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Joined: 2/9/2016
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I'm trying real hard to convey my schedule on my profile since most people work days, and I work nights. Despite this I still get messages from women who cannot possibly ever meet me with my schedule. Now I feel that because I spend so much time explaining it, that it makes me sound like a jerk. How can I get women to understand my schedule without sounding like I'm angry (I am angry lol)
Joined: 5/8/2015
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Need help with profile
Posted: 4/20/2016 11:07:34 AM
It's rude and foolish to demand they send messages only within a certain range of hours. A girl on second shift might take her lunch break at 7 PM and surf this site in her phone. She might find your profile, initially think, "Great, I finally found another second shifter!", prepared to message you, then she sees your requirement to message you after 11 PM. You blew it! She won't write you at all.

Putting your hours in an image is bad. That image and the cartoon are prohibited. Remove them. Flaggers will vote to remove them if you don't.

Why not have your job in the profession field?

Currently your profile is repetitive and negative.
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Need help with profile
Posted: 4/20/2016 11:26:50 AM
First of all, get rid of "hates" in your header. Instant turn off. What, can you not date someone who likes country music? Wow. :-)

Okay, now on to your profile:

lol - have one sentence telling people about your work hours, and then another few paragraphs acting like a complete A-hole to people who don't understand what "second shift" means. There are all kinds of "shifts" out there - how is anyone supposed to know your schedule, unless you specify in the beginning?

Also, why the heck would you say: "I will not respond to any first time messages sent to me unless you send them between 11:00 pm through 4:00 am." That is pretty crazy, and comes across as very inconsiderate. Just read your messages as you get them, and respond when you have time. Easy.


"I enjoy sci-fi, tattoos, comics, and being nerdy. I have shared custody and work nights,which can make it tricky to date sometimes, but that won't stop me from being a great boyfriend who makes you an amazing ham and cheese omelette in the morning on my way to bed."

Something like that. Be positive, not angry :-)
Joined: 7/3/2015
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Need help with profile
Posted: 4/20/2016 5:35:24 PM
Hi OP,
You look angry, you sound angry. You need a vacation to the islands.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Need help with profile
Posted: 4/20/2016 8:46:18 PM
All I remember from reading your profile 1 minute ago is you have some kids every second weekend and work nights or something.

There was nothing compelling your viewer to think 'Wow! That guy sounds like he's got his sh1t together". or "That guy sounds like he'd be fun to spend time with."

I truly hope you do a rewrite - in your occupation, put simply Graveyard Shift or Nightshift Worker, or Factory worker. The ones who are messaging you are obviously not even reading your profile and would probably charge you by the hour to date them. Move along.

* You did say you had someone contact you that would fit with your schedule. If you end up dating, are you going to both commit to never changing your shifts? If it's really a dealbreaker for you, mention it ONCE in your profile and that this will be your long-term schedule. That's it. No need to nag your viewer to death. It's more important to talk about things you might actually have in common when you are together.

I look forward to a rewrite.
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Need help with profile
Posted: 4/20/2016 9:27:25 PM

How can I get women to understand my schedule

For best effect, whisper it in her ear,
at the very end of your first date together.

Your dating profile should be designed
to welcome a woman into meeting with you.

Nobody really knows anybody's schedule
right off the bat. It will take you some effort
messaging, then a phone call or two.
Just to set up a first meet.

This all takes time.

It's up to you. To set up that meet,
on your alternate weekend day off, when
you don't have custody of your "Mini Me."

Then and only then. When you have both
decided to see each other again, do you whisper
you would like to see her again. Then offer up a date.

If you moved her. And she likes you style,
you won't be able to stop her from seeing you!

I suggest starting over, when you are not feeling angry.
Do a whole and complete rewrite.
Good luck!
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