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I need to start doing more with my life. I have been on call 24-7 for the past 2 and a half years so I could never plan anything. I am usually up all night by myself drinking, playing video games, and wasting my time on POF.

However, recently I went to my boss and said either I get time off or I am quitting. He said sure. So now, every week I have off Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday off, and I need something to do with my time. Even during my "on call" days, I still might not be working, leading to a situation where I can go weeks at a time without working.

I am in school, but all my classes are on Tuesday and Thursday (also my possible work days), and I dont have to go most of the time to do well. I also get paid sometimes for not even going to work, and it isnt worth it to get another job until I graduate from school. Taking more classes will not allow me to graduate any sooner, either.

All my life I have been doing things to kill time, but that is not what I am after anymore. I want to genuinely enjoy life but I do not know how. Everyone that I know is either married and lame (not lame because they are married), or broke. I need to make friends, but I am much more interested in finding a girlfriend (much easier said than done).

I realize that this is the American dream, to be lazy and still make progress towards success at the same time, but it is extremely unsatisfying. I try to get help IRL but no one ever has suggestions. I will resume working out soon, but that takes an hour a day max. I need to do something MEANINGFUL with my life, not just get another stupid hobby.

What meaningful things do you do with your lives?
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/15/2016 6:31:44 PM
Taking one's focus off oneself and contributing to the happiness of others can be meaningful. So I've heard. (I don't have time for that sh*t, myself.)
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/15/2016 8:03:02 PM

I realize that this is the American dream, to be lazy and still make progress towards success at the same time, but it is extremely unsatisfying.

Thus, you have all the ingredients to achieve success in life; but in order for it to become satisfying you should enter into Politics!
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/16/2016 2:24:13 AM

I need to do something MEANINGFUL with my life, not just get another stupid hobby

Meaning is subjective. Think long and hard about what YOU consider to be meaningful, and you'll have your answer.

Do you want to push physical, technical or intellectual boundaries? Engage socially, economically, politically or spiritually? Learn, produce, compete, nurture, develop? Yourself, your friends and family, your neighbourhood, your world? In the next 5 minutes, in your lifetime, for future generations?

"Traveller, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking." - Aboriginal proverb
Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/16/2016 2:27:36 AM
The kind of question that you're asking ultimately needs to be answered by you, not us. What is meaningful to you? Aside from working for a living, and pursuing a future by going to school...what do you want? What stirs your soul? What do you think is important? You enable yourself to live with a job and school (aside from the fact that school itself may be for something that you're passionate about)...but what are you living FOR? What would you want to live FOR? Doing something meaningful, or finding meaning, is something that YOU do, that YOU decide.

And on the other hand, be mindful of the possibility of looking too hard to find something meaningful...such that you're always chasing something that you may already have. Don't be unaware of already having meaningfulness. Don't forget to appreciate what you may already have, and don't take it for granted. Don't try too hard to always want more, when you may already have plenty. If that's the case, that is.

I may be free to do
as I please,
but am I free to please
as I please?

- Arthur Schopenhauer

The great cause of much psychological illness
is the fear of knowledge of oneself –
of one’s emotions, impulses, memories, capacities, potentialities, of one’s destiny.

- Abraham Maslow

If a patient [should ask] Frankl, "What is the meaning of life for me?" he is likely to get a Socratic answer:
"What is the best chess move?"

- Aaron Ungersma
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/16/2016 7:12:55 PM
i bought a pair of binoculars and a sibley's guide. i joined the local bird club and go to local areas each chance i get. i report my findings on the list serve to give the naturalists an idea of what's going right. or wrong. it has become an obsession, while doing some good environmentally.
find something you love that has some sort of social/environmental/spiritual importance inherent in it.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/16/2016 8:40:49 PM
- Find causes you care about and start volunteering some of your time. Added bonus: You're likely going to meet like-minded people, which may be the beginning of some wonderful friendships. VolunteerMatch dot org is a good place to start.

- Read a book.

- Write a book.

- Learn something new that doesn't have anything to do with either school or work.

- Teach someone something you're really good at. Share your knowledge.

- Try something new at least once a week. A new food, a new creative activity, a new sport, a walk in a new neighborhood, a new anything. You'd be surprised how interesting life can be. :)

- Go offline/analog one day/week. No phone, no computer, no TV. Find non-screen-related things to do.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/17/2016 5:51:39 AM
You can help others all you want, but if you are just running away from your own self, its meaningful to others but does nothing to make you like the guy you see in the mirror shaving every morning. if you were simply "burning out", then the meaningful thing you could do is take time off to relax. if you want something meaningful so you feel meaningful, then you have a bigger choice to make. it would be good to go to the self-help section of the bookstore and find books on finding you. spend the time doing meditation or exploring activities you decide help you to find you.

the American dream used to be, do well so your children can move up the social ladder, and carry on your name with status attached to it. You can make income the "lazy" way discovered during the Industrial Revolution, become a rentelier who invests in others, and use your "leisure time" to do other things. Alexis De Toqueville noticed that Americans would invest time saving devices, only to invent devices to waste the time they saved.

only you can decide what isn't going to be a stupid hobby. Tons of retirees are in your boat, wondering what to do with their time now that they have it. Some travel physically, others grab books and movies from the library and travel mentally for free. Or they get philosophy books and exercise their minds as well as tai chi their bodies.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/17/2016 8:07:57 AM

Alexis De Toqueville noticed that Americans would invest time saving devices, only to invent devices to waste the time they saved.

It's like the life people live nowadays, where everything in the home is operated by remote control, so that people don't have to do the horrible task of getting off of their rumps to do anything. Heaven forbid if someone is forced to burn a calorie or two by getting up to do something. And then people will join a gym and work out to burn off unwanted calories.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/17/2016 2:00:57 PM
Everything starts with a goal. In your case it should be school. all your passions, all your sacrifices, all your efforts should not detract you from your goal. PERIOD. When you do that, when you get distracted, or lose focus, then it becomes very hard to get back in track towards your original goal.

So, finish school, then take some time off, if you can. Travel the world. Visit new cities. Find something that you love doing with a passion. Then see if you can make money doing that, or making that, or selling that.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/18/2016 8:42:59 PM
I say test your limits.

Physically. Intellectually.

Max yourself out!


Find your spiritual core. Go on a vision quest.

You live once.

Burn out or fade away??
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 8/19/2016 1:39:22 PM

Find your spiritual core. Go on a vision quest.

It's a good thing that I have a vision plan that would cover glasses if I need them.
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Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 8/20/2016 7:11:56 AM

Find your spiritual core. Go on a vision quest

Is that code for going to a stripper bar?
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Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 8/28/2016 12:45:11 PM
Thank you everyone! These were (mostly) all great answers. Helping others is in my long term plans, but like one user said, that should come after helping myself first. The question can only be answered by me. I need to find out what "stirs my soul" or the reason I wake up every morning. Im not sure I have one, to be honest. And no, I am not suicidal. My life pretty much revolves around finding love, and since I dont have it, I am left feeling empty. I realize that is not good, but I cannot change my thinking. I guess I will just try to appreciate what I already have a little more.
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Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 8/28/2016 1:17:30 PM
Yes, for sure find whatever what stirs your soul. And if it's free, healthy (or at least not destructive) and doesn't rely on anyone else, you've got it made! Forever happy!
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Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 8/28/2016 10:42:16 PM
I was going to suggest volunteering too. Don't start off with a long term commitment (some organizations want a year), find short term and single events. If you don't know what you like to do, try different things to get a feel. Help teach computer skills to disadvantaged folks or seniors. Or maybe physical like setting up or transporting stuff for an event or warehousing at a food bank. Maybe something with a kids event. A single day or two event isn't a stretch to get through even if you realize it's not the type of thing you're really into. But maybe you'll try one and like it and want to do it on a more long term basis.
(i read that "aircraft mechanic" there too! gotta be lots of mechanical help needed out there!)

I don't know what volunteer search resources are like there, if you have an organization to help find something, but craig's list is alright too, as long as you be careful for users and non legit charities.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 9/4/2016 8:40:42 AM
OP...If you want to do something meaningful, don't focus on getting a girlfriend.
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 9/26/2016 2:22:01 PM
yes find what makes you happy ,,, if you can not be happy alone ,,how can you be happy with some one ?
 Molly Maude
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Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 5/27/2017 8:42:26 PM
I realize you posted your last comment, OP, nine months ago ... your ending statement was that you were going to try to appreciate more that which you already have ...

that seems like an excellent step ... but I'm curious how you're doing on your quest to find meaningful things ...
Meaningful things to doh!
Posted: 6/2/2017 3:55:54 PM
Become a contestant on American Ninja Warrior.

Or compete in Battlebots..

Yea, baby...yea.
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Mean things to do
Posted: 6/2/2017 6:56:04 PM
As a retiree, I can say free time can be a curse for some. I have two friends who turned the recent Monday holiday into a 4 day weekend...and they were bored pretty soon. Some people are curious about their surroundings, and can self-entertain and naturally engage. The rest have cellphones.

:) No, seriously, jk.

some people do best when they have a task to do. someone who is naturally a caretaker, may take care of their parents and then after their passing, take on another "Charity case". nothing wrong with that so long as they don't lose themselves in that.
Joined: 5/13/2017
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Meaningful things to do
Posted: 6/4/2017 7:38:45 AM
hobbies turn into passions that make life enjoyable. I took a sailing class. I felt really alive when I was in charge of my sails. I love going do anything that is free and available to do. Those are meaningful things. Those are happy memories and what I remember most in life and enjoying them with my children as well.
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