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I don't look down on e-readers. I have one myself and, yes, they are convenient. Speaking for myself, it is a different experience than book ownership. I think that is a significant difference. Some people are voracious readers. They love to read. They invest themselves into the story. They become part of that world while they are reading, and when they are done the story stays with them but they are done with the books. Some of us love books. To us it's more than just the story contained there in. I myself have more books unread than read, If I never bought another book, I'd still have plenty to read for years. I have books older than me. I have books older than my parents. I even have a few older than my grandparents! Imagine if books absorbed the life stories of every pair of hands that has held it and could transfer those stories to every one who touches that bat book from then on. I can. I do! That is something I can't get from my e-reader. I envy readers. I love to read but it takes me forever, I know people that could read through my collection in months where it might take me years. I think that is another important difference; A reader will make time. A book lover will make space. Then there are those who can do both. Lucky them!
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On Books and E-readers
Posted: 10/8/2016 7:05:05 PM
You sound like you collect books. I prefer books over e readers but use them if the library only has an e book available. The books I have kept over the years are poetry, art reference, painting techniques and literary style.

Join a book club! Great way to meet people with similar interests.
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