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Hi, has anyone tried hiring an Online Dating Assistant before?

I hired some professionals at to help because I was struggling and tired of spending hours messaging girls and getting no replies.

They helped write my profile making it more humorous and interesting yet still relevant to myself. They retouched my photos and they look really great now (check out my profile) and also advised what better ones to take. Once they optimized my profile they did all the messaging to get me phone numbers and arrange dates for me, and just sent me the women's profiles, their numbers and the conversation. I had to answer a very detailed questionnaire which helped them to represent me better and none of the girls I ended up meeting could really tell. The connection was mostly built in person anyways. The girls I met were beautiful, cute and my type of girls, some better than what I could meet myself just because my profile was so much more improved.

So now I can get dates set up for me while I spend my time focusing on my business. It's great!

I would highly recommend hiring a dating assistant if you're struggling or have priorities.

The guys I used were called Limitless Online Dating you can check out their website at

Let me know what you think!


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Online Dating Assistants?
Posted: 4/9/2016 7:43:14 PM
The site you reccomend is only for men looking for women. It is not cheap dollar wise. And they actually write the messages for you?! But the profile you have up now is nice.

There is a brick and mortar dating site in my city. They claim that they can match up local people. The fees are steep with high pressure sales tactics. This site claimed it could find me men who were well off or at least not financially destitute. Now how would they really know how much a person's net worth is? They wanted me to come to the office that afternoon; again before I had second thoughts about cancelling and was instructed to bring a check book with me. That was red flag. I never stepped foot in their office.

I talked with a male friend who used the same dating site but in Austin. He said it was a total waste of money. I read online reviews about this particular business. One woman paid 1k for the service and she was matched with two men. Can you imagine sitting across from a potential date having coffee and thinking " this meetup cost me one grand!"

Buyer beware: a fool and his gold is soon parted!
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Online Dating Assistants?
Posted: 4/15/2016 11:01:19 AM
You paid money for that profile?
I smell a troll.
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