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Joined: 8/25/2011
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Are you making a dating profile or selling a phone? As 3 o your picture your phone is more visible than you are. Mirror selfies need to go back to where they belong, in 2004 myspace pages. You know that phones have front cameras now, right?

Delete all the mirror/phone photos. People want to see what you look like, this includes your body size/shape so please include a full length photo. Try and have a a few more photos of you doing different things, do things you enjoy, tell the story of you in 5-8 photos.

Sorry guys, I only date non-drug users and those who only wear football tops whilst they are actually playing football. Also, if you have any photos involving you holding dead animals, live chained monkeys or petting drugged tigers...please pass me by as it shows questionable judgement at best (Yes, fish ARE animals!).

All this can go, makes it sound so negative. Saying no users is like saying "No axe murderers please" Are you inundated with messages from drug users? Surely it should be taken as read you don't want to date a drug addict. About 10% of you entire profile is dedicated to how you wont date a guy who has a picture of a dead fish. Is that really the thing that is most important you want guys to know about dating you?

Allt his negative stuff does it put off nice guys who might actually want to date you. Nice funny, smart sweet guys will likely read this and think "Eek she seems a bit obsessed with guys not having pictures of dead animals for some reason, sound a little odd, I'll give her a miss." If nice guys think this then what are you left with? The scum bags, the exact thing you want to avoid, and they will message you regardless of what you right, after all, they are scum bags.

Delete all that paragraph and instead of talking about what you don't want write a paragraph about what you DO want. Spend time describing your perfect guy, so when yoru ideal man reads it he thinks "wow she's describing me"

Hope that helps
Joined: 3/7/2014
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Profile reviews / comments / improvemeents gratefully received
Posted: 10/25/2016 5:05:28 PM
I like most of it.
Pictures are fine.
I would remove the reference to the pictures with animals, dead or otherwise. It is a little bossy.
And your only mail restriction is my least favorite, for obvious reasons.

The rest is fine.
Joined: 6/11/2014
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Profile reviews / comments / improvemeents gratefully received
Posted: 10/25/2016 6:15:32 PM
Fish are not animals.
Pretty woman, stop hiding behind the camera
this line
Soft Sensual Kisses
will just get creepers. If that's who you want to message you leave it in, but that and other wording in your profile.. er, I would change it
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Profile reviews / comments / improvemeents gratefully received
Posted: 10/25/2016 6:56:35 PM

let me know if/where I am going wrong and how I can improve it.

Replace the half-faced selfie photos with a variety of actual pictures of you taken by someone else (or at least not obvious selfies, and crack a smile).

Lose the touchy-feel Interests.
Add "Vegetarian" in the Interests field if the idea of hunting/fishing is so distasteful to you.

Spend more time describing the type of guy you DO find attractive instead of who you don't. (Do you really believe those guys think you're talking about them anyway?)

Start with the photos.
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Profile reviews / comments / improvemeents gratefully received
Posted: 10/26/2016 9:59:34 PM
the pics seem to be avoiding showing you as you are. You need to load full length shots so guys can see how overweight you may may not be. Men want to know whether they find you attractive and so the clearer the shots the better. Show a couple of smiling pics showing your whole face as well.

If you want a guy that is over 5'9" I would say so.
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Profile reviews / comments / improvemeents gratefully received
Posted: 10/27/2016 12:12:49 PM
What a typical Guy (and I am one) wants to see.......... Sorry if things sound a little superficial and generic but I think you would rather have superficial and truthful than lying and politically correct. Otherwise what is the point of me telling you what guys think? If you follow the suggestions below you can't really go wrong.

Pictures are by far the most important thing to a guy. What can I say? Guys are visual creatures stop fighting it, accept it and use it to your advantage. If your pictures suck we are very unlikely to bother reading the profile. Sorry it is just the truth. Generally..... the more pics the better but 6-12 should be sufficient provided they accurately portray you (the less they do this, the more you need). Keep the silly faces to a minimum. Guys love humor but this isn't the best venue for it. Again, if you want to show your funny side off though, just make sure you add more pics to counter balance it.

1. Hopefully most have been taken in the last year to two years, putting a date on them is nice but if you can say that they are less than 2 years old in your profile that is more than sufficient. All pictures should at least clearly show your face unless specifically designed to show something else.
2. Stay away from photos that don't represent accurately what you look like. If there has been a drastic change you need to update all your photos. For example you cut your hair short but don't have a pic showing that or if you do you should point that out specifically. In that situation though, all your photos should be of you with short hair. Otherwise it tends to be misleading and that IMO the worst thing you can do is have someone think that right from the beginning.
3. Unless you are in the pic (even then be cautious on how many we show) we don't really want to see scenery , your animals or all the areas you have ever vacationed (it doesn't impress us and if anything lends us to believe you are high maintenance). If something is important to you like your animals or traveling one photo with you in it will suffice. A good rule of thumb if you aren't in the photo we don't want to really see it. If multiple people are in it you should get their permission identify yourself clearly or pixelate their faces. I know I don't want to be posted online without permission. If you have children (especially younger ones) I caution you against posting their pics. I'm sorry but there is a lot of pervs in the world, no sense making it easy for them. Just note them in your profile.
4. Take different pics in different outfits over different days then add and remove as they improve. The same day pics in different poses is fine in the beginning but you want to show yourself in a different light, plus with cell phones cameras and free copies there really isn't much of an excuse to not have a number of up to date good pics.
5. You need to have at least one, preferably a couple of full body shots regardless of if you are heavy or not. Guys willing to date a heavy girl will accept this, guys who won't will feel deceived and either this results in you getting used or no additional dates. Either way save yourself some time and heartache. If you consider your body as one of your nicer features (generally within limits the skinnier you are the more true this tends to be) you will want to have more and accentuate the positive (bikini pics are ok) but don't get too slutty though. No sense in attracting the wrong crowd. If too embarrassed to ask a friend to take a full body picture most cell phone camera's have timers on them.
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