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After I and the ex split, I had to deal with all the bills. I got the house, the new car and still had to pay the electric, phone and internet, water, car insurance etc..without her income! She actually made the payments (while we were together) meaning she sent out the checks using my money which was fine because that was arrangement but now it was just me.
So as the bills came in I tried to figure out ways to get them cut down. I think the first bill was the phone (landline) and internet. It was $140! I decided to call them up and ask what I can do to lower my bill because, um, I may have to cut it off. They wouldn’t let me dump the landline because “I had to have that to have internet”. WTF? The lady I spoke to looked at my account and found that I had a basic account but if I upgraded to call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding blah, blah, she could get my total bill down to $75, I signed up! We were there 10 years paying $140 WTF? Yes partly my fault but damn I was working.
So then I think the electric bill came in. I did see them before we separated but never thought about them, they were averaging about $140/month. Some were over $200 in the winter which is to be expected. And I always stayed on top of the filter replacement and coil cleaning. Still, I wanted to see what I could do to lower my bill. I changed out every light bulb to the (then) new fluorescent bulb. One night I turned off every light in the house and went looking for any LED light that might be lit. I think I found 4 or 5 things plugged in doing NOTHING! Unplugged them! I cleaned the coils on my refrigerator and cleaned the exhaust on my clothes dryer. I got my kids used to turning lights off when not used. I got my bill under $100.
My car payment was over $500 so I traded it in to a car at $386. And my car insurance went down.
We used to go to Wal-mart for a few things and come out with 2 carts full of crap! Now when I go to the store and see something I “want” I ask myself, how much better will my life be with that? can I live without it? I usually leave without it.
I also now do more do it yourself stuff (DIY). My clothes washer took a dump lately and I got on youtube and it was looking like the bearings went out. My ex brother-in-law ( I hate calling him that!) and I took it apart and it wasn’t the bearings, it was toast! I had to buy a new washer. I bought a washer that day, I didn’t shop around, I found a discontinued model (originally $750, on sale for $450) and I got it for $399 because I bought the floor model.
Anyway, I hope my frugality at least gets you to thinking about your own bills! It has worked for me! Why not you?
Don’t get me wrong! I am not a libtarded tree hugger. I do things to save me money, not to save the planet. The planet is fine..
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My frugality
Posted: 4/26/2017 7:52:42 PM
What is the question, the problem, the conundrum, per say, sir? :)
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My frugality
Posted: 4/26/2017 8:09:04 PM

Anyway, I hope my frugality at least gets you to thinking about your own bills! It has worked for me! Why not you?

Because I don't worry about my bill.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not a libtarded tree hugger. I do things to save me money, not to save the planet. The planet is fine..

The planet is fine from the perspective of the planet, but from a human perspective it is not fine.
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My frugality
Posted: 4/26/2017 8:34:27 PM

I hope my frugality at least gets you to thinking about your own bills!

I've been budgeting and paying my own bills (even had to pay rent to live at home starting the day after I graduated from high school) for 50 years. Are you just learning how to do that?

It has worked for me! Why not you?

Maybe for some it's difficult to "budget" when you barely have the money to put a roof over your family's head and the government is planning to take away your healthcare and placing the debt burden of the country on the low income folks.

I am not a libtarded tree hugger.

Feeling like a troll tonight? What does that have to do with teaching people how to budget their money?

I do things to save me money, not to save the planet.

So it's clear that you don't care about the state of the planet ... but what does that have to do with teaching people how to budget their money.

The planet is fine..

Soooo ... you started a thread that's supposed to be about teaching people how to "budget" their hard-earned money and really all it is a way for you to troll for "political comments" ... right?

Why didn't you just title the thread ... "I hate liberals and I plan to do whatever I can to destroy the planet for the upcoming generations that have to live here." roll:
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My frugality
Posted: 4/26/2017 8:47:35 PM
Bless his little heart, now he can afford to buy a goo-goo cluster...
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My frugality
Posted: 4/27/2017 8:54:30 AM
Goo Goo Clusters are a Southern delicacy. I rank 'em right up there with grits, pork rinds and a good ol' Stuckey's Pecan Log. Yum. The threat of diabetes cannot keep me away.

I got the house, the new car and still had to pay the electric, phone and internet, water, car insurance etc..without her income!

Wait...are you telling us that SHE expected YOU to pay all YOUR bills??? THAT ****!!! You should have gone for alimony! You were just content not having to pay child support...huh? [Insert Eye Roll Here]

she sent out the checks using my money which was fine because that was arrangement but now it was just me.

We were there 10 years paying $140 WTF? Yes partly my fault but damn I was working.

Soooo...what you're trying to imply here is...that it was mostly HER fault? Did it ever occur to you that while the two of you were married...cost wasn't an issue for her because of the two household incomes? You could afford it with her, but found out you couldn't without her. Poor you

We used to go to Wal-mart for a few things and come out with 2 carts full of crap!

I worked at Wal-Mart about twenty-five years ago...wanna know a secret? There are subliminal messages within the store's prompts some people into impulse buying everything in sight. You should buy one of these: that way you wont fall victim to it...EVER again!

I hope my frugality at least gets you to thinking about your own bills! It has worked for me! Why not you?

Ummm....because I manage my finances just fine and your suggestions are obvious and/or lame?

Don’t get me wrong! I am not a libtarded tree hugger.

Gee. Thanks for the clarification. How dare anyone think that you care about the environment!?
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My frugality
Posted: 4/29/2017 5:23:01 AM
Dating a 5 is more cost effective then an 8 OP.

Lubriderm is the ultimate dating buster too.

No batteries required
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worried about one Bill, the Clinton one
Posted: 4/29/2017 7:49:35 AM
"We were paying $140 for 10 years? WTF?...don't get me wrong, i'm not libtarded"

>>>it may have saved you money if you had been :) Oh well, even "kill the EPA" Rick Perry, as governor of Texas, jumped onto the windmill bandwagon once he realized how much money was literally in the wind to catch. See that's why is so Hillaryous when Republicants put down environmentalists, look at the money that gets saved not being on OPEC's leash. But I get the point of the post, even conservatives spend money to solve problems when they should take the time to see if there's a cheaper, better solution.

that must be the point, b/c there sure isn't a question being asked. or its a brag, can't be sure. Maybe i'll add to that i'm buying a 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 with tons of extra parts for $4500 and the seller's even delivering it for free! That's a way to save money, it would cost twice the selling price to build this car with the "technology" the seller put into it. He's in a bind and I'm Johnny on the Spot b/c I keep my finances liquid. That's another way to get good deals.

as for getting the house out of the divorce but not the second paycheck...that's how people end up on government assistance, when they find they can't cut back and still survive on what they planned would be their future. But hey, we can still pick on "those people".
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My frugality
Posted: 5/15/2017 12:25:11 PM
Not sure why people are being so hard on you OP. If people are in a position to not have to worry about their bills then that is lucky for them but it still seems foolish to me to be spending money in a way that doesn't add to your quality of life. Taking stock of your finances is just a small part of the bigger picture of deciding what is really important to you in your life overall and everyone should re-asses that periodically imo. If you're really into the whole frugality thing it has its own corner of the internet where you will get different responses than you did here.

I hope you will reconsider on the environmentalism thing though, and see the parallels to your financial situation. Why should we be destroying things so thoughtlessly, when with just a little thought we could destroy them much less, without having our quality of life suffer?
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My frugality
Posted: 5/16/2017 8:03:25 PM
I also called my internet provider and came away with a much smaller bill. Do this occasionally, call and see if you can get it cheaper, usually you can.
While I now live comfortably, at one time money was very tight. I still live much like I did then. Bring coffee to work from home, lunch from home, etc. Amazes me when I see people spending $10 or more for lunch, $3 for a drink.
Textiles are one of the worst things for our planet. Takes forever to decompose. I also ask myself if I need an item before I buy it, where I'll put it, how often I'll use it. Watching people buy bags of junk from the dollar store just because it's cheap irritates me to no end.
Good ideas briningit but the planet is not fine, another reason to live frugally.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/17/2017 6:33:39 AM
well, probably the reason why people are commenting on the OP, is the zeitgeist he shares with much of the public. When they had money to burn, they did things that didn't help the planet, and that creates more bills to pay in the future. thus the future becomes more expensive. Also, as pointed out, being frugal in some places, frees up money to treat oneself in other places. I have two friends who forever paid others to mow their lawns, and now they have no choice but to do for themselves the labor a child does for its parents.

Much to their surprise, they've found that while saving money...they have a sense of achievement. They used to spend their weekends (literally) looking for things to do, new shiny things to acquire, and trying to get exercise. Now they mow their lawns, get exercise, sleep better as a result of walking an acre rather than sitting around the house listless, and they love how their yard now looks like a green felt billiards table. Its a small victory, but sometimes its the small pleasures that make us feel better.

there are other creative ways one can save money--by spending less of it--and then finding they can pay off those big debts that keep them up at night, or to spend on little things at the end of the money. Worrying less about money seems like a small thing to those who don't think all day long about "how there's too much month at the end of the money". Life is more enjoyable when there's less stress in it.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/20/2017 11:26:12 AM
Agree with you GTO!

Love yard work, the outdoors, and the smell of the earth and grass. I just don't know how urban dwellers live without a lawn. And what's the point of having said lawn, if you don't take time to enjoy it? I've never had yardmen. They only want to mow (easy part) and leave the hard stuff for me. They also charge astronomical fees.

Here's another strategy. Some years ago, I lost 40 lbs after a trauma-based weight gain. Whole new "free" wardrobe of my former "skinny clothes". Able to take in about 1/2 of my "fat clothes" myself. Won't be clothes shopping again for quite a while as now I have too many. Cleared out the rest of the closet and had enough room for my new sweetie(thanks to weight loss!) to hang some things of his. (And yes, the yard work does burn fat!) Not everybody has a sewing machine and can sew. But everybody can sew a button back on or repair his/her own hems.

Dry cleaning service sux. They sometimes damage your clothes and won't own up. They often care less about getting spots out. Walmart has great in-the-dryer cleaning products. These products do bed comforters, too.

I have an all-electric home. Every year I review my rate contract with electric service provider. Every year I negotiate for the best deal. But in my area we have some choices of providers.

Don't know what the issue with the OP's ISP was. I understand what they were trying to push on him. But don't know why he would need land line anymore any way. After dealing with ISP's I find I can get the best deal with Inet only. The longer I stay with the ISP, the better deal I can negotiate. This might not be true, though for everyone in every area. I DO have two business lines. Two Magic Jacks. Paid $65 for each and phone bill for each is $30 a year.

Cut the cord on your cable if you can. Get an Amazon Firestick, and an HD antenna for local channels. Pick and choose the movie channeles. A Firestick will accept KODI -- the free movie current streamer. Find a provider that will stream the few cable channels that you actually watch. Find 1 or 2 movie streamers that you like. Lots of free TV show streamers.

Be on the look out for the new DVR boxes that are coming your way. You'll be able to buy 1 time CHEAP and use same for several years.

Also time to shop around for better cell phone service. I'm paying $30 a month for T-Mobile unlimited with 3 gigs. Got a sim card for a tablet with 2 more gigs and a hot spot for free -- been their customer for quite a while. Competitors are willing to haggle with you.

Companies like Boost and Metro PCS are now accepting new customers with their old Smart Phones (if said Smart Phones will work with their line service). The cheap-o Companies use the same lines as major providers. They also make some pretty competitive Smart Phones for $35 and to $100.

Keep your credit rating good. Everything -- especially insurance -- costs less with a good C/R. If your credit rating is bad, buy a book on Amazon for $10 and repair it yourself. You CAN legally get rid of current credit dings even if they are really yours. Use the free credit evaluation service at Lending Tree. They tell you how to improve all kinds of issues with your score. Just don't use their site to obtain credit cards. They sometimes suggest cards that persons are not likely to get. Do NOT use Credit Repair services. You can usually do the same job faster and free yourself.

Ladies -- For Gawd's sake -- learn to paint your own nails. It's so easy that little kids can do it. If you have trouble with the left hand, try moving your left hand more and the polish brush less. Lot's of UTube videos for this and other cosmetics. Plus you can learn to do Gels, and sculptures too. If you are wealthy enough to enjoy a good mani/pedi, I totally understand. But if you are barely getting by, why the #%#$ are you spending over $120 a month on this? Why the hassle of making an appointment and the time to go to one?

You can learn to do ANYTHING with a UTube video. Sometimes I have to stop and start the video several times to "get it". But, the point is that I do eventually catch on.

Find a friend of a friend who knows a trusted mechanic who works on cars from his home. It's possible.

Just say "No" to all recreational shopping. If you need something, go to the store, look at what you want, then go get on the internet for much less.

Most of these hints may seem like common sense to most of us. But not every idea, and not every one.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/20/2017 1:09:34 PM
briningit- "I am not a libtarded tree hugger."
And that has fvck all to do with what, exactly?!
How did liberals get a mention in a post that is all about you and your frugality?

My grandmother who raised me went blind when I was 15.
I took over paying her bills at that point.
Once I month, I sat down, balanced her check book, then looked at her bills and paid the most important ones, then had to decide budgeting for groceries and all the other odds and ends. Then paid her other bills if she had money left.
At 16, I got a job after school, went in every day at 4 and worked until closing at 10. I had two nights off a week.
I did this and maintained a 3.5 GPA.
I paid my own car note, car insurance, if anything else was left, I put it away for collage.
What are you after here?
Ok, good for you for finally figuring out how to handle your own affairs as an adult when I've been doing it since the age of 15.
I have some Oreo's in my pantry, want a cookie?
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My frugality
Posted: 5/20/2017 1:11:02 PM
Frugal -

If there is a permanent alternative to a disposable item, that is what I use.
I don't do pay TV - I don't have time to watch enough pay TV to get what I'd be paying for.
I don't do luxury - the other stuff is good enough for me.
I don't do small appliances - I do have a toaster oven to use in place of the large oven, and I have a mini blender for making smoothies.
I do my level best to stay away from items that require batteries of any kind.
I gave up driving in favor of walking, bicycling, and taking the bus as necessary.
I've been wearing the same winter coat since 2004 because it still fits, still works, and still looks fine.

I have additional items I could add to the list but who has time to write it all or read it all? :)

I care about both the earth and my bank account.
 Molly Maude
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 11:38:08 AM
... just came into the forums today for the first time in a long while ... and this topic is relevant to me ... I've been living with a friend for the last three years or so in my house in California ... we bought a house together in another state and he contributed financially for the past nine months ... but died suddenly last week ... I'm stunned, shocked, feel betrayed ... oddly, I'm angry with him for dying even though I'm sure he hadn't planned to die! the house is mine and so are the payments! this topic is relevant, maybe get me to start thinking now that the panic is settling down ... any suggestions even tho they might seem obvious would be helpful ...
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 12:24:25 PM
^^^So sorry for your loss, Molly Maude

To be clear--- you owned the house in CA? And your friend was your tenant? And you decided to buy property together in another state? Co-owners? As a rental investment?

Perhaps you need to consult a lawyer to make sure all is copacetic as far as inheritances, wills, taxes, etc?

And you're trying to find frugal tips on how to be able to afford both?

Sounds like you have a lot of things to sort out.

'Frugality tips' I find most helpful involve how to cut down on the monthly recurring expenses. Cable, phone, etc.

Others are more concerned about how to fine tune your own life according to your own values---whether it's worth it to trust your teeth to a dental student, your car to the local vo-tech student (supervised, of course), if clothing from the Salvation Army is good enough--(consignment stores can be a goldmine!), etc

Do fine dining/ fast food/convenience foods make your life happy/easier,etc etc. Same with new cars,blah, blah,blah.e rest
Figure out your priorities, what's important to you. If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go<

If the property in the other state is now a burden,might be best to let it go< (hope not at a loss,though) ... ;-(

Good Luck, MM

Back to the OP, not sure why so many posters attacked him. I did not read it as him blaming his ex for anything, more that he was happy he had found out he could negotiate his phone plans, Tv options, etc. To him it was a revelation. It might be to others as well.

There are many options out there these days. Not everyone is aware of them all , especially if they are 'new' to the bill-paying aspect after leaving a LTR. How bout some encouragement instead of this scolding!?! Sheesh~
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 12:27:22 PM

Back to the OP, not sure why so many posters attacked him.

Maybe you should read the part where he called people libtards and clearly does not understand why environmental protections are necessary.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 12:34:34 PM

Back to the OP, not sure why so many posters attacked him.

Maybe you should read the part where he called people libtards and clearly does not understand why environmental protections are necessary.

I tried to ignore that part as in 'WTF has that to do with frugality?' and just focus on 'frugal' part. ;-)

Attack away as you may!
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 12:42:46 PM

Back to the OP, not sure why so many posters attacked him.

Maybe you should read the part where he called people libtards and clearly does not understand why environmental protections are necessary.

I tried to ignore that part as in 'WTF has that to do with frugality?' and just focus on 'frugal' part. ;-)

Attack away as you may!

Tried to edit but could not.

It was unfortunate that he included that disclaimer.
I just preferred to focus on the frugality aspect rather than the seemingly off-handed slur. Not sure why he felt it necessary to add that comment. Whatever.

Any more ideas for frugal living?
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 4:34:30 PM
Mowing a lawn is like getting a haircut. It just makes things look neater. Bad news, in order, is ticks, poison ivy, and allergies. Between my father and I, one of us always owned a pickup truck. Whenever you pass by something marked "free" at the curb, you realize you can tote it home and store it for parts to repair something else, or maybe even fix it up (I just grabbed a friend's air conditioner to use for my garage when the humidity gets into it a month from now). Pickups tend to last longer than cars, but like everything else, they last even longer when you don't treat them as easily replaceable. That line of thinking makes you not take care of it, and self fulfilling prophesy! you replace it sooner. an ounce of prevention truly beats a pound of cure.

at the risk of offending smokers yet again, money spent kicking this habit pays off down the road. of course, there are other things we can live without, as well. I couldn't afford an apartment, tuition, and a car in college, so I walked the 4 miles (yeah I know). best exercise, came in handy the last semester when I fractured the rear of my hip socket in a car accident where my knee hit the dash and pushed the leg back. recooperated in record time. that saved me money and got me back to work, so it literally and figuratively saved my ass.

YouTube, if you don't know, has a gazillion videos on how to repair things. Even if you can't do it yourself, you'll know what's wrong and won't get sold a "$100 muffler bearing". Before you go out to buy something, do some research on the internet. showing up educated can be a great tool when dealing with a 20 yr old salesman--walking in unprepared to say anything but "ida know, what do you recommend?" is a recipe for disaster. Those companies live on extended warrantees. learn a little bit about economics. sometimes throwing something on a credit card that offers cash back is a good idea. other times, better save for when the washing machine breaks, and then when it does, pay with the cash you saved. As soon as you hear a noise in the car, start planning to put some away for the inevitability. When the insurance guy would ask me what I would take for a deductible, I would aim high, and put half that away in the bank to earn interest towards the eventual day i'd need it. going to get a dividend check from your stocks or income tax? have it delivered the week the house taxes are due, so you don't even get a chance to let it burn a hole in your pocket.

Half my parents' friends, growing up, I remember going to their house to fix something together and being treated to lunch/dinner as a result. The other half? we went over, sat around, ate, and when something broke, they paid an expert to come in with a gold-plated solution. My best friend right now, most of the time I make the drive to her place its to fix something. We barter--I save her ass, she fills my gas tank :) meanwhile she just figured how to get her sister to dye her hair for her. The salon would bring her in every 3 weeks, let the chemicals sit too long while they fit in other customers, and for $75 she got an itchy scalp.

The starting point for frugality is mindset--what is your relationship with your money? if you grew up in a household that promoted "Retail therapy" or that "only shiny things are good things", then the way you financially solve your going to be a problem. Money is a tool, and its how you use it that determines how good a tool it will be. sometimes buying the brand name is worth the extra expense (unless you're doing it to impress others), other times you're just paying for the advertising, and can skip by on the no-name. Some projects can be done by yourself, and give you a sense of accomplishment. others should be done by experts who won't electrocute themselves.

the second step, is knowledge. Know what you need, and what you don't. The third is planning ahead...if you're going somewhere, should you bring something to drink or will they not screw you with $5 water bottles?

as for the house, get the legal sorted out first, you really can't go anywhere without tripping over issues not sorted out. If the market is strong, consider selling, tho the IRS only lets you deduct I think the first house you ever sell. if the market is weak, you may consider renting/leasing. but this is a case where talking to an expert is worth the money spent. sometimes ya gotta spend some money to make some money, or to save some money!
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My frugality
Posted: 5/21/2017 8:10:20 PM
swedishtextiles- "Any more ideas for frugal living?"
I am so thrifty/frugal, that many friends have suggested that I start a blog. (Not kidding)
Some of my stand by's:
1)Teens these days have become a great source for all things tech and how to save money, some illegal, so watch yourself there, but most of us know at least one or two teenagers and they can tell you every free site for music, tv shows, movies, videos, etc. Whatever it is, they can tell you where to find it and how to download it. Ask one or two. I have and was amazed how much they led me to. (again, caveat, whatever they suggest, check first that is legal and what you will be viewing)
2)Unless it's needed for business or you live in some far out place where there are no cell towers, I don't know why anyone has a land line anymore. I cut mine off forever ago, saved 60 dollars a month and haven't missed it at all.
3)Cell service runs the gamut from cheap to "why are you paying that?" A lot of people waste money here. We are on Wal Mart's family mobile plan. They have smart phones starting at 50 dollars. I bought it for my son, he says it's ok, it has GPS and has most of the features of more expensive smart phones. I pay 64 a month for two people. Unlimited texting and calling, although my son complains about the data plan, I love it. You pay more for more data, but not an arm and a leg. Cell service is an easy one to cut back on and no one really needs a two or three hundred dollar phone.
4)Buying clothes off season was one of the first things I learned. Summer clothes at the end of summer, right before they are getting ready to bring in Fall clothes, Fall clothes right before Winter, etc. I have saved as much as 75% off doing this.
5) Thrift shopping is your friend. Good Will, the Salvation Army, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales. I have spent many a weekend joyfully finding name brand clothing, some designer clothing, purses, shoes at such low prices it almost feels like stealing. This is one of my faves.
6) Get a subscription to your local Sunday paper. Also, any trade papers that lists everything for sale that you can think of. Search craigslist as well. I haven't bought a vehicle from a dealership in years. If it gets me from point A to point B, has A/C and a radio, I'm good. This has literally saved me thousands of dollars.
7)Embrace bartering and trading. Cut hair? Offer your friend who gives massages a free hair cut for a free massage. Have a friend who is a mechanic? Ask if they will work on your car and in exchange you will clean their house once a week for however long it takes for them to charge you less to fix your car. (the key is LESS, never ask a mechanic to work for free, lol) Some will say no, they can't shoot you for asking. Many will say yes. I have a friend who is a veterinarian, we all know how expensive that is. He knows I'm a nurse and came to me super frustrated with his mom's care when she came out of the hospital after hip surgery. Since he approached me, I offered to come for nothing if he would vaccinate and examine my dog, he gladly agreed.
8)I never paid for a sitter when my children were little. Me and my other mom friends took turns watching each other's children. Plus, best yet, it's someone you know and trust, taking care of your children.
9)That junk mail that everyone complains about, look at it, closely. I use the food coupons. Friday, when my youngest son graduated high school, I used a Logan's (steakhouse) coupon that saved us 25%. Also, you can find good deals on everything from eye glasses to checks cheaper than you can get them from your own bank. Read the grocery store and pharmacy sales inserts. I have a CVS one block from me and a Greer's one more block further. I take the inserts with me and shop the sales. Many people wouldn't think of CVS for food, but they have it and if it's on sale, why not?!
10)Junk e mails? Same thing. Don't just delete, read them. This way, I found a site called SFS, sweet free stuff. I have gotten free toothpaste, contact lens solution, feminine care, dog treats, dog food, on and on, many came with coupons.
11)Find out which restaurants, pizza places, buffets, bars, etc. Have days/nights where you can get the same thing you would every other day/night, for less. Buffalo Wild Wings has buy one get one free wing night on Tuesdays. Find out when your local bar has happy hour. your favorite pizza places, almost all of them, have weekly specials. Not only that, each night of the week is a different special and, often, more than one.

Hmmm, maybe I should start a blog. ;) :)
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My frugality
Posted: 5/22/2017 1:57:11 AM
I cringe when I think about all of the money I spent in the 1990s on my permed mullet...

I cringe when I think about all of the money I spent on bad dates and relationships...

Call me cheap or call me frugal...I wear the title proudly!
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My frugality
Posted: 5/24/2017 7:30:00 AM
I'll barter with you, GTO!!
You could keep my 20+ y/o car in top condition in exchange for haircuts. No? Points for nice try?

Seriously, How about GROUPON, folks? You can occasionally get great bargain on some big ticket items you could never afford otherwise. $3-$4 off ordinary ticket prices, 2 for 1 restaurant dinners. This stuff adds up!

Buy reasonably priced make-up, but splurge on very good skin care products. I can't pay $100 for an ounce of eye cream -- but I can get the same stuff on E-Bay for $25, etc. (I like Perricone.) (and NO, the high dollar stuff is NOT the same thing as the cheap).

Stop with the bottled water!!! Get some good water filters and wide mouth reusable water bottles that are easy to wash. You'll save a bundle -- not to mention the planet. Plus anything you cook with water will taste better and be healthier.

Learn the best time of year to buy whatever big ticket items you want. There's a best time to buy appliances, cars, and pretty much anything. Look on the internet to find it.

Take good care of what you already have with gentle handling and routine maintenance. Pay now or pay later for upkeep.

Take good care of yourself. Exercise. Floss. Eat properly, and supplement when you need it. Saves agony, medical misery and improves the quality of life you have while you have it. Maybe even your teeth and hair.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/24/2017 8:05:10 AM
"you could keep my car in condition in exchange for haircuts"

>>>"think of all the money you'd save" :) Actually I do have to shave more of the face these days, a hot towel shave would be nice. still, these newer cars with all their sensors, sometimes they're easier to fix. Some of the auto parts stores will scan for free to see if you have a code (surprisingly some have stopped doing this, I would imagine it brings in business), you look it up on the internet, and it may just be something you can unscrew one bolt and replace. I did two sensors that way. Dragonbytes had a post about that. Oh, and a pair of ramps to drive the car up on, I do my own oil changes. living out in the sticks, I don't bother with curbside pickup I just bring the stuff to the dump, and they take the oil for free to pour on the backroads during the summer. keep a record of your replacement schedule in the back pages of the manual, and the receipts for repairs, too. if a mechanic wants to replace something, you may be able to grab the receipt and go, hey, that was replaced already.

Just for laughs, those who want to know when they can retire and live off the interest:

I still say, tho, in life when you can buy yourself peace of mind...its a good investment. I just crawled off the roof from an attempt to clean the raingutter drain near the corner where the powerlines come in. Note, I didn't say I got to clean it, just that I attempted it on a second story roof and my brain asked WTF. I'll attempt it from one more angle and then throw in the towel and pay some fully insured "kid" without vertigo to scamper up there. to quote Kenny Rogers, ya gotta know when to hold your money, and when to spend it. I enjoy a good puzzle but i'll have to admit when this gutter has me beat.
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My frugality
Posted: 5/24/2017 9:17:00 AM
Don't buy condiments . Instead, just get extra packets whenever you buy fast food.

Train your body to only go to the bathroom at work to save on toilet paper .

Believe it or not, these two tips alone will save you THOUSANDS of bucks !
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