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You`re once again walking down the street of life after going through several homes, looking for the perfect one.
Most of the ones you went through seemed great at first, but after some time something happened that made you leave.
Either the home fell in disrepair as they all do and you just didnt want to put the effort into working on it.

Maybe you just didnt feel like it was the right home for some unknown reason, or maybe you felt you were driven out by ghosts and poltergeists.

So you walk on, looking for another one that catches your eye and then as you turn a corner one of them seem to jump out at you.

A house where you are greeted with a bleached white wrap around front porch, front windows clean and beautiful~ they are the eyes of the house, so clean and clear you can see inside the home from the road, and see even more inside as you come closer.
The eyes of this house, never turning away from you and inviting you to see in.

Likewise, you can feel the home looking inside of you too, and somehow this brings a feeling of..... being home.

A solid, stained and polished wooden front door that beckons you, and ONLY YOU to come inside.

You open the door and are intoxicated by a feeling of acceptance and a "belonging" to this house, as if it were built JUST FOR YOU.

As you walk around and take marvel in the house you notice there are a few boot tracks on the perfectly lain marble flooring, indicating that other men have visited here, but apparently didnt see the beauty like you do.
Otherwise, they`d still be in here.

Some of them are now close neighbors, and have gathered back in the street and wonder what you see in it, and as you encourage them to come have a look from your point of view they notice that it does seem more "lit up and alive" with you in it than when they were there.

The walls are colorfully painted and outlined with perfectly stained wood strip and tastefully decorated with paintings, candlesticks, skylights and a grand chandelier hanging from the center.

The spiral staircase leading upstairs flows out at you like beautiful music does as if representing the voice of the house.

Once upstairs you find there are many rooms all of which are inviting and warm inside, with closets full of toys, clothing, and shoes (lots and lots of shoes) all tucked away neatly and in their own place.

The hallway leading down the center of the upstairs is lit very nicely by a window at each end where the sun shines through.
There is a door in the middle of this hall that is locked up tight, and you dont know where the key is. You estimate the size of the room inside to be about that of a large closet.
You have no idea whats inside but it doesnt matter.

As you move on to the basement area, first greeted by a painted white door and a well lit set of steps going down, you find very well maintained utilities "down there" with copper pipes, quiet running water heater, brand new looking washer and dryer, radiant heat (your favorite, forced air sucks!) and a small area behind a hanging blanket that reveals, a small game room complete with a dart board, small pool table and wet bar.

This house is everything you ever could wanted. You feel invited here, at home here, welcomed here and its for you, just you and no one else.
You feel a soft voice work its way into your head, telling you that are welcome here, and free to build a family here, with children here.

You feel tired now and go back upstairs to find a bedroom with a nice large and well made bed to lay down and sleep on. It sets pretty high up, and has nice plump pillows and a very heavy comforter and blankets.

There is a woodstove with a heavy glass door in front. It has gotten cold outside and you feel a chill as you sit on the side of the bed and remove your footwear.

As you lay back on the bed, with all the lights turned out, the fire in the woodstove slowly grows.

Its heat emanating towards your feet and toasting them to the bone as only the heat from a fire can do.

As you feel more relaxed, you pull up the heavy comforter over yourself while hearing an occasional crackling from the woodstove.
A sound that lets you know the fire is slowly growing hotter and ready to protect you from the cold night you feel very warm, if loved by this house ..... the flames perform their a ghostly dance, reflecting their shimmering soft light and shadows on the walls and feel your eyelids getting heavier as you become warmer and warmer.

You tighten your grip on the heavy comforter and turn onto your side.....your mind finally at peace........a warm glowing light and shadow on the wall beckons you as you your eyes close.....your hands slowly open their grip on the heavy comforter....... you feel your body relax, your weight sinks into the bed...... you feel yourself exhale in complete peace..........
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The House of Love
Posted: 3/21/2017 11:45:29 PM
I love it.
I really enjoy your postings.
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