting your intelligence and blowing you off with some bs story in a matter of seconds? I swear these women would all make excellent politicians – they already have the lying and false promises mastered. It’s a wonder to me how anyone gets together anymore given all of the infantile games these women always play.

long distance relationship says:
August 25, 2011 at 4:08 pm
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Dave says:
August 26, 2011 at 8:44 pm
Agreed with everything that’s being said on here. I started out on POF thinking I wasn’t even going to bother messaging the ones who were very attractive…..I figured I’d start out with the ones who simply weren’t bad looking. When I got no responses from them, I tried messaging the ones who I thought weren’t ugly. When I got no response from them, I messaged the ones who I thought would consider themselves lucky to be with me. STILL hardly any responses at all! The few I’ve actually met off POF have been gold-diggers, professional daters, barflies, or women with severe medical conditions or psychotic ex-husbands and boyfriends who are still stalking them.

mittens says:
September 13, 2011 at 3:29 am
Wow. Quite a bit of bruised egos and bitter sausage in here, lol. Surely you people realize that not all women are like that. Anyway, I got drawn to pof through a forum topic that came up in Google. I wanted to reply but had to register first. I have no interest in dating sites so I just hurried through my profile. But I was honest and sincere. I made my intentions very clear on my page so as not to send the wrong message to anyone. My first post in the forums was in the suggestion area. I made a simple suggestion for separate forum registration because I was really only interested in discussions. A mod (miss_allison) replied with a snarky post and then banned me until 2014. Reason? My photo was inappropriate. Not like I had my boobs hanging out. No. It was blurry. And apparently blurry photo = automatic ban in their minds. I expresed that banning me was uncalled for and that she was being very rude but removed the photo anyway. She blocked me, so I emailed another mod (trappedonbayst) and he was extremely nasty and condescending. The whole thing was just bizarre! I hadn’t done anything and have only been a member for 3 days. And this is how I was welcomed to the site. The other mod finally unblocked me and she insists that I am breaking the rules yet she refuses to specify/post which rule. I’m still banned and probably on the verge of being kicked off the site entirely at this point. The snarky attitudes and over-moderation of pof is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s unreal!

mittens says:
September 13, 2011 at 3:37 am
Here’s the last email I sent to that mod. It’s just awful the way they handled this issue:

“I hate to break it to you, but you’re not being treated any differently than anyone
else doing the same thing. Furthermore you’re not about to get special treatment
either. Not sure why you feel out of all 270,000 members currently online you
feel you’re entitled to special emails when no one else gets them.”

Umm…that’s the problem Allison. Users (all users) should receive an email
warning. A ban should only be used as a last resort for an abusive, rude, and
consistently uncooperative user. When did I ever imply that only I should receive
this “special” treatment? If anything, I implied that it should be incorporated into
the general moderation methods. But again, perhaps I have been spoiled by my
primary forum where the moderation team actually employs logic and reason.

And you keep mentioning these rules of which I am currently in violation but have
yet to post so much as a link, example or excerpt from the terms of service to
adequately support your claim. I never said anyting about refusing to read them.
You show me exactly where I am in violation currently (in the POF TOS/User
Agreement) and I will happily oblige to your demands. Otherwise, you have no
case and are just abusing your authority to troll users. As far as I’m concerned,
there is no point in discussing this further. This is obviously an exercise in futility,
and I have no interest in turning this into a feud. Lift the ban, keep the ban,
whatever blows your hair back sailor. I fail to care at this point. Seriously.

Cap285 says:
September 13, 2011 at 1:49 pm
I just took my account down yesterday. POF is an asylum where you voluntarily commit yourself. I ofter wondered, what would happen if men made profiles they way women did? Imagine the bitching and backlash:

1.Must be 5’6
2.Must not weigh more than 110 lbs
3.Must have at least C-cup breasts
4.36-24-36, no deviations unless smaller in the hips and waste
5.long hair, no ditzy-bob short haircuts
6.Pay your own way until the relationship goes somewhere. You are a strong, independent woman. Right?
7. Must enjoy all types of sex and give me some whenever I want
8. Let me have poker night
9. Let me play xbox
10. Not go to chick movies
11. Not go to your work Christmas parties
12. Not listen to your crappy music.
13. Be satisfied with less
14. Watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force with me

How’s that for unrealistic expectations?

chester says:
September 15, 2011 at 11:59 pm
I met some girl the other night that falls into the new category of “bikini fitness competitor”. Been running into a lot of those lately. She was 35 and divorced and had her brown leathery skin bikini photos posted online.

So I go to meet her at starbucks because that’s what she requested. Of course I had to drive 30 minutes to meet her instead of meeting halfway in between. I get out of my car, and the woman is sitting in front of starbucks with her arms crossed, no smile, wearing a hood sweatshirt and raggady jeans. Right away, I could tell it was going to be a bullshit waste of time. Of course, she shakes my hand (no hug), and she doesn’t smile or anything. I felt totally uncomfortable. I actually paid for her drink. We sat and talked for about an hour maybe while she just made eye contact occasionally with me.

This girl had 2 lumps on her face, a really bad skin complexion, was unemployed, and was hard looking and had rough hands. She was white trash basically. The only good thing about her was she had a tight fit body.

So we leave and on my way out she, actually says “call me”. I was shocked. I told her I would. So the next day, I text her a little joke just to break the ice… response. I text her 6 hours later to say I’d like to maybe go out again… response. Then, later, I see where she removed me from her favorites list online.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, I am so sick and freaking fed up with women that are NOTHING compared to the regular hot chicks that I see out and about in public, but yet they think they are waaaay tooo goood for ya. UNBELIEVABLE. And I was lowering my standards dramatically in hopes of maybe finding someone that was just fun to hangout with. She didn’t have to be a beauty queen.

I fully expect to have dates where the girl just doesn’t like ya, but I’ve date after date after date after date where it’s the same f-in result every time. I’m 6’1”, 200 lbs, decent shape, have most of my hair, decent looking, I have a job, no kids, etc……..when I arrive to meet any girl, the always look at me like I’m some sort of serial killer. They barely talk. They just sit there and expect you to pay for everything. Then they walk off never to talk to ya again. And these aren’t beauty queens I’m meeting either. They are women over 30 that are like 5s, 6s, and some 7s. I’ve been at this for years, and the whole experience has basically left me hating females.

I decided, that if I ever do go and meet anyone else, and something just doesn’t seem right when walking up to them to say “nice to meet you”, I’m just going to turn around and walk away. I guess it’s really dissappointing to these women that I didn’t pull up in a $80K mercedes looking like brad pitt. Since these AVERAGE looking women get volumes of emails every day, they somehow think that it means they are in high demand and that they deserve the best of the best.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 23, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Transister_Radio says:
September 17, 2011 at 9:28 pm
Cap285’s post where he wrote up a parody of a male version of a typical female’s POF profile is spot on.

Allow me to join in on the fun.
The following is actually taken from a real female’s profile. However, I’ve decided to switch a few things around to make it into a parody of a male version of the typical female profile you find on P.O.F. I’ll leave it up to you to see which parts I modified, just for fun.

Sadly, this following profile is just slightly modified from the real one written by a female on P.O.F (as scary as that sounds) ”
Okay, here is my parody :

“First off, I am NOT here to play games, so if you are not interested in sex, then I highly suggest you hit the back button now”.
Also :

IF YOU ARE TALLER THAN 5’3 THEN PLEASE HIT THE BACK BUTTON NOW !! I like my women on the smaller side. Sorry if I sound like a bastard, but that’s just how I feel.

With that said, I am looking for a woman. NOT a girl, but a woman. I want a woman who talks like a woman (not a man).

Oh yes, and you must have a tattoo on your lower back. That is a turn on for me. If you do NOT have a tattoo on your lower back, then you are NOT date-able.


Also, I only date women who are fit. You must work out and have at least a set of “C’s”. Anything less and you will be deleted from my inbox. Sorry if I sound like a bastard, but I know what I wan’t.

Also, if you wear pants, I will NOT date you. You must wear a skirt. Wearing pants is ghetto, and I do not date ghetto.

Oh, and I don’t like girls who watch soap operas and Sex in the city. If you do, we will NOT get along.

Okay, now that I’ve cleared all of that up, let me tell you about myself :

I like music and I love going to restaurants. I am the sweetest person you will ever meet. My family means the most to me. I’m very down to earth and I am an open-minded individual. I like to meet all types of people. If you think you’ve got what it takes, message me !”

so yes, that’s my parody.
Does my parody sound absurd ? Yes, it does.
But what is even more absurd is that a good number of the women on the P.O.F site have profiles similar to my parody. In SOME cases, it’s not as severe (despite some female profiles being MUCH worse than my parody) but they do mention most of the stuff I wrote about.
Now THAT is absurd !

NJGuy08840 says:
September 19, 2011 at 8:35 am
I think you hit the nail right on the head with your parody – good work! The one where they say Do not write to me if you are 30 or over is especially true – I oughta know being that I am over 30. :(

Ricky says:
September 23, 2011 at 4:05 am
Well PlentyOfFish is trying to go mainstream w/ the 3 letter lingo of just POF now. I will give you a few of my acronyms for it.

Plenty of Flings and Plenty of Friendly chicks aka girls DTF on the first date and even blow you in your car on first date (Thank you single mothers =)

While you can meet a cute girl here and there on POF and get laid or some head action I was never satisfied w/ the quality of wonem there hence it being a free dating site LOL. So I think the following 2 acronyms sum up the site the best.

Plenty of Fat Girls
and Plenty Of Fugly girls.

Better luck on other dating sites as far as quality by far LOL

ihategolddiggers says:
September 23, 2011 at 9:55 pm
This site is 90% gold diggers and pathetic b*tches looking for a sucker with money, career and can offer them long term security, bottom line!! I had a profile up and could not get any kind of responses no matter how heartfelt and thought out they were, I never asked about sex and still I was ignored by even fat ugly women, you want to know why? because I choose not to state or post an information about my job or career!! Si I decided to switch up my profile and I came back with the same pictures but wrote even less in my profile but I stated how I was a lawyer with my own practice and wrote a few generic sentences as a self descriptor, I actually came off as an egotistical blowhard but still I got tons messages from desperate women, I did not even have to write messages to women because they were flooding my inbox and I could not keep up!! Nothing but desperate lying gold digging skanks who do nothing but complain about the guys all the time!! Silly dishonest b*tches are just getting what they deserve for being dishonest and seeking out sugar daddies to support their princess lifstyles and your bastard children!! ALL MEN SHOULD CREATE BOGUS PROFILES AND STATE YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL AND I DONT CARE IF YOUR FAT AND HAVE NO LEGS YOU WILL SEE HOW MANY GOLD DIGGERS FLOOD YOUR INBOX HOPING TO MEET YOU!! THIS SITE SUCKS PERIOD!! THE WOMEN ARE PIECES OF SH*T TO SAY THE LEAST, ESPECIALLY THE STUPID WANNA BE BLONDE BIMBOS YOU SEE ALOT who claim to be well educated, well traveled, family oriented, you know the stupid laundry list these silly b*tches post, you see it in almost every profile!!


ABDUEL says:
September 23, 2011 at 10:51 pm


scott says:
September 23, 2011 at 11:24 pm
most of the women here have a huge check list and the simplist little thing can make them move on

too picky the go on to many dates they cant seem to realize its an off the rack world if they are single for the rest of there lfe thats there fault

achnad says:
September 23, 2011 at 11:31 pm
most of the women probably have diseases too… nothing like smelling carp from 20 feet away.. guess thats why its called plenty of (stinky) fish.. some of them have cottage cheese in their twat.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 24, 2011 at 12:06 am
Dudes, I am sorry I do not mean to sound racist but the Caucasian women on that site are RACIST!! They only respond to white collar Caucasian men or in some cases Asian men, you want to know why? It is because naturally Caucasian men and Asian men are the biggest pushovers when it comes to wining and ining these sluts!! you dont believe go and ask some of the sluts on there!!
The Asian whores are the worst because they even shun their own kind, Asian women only love white men! they disown their own kind! sad whores!!

Leon Jones says:
September 24, 2011 at 10:36 am
ihategoldigger, you make a good point, I am not racists by far but, I have found on all of these free dating sites they’re filled with 95% white women; however, I’m black and I find that some black and hispanic women like caucausian men as well because we black men don’t and won’t wine and dine them that’s why they call us cheap. I believe women say they are strong and independent then they should pay for their own wining and dining until a relationship develops. Lastly, I believe if I tell a woman to wash my socks and cook a dinner for me, she will think I’m some chauvanistic pig that wants to go back to the 50s. Let’s reverse the role, if a female says she’s old fashioned, that’s code speak for I like to be catered to without offering anything well that’s going back to the 50s. My though on the matter is most of the dating sites have 95% white women because it is more of them who can’t take care of themselves, that’s why they love their pets, their kids are their world/life/everything, they’re friends and family are the most important people in their lives. The Caucausian women on these free dating sites have tatoos, they smoke, and they are desparate single mothers looking to be rescued and they are constantly on the dating sites thinking they will get a bigger and better deal; caucausian women on these free sites have the princess syndrome and they exaggerate who they are but, they are willing to meet. If a guy pays for a woman he’s a moron. Fellas, keep your money in your pocket because you earned it. Tell these women that must provide for themselves. If they can’t do that don’t go out with them.

Leon Jones says:
September 24, 2011 at 12:07 am
The real issue is women don’t know what they want. They don’t understand that a relationship takes work. I find that a percentage of woman will never have relationships because of these reasons: They are serial daters, they have to many people in their lives such as girlfriends, kids, relatives, pets, straight and gay male friends, and a lack of understanding of why they are still single. Lastly, these people do the thinking for these women because they are losers so, just think about it, if losers influence your decisions regarding a relationship, that makes you a loser too.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 24, 2011 at 12:13 am
Another thing that is so bogus about this site is the meet me feature!! what a joke!! I once had over 25 whores in the meet me option and every single time I would send a message to them I would get no response at all? I mean why hit the meet me option if your not going to write a message?? stupid b*tches!! Now I just get on there with a fake profile and trash every whore I feel like!! I love telling them how ugly and unattractive they are lol. You get more responses from women when you bash them, go figure? I love telling them how old they look, I love to mess with their self esteem lol. Stupid B*tches.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 24, 2011 at 12:17 am
No man should ever pay for a women he met on that site unless he is desperate and stupid, save your money and just get a prostitute!! you will atleast get something for your money and time spent!! I just cannot fathom how a guy can take these whores to dinner, for coffee, on vacations, and just cater to these whores!! STOP LETTING THESE WOMEN USE YOU FOR YOUR MONEY!! WAKE UP!!!!

Leon Jones says:
September 24, 2011 at 1:01 pm
Here’s the culture today, men are characterized as bumbling idiots; women are characterized as innocent. Men have responsibilities, women have options. Men’s behaviors are evaluated while women’s behaviors are given a pass. Men have to provide while women can buy for themselves. Women have children we men rent them. If you look at all of these examples that I have provided, you can see whey women on plentyoffish are dysfunctional because excuses are always made for them so when you try to criticize a female, you will be known as a bigot, sexist or chauvanist. Once we men say hell with the name calling for the seek of delusional political correctness, women will find that we won’t have any need for them unless it’s for a sexual release. Any woman who constantly surveys plentyoffish or any other dating service looking for bigger and better deals, you don’t have anything to do with that person. Women hide things such as how many men they’ve been with; the diseases, drug addictions, emotional disorders, immaturity, smoking, spoiled and disrespectful kids and grandkids, and unstable lives. Remember, men we have to prove ourselves but, women need brainwashing to build their self esteem from feminism, their loser relatives, and friends. What they don’t understand is they make everyone else except their man a priority and their man is an option because they look at us as just a man. That’s why women are sociopaths, serial daters, self absorbed, princess syndrome, and unrealistic in their thinking and expectations. Life puts a mirror to women that’s why they are still little girls who are confused about love. Women want the fun and the intimacy in the beginning of a relationship but, when the novelty where’s off, they start the cycle again because they don’t want to do any work; that’s why they are immature little girls. Run from these woman as soon as you can because you will end up frustrated.

Chester says:
September 24, 2011 at 7:27 pm
There’s so many factors at play in this day and age with what we see with females. Another dimension to the whole debacle is that women were never biologically set up to make decisions. Think about it. Back in the caveman days, or back in ancient Rome, do you think that one man after another tried to wine & dine and cater to some female that he liked in hopes that she will “choose” him to be with? HELL NO. Men, or groups of men took the women they wanted whether the woman wanted to be with him or not. Or families sold their daughters off or gave them to other friends of the family to be married off whether the daughter liked it or not. That’s how it was and had been for all of human history.

But now, just within the last 50 years of human history, we have feminism, we have additional civil rights granted to females, females can get office jobs earning just as much or more than any man through affirmative action and EEO, and women dress like skanks in public which sexually arouses a guy in public. The major reason why women needed men historically is because we were the hunters and the bread winners. They needed us for survival and their physical attraction towards us was based on that. Today, women can win as much or more bread than a man can and therefore, they really have no reason to be with a man. If you are a women with a good job and you can go have sex any time you choose, why would you need a boyfriend then??

So now, women can sit and play judge when it comes to finding a mate. She judges you. She chooses. She plays you against someone else. She uses you. And when she’s done with you, she can file for divorce, take what you have, and then dress like a whore to go find another man to judge. All of this came about as soon as the debt based currency distributer known as the Fed reserve began printing our money. They are part of a larger network that has a monopoly on international credit. The fiat system that has the world by the neck today is the same system that has been able finance feminism which in turn by force have enabled women to get high paying jobs at the corporations that have grown up around interntional banks. Along with this came television and mainstream media all financed through our debt based system which have poisoned the minds of society, especialy women. Over a 100 years ago, America did not have a debt based currency system… was a credit based system then. Hence, no feminsm or affirmative action or TV or mainstream media.

I’m fed up with it and I see everything crystal clear. Most women are completely delusional and completely ruined. I don’t get doors for women anymore and I pay no attention to them out in public. They are worthless to me except for the occasional granny I run into that still has old fashioned values and respects men. The way it is today, is simply not the way God intended.

Must be great to be a female today. Corporate jobs handed to them on a silver platter through EEO, spend money like it grows on trees, have one night stands at any time they choose, file for divorce and steal from a man at any time they choose, if a man looks at them the wrong way, then they are charged with assult, etc. I see the big picture now. No wonder why it’s so pointless to bother with dating.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 24, 2011 at 10:54 pm
That is why I say no man should ever feel like he needs to pay for everything for a whore!! These whores are making more money then men are today!! They wanted everything equal and they got it, so now you pay for dinner too!! The days of men going out spending all their money on these ungratefull b*tches is over!! I am strongly considering dealing only with foreign women because these American whores are no good for nothing but a f*ck! They can’t cook, can’t clean, don’t shop for food, nothing!! All they want to do is claim to be educated, want to travel, go dancing, shit that people in a serious relationship don’t do anymore unless your still a teenager!! It is a shameful thing to see 40 and 50 yeard old American women acting like little stuck up whores!

Leon Jones says:
September 29, 2011 at 12:54 pm
I hategolddiggers, you make good points, part of the problem is desperate men. These desperate men keep spending money on these women who aren’t going to give you any sexual activity; if they do, these women will be faking their orgasms. If you look at a lot of women’s profiles the say the same thing, I am educated and intelligent, I love to hang around family and friends, my kids are my world, my kids are my all, my kids come first, my kids have always come first, and my kids will always come first, I like to travel, I like to go dancing, I like to go to amusement parks, I am strong and independent, I am family oriented but, if you look at most of these females, most of them aren’t educated, they smoke, have grown kids living with them, they are taking care of a family member who they claim is sick, they don’t keep commitments because when it’s time to meet, they cancel the date, they work menial jobs, if they have an associates degree it’s because welfare paid for it because it took them damn near 10 years to get, they are serial daters because they are constantly surfing the site for men that they will never have because they can’t bring anything to a relationship other then their so called bodies; to take it further, you look at their pictures, this is supposed to be a dating site but, some of these females have no picture posted, have pictures posted with their family and friends but, you don’t know who this person is, they post pictures of a vacation they took that most likely an ex paid for, they are pictures of them taken far away, pictures taken with an ex, cropped out pictures with other people in them, their pets, blurry pictures, and pictures taken of them with a bunch of tatoos and cigerattes. These females say they want relationships but, all of these issues that I mentioned are all written in women’s profiles as projections and fantasies, some of these women have no jobs, no drive, and no desire to better themselves, they don’t know how to communicate, cook, clean or do anything like make a decision. The advice that I have for all of the guys is to make a woman pay her own way and if she is 40 and older and likes to party that should tell you that she is a little girl who occupies a female adult body. Just remember, do not boost their egos, treat them like princesses, or put them on pedestals. If a female tells you she is entitled because she is a woman be smart and kick her to the curb, you don’t need frustration dealing with these little girls.

ihategolddiggers says:
September 24, 2011 at 11:00 pm
Another problem that needs to be addressed is the desperate men who keep playing into these stupid whores hands!! These guys feed these b*tches the idea that they are that good, because so many assholes are messaging these whores and hoping to spend money on them so they can get a piece of ass, which they never end up getting!! MEN WAKE UP!! STOP FEEDING THESE WHORES EGO’S!! LET THE WHORE WRITE TO YOU!! OR JUST SPEND YOUR MONEY ON A REAL HOOKER OUTSIDE IF YOUR THAT DESPERATE TO F*CK!!

john says:
September 25, 2011 at 12:19 pm

Helios says:
September 25, 2011 at 2:54 am
Don’t waste your time with plentyoffish, the observations and experiences here are indeed correct, that site is the absolute bottomless pit in terms of quality of people that are on that sight! Any real man would not want to beg like a damn tool and have to compete with 100’s of other guys just to get a damn email from these kinds of woman hwo are in most cases fat, unnatractive losers who if a man like me saw them in public I wouldn’t even notice them, gutless tramps! The carryings on described in earlier posts are dead on! greedy women, and agenda driven lunatics! I met one woman off of there we started emailing back and fourth a little and once I started to size her up she bailed and would not respond to my messages any more. People say it is free? No it is not, not for a man like me! time is not free! One other woman had the audacity to plain and simple ask me what restaurant I was taking her to after like two generic emails and I told what hotel are we going to first.

I am looking to meet my soul mate HOPEFULLY, someone to spend the rest of my life with, I want to take my time in getting to know that woman. I always beware of anyone who asks me for money to pay bills, or even drops hints that they are struggling financially or can’t pay their own car insurance, because they are hoping some sucker will take the hint and offer to give them money. REAL MEN and WOMEN should be able to take care of their own financial needs with hard work and effort, and if they’re not doing so due to poor money management or zero job skills, then I am much better off looking elsewhere!.

I am not quick to pick up the tab at restaurants unless I know your genuine and REAL. Any SELF-RESPECTING MAN or WOMAN would come fully prepared to pay for their own meal (rather than running to the bathroom when the bill arrives), and that old cliche about men always having to pay for meals is absolutely ludicrous, especially in the early stages of dating. I will not waste my time as that gold digging behavior is a major sign of trouble to come, I do not need that garbage in my life.

I WILL NOT take my date shopping, especially in the early months of the relationship. If and when I do decide to go shopping with her, I will pay close attention to verbal and non-verbal clues that may indicate the tendency to only want to shop in high-end, expensive stores or boutiques. Gold diggers expect to be pampered, catered to and coddled on a man’s dime, rather than spending their own money on the things they need or want.

I will find out the woman’s real values, ethics and morals through meaningful conversation, remembering that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. I will use my God-given intuition and intelligence to choose someone to spend the rest of my life with that shares my own moral values, I cannot be fooled by the so-called experienced and seasoned gold digger in this world that is selfishly seeking to extract money out of a man’s wallet. NOT HAPPENING HERE SO IF YOUR THIS TYPE OF WOMAN GET LOST!

Helios says:
September 25, 2011 at 5:04 am
This is a typical gold digging scab that if you come across a profile written like this!! just run and don’t look back!

By Mz.Bebot21 go check her out, an Asian prostitute on POF classic prostitute profile.

About me

Kinda hard to talk about my self… But from my friend’s point of view?? Loves adventures, outdoor activities (camping, hiking, road trips, amusement parks, etc), always up for a good laugh, loves spending time with good people (family & closest friends).

what’s unique about me? hmmmm…. i guess that’s something you just have to find out

hobbies: photography, sight seeing, beaches, tanning, hikes, camping, school

goals? too many to write… haha

music? hip-hop, r&b, anything that can make me dance & had a good beat…

what i’m looking for? I want a grown man that has his priorities in check, knows what he wants, knows who he is, and can treat a women right. Sense of humor is a must, likes to take adventures can share the same interest as mine.

with every relationship starts friendship, i’m not in a rush to be in a relationship and will not settle for anything less than what i deserve. That may sound conceded, but i know what i want… do u???

First Date

first date??? umm… somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other.

instead of clickin “meet me” why dont u just say “hi” haha

This site is an Atrocity! and needs to be shut down,

gabtruth says:
September 25, 2011 at 10:41 am
We may not be able to “legally” shut the site down, but can render it pretty useless if enough of us knew what a “proxy server” is, and started using them to create a ton of garbage profiles, then flooding the skanks with endless spam.

joe says:
October 11, 2011 at 10:06 pm
i have to say pof has gotten horrible. There was a time when women would respond back. Now its all self absorbed women. I would rather be single. Women today are not women anymore. All the women have this single independent bullcrap. Are they looking for pushover men??? They complain they can’t find a real man because women today have taken the alpha male role and don’t wan the alpha male responsibilities. Worst thing was giving women their right to work in a job place. Now every woman wants to be a CEO or cop. Now i am really tired of women in my NFL sports. I don’t need a female announcing my football game. They should go back to their soap operas

Leon Jones says:
October 12, 2011 at 2:26 pm
I agree, most of these women have been deluded by their daddies, gynoversities that brainwash them with this feminist crap, the media, pushover men, and a loud mouth. Woman aren’t tough but, they portray toughness because they want attention but, if you call them out on what they say, they wilt like a flower. Women want to be the boss because they enjoy giving the authority but, don’t like responsibility so if you look at they equation, woman don’t know who they are so they don’t know what a good man is. Just remember, men have made it through life by their hard work, woman have used being the victim, discriminination, and political correctness to get ahead. Also, women aren’t taught responsibilities; instead they take but, it takes a giver to give to them, if a percentage of men wouldn’t allow this kind of behavior, then women wouldn’t be as delusional as they are, women would grow up and be responsible adults. Women don’t want to admit it but, most of them have gotten a free ride from society and the anti-male laws such as alimony, child support, violence against women act(false rape allegations), affirmative action, sexual harrassment, feminist groups, eunich(nutless males), abortion, welfare, pushover fathers who say their baby girls can’t do any wrong, mothers who tell their boys don’t cuss at your sister, don’t tell dirty jokes around your sister, don’t ask her how old she is, don’t ask her how much she ways and the list goes on and on. You see all of those issues that I have mentioned put women on pedestal and men in the dog house that’s why women have this false sense of they are worth more than they should be. My point to all of the great posts, don’t pay for any female, if they say they are independent fine, keep your money in your pocket. Be upfront when you’re talking to a female, if she responds back with “you’re cheap”, move on to the next one. Don’t let a female frustrate or break you financially.

chester says:
October 13, 2011 at 7:48 pm
Some girl a week ago added me to her POF “favorites” list. I chatted with her a couple times. Well, she caught me late saturday night when I Iogged into POF and sent an IM wanting to know if I wanted to go to dinner on Monday. I told her I wASN’T paying for her meal LOL. She was like, “What?!?! guys always have paid for me!”. I told her that it was just a meeting and it wasn’t a date and that I was sick of getting stiffed by women for a free meal. She actually continued to argue with me about paying for her dinner LOL LOL……I told her, “how about just meet for a drink??” She insisted on dinner LOL. Why in the hell would someone argue and insist on having their meal paid for?!?!?

I was suppose to contact her last Monday, I never did. I skipped out on meeting her. She still has me on her favorites list.

Point is, I told it like it is and I’m not giving in to this female crap anymore. I’m setting my own rules and if a female can’t play by the rules I set, then they don’t get to meet me. And another thing, if a girl wants to sit and act all quiet and uninterested in me while I feel awkward trying to click with her, I’m just going to get up and walk away right in the middle of the meeting/date. Guys, play by your own rules. If a girl makes you feel awkward by sitting there and acting like they are bored with you, then just get up and walk off. Who cares how hot the girl might be or how horny you are that night. You aren’t there to meet the girl, she is there to meet YOU. Reason why I say that, is I had some lady text me last weekend and wanted me to come meet her friend, because her friend was hot and single. So I went to meet them, and her friend just sat there all quiet and smoked a cigarette and acted completely disinterested me. She knew nothing about me. She was pretty hot, and i think she’s use to guys always “trying” with her and not giving up, but I did. I stopped talking to her and just talked to my lady friend next to her. When I left, I didn’t even bother to ask her for her digits#. I just walked off. If a girl can’t put a smile on her face and act interested in talking to me, then F them. I’m not going to sit there and make a giant effort in trying to “win her over”. Sick of it.

I won some MAN POINTS twice last weekend and I get to keep my man card. Yes!

He-man! says:
October 14, 2011 at 12:20 pm
Chester, those are by coincidence rules that I use to, everything you said, is exactly what I do.Literally about 7 years ago I had the same experiences off of Lava live. Women are horrible these days. A buddy of mine invited me out to his sisters birthday she was 19, in Canada you drink at 19, anyways I was with a fried of mine and he introduced us to his sister who is the birthday girl, she just turned her head and didn’t even say ” nice to meet you”. The birthday girl wouldn’t say hi to her brothers friends and basically guests… this was at a club… women today are bitches.It seems to me either online or offline no matter what. Keep in mind too, this was for a party not a date a setup or anything similar, this was just meeting a friends sibling.

HadEnoughToo says:
October 16, 2011 at 12:53 pm

I dealt with the same thing kinda, the arrogantly disinterested bitch. There was one I didn’t even bother trying to meet. She did email me, But they were only half sentence emails. But I got her phone number, I didn’t call it for a few weeks.

I was hoping when I finally did call her that she’d actually tell me something about herself she was just as brief on the phone. I asked her if she wanted to meet early the next week and she said to call me then.

I just thought, NEXT, and deleted her phone number. She was attractive for a fattie. Had a slutty, cleavage showing picture with tattoos of course.

It seemed as if she was disinterested the entire time. Why did she even give me her phone number? I have a theory about women like these. They just want to use guys like me for validation, to prove that they’re wanted by mankind.

They already know they aren’t interested yet lead me on anyways. They think they’re better than guys like me, these fatties, just because they get fucked and chucked by guys who look better than me (I look good but am 5’9?, not the 6 foot plus studboy they think they’re entitled to).

The 6 foot alpha guy just uses the fattie with tattoos for a roll in the hey. But they can’t be caught dead in a relationship with an obese woman. So they move on.

Obese tattooed woman still doesn’t get that just because she’s getting used sex by guys out of her league doesn’t mean that is where she’ll find her prince charming.

So Ms Fattie With Tattoes will overlook average guys like me and you because she is DELUDED! And she wonders why she can’;t find love. Maybe if she were more realistic and lowered her standards a little she’d be a lot happier, you know being a realist with a mate of her level instead of unrealistically thinking that one day a guy who looks BETTER than she does won’t fuck and chuck her for once but will stay forever after.

Dream on. It isn’t happening.

Plenty of winners says:
October 14, 2011 at 12:42 am
The diseased minded women who are lifers on Plenty of trash aren’t fooling the intelligent people.

I’ve read many men claiming they are employed, have a nice house, apartment, dress well, own a car, etc.

Here is why I feel most of those women don’t respond to men who have things going for them. Answer: The women on that site are bottom of the barrel. They know deep down they are insecure and have absolutely nothing to offer a man with things going for himself but a “neighborhoods first” possible STD infested vagina. No self respecting man with that much going for him would have any use for them. They would only be an issue laden burden. And they know it.

They would rather have the best looking, hard up, Tattoo’d guy with little going for him so they can attempt to control him with their ‘golden pussy’ with only using their sexuality and not personality or having to work at improving themselves to feel better about themselves and meet the ‘real man’ they claim to want delivered to their doorstep. The type of women on Plenty of Refuse choose the easy way through life. They want the ‘easy’ way. So they get pumped and dumped by the ‘losers’ they ‘date’ and are back on the site over and over again. These women never realize that they themselves are the losers.

If you ever meet a women in real life who tells you she’s been on an online dating site…Especially a free one..You should either know full well what you are getting yourself into, or make an intelligent decision and leave without a trace.

saltbird says:
October 14, 2011 at 10:34 pm
Unfortunately pretty much all women/bitches these days have been or are on dating sites. I was out a week ago at a bar around where I live, and I happen to strike up a conversation with these two bitches who were both in their mid-late forties. They were the classic duo that I always seem to see sitting at the bars around my area. One was a total dingbat slut with a kid but not married, and the other was this stuck up “professional” bitch who thought her shit don’t stink because she runs some department at a big financial institution etc. and she has no kids and no boyfriend because she is too “picky” and “demanding” LOL! I got to talking to this “picky” one and we kind of started mildly arguing about our different views on finance, homeownership, and some other nonsense about our views on family. She also admitted that she pumps her face full of botox. As the conversation went on she started acting all condescending and superior to me, and kind of implied that I was a phony in the way I was answering some of her ridiculous questions. Of course I’m a phony and someone who pumps her face full of botox isn’t being phony… Ha!! Anyways, both of them told me that they’re on Plenty of Fish and that they think it is great because they think it is a much easier way to meet guys. Yet this “picky” bitch that is in her late forties and never married is still single and pumping her ragged face full of botox in order to just barely hold on to what looks she has left. I guess that pretty much tells you what happens to all these “picky” and “demanding” bitches who just love Plenty of Fish. They start losing their looks, and they know there clock is just about done ticking and they know deep down that they are messed up. Like some other guys on this board have said recently, we guys cannot treat these bitches with any respect. They are the ones who are messed up in the head not us. I usually don’t hit on women or even try to talk to them in public anymore, but I thought it was funny that the first time in like a year that I go out and strike up a conversation with some bitches at a bar they end up being the classic Plenty of Fish skanks.

HadEnoughToo says:
October 15, 2011 at 11:19 pm
“Plenty Of Refuse?” That is the most classic rewording of that terrible POF site I’ve ever seen.

You’re last paragraph is spot on, “If you ever meet a women in real life who tells you she’s been on an online dating site…Especially a free one..You should either know full well what you are getting yourself into, or make an intelligent decision and leave without a trace.”

The whole reworking of getting the wannabe bad boy, who can’t really KICK any ass, yet tattoes and acts as if he’s one” concept you describe of these female’s overestimation of how golden their pussy is, totally describe the truth that every other man is afraid to say.

That’s because they’ve been BRAINWASHED by western media and their own dumb gender that if a man complains about the status quo that those men are allegedly bitter whiners.

As a result we cannot have a civil discussion. It’s sort of like complaining about some of the documented bad behavioral trends of minorities.

The minute you hint at it (only because the f’ing PC police will shoot you in the head if you aren’t subtle enough about it) they will public dismiss you on internet forums, among mutual neighbors, etc that you are just a frustrated chump?

Really? I was getting laid a lot more than the chumps and the females who throw the chump word out there.

Of course I didn’t wear the frustrated heart on my sleeve the first date. They did! Yet, if you complain you are just another “Deliverance” inbred hick who is jealous.

Naturally I’m jealous that some fatty can act as if they’re a 7 or 8 outta 10. But that isn’t what fuels my anger. It’s just injustice of it all. People thinking they deserve Rolls Royces (pardon the slight exaggeration)

Those cunts should be KISSING MY ASS. Not weeding me out like I’m a piece of shit, even though I am physically, intellectually and emotionally VASTLY superior to THEM!

pete says:
October 14, 2011 at 6:27 pm
I am soo fed up with women today. I really am tired of society trying to make men feminine. And some of these are the biggest mushes who ruin for all of us. Women need to be taught a lesson. I love how almost 99% of pof women have must not be looking for intimate encounters, hang out, or must have not contacted users looking for intimate encounters. What men should do if we were really gonna get some of these beotches back is do do the same crap to them and deprive them of sex. Hold it from them like they hold it from us. Its soo said that this crap has to be even considered. A woman should want to please her man. No today its alll about i want i want i want and i want. It’s not about making the man happy. I believe the man should be the head of the house-hold. The bible even says it.

Dave says:
October 14, 2011 at 9:31 pm
Just a random rant about something I saw on POF today. One very decent looking woman with a very nice body actually posted a profile pic of herself wearing a very short skirt. She’s facing away from the camera and bent over so her white panty-clad ass is showing as her head is turned to look back at the camera. The caption for this very provocative photo reads: “Now, can you get past this picture and actually read about me?” Then she goes to talk about how she’s not on here for “your viewing pleasure or entertainment.” What an arrogant, cock-tease of a bitch!!!

chester says:
October 14, 2011 at 11:19 pm
Exactly. Historically, women were dependent upon men because it was our society that we innovated and we had the power to make a living and put food on the table. Because of affirmative action and feminism and liberalism, women have been give the opportunities to do what only men should be able to do. So now they can go buy houses and spend and travel and go into debt. They all have the attitude now like they have to make you feel like you are walking on egg shells before you even go out with them because there is a line of 1000 other men they can choose from if you so much as breathe the wrong way.

When it comes to dating and meeting, I’m afraid that being persistent and “trying” and “making your best impression” is out the door. If a girl isn’t meeting you half way and if she is not engaged in conversation with you, you’re just going to have to walk away. Ive been guilty of it myself just like other guys where I have sat and tried to make jokes and make her laugh. And if she didn’t respond, then I really put my best game on and tried harder just knowing I could “win”. EFF it!!!!!!!! Just walk off.

Even if you go to meet a girl and she just sticks her hand out and gives you the “dead fish” handshake like she is not impressed with what she sees right away, walk off. Go get back in your car and leave. Teach these stupid bitches a lesson that you are important and you are to be taken seriously the first second they lay eyes on you.

HadEnoughToo says:
October 15, 2011 at 9:47 pm
I gotta love how you call it the “dead fish handshake.” That’s exactly what I got on my last POF date. The woman met me at a bar in her neighborhood.

It had to be her neighborhood because a familiar bar felt “safe.” So I get there five minutes before she does and order a beer. When I get there I find she doesn’t even drink. I think, uh oh, she could be another uptight teetotaler. Her reason for ordering soda instead of alcohol was that she said she didn’t like the taste of alcohol. I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

We hung out there for ninety minutes with her drinking soda and me having four beers, which barely makes me tipsy. The one thing that really disappointed me was that she asks me how the dating online is going. Like, what the hell kind of a question is that for a first date? I’ve been on thousand dates and never brought my dating life first thing nor had anyone go right into telling me about their current dating life.

She’s a relocatee who has been living rent free with her sister. That’s cool. But hearing that her income is as low as mine is I found it ridiculous how her apartment search required a gate because as she put it, “I’m a woman and I could get hurt.” Gated apartments cost too much for her income.

I don’t care if she’s new to town and widowed. When telling me about her dating life online, which she brought up, it was as if she was bragging about how a millionaire offered her the chance to move in with him. All I could think: is this womenese for “men are willing to pay me, will you offer me money to?”

But actually I think she used me as company, being an apparent attention whore. Later into the date once she said “I had a hysterectomy.”

First thing I thought was that is sorta near the equivalent of taking the ballsack and testosterone out of a male. Makes one essentially dickless. So just a few minutes later I said I had to catch a bus.

Gotta love how she shook my hand and said, “we’ll definitely be talking in the future!” which I knew was a probable lie. I deleted her number from my speeddial the first thing when I got home. Of course she never called me back thus proving her “we’ll talk in the future!” Lying Female Date 101. Not that I wanted her to call me back. It just confirmed what I suspected, that she wasn’t very interested.

I mean, what kinda of a woman asks how plentyoffish is going for you when it’s a POF date both are on in the first place? I say a disinterested one that’s looking for entertainment.

Just as Chester said about the “‘Dead Fish’ Handshake” the first thing that comes to mind is the handshake I got on the date with Mrs Disinterested, She feinged being a little interested as not to be too rude, but I could tell the way she was asking me, “what’s your goals in life,” for example, that I had already been disqualified by her and that she was just killing time. Had nothing better to do but watch TV that night.

She knew I wasn’t the type with future goals to be rich or have a family or whatever. But I’ve got my own place. She lives at the mercy of her sister and brother-in-law.

Online dating used to get me laid a lot. Never found a relationship, but that’s OK. But the dating part whether it be POF or the other services has gotten a lot worse. A month ago I settled for a coyote ugly fuck through Craigslist. She did a GREAT job of taking a picture at an angle that made her look a lot less than she really was.

The point being is that I hardly do online dating anymore. It’s gotten worse because while it’s still a 5:1 male to female ratio or whatever, now that one chick is just an attention whore who really has no interest in dating, just wants the male validation of the hundreds of emails just so they can laugh at the male letters/profiles that fail to meet their ridiculous entitled princess laundry list requirements.

And those fat bitches who think that they’re actually capable of being relationship material for the alphas out of their league who just fuck-and-chuck them are dumb enough to think that one day a Prince Charming will stay around for once. Thus ungratefully ignoring the emails of men who are better looking than them or on the same level.

Maybe someday I’ll do what Chester says and just walk out of a meeting place without a word the next time I get a cold fish handshake. Okay, maybe not quite, but things don’t really warm up in twenty minutes I’ll just say I have to go. But, God, it would be fun just one time to treat them like Chester recommended!

60Demerits says:
October 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm
Definitely a bad experience for an average guy. I tried it for 6 months before deleting my account – I hear most guys delete their account within three months. I thought I would give it a try, because I just recently moved to a new area and didn’t know anyone. I’m a average guy – I have nice looking features, nice hair, no acne, good teeth, I’m pretty slender. I’m 5”8 (guess I don’t make the height requirement). I’m not the best looking guy out there, but the ladies could do a hell of a lot worse. I sent well over a hundred messages to women in my 75km area. I only got like five replies. The first woman to reply, clearly suffered a mental illness of some kind, and loved to play head games – it wasn’t long before I blocked her and her harassing messages. Most of the others were unbelievably rude and impolite, and snubbed me without regard of any kind. I did actually met one personally, who was 24 years old. Our first date was awkward and then to my surprise it had gotten sexual, then on our second encounter I had unprotected sex with her. I then later discovered that she was living in a halfway house, and that she had fetal alcohol syndrome and herpes to boot. I am very extremely lucky I was not infected. I shudder to think of how many guys she had sex with before me. After our second encounter she stopped phoning me, so I called her. That’s when I made my discovery and found out… When her care giver / foster mother had answered the phone, and informed me of everything that this girl had actually been hiding, and it all made perfect sense to me. I knew that there was something wrong with this girl, and I knew that the foster mother / care giver wasn’t lying. We never saw each other again after that. I probably wouldn’t have slept with her if I had known of her conditions – POF has no way of filtering all this stuff out and it was all totally undisclosed to me. If anything this hurt my confidence even more – only mentally challenged women will sleep with me. It made me feel filthy and extremely uncomfortable. That one didn’t work out obviously. I was ready to give up there, but another woman actually responded to one of my older messages. She claimed to have been away in France, and only got my message recently. I met her, at the shopping mall – I wanted to meet in public. I bought her lunch and smoothies, and took her to the movie theater also in the same mall. She just basically used me for lunch and a movie. Things were going good on the phone, I thought We meet in person, I over indulge her, then BOOM she stopped returning my phone calls. Plenty Of Fish is total bullshit. Every women who uses POF has something wrong with them – trust me. They are users, manipulators and posers, all of whom have an intense sense of self importance and over developed egos, along with astronomically unrealistic expectations of Men. The rest are actually mentally retarded, like the one I met and actually had sex with. They love having the upper hand on nice guys. They are on POF because normal guys won’t date them. Nice guys, do yourselves a favor, STFA from POF. Us Guys should all just up and quit those dating sites… then they will have no upper hand, they will have no choice, and POF will all be for women only – I’ll bet most will stay to become lesbians. These women won’t have the upper hand anymore. There all social rejects anyway. I’m going to the bars and nightclubs from now on, I’ll probably have better luck there – I’m sure of it.

chester says:
October 23, 2011 at 12:00 am

“This kind of song reminds you of your teenage years when you looked to the? future with hope and innocent aspirations of falling in love with some fantastic looking girl and that she would love you back. Of course, as you get older you find that real life is somewhat different from the fairy tale you imagined love to be. However the real enchantment behind a song like this is that just for a little while you imagine that your teenage dreams could yet become a reality! What an amazing gift!”

Just thought I’d share this “oldie but goodie” song from the 80s to just remind us all what no female on POF and no female in this day and age can deliver. Just thought I’d bring back some of the forgotten feelings of what women are SUPPOSE to be.

For all you guys out there…..I’m your comrad that has gone through all the same shit you’ve gone through. I feel the torment and disappointment of today that all of you have had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s sad what this day and age has brought us when it comes to women. So keep this tune in mind as a reminder of what women WERE so that when you see any female out in public or on POF, you’ll be straight with what rotten scum and a poor excuse for a moral species women have become. They represent a culture of death. Adam fell for their shit in the garden……don’t let it happen to you.

HadEnoughToo says:
October 24, 2011 at 3:26 am
I hear you. I’ve slept with over 50 women. In the last year I’ve only banged one chick plus a rotten ex-gf.

I’ve all but given up on chasing women, I got sick of their standards, their “we 80% are only gonna bang the top 20% of men” mentality.

After years, almost being 40 years old myself, I thought, well, what gives them the damn right?

I get the supply and demand thing. But after decades it is totally unfair that I have to settle for a lot more mentally ill/fat chicks than I should have to.

Don’t I have a right to have standards too? Just because they have a in-demand pussy doesn’t mean they are worth a damn in bed..

Blue On Blue says:
December 23, 2011 at 4:48 pm
>>> Just because they have a in-demand pussy doesn’t mean they are worth a damn in bed..

Just went through something like this again, myself. The ironic thing is that nature (God) has decreed that the female:male ratio ALWAYS balances out at just about 50/50.

I recognize that there is the odd exception to this (Russia now, China in years to come) but my point is that the “pussy shortage” is a myth that women have promoted since long before the world of Internet dating. There is no shortage of women out there.

HadEnoughToo says:
December 24, 2011 at 3:47 am
Here’s a quote that totally sums it up for me,

“It’s with men, so how can one sex be getting more than the other”?

Well, easily. Men tend to try to date many types of women, while groups of women tend to go after the same superstar guy. If 10 women flock to one guy and have sex with him, not realizing he is fooling around with other women, that leaves 10 men with no one to be with.

The main reason it’s harder for men in the dating game is because most men are single and trying hard to convince the girl he likes to stop dating that one superstar guy thats clearly cheating on her with tons of other girls.”

phil says:
October 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm
YEah Tell them you won the lotto
And watch all the replays

Plenty of winners says:
October 25, 2011 at 6:55 pm
What guys don’t understand is these women know EXACTLY what they are doing when they post pictures of themselves with their breasts popping out in skimpy outfits. They are using the LAZY way of attracting EASY attention because they know deep inside they are worthless to any man with something going for him. It’s Plenty of Refuse reverse psychology. They get more emails and put up the nonsense in their profiles as fluff filler to stroke their own ego and make it seem like they are actually worth something. Then they sit back and delete the “unattractive” guys no matter how good his profile is while online shopping for the best looking. They would rather have the best looking guy to make their friends “jealous” even if he pumps and dumps them because they offer ZERO to any man with things going for him and THEY KNOW IT. They think: Why actually have to put in work on themselves and into a relationship with a guy with things going for him when they can get the quick ‘fix’ of the hot guy with possibly nothing going for him killing two birds with one stone. Hot guy, nothing going for him = I have a hot guy and he’s going nowhere in life like me so we are “equal”.

Think of it this way: It’s EASY for them to sign up, make a quick profile, post in provocative poses and use their ‘sexuality’ to attract hordes of guys then pick the “best” in looks while not caring if he really has anything going for him because it not only makes them feel ‘good’ that they have some ‘hunks’ who they’ll respond to seeing them as the ‘prize’ their profile nonsense makes them out to be but again they don’t have to improve themselves or use any self reflection. They see it as a “win-win” for them.

Take a look in your areas. The site is INFESTED with tatted up, single moms of all ages with numerous kids, different fathers, mental issues, been through half the neighborhood at least, drinkers, drug addicts, complete flakes, socially retarded, fresh out of prison (no joke), can’t form a simple coherent English sentence, attention wh0res, baggage galore and so on and so on.

It’s easy for them on that site. No work on self required, just make up whatever you feel like stroking yourself with for a profile. If that site was made to pay or was closing down…99.999% of them would be in mass exodus to the next free site while juggling their remaining Ok Cupid, My Yearbook, Myspace, Twitter, and Flakebook accounts.

Plenty of Refuse is a complete rouges gallery of “who to avoid at all costs” if you met them on the street in real life. Think of the whole thing as a public service warning by Plenty of Fish to normal men with things going for them.

Jacques says:
November 8, 2011 at 6:08 pm

I truly believe that POF, and other dating sites for that matter, are but a mirror of the dating scene in real world, and what it has become in today’s express society. After all; why would you be using those sites if you had true luck in real life unless you have exhausted all other options? To me it makes no sense to take wild chances with people lurking behind a PC monitor, with no way of validating their physical appearances, since they could well upload any photo, no chance on earth of telling their mental state, especially if aunt flow was on a visit, provided that you get past the unrealistic criteria which they impose for any initial contact or even a courtesy “thank you for your interest, but I’m not interested!” reply, when person to person is a much safer option?

THE case:

If you look-up “Scientific experiment” on the internet you’d find that a: [Scientific experiment is a test under controlled conditions that is made to demonstrate a known truth, to examine the validity of a hypothesis, or to determine the efficacy of something previously untried.]
I am neither submitting this for a scientific journal nor am I claiming to be a connoisseur in sociology (or whatever scientific crap category dating falls into) I will try to share my point of view from my own experiences. After all I did experiment in real life and acquired enough data, enough for me to form an educated guess and promulgate it.

Other than dating sites, I can’t say that I have solicited hundreds of women in my life but it’s safe to say that I was at least exposed to thousands of them, literally! In the past, and I mean in the distant past since my last real date goes back to summer of 2010 and my real relationship to 2005, I have been with many women for pleasure, some were real innocent and fun friendships, other as acquaintances; the point is the exposure was there and it was abundant. Of my observation of many women after having closely listened to them and paying extra attention when they bring up dating subjects I concluded that when I woman wants a guy she goes after him! As simple as that! Let me give you a couple of examples.

I was once with a bunch of friends, both males and females eating at the restaurant. One of the girls was attracted to a waiter the minute she laid eyes on him. I have to admit he was tall and handsome. After supper, all called it a night and went home. In the following weeks I found out that the girl was still breathtaken by the guy and I understood that she went back to the same restaurant often until they finally hooked up and got married.

Another friend of mine, an ex- colleague, used to like handmade art and one day went by a store. She walks in and found herself attracted to the owner right off the bat. The following weeks she made sure to walk by the store at least once a day until they got together and got married.

I will cite one final example, out of many, just for the sake of making the point. In fact I spoke about this friend in “What’s wrong with women” thread. After many tries, I finally convinced her to try a new Latin dancing school. The minute she walked in, she notices the instructor and said “I want him”, despite him being WAY out her league. Now she became a devoted disciple of the school to the point where even talking about other schools fall short of blaspheming. Later I mentioned to her that the instructor has a reputation in being an ass, you don’t want to get involved with him. She said “I don’t care, I still want him”. Although the chances she will get him range between 0 and nil and she knows it, what would she say if one day the instructor was having a dry run and decided to take advantage? You can bet your money on her saying and unequivocal “YES! PLEASE”.

MY case:

One day I decided to change my dancing school, and usually with new schools you make new acquaintances. I met this woman, who looked average but still had a certain thing that attracted me to her. When I found out she was married, I backed-off and let her be. However, although she is friendly and extremely outgoing by nature I couldn’t help noticing her extra attention that she paid to me the following weeks. Always making all the first steps, calling me and talking to me for hours, then soon we started practicing together, then practices were upgraded to going out dancing in clubs, with her husband’s consent on top of it. Until the inevitable happened! We hit it on!!! When I asked her why was she doing this and whether she was having problems in her marriage, she denied it and said that on the contrary she loved her husband but there was something about me that pushed her to love me, and her husband at the same time, from the second she saw me! I won’t go on with the rest of my story with this woman because it’s sad and not for the faint of heart.

Of course I do have other examples but I’ll leave it at that just for the sake of not making this thread too long as it already is.

The observation:

In contrast, and I’ll keep it brief, I was interested in many women and tried very hard without pushing them away to notice me, forget about making them fall for me, all I wanted was too take them out for coffees, dancing, movies. Trust me; I’ve had as many failures in real life as on dating sites. In fact given the experiences, and now that I think about it, I consider myself being luckier in real life. At least I stood a chance. At the end many of those women opted for players, cheaters and plain idiots instead of me.

The conclusion:

The point all is that the women above made themselves susceptible for the guy’s charm, regardless whether he has it or not, the very first second they met him. They went above and beyond to make themselves available and noticed. I’m not saying that they fell in love with them; just saying that from that point on no matter what the guy says, how bright he looked, or stupid he sounded, anything he would say or do would appears to be just as breathtaking. Just as the women in the previous examples made themselves available for the guys they were interested in, I too made the same decision and decided to become susceptible for women’s advances I was interested in. The result was a miserable failure!!!

Now imagine If women have the upper hand to make the ultimate decision (unless you’re a hell of a PUA but that’s a topic of its own) in real life, what can they do with this kind of upper hand virtually where the selection list is on a steroid? At least in real life a woman can go only one date at a time (if you were lucky enough to get a date nowadays); she can’t be in two places simultaneously. On dating sites, she can have 10 conversations going at the same time! Scary thought isn’t it?

With reality shows becoming the de-facto of life and the infectious pop culture invading the hearts and minds, and brainwashing young girls, girls of the Justin Beiber, now daddy Justin, generation, at early age thanks to reality shows, like the bachelor, survivor, the apprentice, in plain English where there is either lots of money or beauty involved, things in real life are already difficult for many of us who are not blessed with “competitive” physical traits such as height (like 5’8” which many women prefer over the less fortunate), blue eyes, etc. Imagine now that the bar has been raised higher, the boundaries have been pushed how difficult it would be for us to compete with the elites and the stars!

What are the odds for many of us who expressed frustration on this site remaining single for too long? Very high…

Peter Goodman says:
November 30, 2011 at 11:00 am
Plenty Of Fatties, Plenty Of Freaks, Plenty Of Furbags, Plenty Of Fuckups, Plenty Of Filth. Thats POF in a nutshell. Duh, its free, only the bottom scraping dregs that the local guys are all scared of can roam at will there and become princesses in their own minds.

David says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:40 am
I have tried numerous times to register ön POF without success.
I have not been rude át a.ll when sending messages.
My profile has been clean.
Can someone advise me pls.

Jerry says:
January 22, 2012 at 8:33 pm
Yeh, dont waste your time its a fucking joke POF= Plenty of Freaks

john says:
January 3, 2012 at 11:30 am
yes i can advise you!..stay off pof!..have you not read these articles here about the crap site!..whats wrong with you????

oncefuzzy says:
January 7, 2012 at 2:32 am
The POF Facebook page has banned me from posting on their Wall for talking about another dating web site. ” is far superior and actually works.” I guess they fear competition? I always wondered why people on FB “whined” about how POF is such a shitty dating site so I tried it for myself. I quickly found out POF is full of con artists, spammers and porn peddlers. It is actually pretty disgusting.

Now I must admit that a good friend of mine found a guy on POF fell in love and got married. They even had a kid. If that is what you are looking for kudos but to me that sounds like a rare experience on POF. Sure I do not like the guy she married, he is kind of a dick, but I am happy for her. Maybe it is only women that have the most success?

In short Plentyoffish is a horrendous web site and they cant handle the truth.

Leon Jones says:
January 11, 2012 at 9:40 am
Oncefuzzy, be careful about and, these sites are free sites; I found that people on plentyoffish were on these sites. The big problem isn’t the sites it’s the people. The culture particularily in the western world has been dominated by self-centered people, radical/illogical feminism, political correctness, and other irresponsible behavior. A percentage of people use these dating sites to hide who they really are; with some of the free sites, you will find your fair share of degenerate people. My advice to anyone looking on any dating site is to know who you are, what you’re able to bring to a relationship, why you want a relationship, what is your educational background, are you stable physically, emotionally, and mentally. Do you have employment, are you still raising children, living with parents, etc. Look at your own behavior and make sure you understand that a relationship requires sharing yourself with that right person. Finding that person takes time and proper communication. Make sure your standards are realistic. I find that men and women are very shallow with their standards; in the end, some of them don’t have anything to offer a relationship; with that attitude/mind set, these individuals will find themselves on dating sites year after year looking for a person who doesn’t exist.

gg says:
January 12, 2012 at 12:03 pm
People do question the concept of online dating sites: People do say “why would they be on a dating site if they were OK as a potential partner?”. But in today’s society you can pretty quickly find yourself with little or no options for meeting new people – you get caught up in some daily routine and have moved to a new area, live out in the sticks… etc, so are not likely to meet a partner. Me for example: I work in a company in a small dept of mostly male colleges, and the 3 or so girls that do work there are all nice, but taken. I could join some evening classes and such (accept I work during the evening). I generally don’t hangout with my work colleges, mainly because its too far for me to go for a night out. So in theory the concept of online dating is awesome! I mean, you have to be a certain type of person to walk up to random women in libraries and coffee shops and get numbers on the fly. No… thats not me. So, online seemed great!

The reality: I just don’t have enough success on these sites to justify my time being spent on them. I (like many others) can send out message after message on pof to get absolutely nothing back, although I do sometimes get messages from people I wouldnt be into, which I guess is better than absolutly nothing. And OKCUPID (which is better), I can usually get a few replies, but these die out after awhile… so the result is the same! …the only reason I can think of for these results is the fact there are either just too many guys/girls (not enough women join up) or there are simply not enough serious (about finding someone and actually dating) women on there.

Leon Jones says:
January 17, 2012 at 10:25 am
The problem with women on this site and every other free dating site is the quality. Most of the women are not available for meeting because they don’t want to talk on the phone; they use every excuse in the book but, expect us to be there for them when they want us. Guys if a woman will not return your phone calls and text messages she isn’t interested. Another issue I see is woman say they don’t want booty calls but, if they are interested in a guy, they will call or text; even send him pictures of her(even naked and in her bra and panties). she will tell how she can’t wait to meet you. When you meet her and you click; you have sex with her, she disappears; what is that a booty call. Lastly, women can’t handle criticism because when you tell them how you feel they turn it around to make it seem like you’re the one with the problems. The problem with women in general is they have been brainwashed to have rights not responsibilities and society has programmed them to be takers and guys to be givers. Lastly, guys will do anything to get sex and anything to avoid her teardrops and tantrums. We are as guys are dealing with unstable and immature females that’s why they have the inability to communicate with us on real world terms.

g says:
January 31, 2012 at 5:41 am
I’m leaving pof (deleting my profile) on the 14/2/12 – a whole year after I joined to the day!

I do have a friend whose pof experience is/ was satisfactory. He was mostly ignored on there (meaning most of his messages went unanswered), but he got enough response to make the whole thing worth-while… crucially!

He said it was a “god send” as a way to meet women, when the pool dries up as we get older in your everyday life (he is 32 like me).

In the end he found someone from his work-place to date long term… so real life beat pof. But, unlike me, he got some short-term encounters off pof.

Most were people with some sort of issue or they were too far away. All of them looked ok though.

Having said that, if my pof experience were like his I would probably be satisfied too… I mean, if you’re meeting a few people, or even one person a month, then there is hope you will meet someone right for you within a year. I’d say he met 5 people within a year. I met 1 people within a year and she was not as she appeared in her picture.

I know I’m not bad looking, but I think on pof you have to be very attractive or have very low standards to make it worth-while. In my case I do get messages from time to time (from people I’m not attracted to)… it is way too rare that I get contact with someone I would want to date to make it worth-while.

I can only assume my friend is significantly more attractive than me lol.


dick hertz says:
February 15, 2012 at 2:26 am
POF truly sucks. Same hags online 22 hours a day. The Nazi Party has nothing on POF moderators. They’ll delete posts for the most arbitrary reasons. It’s a real sewer. Thankfully I never gave those scumbags any money for their bullshit “upgrade.”

sluggo says:
February 15, 2012 at 4:40 pm
And I thought I was the only one..haha selfcentred to the core to think everyones lifes going forward except mine when it comes to meeting 1 from pof.
I did meet a woman yrs ago on pof that was good for 4yrs and went I find its not the same as back when..Then I got replies and today none!!
I gotta learn how to get a number on the fly f2f..

dick hertz says:
February 16, 2012 at 5:23 am
POF sucks, big time. Most of the women, in my humble opinion (ahem), only want a rich guy who will lavish them with material goods. A decent, regular guy stands NO CHANCE AT ALL. The moderators are incredibly heavy-handed. They delete posts for the most arbitrary of reasons. The site is massive, with literally hundreds of thousands of women online during “peak” hours (nights, 8-10), but it really means nothing if they’re gold-diggers. Forget PLENTY OF SH*T, guys. Save your time. You’re not going to find a quality women there.

Vajazzle my Penazzle says:
February 25, 2012 at 6:37 pm
You guys don’t get it. The women on POF have been hurt deeply. They were able to get over their divorce(s) and lack of love with one trip to the mall. Or they never were married spinsters, which proudly announces that no man is good enough for them. These never marrieds think they are mentally healthy.
There are only two (2) ways to compensate with that kind of deep hurt:
a) Gain 100 lbs OR
b) Begin or Escalate being a lying, gold digging WHORE. (The first lie is that they are ready to meet a regular, nice, employed, stable man, [they are not] and the SECOND subconscious lie is that they could ever love again. except for the love of money)

These women cry at night because they don’t have a man -like Anna Nicole Smith married. Filthy rich and near death.

Don’t be a one night stand either. These whores ain’t gonna vajazzle you for free! They hate sex and are libido free. Wait a minute. They will get horny for money. I believe that is what a whore does……………..

ron bell says:
February 28, 2012 at 2:29 pm
on pof one day and seen a girl from Chatham,she was nice looking so I sent a message,no reply,no big deal.Many days later I was on pof and a ad came up for a dating site and the girl in the pic for the dating site ad was the girl from chatham.Months go by and I was at a gas station and I see this girl,i could not beleive it,she was better looking than her pics. I asked her about being on pof and the dating site and she told me she was a model and they paid her to use her photo for fake pof profiles to real in the suckers.POF does suck.

dick hertz says:
March 1, 2012 at 10:37 pm
It seems half the women on POF are on anti-depression drugs, while the other half have their snooty noses up their asses. The male moderators must have been pants in front of the girls’ gym throughout high school, so now they “take their revenge” by fucking with the male posters.

chris says:
March 3, 2012 at 12:12 am
I was on plenty of fish for the last 2 years. in that 2 years i’ve slept with probably 20 women on there. NOT one was a good thing. more like an act of desperation. two of them we were doing the deal, hot and sweaty and then…they farted when they came. I swear to god, who does that? There were the “way fatter than their picture” ones, there were the “way older than their stated age” ones, ones that say they love you in a week, trying their best to get money from you. There were 3 goldiggers like that. The hottest ones were generally the most psychotic andtypically didn’t respond and if they did message me I understood within a few minutes how someone so hot is online in the first place. I actually deleted my account today for the last time. Either that site is sent from the devil himself to torment and torture men or I just have extremely bad luck. Sticking the old fashioned way now, talking to people I meet….

March 6, 2012 at 12:16 am
POF is the worst dating on the ‘net. Let me list the reasons (in my humble opinion):

1) It’s the same tired, old bags online ALL DAY.

2) The decent-looking babes are swamped with e-mails. You have no chance.

3) Forget about the forums. They’re packed with the nastiest, most abusive mother-phuckers you can imagine. Whatever you post, you’ll get flamed by social misfits (online 19 hours a day) trying to prove how witty they are. You simply can not get an answer to a real question.

4) The “moderators” are the worst. Apparently their entire pathetic, dysfunctional life revolves around this sorry-ass site. It’s like air to them and they apparently devote every phucking waking moment to “patrolling” POF just looking for something to delete. Sign up and spend two nights online. Everything I mentioned above will proven to you in living color. Save you time and hit the singles bar – you have a better shot.

Matt says:
April 15, 2012 at 7:55 pm
I made a account and put my picture up, and got ZERO responses and the ones I did get I sent messages to them AND got your UGLY creep, leave me alone…then my profile got deleted SO I made a fake account and got replies from ugly gold-digging women,, then when asked about my interests and I told them..and ALL OF A SUDDEN deleted account…POF blows goats

paul says:
May 14, 2012 at 5:13 pm
pof is playing you suck you in spit you out,using fakes you want the dating experience you have to pay one way or other might be cheaper to see a hooker at least you are garenteed a happy ending think about it cheaper than marraige or divorce!!!???lol

eric says:
May 26, 2012 at 12:24 pm
totally lame site…account keeps getting deleted.
i hope someone will hack into the site and take it down^^

POF timer says:
May 31, 2012 at 4:48 am
Women complain about the “hey how r u” messages they recieve from guys. But IF a woman messages you, providing you look like a thug out of prison, guess what? Women will message “how r u”!

Women complain the guys only message “good looking hot girls”. But the women only message “hot buff out of prison babdoys”!

Women? complain that guys don’t reply. But women don’t reply 99% of the time anyways.(again, unless you’re an out of prison thug)

Women complain again? about the hey how r u” messages they recieve from guys. But write them a whole paragraph, and they ignore you anyway! They DO judge via your photo.

Women say “No pic, no reply” or “I want to know who Im talking to”
But having a pic doesn’t guarantee a reply anyway, and how do they KNOW you from a photo?
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What do you hate?
Posted: 1/13/2016 8:50:28 AM
OP~ You have WAY too much time on your hands to take anything posted on any forum seriously. Wow and Wow.
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What do you hate?
Posted: 1/13/2016 3:38:10 PM

People who complain that much, often have a hard time finding someone who wants to hang out with them.
 vlad dracul
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What do you hate?
Posted: 1/8/2018 1:21:48 AM
There was a wee comedy sketch show in Scotland called Burnistoun. This clip has done the rounds but in case none of yous ever seen it here it is.

And believe me this is quite common when you have a Scottish accent. When i was in New York we were up in the old hells kitchen. I had a Scotland rugby top on. It had a Thistle. It had Scotland written on it. But in a shop the assistant asked if i was from Russia lol

And this is from a building site in Scotland.

And lastly this is from the Russian candid camera show. Watch the geezer with the ice lolly

This is just word filler so please ignore
I though it was meant to be humor? Not finding it funny. Why copy and paste all those posts? What does it prove? pointless and a waste of someone's time.
A lot of Women and men on this site have issue with the opposite sex and all this blog does fuel that disconnection!
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