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Once upon a time, long ago now, eYe got hooked Up! It saved my LiFe! Kinda funny story tho
eYe was a poor single parent, with 2 kids, & no child support. Xmas was approaching.
A friend mentioned, she & her hubby, were talking with his friend, about getting some extra Xmas money, by digging clams, on Vancouver Island. Was eYe interested?
The potential financial numbers, she was throwing at me, sounded awesome, 4 a seasonal month of work! eYe dreamed of how eYe could afford an awesome Xmas, 4 the kids & eYe. eYe said, Yes.
LiKe an episode, from the three stooges, lol
eYe am in a pick-up truck, headed 2 Vancouver Island, with Larry, Barry, & my girlfriend, Dolly. This is back, in the old days. B4 computers & cell phones.Even almost b4 credit cards.. We had to use our supplies, 4 essentials. We drove straight thru. A 24 hour drive. At on point, we stopped 2 gas up. Dolly came out with free reading material. 2 entertain herself, on this long boring ride. We were NoT gonna buy stuff that wasn't essential. She came out with an Emergency Red Cross booklet! Exciting reading?! eYe rolled my eYes, & tried 2 sleep the rest of the trip off.
Bloody well.
After this long trip, 2 Barry's friend Larrys place, eYe just wanted 2 chill.
Now, Larry says, his place is only a 2 bedroom, & eYe don't get the couch. eYe can only stay in his bedroom, with him. Quite direct. 2 which eYe responded, that would have been more helpful 2 know, b4 eYe left my house, in the other province! Go figure. eYe had been ready 4 beer time, rather than this surprise time.
eYe was like, NO, excuse me, eYe didn't sign Up 4 that!
Thankfully, little Zeballos, had a little local hotel, just up the street. Off eYe went 2 check out my other options, & have a beer.
Turns out, eYe had landed, in this little lumberjack place?! The hotel bar floor was rough, chewed up, wood shavings, with peanut shells; not lush carpet.
The little place, jammed in the lush background, was only like, 3 blocks by 5 blocks. Uphill, & a gorgeous little harbour. West coast is the harsh side, of the island.
Turns out, It's clamming season here. There are more clammers, rite now, than lumberjacks.
1st, eYe got a room , 4 $20. Put my stuff in my room. Chill beer time. While eYe figure out how 2 deal with the 3 stooges, mostly Larry. lol
Turns out, there's a Full Moon! A dude in the bar says, Its gonna be the lowest tide, with the brightest Moon. The best Time, 2 check out the beaches 2 dig.
He invited Me 2 go out with Him 4 a look/see. eYe agreed . .
Turns out, eYe climbed into a boat, he didn't own, & off we went, with a flashlight, fishing. Full Moon. Lowest of the low tide.
He drove us around the ocean. He seemed 2 know the nooks & crags . We went 2 a bunch of different spots. Dug a little, here & there.
Now we are on the end of our round trip.
There is a lite house, up high, by my rite side, while eYe boat, in kinda, the dark. He is holding a flashlight. Balancing It, on the windsheild, as he steers with the other hand, while flirting with Me.
All the sudden, he says, We are gonna crash! He grabbed the throttle, 2 kill the motor.
Turns out, unlike Relic, on the Beachcombers; we did NoT jump over that !
Hold on, he said..
That impact on the rocks, by the lite house, really beat us Up!
Dude was holding the throttle, as we smashed into that rock, jutting high, LiKe a knife, Up out ot the Ocean. At lowest of low tide. LiKe cut his thumb off?!
eYe was NoT aware of his injury; cuz EYe was experiencing my own.
With no seat belt, or air bags, eYe just tried 2 brace myself 4 the upcoming impact. eYe grabbed the dash, & tucked my head.
Turns out. Next thing U know. Bamm
eYe feel myself, flying in the air. 2 many thoughts, in a few moments . . & snap . . eYe am also stopped from being flung into the wild blue yonder black ocean.
LiKe going thru the windshield! Knocked the wind out of me! eYe stayed with the boat. Gud. Water was really cold.
eYe am freaking out! & eYe want dude, 2 help Me off being hooked on the windsheild! eYe had 2 help myself. He was concerned with his issues.
We managed 2 limp back 2 the harbour.
eYe was happy, Dolly had picked Up that 1st aid booklet! eYe stopped there 1st. She left me, on the doorstep, while she grabbed the booklet. Now she is back, surfing,how 2 fix a broken nose!?
Looking up from the booklet, frustrated, she says, Couldn't U have broken something else?! Besides your nose?! There's NO broken noses here!
2 funny now that eYe have lived 2 tell the tale.
Enjoy your day
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