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Seems to be a lot of fake profiles getting through lately and POF doesn't seem to be catching them when it is pretty obvious.

For example when I look at newest users atm there is a heap of them all from Bangaroo.
Couple of problems
1. I don't think there is anyone that is a resident of Bangaroo, it is shipping and commercial with redevelopment expected to include apartments to be completed by 2023.
So why Bangaroo? Because it is the heart of Sydney and probably is picked by something programed to pick the center of Sydney.
2. Does anything look suspicious about usernames that start like this
JuliaJulia (yes another one)
NicoleNicole (another one)
MaryMary (yes another...they must have limited names)
JuliaJulia (really...3 of them)
JuliaJulia (ok make that 4, whats the chance of two people naming a profile starting with that one after another in the same city!)

Note, all 14 just happen to be from Bangaroo. That is 14 out of 30 profiles on the New users page that are definitely fakes. Almost half. Unfortunately I have no way to message POF and say, hey you need to fix your fake finders because this is out of control. Yes I could go into each profile and report it but these are so obvious they shouldn't have gotten through in the first place.

The profiles when you go into them look fairly genuine. That is because they have copied real peoples profile main body message. The exception is that every one of them would probably be classed in the top 10% or better on attractiveness scale. That is another indication of a fake. You just have to look at the profiles around the fakes to see how obvious they are.

Be aware of fakes because scamming people is big business and a lot of people do not know how to spot them.
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 8/19/2016 10:22:55 PM
Dude, I would explain at the start of your profile that your name is referring to the soccer position you play. Otherwise it looks like you're a fan of domestic violence or militant industrial action.

As for those fake profiles you listed, it looks like they're gone. No doubt it's a constant struggle for a free-to-join site to keep scammers and freeloaders at bay.
Joined: 9/12/2015
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 8/21/2016 3:36:57 AM
So many fake profiles on here, all have their name twice and then numbers, from Bangaroo. It's a joke.
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 9/1/2016 2:06:04 PM
I recommend everyone that encounters a fake profile to send each one to:

I have sent 25 (out of 53 so far) after requesting a refund for breaching Australian consumer law. (Yeah, I got the 'ad-free' experience!) They are selling a dysfunctional service and falsely claiming an ad-free experience especially where unsolicited advertising is rife.

I'll ad more email addresses of staff at POF. Perhaps they have then deal with their fake account problem seriously enough - when it costs them in refunds, lost sales, and reduced work efficiency wading through the actual crap on their system.

Of course - if it is all deliberate... would love evidence of that! (Any ex-POF staff help with that one?!)
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 9/14/2016 10:28:38 PM
Trouble is that all dating sites, because they're viewed as a prime way to sucker in unsuspecting guys, are frequented by scammers (perhaps organised crim outfits) that flood just about every dating site even the fancy ones like Eharmony with fake profiles using all manner of methods to create them.

Like spam email, after a long time filtering good from bad you become atuned to working out the real ones from the less-real ones. Sadly due to the skewed membership of most sites (100+ guys for every supposed girl profile) you tend to look at almost all profiles as potential fakes until you might one day strike it lucky.
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 9/18/2016 4:28:48 AM
Damn, does that mean that the much younger beautiful women that have contacted me form the USA are not wanting to fall in love with me?
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 9/30/2016 6:07:26 AM
you got that right lol!
Joined: 1/8/2016
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 10/29/2016 11:31:11 PM
It is starting to get annoying....

There is a Chloe girl doing the rounds in Sydney (Apparently)...

You report them only for them to vanish then pop up again with the same pics!
Joined: 1/26/2017
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Fake Profiles
Posted: 1/30/2017 3:14:02 AM
Yup to true... I once got a message from someone be it a scammer or someone with gay intentions use pictures(non model ones) from one of my favorite pornstars,stolen from her twitter account.gotta love the internet right guys haha
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