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Indeed, me fellow islanders. It indeed looks like the old xenophobes who pepper the English countryside have dealt us a blow from which we might not recover that easily by voting for brexit.

So, I do tend to read the news while seated on the loo, sipping coffee, smoking, and of course, defecating. This morning, I stumbled on a headline which not only completely halted my bowel movements but it actually reversed them and it all went back up to my stomach. The headline in question by Reuters ran as follows:

"Exclusive: EU looks to build alternative to London for capital market - document"

In short, the EU is considering setting up their own alternative to London's financial market (biggest in Europe). Sure enough, that is not an easy task (these things are based on reputation which is not easily acquired albeit very easily lost) but it by no means is an impossible feat! Now, keeping in mind that the only industry the UK really has these days is banking and financial services, what impact such a thing do you think would have on the UK's economy if the EU is successful at it?

I think it would quite literally be an economical doomsday for the UK ... which is exactly why Scotland should leave the UK asap.

Tell me, what's you take, me beloved unter?
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 12:10:57 PM
Yeah well, what if we all end up impoverished and starving? would you folk still not care then? :/

It's kinda the main pt I was trying to make.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 12:43:37 PM
"We survived before the EU was in existence. I am sure we will survive after we leave. "
Well, before the EU was around, we didn't have to compete with the EU... now, we will have to. Having said that, I am pretty certain that somehow, we'll make it through although prolly rather bruised and battered.

"Our economy gained a phenomenal amount of strength just after May declared article 50"
What does that mean exactly? The pound is still miserable.

Indeed.. indeed. Your work is appreciate it.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 1:49:32 PM
The European union is a political project. The united kingdom, even the ever revolting scottish bit, surely
will not end up as a province of the fourth reich.

The five hundred million trading bloc is not , to say the least, pulling up any trees where it counts in income per capita. Despite all its problems and because it's a political project, the human suffering seen in greece is all the indication any one needs to understand it's not about working people.

The Dow measured in gold has been declining for sixteen years despite headlines of all time highs of 20, 000 plus.
in the S and P 500, 495 have tanked long ago. Only five
are making that index look good, namely , facebook,
Amazon, netflix, google and apple ....only dumb money
and funny money are chasing these stocks. It's the debt.
And because our "money" is debt we always need to create more to pay the existing...yes house holders,
Car buyers, shoppers, immigrants and students ....I kid you not are all pressed into debt dependency to prop the lifestyles of the financiers up. When you use a credit card
you create credit ("money") out of nothing and yet you have to pay interest to a work shy parasite, courtesy
of all your elected finest. I don't vote apart from when
I rejected the fourth reich.

A great way of pushing more debt out the door when
the debt enslavement has reached its nadir, is war.
We can't have a debt jubilee because this system needs more and more debt to prevent implosion. The problem
with Trump, and all politicians, whether he knows it or not
is that this system has politicians in every party, soldiers in every nation, bewildered debt slaves and a global corporate media to obscure it. Attacks on fake news
is book burning.

It's the debt, bitcoin is screaming it and at its core this is
a resource problem. The finest protection looking
through the tumult that is coming is gold and silver.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 2:02:07 PM
Somebody. Correct Msg 8. It's very annoying.

In order to maintain the highest quality forums you are restricted to having no more then 2 of the last 10 posts on a thread.
Since 2 of the last 10 posts are yours you can not post to this thread
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 2:11:55 PM
Well, that's rather Newtonian. The world is not really going round. It's moving in a straight line. It's space that is warped giving us the illusion that the world is orbiting the sun. If you were referring to the Earth's spin, then it is neither gravity nor warped space. It simply is inertia.

Kinda.. I need to say this is all.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 2:17:56 PM

True.. but kinda the 10 min edit window expired so I cannae do anything now. :/

Are you really a fan of Sturgeon? I liked Salmond. Don't like her much though. She's not affirmative enough imo. Can't think of a single female politician I truly admire. Merkel? She's a fkn NAZI. Maggie and Hilary? 2 menopausal whores in need of subjugation. Probably that's because there has been relatively few high profile women in politics this far.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 2:49:47 PM
What I really like about her (Sturgeon) is the fact that she didn't mind one bit putting her career on the line when she said that a vote for Brexit might/will trigger another independence ref and in fact went through with it - as far as Westminster permits that is.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/18/2017 4:06:15 PM

The world is not really going round. It's moving in a straight line. It's space that is warped giving us the illusion that the world is orbiting the sun.

What is the basis for that assertion of yours?

The earth travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun....

In 4 dimensional terms the earth is moving in a straight line spiralling on a curved field much like undulating oscillations around the sun.

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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 2:26:04 AM
It is yet to be seen if the UK will lose the financial industry as predicted, there are many conflicting points of view on this and I do wonder if we are being manipulated yet again by the media ahead of the general election. If it does happen I fail to see a causal link to a need for Scottish independence. If the Scots want independence, that is fine, that is their choice but unwinding the UK would make Bexit (how I hate that word) like a walk in the park.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 5:10:30 AM
EU should be successful in the mentioned project as "nature abhors a vacuum"...
UK will leave Europe Economic Community (so called "hard Brexit") after unsuccessful negotiations with EU and will not be able to even use World Trade Organization (because UK is there as a part of EU, so it requires negotiation first between UK, EU and WTO) - trading perspectives similar to North Korea. EU will be playing against UK, to take over companies, services and workforce (from UK - as many as possible)
If Scotland will leave UK - it will have a chance to become leading power in Europe (oil and gas resources), but that would be the last nail in the coffin for UK
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 5:47:25 AM
Brexit. One of THE biggest ever things the population of these islands have ever had a vote on.
And of course because we voted 'the wrong way' its all tears and snotters from the snowflakes.

Oor jo in oxford continues to talk about the lie of the eu and workers rights. On the brexit thread on the off topic forum i posted a good article by jim silllars destroying the myth of the eu and workers rights.

Of course those who inhabit the world of snowflakia can only call the plebs racist xenophobic low intelligent arseholes. But hey snowflake we fvckin rammed it right up yous. Remember the march in london where snowflakes demanded another referendum? Spiked online magazine sent someone down to report on it. The answers were hilarious. 'But i went to university and can speak 3 languages' 'well i think we should have a vote about it' etc etc.

So because some soppy bint can speak three languages lets ignore the view of 17 million odd voters.
Many many citizens on these islands are having a brilliant laugh at the wailings from snowflakia.
No wonder the snowflakes want to silence the demos and ignore their wishes. Because thats what their masters in the eu practice

Oh and lets see how this eu protects the workers rights crap pans out in france where a globalist has been voted president. Someone who has already stated he is going to introduce austerity and massive workers reforms.

Oh and if more snowflakes had got off their arses and voted rather than listening to pollsters yous might have won. But yous never. Suck it up snowflake.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 8:23:51 AM
This supposedly "strong and stable government" has given us three general elections within 7 years,
Two 'referenda", with onother pending,
Taken us out of the biggest trading bloc in the world,
Alienated our closest neighbours,
Reduced the value of sterling by about 25%
Halved the budgets for councils, which includes social services.(and blamed "immigrants", for the "strain on local services")
Had the doctors on strike, with the nurses now threatening,
Underfunded the NHS into crisis levels.
Is planning on doing the same with schools.

And far from "austerity" working, they've actually doubled the national debt.
While reducing corporation tax, inheritance tax, and
And now they're still making "immigration" a "key policy",
despite non-EU immigration, (which has always been solely under their control), rising to new record levels.

May seems want us to think her "team" are Superb negotiators, that's what Cameraman thought too.
But he came back with a flea in his ear, spat his dummy, and called the referendum, and then promptly resigned, when it didn't go the way planned.
Tories are such good negotiators, that they've manage to get some global corporations to actually pay nearly 10% of the tax which they already owed.

The tories have spent the last 3-40 years encouraging us to hate, and to be suspicious of "johhny foreigners".
They've endlessly bleated and whined about legislation from "the social chapter", which improves workers rights, and human rights.

So passionately we're they against the EU., that they formed a single-issue 'spin-off' party, 'ukip',
formed exclusively from former tories, like Farage, and backed and funded by former Tory backers and (rich) founders.

This whole mess is a Tory-manufactured one.

So "strong and stable" were they, that a week after ruling out an election, they called one.
And so we'll-organised were they, that despite being the ones who called the election, all the other parties got their manifestos out before they managed to.
They obviously caught themselves by susrprise.

They now say it's "austerity" ' til at least 2025, and that's when they're now saying they'll balance the budget, despite previously claiming to get it done by 2015.
Along with the pledge to "reduce immigration to the tens of thousands"

If the British public is stupid enough to give them the 'landslide', which the polls are currently predicting, then, they'll deserve everything they get.
It's at times like this, that I'm just grateful I won't have to suffer this foolishness for too many more years.
It's fvcking chaos.
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 8:40:49 AM
"They now say it's "austerity" ' til at least 2025, and that's when they're now saying they'll balance the budget, despite previously claiming to get it done by 2015."

And yet those who voted remain were quite happy to suck up to an undemocratic eu who have crushed workers rights in many of the captive nations. You constantly ignore the treatment of greek workers and the punitive measures taken against them by eu directives.

Austerity is bollocks. Anyone with half a brain knows that. Yet the eu you voted to remain in are bullying nations into austerity measures. The eu is global capitalism at its worst as workers get crushed even more.

Still good to know that the welsh windbag kinnock and his family will not suffer austerity as they milked roughly £10 million from the eu. Those 'firebrand socialists' eh?
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Brexit? An opportunity?
Posted: 5/19/2017 9:32:45 AM
Well the formulas for working out who pays and receives what were worked out by the original group of seven. We joined on unfavourable terms particularly as most of the payments were for agriculture so France won out particularly spectacularly. The UK lost out because it is actually pretty good at collecting taxes and part of each countries contributions are based on tax gathered. Maggie Thatcher negotiated a rebate which is still disliked within the EU but without which we would be paying more than Germany.

That arch negotiator David Cameron successfully negotiated to give up half that rebate, that Eton education wasn't wasted and he's passed all his skills on to the next generation of Tory lightweights. Spain is about third largest contributor after us although they get every penny back and more in various subsidies. (that could be why there roads are so good). They have more international airports than any other EU country, some of them so popular they have never received a single aircraft (one of them Real Ciudad has the longest runway in Europe).

Can't see how your statement about GDP going up if Scotland leave, possibly you mean GDP per head? GDP after all only records where money is spent not earned.
 Jo van
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 9:32:50 AM
Funnily enough, I came across a Greek guy, and his family, last year.
Now, for context, it could just be that this guy was some sort of "Tory", and it could all be bullshit.
He lived in a very nice detached house, probably 4, or 5 bedrooms, big detached double garage, and a sort of 'gated-community', in that 4 such houses, (all designed differently, naturally) shared a gated common access. There was block-paved parking for at least a further 4 cars, at each property. Very nice.

After we'd finished business, I asked him about Greece, because I was interested, and didn't know that much about it.
He claimed that since they joined the eu., they'd been 'milking it', and living well beyond their means.

He claimed that more than half the country were working for the state, in one form or another,
he claimed that they were retiring at about 55, and that state pensions were about a grand a month.
He claimed that trades like plumbers or bricklayers were driving around in Porsche Cayennes.
In short, he said that it was obvious they were heading for bankruptcy.

Now, I don't know if this is all true, like I said, he seemed to be doing very nicely here,
I don't know if it was rented, or bought, but either way, he wasn't short of a quid.
He got out, a few years ago, with his wife, and two kids, and came here to work.

All I'm saying, is that there are two sides to every story, and while I'm sympathetic to the plight of the greek workers, I don't think they've ever been much more than a tourist economy, exporting olives and ouzo and some manky cheeses.
They're certainly no industrial power-house.
Nothing wrong with any of that, except that they might have been doing it all on the EU's "dime".

If the EU didn't give us improved workers rights,
Then why is May insisting that they'll all be "written into British law", before we leave, (to make sure that people don't get the chance to object to losing those protections)??
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 9:47:56 AM
JV some of what he said to you is verifiable. They certainly had before the meltdown retirement at 55, the highest number of Porsches and lowest tax collections per capita. I've no idea what it is like now but they have other records such as highest suicide rate and most youngsters out of work. Meanwhile the corrupt banksters who started this are making lots of dosh. Just about none of the bailout money goes to Greece but is given straight back to the banks. I'd like to see the numbers to show just how much money they have made out of this crisis.
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 10:10:15 AM
What about the 50% youth unemployment in spain then? Where is your 'eu protects workers rights' there then?
As for the greeks well aye they kicked the balls out of the good times. So what? Surely the eu should have intervened then to stop this happening. Or did the 'workers rights protecting' eu not give a shit.

Hows the eu doing regarding geezers like this?......

"The rate for the job was clear – £13 an hour – yet when Andrew McLean’s payslip arrived it had been slashed to the minimum wage of £6.31.
Welcome to the world of umbrella companies, the latest ploy concocted to rip-off construction workers."

Of course it could be the all persuasive 'right wing press' printing lies again eh?
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 10:11:23 AM
The skills shortage is also a myth. Why train apprentices when you can get cheap labour from abroad eh? This is a nice wee example. Where are the eu protecting these 'workers rights' then eh?

Drivers paid €1.20 an hour. Where is the eu protecting THEIR rights then?...........

"The report admits that importing “substantial numbers of non-UK EU nationals is likely to be suppressing wage growth”."

Thought you said wages were not suppressed by cheap eu labour? Oh i forgot its the 'right wing press' eh? Lol the stock answer to hide the failures of the political elites and their 'true socialist' followers........

"There’s a shortage of HGV drivers in an economy that relies on moving mountains of heavy goods. Road haulage companies complain bitterly that they can’t recruit; operators are turning business away for lack of drivers.

Yet at the same time there are large numbers of the unskilled, especially the young, who need training to get a job, or an upgrade from zero-hours, low-paid work to something better. Easy, you might think, to connect the two – but it’s not happening, according to last week’s report from the House of Commons transport committee.

The Road Haulage Association says it is short of 60,000 drivers, with an ageing workforce shedding another 40,000 by next year. Employers told the committee how hard they try to attract drivers – but plainly not that hard.

They all want ready-made, fully trained drivers with several years’ experience. Many turn abroad, hiring 60,000 mainly eastern Europeans, yet still not plugging the gap. Few companies run their own training schemes, complaining that others just poach them.

Failure to train staff is a UK industrial disease, so from next April the government is imposing a levy on large employers to pay for apprenticeships, (resisted by the CBI). But there will be no apprenticeship for road haulage: the government says people should pay to get their own licences, though courses cost £3,000, plus a £230 fee for a stiff test which applicants often require several attempts to pass. They also face long waits to do so, due to lack of government examiners.

A driver grabs some rest. One describes being seen as ‘second-class citizens, everywhere we go. Disgusting toilets and stinking laybys. We’re treated like scum by the places we deliver to.’

The economic orthodoxy says a labour shortage should lead to a pay rise until people are enticed into vacant jobs – but that doesn’t happen as industries conspire to keep pay low, despite the shortages. Truck drivers get an average £26,000 – the median wage – but pay hasn’t risen in years for stressful and responsible work.

Unite, representing most transport workers, says there’s a race to the bottom on pay. Employers fill gaps with agency staff instead of raising rates. Big haulage firms subcontract work, often sub-sub-contracted down the supply line, each creaming money off, until the job is done by low paying, fly-by-night operators.

I spoke to Mick Johnson, an agency driver from Grimsby, who says he finds eastern Europeans at the bottom of the chain, paid Latvian rates of €1.20 an hour, living in their cabs for three months.

His union says some foreign drivers’ bonded terms amount to modern slavery.

The report describes the squalor of truck stops, and that is where they exist; whole districts and big cities have none. “Second-class citizens, everywhere we go,” says Johnson, describing disgusting toilets and stinking laybyes.

The report admits that importing “substantial numbers of non-UK EU nationals is likely to be suppressing wage growth”.

Unite fears companies will use Brexit to drop EU regulation, such as the 48-hour working time rule. Many drivers voted for Brexit hoping to avoid the EU certificate of professional competence, a seven-hour annual course.

The story of road haulage is mirrored time and again in British industry, with employers failing to work collaboratively, unions too weak to force good pay and conditions, and no government intervention. Ministers boast that once again we have an industrial strategy. If it doesn’t apply here, why bother?
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/19/2017 9:26:21 PM
Who is going to pay for Scotland's socialism...independence would mean using some other country's currency, probably sterling .If Scotland issued its own paper then foreigners who used it would demand an interest premium structurally cutting the potential growth of Scotland's economy at a time when it needed all the growth it could get for its tax base etc..

Independence would mean a 15 billion pound fall in government revenues , for a mere five million people, this is Greece on stilts. There would be soup kitchens, probably provided by the E.U. and the U.K.
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/20/2017 1:12:00 AM
"How are workers rights going to look in the UK if may does get scrapping all of them and re writing them without having to go through parliament first."

Who said may will be scrapping them? I follow jim sillars writings quite a lot. And he made the point it was the uk parliament who introduced a raft of rights for workers. And better rights than those given to other nations enslaved by the eu.

All this hard brexit soft brexit shite. The uk demos voted brexit. Thats just the way it goes. As for snowflakes as long as the remoaners constantly call folk like me thick and stupid because i hold a different view from them then they shall continue to inhabit snowflakia.

Scotland is complex in as much as we have a large portion of the electorate up here who want to remain as part of the uk. I believe the tories will soak up a lot of these folks. We will be independant one day. But i would still advocate to be out of the eu. An independant Scotland is not a nation if brussels dictats take priority.

Hopefully our fellow citizens in east europe will slap the eu and help destroy the anti democratic behemoth (here thats a good wee line that seeing as ive just woke up) and then we CAN be a nation again.

Well to be fair i admit i seldom see you call anyone anything but as i see it 17 million odd citizens took the time to go out and bother to vote for brexit. The way the establishment have tried to undermine this democratic vote is appaling. In my opinion anyway.

As for the workers rights issue ill try and find jim sillars article again. And remember the same eu gave uk businesses the right to ignore the working time directive. They also ruled companies can move their business to any eu nation to save money and thereby sack their workers.
 vlad dracul
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/20/2017 1:41:27 AM
This is the article written by jim sillars......

It is nonsense to believe the EU is the workers friend. The claim the EU is necessary to maintain workers rights is a myth. Here are the facts.

Paid Holidays.
Paid Holidays have been a right in British Law since 1938. Holiday pay entitlement is entrenched in British Law.

Statutory Maternity Pay.
Statutory Maternity Pay lasts for 39 weeks under British Law. EU Law only requires 14 weeks.
UK Law gives women the right to receive 90% of their salary during the first six weeks of maternity leave whereas the EU directive says only the rate of statutory sick pay in the six week period.

Parental Leave.
UK Paternal Leave may be taken for up to 52 weeks, whereas EU directives only requires Paternal Leave for 4 months. This has been the position since 1999.

In the EU, rights of workers are trumped by the Rights of Employers.

There is a division between Capital and Labour, and Capital wins in the EU. Two cases decieded by the European Court of Justice prove this. Viking and Laval.

The judgments of the European Court of Justice between capital and labour? The Viking and Laval cases have created a hierarchy of rights.

First comes the absolute right of employers to re-locate to anywhere in the EU irrespective of the harm done to workers and communities.

Viking the Finnish owned passenger ferry company, operating under the Finnish flag and paying Finish wages. Viking changed flags to that of Estonia where it could hire Estonians paying lower Estonian wages.

The Finnish workers threatened strike action. The case ended up in the European Court of Justice. The ECJ had to decide between the right under the Treaties for an employer to move anywhere within the EU when they pleased and the rights of workers to strike to prevent this.

The ECJ found the employers had the absolute right under EU law to relocate anywhere in the EU. The right to strike was also recognised. But the ECJ said it was not an absolute right. It had to be subordinate to the economic freedom of employers.

Laval was a Latvian firm with a Swedish subsidiary. Laval posted 35 Latvians to renovate a school in Sweden. Swedish trade unions wanted the Latvian workers to get the same pay and conditions they received.

Laval refused.
Swedish workers blockaded the site. Laval went bankrupt. They sued the Swedish union. The ECJ held that the Posted Workers Directive which requires Posted Workers to receive the same employment protection in the host nation did not apply in this case.

The ECJ ruled that the Swedish unions actions that the Latvians get the same pay and conditions was contrary to EU law.

EU law is squarely on the side of the employer.

Below that comes the right to strike, which the ECJ has said is not an absolute one, but must be proportionate and subordinate to the employer’s economic position.

The lost jobs at the Carron Pheoenix plant in Faklkirk, with owners transferring to Slovakia, are sad examples of EU laws’ placing the rights of capital above that of labour.

The same EU along with the European Central Bank and the IMF crushed the trade unions in Greece and Portugal and crushed any dissent.

Both nations forced to privatise state owned property with workers then being sacked by the new owners. Trade union agreements ripped up, social benefits cut.

Greek folk voted 61% against austerity. The unelected Jean Claude Juncker said 'the Greek vote is irrelevant'. The Greeks got more austerity.

In Portugal 2.6 million folk live in poverty. The Troika made the Portuguese government sack teachers because projections show there will be fewer children because the young have left to find work.

Neither the unelected European Commission the unelected European Central Bank nor the unelected IMF with their tax free big salaries and the big pensions to follow can grasp the irony.

EU law comes down fairly and squarely on the side of the employer."
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/20/2017 4:17:39 AM

A Scotland outside the UK would join the EU and use the Euro not the sterling. It works great for (rep. of) Ireland, why should it not for Scotland?

PS. Before telling me anything about the recession in Ireland please note that their GDP pc is higher than that of the whole UK.

There is no question in my mind that leaving the UK n joining the EU is the way forward for Scotland. Ireland is living proof.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/20/2017 4:47:00 AM

It works great for (rep. of) Ireland, why should it not for Scotland?

Because there can only be one Ireland. Ireland has tried to solve its problems by going down the Luxembourg route of lowering corporate taxes and attracting lots of firms to have their headquarters there. The EU are already on the case and if labour get in that nonsense will come to an end. As Jeremy Corbyn said the other day, there are simply not enough people in Luxembourg to drink all the coffee Starbucks says it sell from there.

try this Mark Byth, Austerity, the hostroy of a dangerous idea
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 5/20/2017 6:46:48 AM
and what route are you expecting the UK to take in order to remain competitive? The route where we do dodgy business with whoever irrespective of any morals? What will that do to our reputation (we quite literally live on that) do you think?

Seen may begging on her knees for a few shillings there aye?

This is the major thing here. We produce nothing, we have no unique abilities and (excluding *Scotland's* oil) have no natural resources. What are we supposed to trade? At the moment, we thrive on reputation (financial services etc). We are/were Europe's gateway to the world. Sadly, thanks to brexit, instead of offering our services to the EU as part of it, we decided to go our separate ways and the EU decided to 'fight back' (i.e. compete or try to at least) instead of to cooperate - AS EXPECTED AND I REALLY DON'T BLAME THEM.

How the UK (market size 65 million) is supposed to compete with the EU (market size: ~500 million with a reputation as good as ours essentially) and come out on top does escape me. You, brexiteers owe us some explanations imo.

Want to here the truth you knew all along and always refused to acknowledge?
Yes, you voted brexit out of xenophobia, ignorance and UKIP lies and for that, you are gonnae be paying dearly; sadly, I too.. thank you. x
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