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Chapter II- Genesis

Ken could hear the guests arriving for the evening as he hung, suspended from the closet rod. Door chimes, the murmur of greetings, laughs, the clinking of ice and glass as drinks were mixed. Occasionally the voices would get closer and he could hear Mistress detailing the afternoons events and her plans for the rest of the evening. Often the closet door would open, scornful laughter, a pinch or a slap on his sore and bruised bottom. More than one of the Mistresses leaned in and whispered in his ear; describing the viciousness of her crop, or extolling the size of her strap-on. All promised him a painful experience. When all the guest had arrived, they left him in his closet as they proceeded to the dining room for dinner.
A feeling of relief seeped into his mind, knowing they would ignore him for at least the next hour or so. He took that time to reflect back on how he had ended up in this predicament. Once, not long ago he had been a normal teenager, average student, an above average athlete. His life was mapped out by college scholarships and even early interest from some pro scouts. That path took a dramatic turn near the end of his junior year. He had just turned 18,**** and over confident until that fateful day in the school library. The day he met Miss. Vanessa Balserinni, the new librarian. It was she who would eventually introduce him to Mistress, who knew at that time as Ms. Barbie Faria. That day in the library though, Ken had no idea what fate had planned for him.
He had found a cubical near the back of the library where he was supposed to be studying for his history finals. Instead he slipped the latest copy of his favorite porn mag between the pages. Anal Intruders. Ken, and most of his classmates, considered himself a chick magnet. Truth was he could always get a date when he wanted to. Some of those girls would put out to the schools star quarterback. Those were concerned with preserving their virginity were still good for a nice hand job or blow job, but had not yet found a girl willing to open her back door to him. this was something he yearned to try. As he slowly turned the pages, staring lustfully at photos of young girls bent over with their ***holes full of**** his own****was rock hard and straining against the denim cloth of his faded blue jeans. The center fold portrayed a barely legal blonde with her legs up in the air while her fingers reached around and stretched her butt wide open, gaping and waiting for a****like his to fill her up. As he gazed at the image, he reached down rubbed his throbbing member through his jeans.
He wasn't sure exactly when he felt the presence of another, he only knew the embarrassment he felt when he suddenly turned to see Ms. Vanessa standing angrily behind him, a scowl on her face, arms crossed sternly across her chest. " So, this what you think you can do in my library?" she hissed at him. Vanessa Balserinni was not much older the Ken at just 24 years old. At 5' 10" he could look her in the eye, but with the 6" heels she wore he had to look up at her. Her yoga instructor type body was sheathed in a form fitting, gray skirt and tight, white blouse. her long chestnut colored hair was pulled up in a bun, and deep emerald eyes glared at him from behind her glasses. They must teach them this Librarians Dress Code at Librarian school, Ken thought to himself. She leaned closer and reached over him to grab the magazine off the desk. Ken was still seated so when she did, her breast were mere inches from his wide eyes. His****remained solid and throbbing. She held the porno in one hand and used the other to grab Ken by one ear and haul him out of his chair and marched him across the library to her office.
Miss Vanessa through open her office door and pulled Ken over to an empty corner and shoved him face first into it, "You stand right there, young man, and don't move until I tell you!". She left him there and closed the office door. She then sat her desk and drew a deep, calming breath. "Let's see what we have here.", she said has she started flipping through pages of the dirty magazine. "Is this how you think girls should be treated?" Ken started to stammer an excuse but he was still too scared to form words. "Never mind. I'm going to have to call your parents about this." Ken's mind reeled, his parents were very religious and just as strict. The last he thing he needed was for them to find out! "Oh please! Don't call them! I'll do anything you want, just don't tell!" Ms. Vanessa sat at her desk, grinning. That was just what she wanted to hear.
She stood from from desk and sauntered around to stand directly behind Ken. "Do you mean that? You'll do anything I say?"
"Yeah. Just don't tell my parents. They'll kill me."
She stepped closer, "You will completely obey me? No questions asked?"
"What do you mean?"
"That's a question. I guess I'll have to make that phone call."
"NO NO NO! I'm sorry! Yes, I'll obey everything!"
Miss Vanessa took another step forward. Ken could feel her breast brush against the back of his shoulders and he could feel the warmth of her breath in his ear. Oh my god! I'm scared to death! WHY IS MY****STILL HARD? She reached around him, loosened his belt, and pulled it free from his jeans. "Good" she purred in his ear, "Now go lean across my desk."
This took Ken by surprise and before you could stop himself he said, "What?" He knew that was a mistake as the word crossed his lips.
She grabbed him by the ear again and drag him to her desk. She pushed him over so he was bent across the desk top, stepped back and swung the belt down and across his backside, " You have a lot to learn, little boy!" she hissed and gave him two more strokes of the belt. He still had his jeans on, but he could feel the sting of the belt. Automatically, he shot his hands back to protect himslef.
"Oh no you don't! You move those hands now! I want you to reach over your head and grab the edge of my desk." Ken complied. "Good now keep them there." She knelt behind him, reaching around to unbutton his jeans. Jesus H Christ! my****has never been this hard! What if she notices? She loosened his fly and pulled his jeans down below his knees. Ken shivered as she slowly ran her finger nails over his boxer clad buttocks. Stepping back, Ms. Vanessa pulled her arm back then brought the belt slashing across his ass, protected now only by the thin cotton of his boxers. Ken howled in pain.
"Stay quiet!" She admonished as she brought the belt down across his heated bottom five more times. Ken did his best to silence his sobs but his ass was on fire and he cried out with every stroke of the belt.
"This won't do. I'll need to keep you quiet." She moved around behind the desk, positioning herself directly in his face. She reached up under her skirt and slipped out her panties. Stepping out of the silken under garments, she Balled the panties into a wad and held then under his nose. "Open."
Ken was confused, "Open your damned mouth, little boy." He did and she stuffed her panties in. "That should silence you." Ken could hardly believe what was happening. The pain, the humiliation, the feeling of helplessness, and yet his****stood solid and throbbing, and his heart raced! Miss. Vanessa was behind him again and resumed the punishing blows to his burning butox. Each one lit up his mind and increased the heat in his bottom. Several blows landed across the backs of his thighs. I felt like his whole body would burst into flames at any moment. Finally the blows stopped. Miss. Vanessa grabbed the sides of his boxers and tried to yank them down, but the elastic waist band caught on his ridged tool. In disgust, she literally tore them off him.
"Turn around!" He did. "What is this? Are you enjoying being Punished? You naught, naughty boy?" With that she picked up a wooden hairbrush off her desk with one hand and grabbed his****in the other. She towed him across the room to a high backed, arm less chair. Letting go of his member, she hiked her skirt up around her waist and sat down.
"Over!" she snapped, pointing at her exposed thighs with the hairbrush. Ken stared, wide eyed and hesitated. "Over, NOW!" she ordered. Ken draped himself over her lap. His****slipped between her soft thighs and she clamped them together, holding his throbbing****prisoner with her hot flesh.
"You will learn a lesson today, naughty boy!"
Ken's ass was already a deep red and ablaze with heat and pain. when the first smack of the hard wood of the hairbrush landed, the pain shot like white hot lightning through burning buttocks. tears streamed down his face, and he kicked his feet up in the air.
Smacking the backs of his thighs with the brush, she ordered him to keep his toes on the ground. Miss. Vanessa showed no mercy. The brighter his ass got the harder she spanked him! Ken lost count of the blows. He lost track of more than that. He found himself in uncharted territory, some where between suffering and euphoria. His ass hurt like never before but his****throbbed uncontrollably between her thighs. The pain and the pleasure mixed and exploded in his mind at about the same time his****exploded white hot cum all over Miss Vanessa's legs! She pushed off her and onto the floor in front of her. She commanded him to kneel facing her. She spread her legs and surveyed the trails of sperm running down her legs. I'm dead! She's going to tell my parents and my life will be over! And then she did something unexpected. She laughed.
Ken had been keeping his eyes down, too embarrassed and ashamed to even look up, but at the sound of her laughter he slowly raised his head. For the first time he got a good like at Miss Vanessa's ****. It wasn't shaved, like the models in his porno mags, just neatly trimmed short, and it glistened! She was wet! And even more, she was playing with herself! She reached out with one hand under his chin and gently lifted his face up to look him in the eye.
"It's okay, little boy, but you are going to have to clean this up." She pulled the panties from his mouth then slid her hand behind his head and pulled him forward until his face was up against her cum drenched thighs, "Now lick." Ken was not sure, but afraid to hesitate. He stuck his tongue out and slowly started to lick his jizz off her thighs. "And don't spit any out. I want you to sallow it all!" At first he felt a little revulsion. Yuck! i can't believe I'm eating man stuff! But it is MY cum not another dudes. He lapped u all his cum from one thigh and moved to the next, all the while Miss Vanessa's fingers continued to slipp in and out of her soaked ****. When Ken had finished cleaning her thighs he started to pull back, but she grabbed his hair and shoved his face directly into her crotch.
"I'll tell you when to stop, little boy!" Ken Could feel his****getting hard again as he licked and suck her quim while she ground herself against her face. It wasn't long before she came, gushing all over his face. She pushed him to the floor and slumped in the chair, catching her breath. Ken stayed where he was, unsure what she wanted him to do. Slowly she sat up and composed her self. She stood, lowered and smoothed her skirt. She looked down at him.
"Get up and Get dressed." she ordered. He did. As he was buckling his belt, he asked, "Is that it then? You're not going to call my parents?"
"Oh no, little boy. You've been very naughty and very dirty. Your lessons are just beginning. You go home now and tell your parents I'll be by at 6pm to talk with them."
"But you promised!"
A sly grin graced her mouth, "Yes I did, didn't I."
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