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Ken's body was still hanging in Mistress' closet, but his mind was still back to the place in time that had started it all. They Day Miss Vanessa had first punished him, and that night she visited his home to speak to his parents.

Ken was fearful all the way way home. His ass hurt and every bump the bus made reminded him of the punishment Miss Vanessa had given him. He didn't want to tell his parents that she would be visiting them later that evening but was sure not telling them would only make the situation worse. When the bus reached his stop he got off and went directly home. He told his mom that Miss Vanessa would be by to talk to her and dad at six o'clock. He then went straight to his room. Locking the door behind him, Ken removed his jeans. He stood with his back to the mirror behind his door and twisted around to see what his bottom looked. Deep purple bruises had already blossomed all over his tortured ass and thighs. His****and balls already ached from the state of sexual excitement he experienced that afternoon, but just the memory of being across Miss Vanessa's lap while she had spanked him mercilessly until he came made his****hard again. He retrieved a towel from his gym bag and laid down on his bed. This proofed uncomfortable so he rolled off and knelt on the floor. He reached down and started stroking his****while his mind recalled the events of the after noon. He stared off slowly and softly playing around the head of his****then start moving his fist up and down the shaft as he remembered how the stern anger in her voice had excited him, the salty taste of her panties when she had stuffed them into his mouth, the heat from her thighs as they held tight his throbbing member while she smacked his bottom relentlessly with that hairbrush until he exploded all over her legs.
Ken's hand was moving furiously now as he recalled the strange pleasure he got from licking the warm, creamy cum from her thighs. He came again as he remembered the musky sweet smell and taste of her clean shaven **** as she held his face tightly to her as she came, bucking wildly in her chair.
He sat back and gained his breath and allowed his heartbeat to slow to normal. Looking up at the clock on the wall a jumped to his feet. Five minutes till six already! Shit, she could be here any minute now! Ken quickly cleaned up, put his jeans back on, and tried to compose himself as best he could. he was opening his door just as the door bell rang. His mom called out to him, "That's properly your teacher. You should answer it." For once, he found himself in agreement with his mom. He nearly raced to the door. When he opened the door and saw Miss Vanessa standing there, his****stirred and hardened.
"Hello little boy" She said as she looked him up and down curiously. Ken's face was flushed and his hair disorderly. "What have you been up to?"
"I was just upstairs studying." Ken lied, and could instantly sense that she saw through it.
" No. Were you masturbating?" she inquired while staring directly at him. It sound less a question and more an accusation."
Ken dropped his face to avoid her eyes, "Yes Ma'am."
"We'll deal with that later, for now I trust your parents are expecting me." Again, not a question.
"Yes, Ma'am. They're waiting in the living room." Ken stepped aside to allow her to enter and led her to the living room. His parents were sitting on the couch. Ken introduced everyone and pointed to an easy chair and Miss Vanessa sat down. Ken sat in a chair opposite her at the other end of the couch.
His mom started the conversation, "So, which one of Ken's classes do you teach."
"Oh no, I'm not one his teachers. I'm the school librarian, but I an concerned about some of Ken's study habits."
His dad now, " Ken has always gotten good grades."
"Yes he has but the truth is Ken could and should be doing much better. I hate to speak badly of any student, but Ken is slacking off. Just this afternoon..."
OH GOD! Ken thought. Here it comes.
"Just this afternoon I caught him reading a comic book in my library when he should have been studying."
Ken's parents turned and looked at him, "Is this true?" Ken justed nodded in reply. He was speechless and relieved that Miss Vanessa had not brought up the porno magazine."
"Yes," continued Miss Vanessa,"and not only was he not studying, but have a rule about no comic books in my library. I brought him to my office and we had a very productive session. I have a firm hand with boys and I believe under my tutelage we can get to the bottom of this problem with his studies."
She gave Ken a look and crossed her legs. From where he sat, Ken saw she had not put her panties back on. His parents could not see and Miss Vanessa knew that Ken had. She was enjoying this little game, watching him squirm painfully in his seat from both the the bruises she had given him and the emotional ride she was taking him on now.
For his part, Ken knew she wasn't talking about his study habits and the only bottom she wanted to get her hands on was his!
His parents agreed that he could use a tutor to keep him on track, but explained they could not afford it.
"That won't be a problem. I live alone and could use some help with chores around the house. i would consider it a fair trade, my lessons for his labor.
" That's very nice of you. " mom said,"maybe the work will also help him concentrate.
Miss Vanessa shot a quick, sly glance at Ken, "I'm sure of it."
"When can he start?" asked dad.
"He can ride his bike over to my house in the morning." With that she stood and motioned to Ken to rise. Has he stood she made her good byes and asked Ken to walk her to her car.
Once outside, she reached into her purse and gave ken a card with her address on it. "I will expect you promptly at 9am, little boy."
Ken took the card, "Yes, Ma'am."
"And as for your jerking off before I arrived, you will be properly punished for that tomorrow and from now on there will be no more of that."
"Yes, Ma'am."
Very well then, tomorrow morning at nine, and don't be late." she then gave him a firm pat on the bottom and said with a smirk,"Enjoy that bike ride."
She got in her car and drove away and Ken ran upstairs and set his alarm clock for 7am!

That night in bed, Ken was restless and found it difficult to sleep. He was oddly excited about all of this. His bruised behind was sore, his balls ached, and his****was hard again. Ken reached down and gently stroked his shaft. I know what she said, but one last time and that'll be it. He opened a drawer in his bed stand and pulled out a bottle of lotion. He poured out a very liberal amount in both hands and reached down to his crotch. With one slippery hand he played with the sensitive head of his penis, with the other he gently caressed his balls. Has he lay on his back he slowly started rotating his hips, grinding his sore bottom against the cool sheets. He felt the pain, but not with fear. He felt pleasure in the pain and and gave himself over to hit. His left hand was sliding up and down his**** With his right hand he reached into his drawer and retrieved a pair of plain white cotton panties. He had stolen these from one of his sister's college girlfriends when she had spent the weekend once. He stopped rubbing his rod just long enough to pull the panties over his head, with the crotch right at his nose. There was still a trace of her musky scent, even after a few months. The left hand went back to his****and his right moved down further from his scrotum until he reached his ***hole. He rubbed his hand, still slick with lotion all around the exterior of his anus then slowly slid one slippery finger deep inside. He moved it in and out several times and let out a moan. His****started to get that urgent feeling, like it was about to erupt. He pushed the limit and stopped stroking his shaft and grasped it tight at the base while removing his greasy digit from his rectum. He laid there long enough for the tide if impending orgasm to ebb. Then he reached into the drawer one last time. He withdrew a hairbrush with a short but thick handle. "If only it were HER brush." he said to himself. Took up the bottle of lotion, poured some into his hand, then applied it to the brush handle. He then reached down and spread more on his tight pink hole. With one hand sliding up and down his pole, he used the other to push the brush handle into his ass as far as it would go. The smell of the used panties, his fist jerking his****and the fullness of the handle in his butthole pushed him over the top. Came in the great torrents that only teenage boys can achieve. The warm jizz splashed all over his belly, chest and face. The panties had slipped up and gobs of his own goo washed over his mouth. He licked his lips hungrily and flashed on the image of Miss Vanessa's strong, silky thighs covered with his sperm and how she made him clean her with his mouth. He came again with a moan. He then felt the whole of his body relax and he collapsed back into his bed. Laying there, spent, covered in cum and lotion with the hair brush shoved up his ass, Ken dropped off into peaceful sleep.
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