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Joined: 1/23/2016
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Recently joined Pof and not having much success. Honesty review would be nice and some tips would be greatly appreciated. I've never actually done online dating before and I not really sure what to write about myself. I guess good photos are a must but i feel very anti photogenic, i tried to take decent photos although I don't think I'm attractive enough to attract many girls.
Thank you in advance for anyone that's willing to answer.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Review please!
Posted: 1/26/2016 10:31:48 PM
Oh, Harry.... you need to ditch all but one of the mugshots you have now. Keep only the one that shows the closest thing to a smile in the best lighting. Then get photos that are not obvious repeat selfies. Got anything from a recent holiday or event? If not, get a family member, friend or cute stranger on the street to take a few pictures of you. Smiling. This gallery is just not going to work as it is now.

"-" is not an occupation. Are you a student? Do you have a trade or other skill and are looking for work? What do you do when you are working? Are you taking time off to be a caregiver? With no explanation, your viewer is going to expect you are broke and she'll have to pay for everything. or spend all your dates in your parents' basement watching tv. Just.. no.

The profile body definitely needs to lose the cliches and find some personality or humour. Have a look:

I'm new to this whole online dating thing so if this comes out awkward then I'm sorry... But not really ;P
Delete. Seriously.

At first i can be a little shy or quite, but once we break the ice I'll be more open and try to make bad jokes that will make you laugh.I would like to think that I'm open minded and would love to try new activities and food, except exotic seafood.
How about instead, "I tend to make really bad jokes that have you laughing at how bad they are, but at least you're laughing! I am open-minded about trying new activities or food. Except maybe raw squid, that's disgusting." You need to be specific, lose the "shy at first" cliche and show a bit of your personality here.

What makes me unique? I think I'm a nice person but thats not really THAT unique :) True. Why did you say it, then?
I can be a little playful sometimes. What, like a puppy? This whole part can be skipped as you deal with playful/spontaneous in the next paragraph.

I enjoy spontaneous long drives, like reading fiction. How are long drives like reading fiction? This should be two separate sentences. Drives to where? Who is your favourite author? What are you reading right now?? Details!

I'm big fan of soccer but not so much with other sports, like hiking. I do enjoy playing some video games an watching netflix.
You can delete the 'not so much' part. If the perfect girl for you likes hockey, would you avoid watching it with her? Again, add the details - where do you like hiking? What is your latest Netflix binge/guilty pleasure?

My music taste is kinda broad, I well listen to anything that flows well with me. Although I really enjoy music with catchy beats.
Well that was vague. Why bother if you can't be specific? This can go.

As for my career and aspirations, I have ambitious goals that I'm planning and chasing. You could say that I have a general direction where I want to be but the details are still hazy and I'm expecting a lot of ups and downs. If you want to know more ask in person.
They won't. It comes across as a bit dodgy. Unless you can say you are working toward...., don't bother. Instead, you should add a line or two about the type of girl you'd like to meet. What kind of personality would she have? Avoid the cliches (shy at first, down to earth, good sense of humour) and use your imagination. You can do much better than this.


When you've made the effort at new photos and rewrite, post back here for more feedback.
Joined: 4/1/2015
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 12:30:37 AM
^^All good advice.

I don't normally indulge the attention-seeking "am I ugly" questions, but you seem pretty genuine, so... you *are* attractive enough. If you had a nice big smile in that current pic you'd look downright handsome. Go.. run.. get some smiling pics.
Joined: 9/9/2015
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 6:57:20 AM
Harry, I second and third what Forums and Deb have said: Smile!

Don't underestimate the results you can get with a teeth baring smile. And don't let yourself get tangled up with thoughts of "Gee, I look like a dork when I smile" because the a big majority of the women viewing your pictures will not concur.
Joined: 1/23/2016
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 5:35:52 PM
Thank you for your advise.
I've made changes to about me and would appreciate if you could state your opinion.
I haven't changed my pictures so I'm still working on that.
Joined: 1/23/2016
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 5:39:34 PM
Sorry it wasn't my intention to phrase it like that and honestly it wasn't for attentions-seeking. At the time I wrote it my post, i just felt a little ugly.
Joined: 9/7/2011
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 5:58:20 PM

I've made changes to about me

Your "Headline" has a bit of negativity,
that could easily be turned into a positive.

iorigin: Exploring the world but some how ended up here.

Sounds like a downer, the way it reads now. :(

How about changing one little word,
(two actually)
and adding an exclamation point?

Exploring the world and somehow ended up here!

Seems more bright. :)
And bright beats buzzkill
every -single - day of the week!

Me and my partner are planning. . . .

Domestic partner?
Business partner?
I suggest leaving "your partner" out of the equation
at this time, and possibly forever. Keep your bank
statements to yourself also, until you're ready
to tie the knot.
Good luck!
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Review please!
Posted: 1/27/2016 6:58:16 PM
You've made some great edits - nice work!

I personally find it interesting that you have lived in 3 very different areas. Although it's probably not your style, I'd loved to have seen something like "I can teach you to cuss out bad drivers in 4 different languages!" Now THAT would be fun. ..
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