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{TRIGGER ALERT- depictions of mother/son incest. This is in no way intended to be an endorsement of incest. The scenes depicted are not based on real people or events. As a writing exercise, I was challenged by a friend and mentor to included fetishes that I was not comfortable with. This has been done with that in mind. If you think you might be disturbed by this part of the story, Please Do Not read it.}

Ken woke in the morning with a start, a brief moment of disorientation. Had he dreamt the events of yesterday? He knew he hadn't. As his body and mind fought to wake fully, he became aware of the felling of the hairbrush that still penetrated his ***hole. I reached down and slowly pulled to remove it. The lotion he had used as a lube had dried and extricating the wooden handle was painful. It was at this moment his brain decided to let him know he was not alone. His mother was standing at the foot of his bed, glaring at him.
"What the hell have you been doing to yourself?" she demanded. Ken stuttered and stammered, searching for an explanation that would not come. His mother stepped around to the side of his bed. Grabbing his wrist she yanked out of bed. Looking down she the the crumpled panties fall off the bed to the floor."What? Whose are those? Are those your sisters?" Mom demanded.
"NO! I swear, They're her friend's from school!" Ken offered defensively.
Mom snatched up the panties from the floor and stuffed them in his mouth. She dragged him, naked, down the hall to the bathroom. She practically threw him, following and slamming the door shut behind her. It was then she saw the bruises that had bloomed dark purple on is backside.
"What's this? Did you do that to yourself with that hairbrush you had, had...that you put up inside you?" She yelled angrily as she pulled the girls underwear from Ken's mouth.
"NO! Miss Vanessa did it! She spanked me in her office yesterday and she wants to do it again! That's why she wants me to go to her house today!"
"You dirty little liar!" Mom yelled, putting the panties back in his mouth as she pushed him forcefully over the vanity, holding him there while she begin smacking his sore ass with her bare hand. "I know you don't want to spend your Saturdays on your studies but I never thought you would do something like this to try and get out of it!" Each syllable was punctuated with a sharp smack to his bottom. Ken was in tears and kicking up his legs. Mom slapped the back of his thighs, "You stand still and take your punishment!" Ken kept his feet on the floor as his mother continued her relentless attack on his bottom. He sobbed loudly and hot tears ran down his face. Finally she forced him to stand and moved him into the shower and turned it on. Then to Ken's shock and humiliation, his mother stripped and stepped in with him, reaching down to turn on the shower. Ken shut his eyes tightly. His friends always teased him about how hot his mom was, a MILF they called her, but he had no inclination to see his own mother naked!
"If you are going to act like a naughty little boy, I'm going to treat you like one." She scolded. Again she pulled the panties from his mouth and began lathering them up. Using them like a wash rag, she began scrubbing his body. Mom stood behind him and held him tight against her. Her breast were small but Ken could feel them pressed against his back as his mom reached around and started scrubbing the dried cum off his belly. She re-lathered the panties and reached lower and began washing his pubic area then his soft****and balls. He felt a stirring down there. Oh God! that's my own my mother!
"We have to get all that filth off your little pee-pee" she taunted. Ken felt his rod stiffen as his mother roughly washed him with the soapy panties. Mom felt it to. She grabbed the shaft hard and aggressively stroked up and down."We must get every inch of your naughty thing." His mother whispered in his ear. Ken was mortified. This was not right, and yet it felt so good! Mom started with massaging his nut sack with her other hand. Oh My God! " Mom Please...."
She spun him around and pulled him close. Ken could feel his tool rubbing against his mother's **** as it slipped between her thighs. Stuffing the wet panties back in his mouth she whispered in his ear,"Hush up, baby brat." and she reached behind him and started soaping up his ass with her hands. She pulled his buttocks apart and scrubbed his crack and exposed hole, running her fingers over his anus."We have to clean everything", she breathed heavily and slid a long soapy finger up his ass. Ken came all over his mom's muff. She just laughed, "Is there no end to your perversion, little one?"
When she was satisfied she had done a thorough job she bent down and shut off the shower. "Now you're good and clean." she said as she pushed him out of the shower and stepped out her self. Mom grabbed a towel and dried him thoroughly. Then she turned him to face away as she dried off her own athletic body. Ken opened his eyes, forgetting about the mirror above the sink. He caught a full view of his mothers tennis toned body as she dried and dressed herself. His penis stirred back to life. Oh Shit! She grabbed his shaft again and dragged him back down the hallway to his room.She pushed him face down on his bed and scooped up his belt from the floor and landed several hard lashes across his ass. Ken howled and thrashed. He threw his hands back to cover his tortured bottom. Mom reached down and hand brushed them aside. "Don't you dare!" she ordered and gave his backside several more strikes of the belt. When she stopped, she instructed him to get dressed and meet her downstairs, "And you better hurry. You're already going to be late!"
Holy ****, he thought. Miss Vanessa is going to thrash me even more now! I dressed quickly and ran down stares. Mom was waiting at the front door with an envelope which she handed to Ken. "I want you to give this to Miss Vanessa as soon as you get there." Ken looked questioningly at the letter. Mom saw the look on his face," I have written her about what a naughty little brat you were last night and this morning. I also informed her of the dirty lies you told about her and have given her my permission to punish you in any way she sees fit from now on. See that she gets it. Now go."
Ken got his bike out of the shed and rode off, without sitting.
Mom watched him go then went back inside, climbed the stairs and headed to her bedroom. The exertions of the morning had got her worked up, in more ways than one. she slipped out her clothes and laid down on the bed. She slowly caressed her naked body. Her fingers found her clit, she spread her thighs and brought herself to orgasm. As she lay there catching her breath, covered in sweat sh sucked her juices off her fingers. Rising from the bed and walking over to the closet, she opened the door. There, hanging with his hands tied the rod, blindfolded and gagged, was her husband. "Now that I have dealt with your son's bad behavior this morning, let's get to the bottom of why you haven't cleaned out the garage like I told you."
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