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Remove the age restrictions altogether. You can't contact 18yos on here anyway and it's a really bad look that you'd even want to. Women closer to your age are going to assume they are too old for what you are looking for.

You are a handsome man - why on earth don't you have a close-up headshot? Just thing about how small your pic is on a cell phone screen ... and then you have a full body pic in which your face is barely discernible? Women will just click on the next profile on the list where they CAN clearly see the man's face.


I'm John
The section is headed "About John" - no need to repeat this information.

while I still can.
This sounds like you think you are nearing 'over the hill' status. Remove it.

Been driving a long time now
As most people have by your age. I don't think you need to mention this at all.

Ideally a drink be it coffee or a Bar. It's all about getting to know each other 1St
You could write this a little better, eg "Ideally a drink, be it coffee or at a bar. It's all about getting to know each other."

The "slowly coming to an end" re your parents has an ominous undertone, I'd leave this out altogether unless you can write it in a positive way.

What sort of women are you looking for? Describe her (not using physical attributes), eg adventurous, nerdy, introverted, outgoing, fashionable, studious, spontaneous, quiet etc etc etc.
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Advice Needed
Posted: 1/30/2016 6:49:48 AM
Number 1 priority on any profile.


As an upgraded account, you are allowed 16 pics I think, but you only have two. The more pics you have showing yourself in different types of situations with both a close up and full body pics, the better you will do.

I agree, that these are better left to a face to face discussion.

"Been driving a long time now and currently in the process of sorting out a place to live with a friend.

I spent a large portion of my adult life supporting my parents but that's slowly coming to an end. "

As well as the "while I still can" is negative. I still travel a lot and share it with my dates and now my wife, I am 63. Unless you have a medical condition that you know will cause you to become incapacitated, leave these out.

I would spend more time talking about fun things you like doing, personally I never described what sort of woman I was looking for, as I wasn't looking for any one type. Just looking to date and have a fun time.

The HIGHEST priority is PICS. So first things first, find interesting pictures or create some new ones. Use a timer and tripod to take multiple pics and select the best ones.
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Advice Needed
Posted: 1/30/2016 7:00:48 AM
^^^ I have no problem with dating younger girls, but guys especially don't need age filters, it isn't like men are getting hundred of MSGs they don't want.

So just leave out most all filters and choose who to date based on your interactions with people.
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Advice Needed
Posted: 1/30/2016 10:43:25 AM

Posted By: JohnW4444
I have to admit pictures are an issue.
I could get a friend to take some but i am concerned they will look contrived or just silly.

That is a chance, you have to take.

I remember waaay back, I had a friend that took
some pictures of me, for this very site.

He said "Let's get a few of you, standing by your fireplace,
with the mirror reflecting the back of your head.
It will show your full head of hair."
"Put an elbow up on the mantle, look regale."

My buddy meant well.
However those were the worst pictures ever taken!
Indoors, bad lighting, goofy unnatural look on my face.
But, you will never know, unless you try. (I didn't use them.)
Pro Tip: Never have a nincompoop stage your pictures.

Outdoors, gentle sunshine, blue sky, green foliage.
Throw in a water feature or archaeological wonder,
and you may well have it, made in the shade!
Good luck!
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Advice Needed
Posted: 1/30/2016 11:47:33 AM
Careful when deleting. Even if you delete your profile you'll still get automatically renewed and billed by POF if you don't got through the cancellation process. Because you have an upgraded account.
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