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I have recently started drinking a coffee product that in 28 days has helped me lose 12 pounds. This product is all natural and does not contain any Genetically Modified Ingredients. The coffee tastes amazing. I would put it somewhere in between Timmies Dark Roast and a Starbucks coffee. (Hard to beat that coffee with the brewing machines they use)

It's very convenient single serving packets are great for an active lifestyle. Great for camping!! I have them in my drawer at work. I heat my some purified water I bring to work from home using a regular coffee maker. Fill the cup up with hot water and add a packet. I get people asking me what type of coffee it is because it smells so good. I add a bit of Stevia and no cream. This is the first coffee I have been able to drink without cream. I sometimes use goat milk if I have a cream craving but I stay away from cow cream. It's not good for humans to drink. If you like cream and don't want goats milk you can use a substitute like Almond or Hemp milk.

I obviously can't put up any websites to promote this product but if you are interested message me. There are also drinks that do the same thing as the coffee if you aren't a coffee drinker. There is also a gatorade type drink and a post workout drink that helps you sleep better. The recommended protocol for maximum weight loss is taking the coffee in the morning, the sport drink in the afternoon or before a workout and the vitamin drink in the evening to help you relax and sleep.

It's also an amazing business opportunity. I small one time fee (lifetime) gets you automatically set up with websites that provide a front end to all the product information as well as information videos on all the products. Also...this company is only two years old and is just starting to take off. If you get in early enough the rewards inside of a year could be immense. The support system is also incredible. We have a FaceB00k group that answer your questions immediately. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Take care! Work hard! Eventually you will be a success!
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Losing Weight Drinking Coffee
Posted: 5/26/2016 8:45:46 AM
91 people have viewed this post so far. If you want more info go to Goo gle and search....

Search: slimroastjoe

Note: If you sign up with a 16 pack Business Builder I will send you 500 customized business cards FREE!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Losing Weight Drinking Coffee
Posted: 9/25/2016 4:20:21 AM
I can definitely attest to caffeine helping with weight loss. I found that out when I started drinking energy drinks. I had to eat noticeably more calories to gain weight, I even struggled a bit to maintain my weight at times. I had to quit the caffeine because it just got too damn hard for me to eat that much
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Losing Weight Drinking Coffee
Posted: 9/27/2016 2:10:07 PM
How does drinking coffee or ingesting caffeine help with losing weight?????
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Losing Weight Drinking Coffee
Posted: 10/25/2016 8:14:05 AM
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