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Can someone please tell me what it is about my profile that's making women run for the hills? I usually look through the ladies profiles in my area untill I find one that has similar interests to myself always start with a friendly msg usually about their profile that interests me I see that they are read but I never even get a reply not one?? I've now run out of women in my area that I've found with similar interests etc. I'm beginning to wonder if there's seriously something wrong with me or my profile that's making everyone run away?? Please help I'm beginning to feel like a lepper! Lmfao.
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profile help
Posted: 8/3/2016 2:20:54 AM
1. This forum is dead so don't expect responses here either.

2. Nil or few responses is a common occurrence. Leprosy is an optional extra.

3. If you're in the country you need to be prepared to look further afield/be more patient to find someone decent. Miners tend to be the most decent people, at least when they're underground.

4. Look for common values, not common interests. You can always go fishing with your mates but you can't live happily ever after with a hypocrite or bigot. Or a One Nation supporter... but I repeat myself.

5. Inject some mystery and adventure into your profile. Get rid of all the humdrum and show them some passion. What is your favourite tune to rock on the piano? What outdoors adventure are you looking forward to next? How will your business venture change the world? Which politician makes you want to vomit the most? What makes you get out of bed in the afternoon?

6. Your first messages might need a rethink. Again, I would focus on values and passions, only this time make it about theirs... after all you are trying to determine if this is someone you want to keep talking to or even meet. Not too long at first... a well-chosen sentence or two should be enough.

7. Keep your perspective. If that is too hard, draw converging lines and tell yourself that your drawing has perspective even if you don't. Seriously though, if you fixate on this site and the idea of getting responses and even dates it will cloud your judgement. Don't invest more than a few percent of your thoughts on such trivialities - life marches on while you tarry, and in any case there is more than one way to pat a cat. Explore other ways of meeting people such as new hobbies, etc.

8. Try taking an extended break and come back with new profile/pics before trying to message anyone you may have previously. They won't take kindly to repeat messages if you're not offering anything new. If they keep seeing the same mug shot on their inbox when you log in they will keep remembering that they weren't interested.

9. Never give or take advice about online dating on a forum. And remember to let your sense of humour out for occasional walks in the prison yard of your romantic expectations so you don't go too crazy. Craziness and being overly-analytical may not be the most highly sought-after attributes in a date.[citation needed]

10. Lighten up - or die alone, unloved. Have fun! Or else.

11. Number your paragraphs if you want to make it look like your thoughts are organised.

"It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else." - Arthur Schopenhauer
Joined: 7/4/2016
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profile help
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:05:30 PM
Thanks mate. Yeah their definitely a different breed online than in person. I'm now thinking of just getting out more because I know women do like me in person but living in a rural community is mainly why I opted for this as its hard to meet people. I'm guessing that they think that there's always something better and never satisfied on here "expectations" they seem to become surreal! To much Walt Disney as kids! 😂
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