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Joined: 9/22/2014
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Hi guys,

I've been at his site for nearly 2 years now with very little results. If anyone could offer some advice regarding my profile it would be much appreciated.

I'm not expecting to be attractive to everyone, just a niche group really or people of similar ilk.

Joined: 9/7/2011
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Posted: 2/17/2016 2:00:53 PM

I've been at his site for nearly 2 years now with very little results.

I'm not sure I have the answer
to your plight, however I see
a few things that could be changed
to line yourself up for success.

Mikhayl28: It takes about 3 months to really know someone

Though technically true, That "Headline"
won't have the women lining up to meet you.
So think strongly about changing that.

She might think. . . .
So, Mike is hinting to me in his headline,
that it will take me three months
to figure out he is a complete psycho and
partial nut-job? "Better safe than sorry, . . . next!"

Hoping to meet a strong and confident woman who is passionate about . . . .

Even if we were talking about men in your age range,
you might come up with 30 percent of "strong and confident."

Sure, there are a few "Alpha Chicks" around,
usually training for Women's Shot Put,
or Basketball for the upcoming Olympics.

But, many more women (since they're women)
will lean more towards the soft and emotional side.
Estrogen and glitter fuels their personal search for fun.

So, I think you should give the 99 percent of women
reading your profile, for the first time,
the feeling that she might be the one
you are searching for. Not the just the one percent.

If you're looking for . . . . old school dating. . . .

Curious what "old school dating" means to you?

I think of old school dating as,
a three step process.

Take her to a movie,
then out to dinner,
finally together
checking the mattress for squeaky springs!

You might elaborate what "that" means to you, yes?
Good luck!
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Posted: 2/17/2016 7:04:27 PM
You have a great smile. A non-goofy photo should be your main, though.

There is no legit reason for having a photo of a minor child on an online, adult dating site. Save that face for someone who has earned the privilege.

Down to earth, good sense of humour. Dating site cliches # 6 and # 7. Instead, give examples or BE funny. If you're not sure how, at minimum mention your favourite comedian in the Interests field.

Do mention in the profile you are the dad of (how many/how old) kid(s) and how often you have him/her/them. That's all we need to know. It would be helpful to note if you are open to meeting someone with a child(ren) of her own, IF you are.

There are no major red flags, though. I wonder if it may be something in your messages? Too generic?
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