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Let's imagine for a moment that you are a business owner. Let's say a restaurateur. One day this man walks off the street into your restaurant and announces, "I want you to give me a job and I will make your restaurant great again."
At first you're a bit shocked. You didn't know your eatery was in such bad shape, but he certainly does sound confident, so you ask "How are you going to do that?"
His response shocks you even further, "First I'm going to build a wall and not let anyone without a reservation in."
"But I built this business on walk in service. It's what we are known for."
Continuing on as if he didn't hear you, "And you know what? I'm going to make the walk in's pay for that wall. And we won't let vegans in either. We need to screen the vegans to see why they want into your restaurant."
Now you are flat out astonished," how many years experience do you have in the restaurant business?" you ask.
"None and that's what makes me perfect for the job. Look. Look at that waitress over there. She's a pig. She's eating all your profits. I am perfect to run your restaurant. No one can run it better than me. I know more about it than the chefs do, trust me."
"But you have no restaurant experience."
"That's why I am so great. I'm not part of the food service machine."
"Do you even cook?" "No. I'm the type of guy that expects dinner to be on the table when I get home. If it's not, I get real upset. That women that also wants you to hire her, she belongs in jail."
"Well, she's spent her life working in the food service industry."
"Exactly! That's why she should be in jail. Her husband was caught eating at other restaurants you know."
"Wait, what?"
"You gotta grab the women by the ****."
"Whoa, hold on a minute..."
"There's a conspiracy. Ronald McDonald and The Burger King are working for her. COCONUT GROVE!"
Now imagine you actually let this guy run your restaurant.......
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