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I'm fairly new to the whole online dating scene. Trying to capture yourself with a few pictures and a few lines of text is not easy!

I'd appreciate any advice on length, tone, picture choices etc. Maybe I'm missing something or have too much of something - I'd love to know.

Thanks in advance!
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Review my profile. :)
Posted: 8/25/2016 7:57:41 AM

Trying to capture yourself with a few pictures and a few lines of text is not easy!

Then why have you wasted your precious slots? Main pic is too washed out. First Zimbabwe pic, your face is too dark and covered by shades. Mirror selfie in a shoe store, just no. Last pic your face is all messed up.

"Wants to date but nothing serious" will sink you. This says to women, "I am looking for casual sex, nothing more".

Eliminate all "prefer not to say" answers. These make you seem secretive and as though you have something to hide.

Immediately delete SPOONING from your interests. Are you in Spooning club, or what?

Your first paragraph is totally pointless, delete.

Capitalise Manchester.
Talking about hating your life is not a good idea, even in jest or in the negative. It sets a bad impression and makes you seem like a negative person.

You spend too much time talking about the meta process of dating and dating sites rather than simply talking about yourself.

Your list sounds like Savage Garden lyrics.

Get rid of the last paragraph, you're telling them to move on. Not a good move.
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Review my profile. :)
Posted: 8/19/2018 12:59:35 PM
Can't post my reply to a comment in the other profile review

This is one example of the messages some gentlemen send me and I replay immediately because of the way it made me feel... I do respond Even if I do not like him as a man / lover...


Hello April,
My name is xxxxxx hope all is well with you.
You have a very interesting profile. You seem an intriguing lady, I like it. I also like your pictures, ( and the
I am interested in travel, art, movies, books, people, history, the human condition; etc. etc. etc.
Would you agree life is to be lived and better when shared?
I would be pleased to hear from you.
I prefer talking or meeting instead of texting and emailing.
I invite you to read my profile. It will be very much appreciated.
My phone number is xxxxxxxxxx and I would be pleased to hear from you soon.
I live in the Xxxxxxxxxxx area.
sincerely yours

His Comment to that^

you responding to a man even if you don't like him is not helpful to someone looking to date.

Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "You had me at 'Hello'"?! - a short message will work wonders (all you need is one or two lines), but only if she likes the guys' pic......which is important. Remember this rule: you must meet or exceed the persons' physical attraction bar.

It's not about seeing how many replies you can's more important to get qualified replies with women you are more likely to get dates with. Part of dating is efficiency.

The example message from a man is problematic....... it's a first message and already he wants to go to the's a little fast, you should message for a couple days.

My Reply

About the phone number:
No wonder why so many older men are alone on this dating site year by year just complaining about not dating or not finding that special one in their life.!
Or complaining about messaging so long with a person then this person disappear on them...or a person wasn't what he/she said it was.!...
All of that because these old people Are acting like teen agers (whom by the way no even them act like that) afraid of a phone number not using their common sense and think that this is just to make sure who is the other person(Fake or not)

Every person is different some act stupid some act intelligent in life...
For each action we get a reaction.. You are acting to get a date or you are acting to stay at home alone.!

Young teen agers or people young enough with no experince in life I understad.! But At OUR AGE?????
If a person at the age of 30+ Is on an online DATING SITE and does not want to get contacted from the beginning.. Why he/ she is on? waste someone else time.?

I did Like his message and almost all incomming messages they include a phone number And I love it....why?.because A PHONE number to me , it tells me
1-he is serious about lookingfor a relationship
2-he is SiNGLE, not married
3- he is who said he is in his profile .
4- he is REAL not a FAKE one.!

I was born in a culture were the man is not so shy about approaching the woman...I DO LIKE THAT.!!
I never heard a 100% Hispanic man complaining about not getting a date.!

Have any of you ever heard of disposable phone.? If knowing the other who you are is what you are afraid of.. (Who by the way at our age that seems to me ridiculos since we are on dating site...TO DATE.....At our age and experience should know how to act and handle this kind of stuff.. Using comm sense.!!

Phone number doesn't mean sex on the first message..It means you want to know if the other person IS REAL or not.!!
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Review my profile. :)
Posted: 8/19/2018 2:45:08 PM

you responding to a man even if you don't like him is not helpful to someone looking to date..,..Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "You had me at 'Hello'"?!

Sr.. I think it is good manners to respond and say thank you and wishing good luck to someone who took their time and effort to write a very nice and respecful message to me even a if I will /do not accept his invitation to talk.!
I am grateful the person did look at my profile or photos and decided to write a nice respecful message to me.!!

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