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Looking back, I believe our gym teacher may have been a pervert. With an enormous wooden paddle, he would strike the nude bottoms of the losers of all competitions. It wasn’t a love tap. That whack was loud and hard. Afterwards he would stand on a small ladder outside the shower cubicle and watch us march nude in a circle under the flowing water. There was always an ear-to-ear grin on his face. It appeared he was enjoying the nudity as much as I got pleasure from viewing my first two full-bosomed exhibitionists.

The first flasher was stupendous. Incredible! I saw women in Playboy as nice, but I have never seen any better. The woman's marvelous display was her first and only tip; usually she just left a quarter outside her door - the price of the Sunday Providence Journal. That morning I had to knock on her door to collect. Whatta tip! Certainly better than a dime or even a quarter - my largest tip ever.

That gorgeous young woman had on a transparent white negligee - nothing else. She was a natural blonde with fantastic breasts. Either she was half asleep or just didn’t care. It didn't matter to me. That exposure made my week: my first sighting of breasts in the flesh. The next live quivering pair came into view shortly later.

Those sweater stretchers belonged to Bob's oldest sister. Bob and I were playing chess at his kitchen table when Marie, age seventeen, came home. She resembled a young Adrienne Barbeau - dark hair, attractive with very large eye magnets.

“I heard a good one today," Marie said, standing by the table. "An old couple were in a motel for the first time. Just after removing her bra the old woman said, 'I gotta warn ya, I have acute angina'. The man replied, 'Compared to them ghastly boobs, I bet it's adorable'."

I laughed, acting as if I understood the joke. I didn't have a clue. “Yours look fantastic, I guess,” I said, eyeing her mammoth pair.

“They’re a nuance,” she replied.

“Let me have a peek,” I pleaded, “maybe I can offer some suggestions.”

“I can’t! Bobby might tell mommy,” she said, prior to sashaying to her bedroom.

Behind Bob, to his left was the door to his parent’s bedroom. On the other side of that area was Marie’s room. Both doors were left ajar. I could clearly see Marie stop by the foot of her bed. Never glancing toward me, she took off everything but her panties. After pausing for what seemed like an eternity, she removed them too. Bravo! Nothing is as breathtaking as a pretty girl’s face when she’s smiling, but a beautiful woman’s body can’t be that far behind.

“It’s your move,” said Bob, resembling a young Steve Buscemi with better teeth.

I scanned the chess pieces, moved a pawn and then watched Marie saunter toward her bureau. She looked marvelous. Even so, I took my eyes off her and studied the chess pieces as Marie closed her bedroom door.

Bob had a younger sister too. I made out with Louise a few times. Plenty of bare skin to touch and fondle, but only my fingers were allowed to make contact. Walter Pickles made full contact. Louise surrendered because Walt was dying of some blood disease. It happened quickly. Two short months later he was dead at fourteen.

Many years later Bob told me of Marie’s death. She was in a hospital for a minor operation. Her last words to Bob were, “Don’t worry! It’s not like I’m going to die.”
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