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Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the SystemPage 1 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
i just wanna write
dirty words
without being told
I can't write that
because I Have to get a J O B
and no one's going to pay me
for being a pervert

well... technically they could
but I don't have a good set up to make men stroke their wood
from 3K miles away
and I'd be a little shy anyways
so... I"ll hide.

No more mods to kill my thread
makes me happy willful
to the world
or something like that
I wear a lot of different hats
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/16/2016 9:13:51 PM
I'd quit smoking for you
At least make a conscious effort
At least hide it forever

But then I'd be escaping you just to get to
My love for the burn
I've got an e CIG
Think I might quit

But I probably won't
Love me anyways
Joined: 11/29/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/17/2016 8:25:30 AM
rebirth itself is recycled again
its simply a matter of when
all the notes have been played
in crayons out of the box arrayed

like prescribed steroids on disbelief
desperately seeking refuge relief
from this earthly allergy of average
while yet still stuck in mans cage

its been done before or so it may seem
originality ripped apart from its gleam
time is but an illusion for the living
simply another vehicle that stops giving

as history repeats itself once again
its simply a matter of when
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/17/2016 6:44:12 PM
Right back where we started
Staring at the big circle
A little older
A few more wrinkles
Still teenage curiosity
Puppy love
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/18/2016 8:07:03 AM
Had a terrible dream last night
reached for you
over the wires
nowhere to be found

I hope you were sleeping well
because I don't sleep at all
as of late
it's scary here
inside my sober mind
I need to purge
need to find
something better than half assed attempts at re-spawn

I was dreaming of that other man
and his son
wondering if they really wanted to kill me that night
feeling a lot less safe than I should
but knowing a gun won't help

My mouth
is calloused
and strong
I spit these accusations as if I knew all along
the good Lord will protect me
helps me write these songs
but it's scary down here
all alone

girls are jealous
thinking I want their men
when I have you
I don't need them

their men are ugly, brutish, and poor
you make my stupid heart soar
I woke up late
wishing you were flesh
wishing there were a way
for me to get out of this mess...
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/21/2016 9:15:13 PM
Complicated scenario
Do I stay or go
Where will the path lead me
I don't want to be so close to the road
But living in a six bedroom home while only being able to use
One room
Is for the birds
I need to phuck myself
Where no one hears
I've got to get the hell out of here.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/23/2016 2:22:09 PM
needing a walk
walk this dog
I shaved my legs
to sell a hog
to another man
or something

there are surprises in the forest
if you dig deep enough
little bits of fun-

I collect here and there
place it on a shelf
to die

never gets the chance to spread its spores
I'm a mushroom murderer...

There could have been a secret tucked away in my heart
some secret lover or another part
of me
no one can see
I shaved my legs for no one
but myself
the boy was pulling on my hairs
I guess it was time.


How are you??
that's good
at least you're not drunk every day
fvck you
I wasn't drunk every day
what good is sobriety
if you can't sleep
or work.

I keep looking in the mirror
thinking another woman will emerge
if I just try a little harder
stick my finger a little further
down my throat
like all the other pretty ballerinas
but no matter what I do
I get stuck on you
wishing I were someone different
so we could fvck
in peace.


a mind is a terrible thing to waste
almost as bad as a tight body
with loose curves

i was dreaming of a mountain lake
or some stupid thing
that doesn't exist

they are all reservoirs
intended to quench
satellite transfixed locations
with tan women
packing a designer purse
made in china
cuz we don't have no jobs

i, for one,
wouldn't much care for a factory
I need sex to fuel my life
I need air to be free.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/27/2016 11:06:13 PM
I'd like to rip their ****ing dru k driving
Psychotic heads right from their necks
Calling the law on a single mom
Dutifully standing by her crazy ass mom

Vehicles cost money
I can pay for that
A freaking criminal record lasts forever
What a couple of freaking bitxhes

I hope the state police investigate
I hope Shes as dumb as I think

Let her rot in that jail awhile

Freaking loser jealous Butch

My ass will always be pretty
Get over it
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/29/2016 9:09:58 PM
This morning she told me I needed to lose ten pounds
this evening she said stop writing poetry and get a job
her negativity makes me want to vomit in a square bale of hay
then throw it at her head
this makes me
a bad daughter

this has to end...
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/7/2016 9:27:25 AM
I have a burning desire to slit my wrists today
let the blood dowse the road
where she drives every day
why won't that old bytch die??

The tears are welling up because as I read the law I am afraid
we waited too late
obviously needed an attorney from the get go
no one will help for free
why is poverty
so expensive

I just want to fix the damn house up
build a greenhouse or six
maybe an earth hut to experiment around with life
why did that stupid bytch have to get involved
with a family affair
why didn't they sell it to my uncle
only some people love this land
sick of the way the hands
of time
screw only the poorest
I digress
from my deathly urge to die

I would cry
but the tears are gone and no one understands what kind of seriousness I'm in

poeple wanna holler about politics
when the whole freaking sys
is fvcked

i hate everythingf
and wish I could give up
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/11/2016 5:42:35 PM
my hand is outstretched wanting to fill a cup
and no one will go to bed
turn the lights off
I love my kids
but can't stand this mess
and I need to clean right now

It's not going to look like this tomorrow
mark it down.
Joined: 5/30/2014
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/11/2016 7:05:18 PM
Mark it down
This is not
The way
I see
My place
To be
Is this the life
I thought to crave
Or just
Another vain conceit
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/11/2016 7:44:49 PM
this is the only life
I've ever wanted
just figured I'd be sharing it
with a man
rather than
my momma and two kids
shit happens
my hounds sound like pure heaven
nestled against the frog's chorus
dirty feet
and all.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/11/2016 11:00:38 PM
got it squared away
enough for satisfaction
doesn't look a whole lot better
to the outside eye
alas, if you only knew
how much work I did
you'd be offering me a cold beer
but I qwit drinkin
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/19/2016 10:31:40 AM
her face is peeling off
from stress
the red blotches tell me
she was about to expend
all her energy
on stress

she says her tooth hurts
says she won't go to the doctor
says she needs my antibiotics
that I stash for the apocalypse
I tell her I have cloves
coconut oil
could make her a tincture
she doesn't want my herbs
she refuses to use my medicine
then takes my stash
for whatever staph
might jack us up on the future

I"m sick of her
sick of being here
just want to throw away all this crap
she refuses to get rid of
and start over

But you can't leave your mother
it's against the rules
of God

And I love her enough
to suffer in this chaos

Just wish she'd take my medicine
I could heal her
if she weren't so stubborn

Maybe the infection
will take her heart out
maybe she'll die
then never be scared and paranoid again

I want relief
but would prefer to enjoy
her last moments
on earth

The yeast is killing her
she wont' listen to me
wants to feed my kids junk
as I try so hard
to set their bodies straight

I'd kill for my own home
nice and new and straight
but even if I got one
I'd give it to her

I just want her to be
inside her head

I dont' want her dead
but I need some damn relief.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/19/2016 7:36:34 PM
i was busy
talking to ghosts
and forgot
to smudge the room

hee hee
riding my broom
go to hell
i hope you die young.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/19/2016 7:44:10 PM
when the butterfly lands
it's supposed to be a good omen
I happen to believe
it doesn't mean a thing
fvck butterflies
i hope they all fvcking die
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/19/2016 7:44:39 PM
there was a shiny pebble in the bottom of the well
I dove in to retrieve this shiny thing
and died
the end.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/19/2016 7:45:53 PM
I heard a call from deep in the woods
told me time was a wasting and that I'm up to no good
I hollered really loud at the bigfoot
and asked if he had a joint to burn
he laughed at me
and said
he doesn't smoke weed
but he'd grab me a handful of buds
come fall

the bigfoot knows where they hide their plants
the bigfoot sees it all
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/20/2016 12:05:40 AM
my little ones toes
are buried in my nose
he's stretched out
while I have no room
this is parental love
normal as can be

they twitch and carry on
much softer than my own
but still too rough for the all knowing prim and proper women
that only dress theirs in name brand clothing

And, I feel a little stupid
stuck here among these strange people
trying to fit in
like a round peg in a square hole
with a fire hydrants soul
pouring filth and random meanderings

his little toes bring
me joy
even when
i can't move my arm
'neath the weight of them
he's such a big kid
going to end up taller than the other one
and twice as mean

I can tell
by his feet.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/24/2016 4:40:40 PM
I probably planted them a little too shallow
or a little too deep
I'm no good with peas.

Twindling vines end up all spaced out
too much room for weeds to poke through
kinda like my life.

I leave spaces in the rows
gaps wide enough to allow
the sorriest of fvcks to enter my throne
with no sense of belonging or home
I just kinda dig around in the dirt
hoping something will make
kinda like I do with my mates

I'm good at making babies
better than peas anyhow
my kids are always pretty
clean on good days
dirty behind the ears on others
but being a mother
is relatively natural to me
even though
I kinda suck at peas..

I saved some back
to fill in the gaps
I'm sure
will be fine
in time.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/26/2016 9:54:37 AM
moss collected on the corner of a mountain
with beautiful slopes and dangerous piles
rocky crevices where copperheads like to fvk
and breed
and birth
these things
that eat mice
frogs and the like

I have no venom
'cept from my tongue
and at times
I'm an asp
of sorts.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 3/30/2016 4:41:25 PM
something about the dirt between my toes
makes me want to get clean
in a hotel room
with an ounce of coke
and a jacuzzi

I'll never be perfect
I'll never get clean.
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 4/10/2016 8:18:14 AM
i have to haul water
fill washer
clean kids
get stuff out of car
to go see the fake war
I'm excited to check it out
it's going to be fun
I only have an hour
why did I come here???????
Joined: 8/4/2015
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 4/15/2016 10:44:08 PM
let's go pick out glasses
the five minute test
we gave your squirming three year old
said he needed them...
don't worry, your insurance will pay...

'cuse me.
I don't think he needs glasses
she's going to do another test
and I will get a second opinion
before permanently altering my child's

fvcking turd sucking rejects
happy to charge the tax payers
for unnecessary things
don't care if they mess up
my baby
in the process

I hate this world sometimes
when eager doctors
get rich
off of helpless tax payers
had I not been a 'woke' citizen
my baby's eyes
coulda been destroyed forever

I don't pray for doctors like that
Nor do I report them
but I warn others
while sitting in line...
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